10 TGIF Stars Who Grew Up Beautiful And 10 Who Absolutely Did Not

We can all reflect on our time growing up in the ’90s. We have stacks of both positive and negative experiences throughout the decade. There are obviously some things we would like to forget, like our hairstyles and fashion choices. We were all going through it at the same time, which definitely takes a little bit of the embarrassment away.

One of the best things about growing up in the ’90s was TGIF on ABC. Every Friday night from 8 p.m.-10:30 p.m., we gathered around with our families or a couple of friends and turned on TGIF. This block was filled with hilarious, family-friendly TV shows and movies. We fell in love with the actors and actresses on our favorite shows! As we all know, time isn’t always kind to these stars—or any of the rest of us either. Many of them were hot back when they were on TGIF, which is part of the reason we might have been such attentive and committed viewers. A little bit of eye candy never hurt anyone!

Over the years though, some of these stars have aged terribly or made some bad mistakes when it comes to their appearance. This is expected, but it’s unfortunate. Other TGIF celebs have gotten extremely lucky and stayed hot or grown-up hot since their acting days began.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see who’s changed for the best and who hasn’t!

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20 Grew Up Beautiful: Candace Cameron Has Aged Like A Fine Wine

We all know and love Candace Cameron as DJ Tanner from Full House. She was the annoying, bossy big sister at times. She was also slightly dorky while she was on the show, but what else would we expect from a TV show in the ’90s? Cameron wasn’t quite ugly dorky like some people were, but she wasn’t the stunner that she is today.

Fast forward to Cameron now, and we’ll all agree that she’s gotten a lot hotter. Committed Full House fans have probably caught her on the sequel Fuller House. Of course, she is still the same DJ Tanner we adored back in the day, but she’s definitely gotten more attractive all around. She is a mom now in real life and on Fuller House, but she’s totally a hot mama!

19 Didn't Age Well: The Truth About Ben Savage Is Pretty Savage

Let’s be honest. Most of us girls were crushing on Cory Matthews of Boy Meets World. He was totally a cutie, and we were obsessed with any cute actor that we ever saw on TV. We were kind of jealous of Danielle Fishel because her character—Topanga Lawrence—got to be so close to him.

After his Boy Meets World days faded away, so did Savage’s killer looks. He hasn’t changed a whole lot, and that’s most likely the problem here. The haircut and overall appearance that looked good on a teenager in the ’90s don’t necessarily fly now. This is especially because Savage is now 37, and his days as Cory Matthews are long gone. We could be hopeful that he only kept the haircut for his role on the reunion show Girl Meets World, but that isn’t likely the case.

18 Grew Up Beautiful: Danielle Fishel—Still Every Guy's Childhood Crush

Danielle Fishel is best known as Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World. She played the love interest of Cory Matthews while on the show. While she was a little bit—or a lot—weird in the ’90s, she’s had her chance to change. It’s been a couple of decades since the popular show was on TGIF.

Fishel has always been pretty, but she’s had the chance to become a lot hotter recently. Again, the ’90s can do some not so great things to people. She has remained an actress, which probably has something to do with her successful start as a young lady. She’s also branched out and hosted some shows, too. Some fans have even caught the new and improved Fishel on the show’s reunion show Girl Meets World.

17 Didn't Age Well: Nate Richert Is No Harvey Kinkle

Though Melissa Joan Hart got lucky and walked away from Sabrina the Teenage Witch with her striking appearance, Nate Richert didn’t end up so fortunate. Richert starred with Hart in the show in the ’90s, when he had the role of Harvey Kinkle. He wasn’t unattractive when he was a teenager, but—as we’ve witnessed—a little bit of time can make a huge difference.

Sabrina’s love interest is now 39 and isn’t looking so hot. He’s lost the gorgeous locks that every dreamy ’90s teenage actor seemed to possess. His hair is barely there now, and he’s just not the same Harvey Kinkle that we came to love. We don’t really anticipate things to be turning around for him at this point, but at least he had his big break a couple decades ago.

16 Grew Up Beautiful: Christine Lakin Is Waiting For A Reboot

Yet another ’90s hit TV show that aired during the TGIF block was Step by Step. This show had quite a few people who could be considered “main characters,” so let’s refresh our memories. Christine Lakin played Alicia “Al” Lambert, the daughter of Frank Lambert. She had two siblings and three step-siblings on the show, but things weren’t always smooth sailing for the newly joined family.

Given the time period when the show took place, Lakin was pretty cute throughout the show’s seven seasons. She definitely ended up becoming more and more attractive as the show progressed. There came a point when we all started crushing on Al, and it was justifiable without a doubt. Now, she’s nearly 39 years old and looking better than ever! Time has definitely been in Lakin’s favor.

15 Didn't Age Well: Jaimee Foxworth Is More Like An Urkel These Days

Jaimee Foxworth is best-known for her character on Family Matters. She starred alongside Jaleel White, who we all agreed has totally “glown up.” Foxworth played the role of Judy Winslow, who was the youngest daughter of the Winslow family on the show. She was pretty adorable back then, especially considering she got her start as a child model at the age of five.

