10 Text Messages To Send That Are a Sure Thing and 10 That Will Creep Him Out

What would we do without texting? We definitely don't want to even think about the answer... and, thankfully, we don't have to go down that miserable road. Texting is a pretty funny thing when it comes to dating. On the one hand, it makes things a lot easier since we can make plans in seconds and keep in touch with the guy that we've got our eye on. On the other hand, we can't always tell when someone's being sarcastic or truthful when we're texting, and that can cause a ton of confusion. We also spend way too much time asking our best friends what a guy means when he texts back "k" or something equally annoying and ridiculous. Figuring out a guy's text messages can feel like a full-time job, right?!

One thing's for sure: we're going to text our boyfriend, and we're probably going to text him a lot. Sometimes we're going to get it right and say the perfect thing. Other times? Not so much. But that's okay. We're here to help. We've rounded up the exact perfect sentiments to text him and the things that we definitely don't want to. Check out 10 text messages to send that are a sure thing and 10 that will totally creep him out!


20 Sure Thing: "I Miss You"

Our boyfriends definitely want to hear that we miss them when we're not with them. It's a super sweet thing to say and will make them feel like a million bucks.

This is a great text message to send if we're away from our partner for a few days, like over the Christmas holiday because we're spending it with our families. We want them to know that we're still thinking about them and that even if we're apart, we still care about them. Of course, the "I miss you" text message is also a sure thing even if we're just sitting at our desk at work and it's 2 p.m. on a Tuesday. Sometimes the most romantic things happen on a regular afternoon and not because it's a holiday or a special occasion.

19 Creepy: "We Need To Talk"


Texting a guy "We need to talk" is creepy AF on two levels. It's creepy because it's the wrong thing to say via text and if we have something that we have to discuss with them, we need to bring it up when we're sitting face-to-face. It's also creepy since it's literally the most cliche thing that we could say to them.

Seriously, we should just agree right here, right now to retire the whole "we need to talk" phrase. It never sounds good and it never ends in anything but total disaster. It's just going to freak him out. This is even truer if he assumes that means that we want to break up and we really don't, we actually want to talk about something. It's just the wrong thing to text.

18 Sure Thing: "I Love You"

The same thing goes for sending him a text message that says "I love you." Of course, we can't exactly text him this if we haven't exchanged those three little words... That would be creepy AF. So let's definitely agree not to do that. Even though we can talk about a whole bunch of things when we're texting our BF, this is something that needs to happen IRL (at least for the first time).

But if we've already said that we love our boyfriends, then this is a sure thing. He'll reciprocate and we'll get a warm fuzzy feeling that is totally unique to the experience of being hopelessly and madly in love. Our co-workers will wonder why we've got this massive grin on our face and we'll shrug, knowing that it's our little secret. That's why love makes the world go round, right?

17 Creepy: "What Are You Doing Right Now?"


We might be trying to be cute (or we might even be trying to set the mood) when we text a guy this, but it's not going to sound the way that we think. It's going to sound creepy and make him feel like we're spying on him. Since we probably don't want him to think that, we should steer clear and say something else.

Yeah, we're thinking about him, and we probably miss him, and we would love to hang out with him. So why don't we just tell him that stuff instead of asking what he's doing? Or, better yet, why don't we just invite him over and come right out and say it? What's the big deal? He is our boyfriend, after all. We should be able to say anything to him.

16 Sure Thing: "I Can't Wait To See You Tonight"

This is a great way to make our boyfriend feel like he's the coolest, cutest guy in the whole world. We would love if he texted us this, wouldn't we? Exactly.

If we've been with our boyfriend for a long time, we might assume that he knows that we're always happy and excited to see him. But even if that's true, it's honestly still a super nice, comforting thing to hear. We always want to feel like we're connected to our partner and we want to keep the excitement of those early days of dating alive and well. So why not send him this text? It's a sure thing and he'll love getting this. It'll be a bright spot in his busy work day and will make him even happier to see us and spend some quality time together.

15 Creepy: "Can't You Bail On Your Friends?"


We can never, ever ask a guy this. We don't want to seem clingy or creepy or desperate and of course we want him to have a social life outside of us and see his friends. Or at least that's the way that it's supposed to be. If we never want him to even have friends, let alone hang out with them sometimes, that's creepy AF. And we have to seriously think about some things.

How would we feel if we didn't want us to see our best friends? We would be super pissed off and frustrated, and it would seem totally unfair and mean, right? Exactly. We can't do this to him. Let's never, ever send him this text message. Okay. That's settled. Good. Phew.

14 Sure Thing: "You're The Best"

We think that our boyfriend is the best. Or at least we should... or it's kind of weird that he's our boyfriend. Just saying.

We might as well text him that we think this about him instead of just assuming that he knows it's how we feel. It's always better to speak our mind and tell someone how we feel instead of holding it in. What's the point of keeping this inside? We think that he's the greatest and we might as well tell him. He's going to love getting this text message and won't believe his luck, and of course, he's going to say the same thing right back. It's a win-win type of thing. It might sound cheesy to text him this, but hey, sometimes a bit of cheese is totally necessary to keep some romance going strong.


13 Creepy: "I'm Still Mad At You"


It's totally okay to be frustrated with our partner sometimes... and it's okay to tell them. That's just normal. It's not okay to text them that we're still mad. It's only going to upset them and if we're in the middle of an argument, it's going to prolong the fight and make everything so much worse.