Even though she was a cutie on Family Matters, she hasn’t been able to stick with that. Over the years, she has become somewhat less attractive. She isn’t necessarily ugly by any means, but we expected a lot more from such a sweet young star. Foxworth was able to work her way into the adult film industry once Family Matters came to an end, so she can’t possibly be all that unattractive.

14 Grew Up Beautiful: Melissa Joan Hart Is Still Stealing Hearts

Though Melissa Joan Hart is best-known for playing the character of Sabrina Spellman on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, she got her acting career going long before that. She starred in a commercial when she was just four years old, and she has only gone up from there.

Hart was a nice piece of eye candy, even as a teen. Some of the guys out there were crushing on her, and a lot of us girls thought she was pretty, too. She played a cute blonde, and being a witch gave her some added mystery or something. Since her time as Sabrina, she has been adding to her resume as an actress. Hart has also been leaving a great impression on anyone she meets with her gorgeous looks, even at 41 years old.

13 Didn't Age Well: Heather Langenkamp Is Something Out Of Your Nightmares

Heather Lagenkamp was another star on the show Just the Ten of Us. She played one of the older daughters—Marie Lubbock—on the show. Her character was meant to be extremely attractive, along with her sisters on the show. She was definitely a gorgeous gal at the time, and lots of guys thought so, too!

Now Lagenkamp is 53 years old, so time has had its chance to catch up with her. Her teenage years seemed to be the best years for her when we just consider her outward appearance. That’s also around the time that she had most of her successful movie and television roles, but we don’t think her looks have ever held her back. While she is less attractive than we thought she would be, she doesn’t look as bad as she could!

12 Grew Up Beautiful: Trina McGee Hasn't Aged A Bit

Boy Meets World was a pretty iconic show back in the ’90s. It was home to plenty of talented young stars. Some of them were attractive and others not so much. Luckily for some of them, time has helped to make a positive difference in their appearance. Trina McGee of Boy Meets World is one of these actors who has greatly benefitted from this!

McGee played the character of Angela Moore in about a third of the show’s episodes. She’s yet another star whose retro fashion didn’t give her a lot of hope. Luckily, McGee has stepped away from those trends and become quite gorgeous. She definitely isn’t the same person she was on Boy Meets World. Time has definitely been kind to this chick, and we know these killer looks will take her far!

11 Didn't Age Well: Mark Linn-Baker Looks Like A Homeless Stranger

Most of the stars who have made it on this list were teenagers back in the ’90s. In general, they played high school kids in their shows on TGIF. Mark Linn-Baker is one actor whom we can’t categorize quite the same as we did the others. Even though he is just a decade or two older than the rest of the TGIF actors, it makes a big difference.

Linn-Baker was in his late twenties and early thirties when he was on Perfect Strangers. He played the role of Larry Appleton. This is another situation where the look might have been okay when the show was current. Now, it just seems weird. Unfortunately for Linn-Baker, he hasn’t gotten any hotter since his days as Larry Appleton. He is 63 years old now though, so some aging is to be anticipated.

10 Grew Up Beautiful: Jaleel White Got It Right

Naturally, we’ll be seeing a lot of glow-ups throughout this list—at least in this first half. These are the people who were never really that ugly to begin with or got super lucky later in life. We wish more of us had such great glow-ups as Jaleel White did.

Throughout the ’90s, we saw White play the iconic nerd Steve Urkel. The show—Family Matters—was filled with quality characters, but Urkel has always held a special place in our hearts. White himself may not have been quite as awkward as his character on Family Matters made him out to be.

Nonetheless, the transformation we saw from White as a dorky high schooler to his good looks today are something to be admired. White has become extremely attractive since his days as a TGIF star, and we can’t complain!

9 Didn't Age Well: Brandon Call's Last Call

Though Brandon Call’s co-star—Christine Lakin—got lucky as far as glowing-up is concerned, he wasn’t quite so fortunate. Call played John Thomas “J.T.” Lambert on Step by Step. Most of us can remember that J.T. and Al were biological siblings on the show.

Call didn’t grow up to be very attractive. Back when he played J.T., he was doing alright. He was no major heartthrob, but he wasn’t the worst-looking ’90s star we have ever laid eyes on. Usually stars—and most of us for that matter—end up hotter after our awkward middle school and high school phases. For Call, that just wasn’t the case. He somehow ended up a little bit more awkward-looking than he did on Step by Step. He got his start as an actor, and the show’s success is probably enough to help him out.

8 Grew Up Beautiful: Tia And Tamera Mowry—Double Take

Tia and Tamera Mowry will often be clumped together as a package deal. That’s how it usually goes with twins, especially in Hollywood. The Mowry twins starred alongside each other in Sister, Sister in the ’90s. They weren’t necessarily awful looking, but we know that the ’90s fashion trends are seldom kind to anyone.

Since their days on Sister, Sister, the girls have obviously grown up—a lot. They’ve thankfully become much more attractive over the years. Their outfits on the show didn’t do a lot for them back then, but they were young anyway.

They’ve remained important figures in the world of Hollywood and have both picked up a variety of roles over the years. We will take a guess that their good looks nowadays have something to do with that!

7 Didn't Age Well: Kellie Shanygne Williams Lost That Fire

We hate to say it, but this might have something to do with the kids of Carl and Harriette Winslow on Family Matters. Kellie Shangyne Williams played Laura Lee Winslow, who happened to be the middle child in the Winslow family on the TV show. Judy Winslow—played by Jaimee Foxworth who was previously mentioned—was the younger sister of Laura Lee.

Unfortunately, the cute teenage girl who was a good-looking lady back in the ’90s isn’t looking so hot now. We know that when people age, they don’t always look as good as they did in their prime. Similar to our expectations with Foxworth, we just thought that Williams would end up much more attractive by now. She had her successful career as Laura Lee though, and looks aren’t everything.

6 Grew Up Beautiful: Ryan Reynolds—You Didn't Think We'd Leave Him Out, Did You?

Ryan Reynolds is known as a hottie today, of course. As it turns out, he was never exactly ugly. He starred in several shows throughout the ’90s, but the most memorable was Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place. This was one of the shows that was shown during the TGIF block. He played Michael “Berg” Bergen and was quite the heartthrob.

Over the years, Reynolds has only gotten better. He’s picked up lots of acting roles and become quite famous. In addition, he just keeps getting hotter every time we catch a glance at him. Reynolds managed to glow-up, but there wasn’t really much that needed to be changed about him. No matter whom he’s playing or what decade he’s in, he has always been pretty good-looking.

5 Didn't Age Well: Josh Byrne Is A Completely Different Person

We all thought that little Brendan Lambert was a sweet little guy on Step by Step. He had the adorable looks and played the perfect role of a little brother. Josh Byrne seemed to be at his high point when he was in his elementary school age days back in the ’90s. Naturally, we would imagine that he’d still be cute to this day.

In reality, Byrne lost his charm as he grew older. Today, he is far from a cute little kid and today is just a regular Joe walking down the street. He just looks a little bit awkward currently and wouldn't fit in Hollywood today. We aren’t sure what went wrong since the end of Step by Step, but something had to have happened. Maybe he just wasn’t meant to be as attractive as we thought he would be.

4 Grew Up Beautiful: Will Friedle—Still As Kooky As Ever

This list could easily contain only stars from Boy Meets World. There were so many talented individuals on the popular TV show, and a lot of them have been very fortunate. We’ve seen some wonderful progress on their glow-ups over time, and we’re happy to share that a lot of the dorkiness has been left in the ’90s.

Will Friedle played Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World. He definitely rocked some ’90s hair back in the days of TGIF. He also had some great lines that could always give us a good laugh. While today we might look back and cringe at what guys typically looked like in the '90s (oh god, the hair!) he’s had some positive changes in his life. He's looking great these days, and we'd definitely give him a second look if he walked down the street!

3 Didn't Age Well: Matt Shakman Is Your Average Guy Now

Way back in the ’90s—when Just the Ten of Us became popular on TGIF—Matt Shakman was best known as Graham “J.R.” Lubbock Jr. He was one of the younger children on the show, which featured a family with eight children. His older teenage sisters on the show were some good-looking gals, and it must have run in the family because Shakman was pretty cute back then, too.

Since his time on Just the Ten of Us, time hasn’t been treating Shakman so well. He’s slowly become somewhat awkward-looking. Maybe we were anticipating a bit too much from him since he was such an adorable little kid when the show was on. Most young kids are cute, right? There’s no promise that they will be when they get older. He just had such a great start!

2 Grew Up Beautiful: Andrea Barber Can Hammer Time Like 1990 Was Just Yesterday

The wonderful Kimmy Gibbler—whom we all know and love—was a major nerd back when Full House was in its prime. She was the somewhat annoying best friend of DJ Tanner. We aren’t here to tell you that ’90s fashion was different, but Kimmy Gibbler always went above and beyond in that area—in a bad way. She was always just a little bit quirky and odd. We were easily entertained by her!

Nowadays, actress Andrea Barber has become much more glamorous. She’s ditched the awful perm and scrunchies and moved on to a more modern style. Her character has stuck with the same quirky personality on the show’s reunion series called Fuller House. Current day Kimmy Gibbler is much better than ’90s Kimmy Gibbler for sure! Barber’s sense of fashion and her overall looks have improved, too!

1 Didn't Age Well: Emmanuel Lewis Has Probably Changed The Least

Last, but not least, we’ve got Emmanuel Lewis. He was the six-year-old boy—Webster Long— on the show Webster. Lewis was actually 12 years old when he was originally made a part of the TGIF series, but he has a medical condition that has given him a shorter build ever since he was young. This aided him in getting the role as Webster Long.

One reason that he hasn’t changed a whole lot since his days as Webster Long is his health challenges. It’s hard to say much about his appearance because of that. Regardless, Lewis seems to be very similar to who he was back in the ’90s. He just hasn’t experienced the magical glow-up that some of the other stars were lucky enough to go through. It’s not really his fault though because of his condition.

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