We probably don't want that to happen, so let's just not send this text message. Instead, we can make a plan to see each other and talk things out so we can move on from the disagreement and go back to our lovey-dovey ways, which is definitely what we should be doing. Who wants to fight with the person that they love?! That's not what relationships are supposed to be like.

12 Sure Thing: "Let's Just Stay In Tonight"

If we send our boyfriend this text message, it's a sure thing, and he's going to be so glad to hear this from us. Let's face it: no one really wants to go out. Especially not when it's a Friday and we've had a long, busy week at work and it's basically winter and freezing outside and, oh yeah, it basically gets dark at 4 p.m. No thank you.

We always think that we should have "date nights" with our partners and make the effort to go out to dinner or even just for drinks every once in a while. That's what we're supposed to do, right? Well, the truth is, we just want to hang out at home. And there's nothing wrong with. We can let our boyfriend know that we're interested in some quality Netflix time and we can make dinner at home. And he'll be thrilled (and relieved AF).

11 Creepy: "I'm Late"


Whoa, right? This is definitely not something that we want to text our boyfriend. It's super creepy. It's going to, of course, make him think that we're pregnant, and since we don't know yet if we are, that's just uncool. Why freak him out?

For most guys (okay, for all guys), this is literally the scariest thing to hear from their girlfriend. Even if we're at an age and time in our life when we're trying to have kids and it's a real possibility, this is still not something that we want to communicate to our boyfriend via text. Let's definitely save that for when we're seeing them in person and can have a real conversation about it. It's just not something to say this way.

10 Sure Thing: "Your New Haircut Looks So Cute"

Guys are just as insecure as we are about physical appearance stuff like hair. We might think that our boyfriend is super confident and that he's feeling really good about the new haircut they just got. Guess what? He might not be feeling all that good about it. He's probably wondering what we think and if we love it... and he really wants us to love it.

Sending this text message is basically a slam dunk. Our boyfriend will be super relieved. Plus, we think that he's really cute, and he might as well know how we feel. Everyone loves hearing this kind of stuff, especially from their partner, so this is a great thing to text. It's even better if it seems like it's totally random and out of the blue.

9 Creepy: "I Just Got My Period"


If we're telling our boyfriend this because we thought that we were late or that we might be pregnant, we might think that it's okay to text it because he'll be relieved. But... it's still not a great thing to text. This is such a big, important, personal thing, and it should be talked about in person.

Even if we're just telling him that we got our monthly visit and there was no pregnancy scare, this is still not something to text. It's just a bit creepy and awkward and, depending on how emotionally mature our boyfriend is, he might find it kind of gross. Just saying. Guys tend to think that this stuff is gross. He wouldn't be the only one thinking that way.

8 Sure Thing: "You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me"

If this is the way that we feel about the guy in our lives, then we definitely should tell him. It's best if we say this in person, but it's also okay to say it via a text message. Sometimes it's tough to spill our hearts and talk about our feelings, and that's even truer if we're in a new relationship and we've just started opening up to each other.

We should text our boyfriend this and test the waters. He'll probably be super happy to hear this from us and will say that he feels the exact same way... and then we'll be able to text him stuff like this all the time. And, of course, we'll talk about this stuff in person, too. It's pretty epic and magical when we get into that kind of rhythm with our partner.

7 Creepy: "I Facebook Stalked Your Ex For An Hour"


Look, we all do this. We can't even try to pretend that we don't. Everyone probably has one ex that was a big deal and was a pretty serious, long-term relationship, and we can't help but be curious. It's honestly pretty common to want to Facebook stalk their ex and find out what we can about them... but we can't tell them. We just can't.

This makes us look creepy and kind of weird. We're just going to make our boyfriend super uncomfortable and he won't know what to say or how to react. And it might even start a fight, especially if the break-up was rough and he's definitely moved on and he just doesn't want to think about the past. We don't want him to say that he FB stalked our own ex, right? Exactly.

6 Sure Thing: "You Make Me So Happy"

This is similar to the "You're the best thing that ever happened to me" text message and that's why it's a sure thing. We think this already about the guy that we love, right? It just doesn't make sense not to tell him.

This will put a smile on his face, so it's a great text message to send on a random weekday afternoon. Everyone needs an extra spring in their step sometimes and this will cheer him up (even if he doesn't need cheering up). It's a super sweet, special thing to say. It's often the little things that mean the most to us in a relationship, and this is one of those little things that literally takes two seconds to say but will mean a ton to him.

5 Creepy: "You're The One"


We can absolutely say this to our boyfriend... but we just shouldn't text it. It's just a bit much to say this in this format.

Think about the big moments in our relationship, like when we DTR and we can call ourselves a girlfriend and when we say that we love each other for the first time. Those are special and beautiful and just the best. We would never want those moments to happen over text message, would we? Nope. That would seriously suck. This is the same thing. We should share this stuff when we're cuddling on the couch on a Saturday night with the person that we love most in the world. It just means so much more that way, and we won't be sorry that we saved it for an IRL experience.

4 Sure Thing: "My Parents Loved You"

When we've finally met the right guy, we get a bit stressed about him meeting our mom and dad for the first time. We know that eventually, this milestone has to happen, and that it's probably better if it happens sooner rather than later. Otherwise, it just gets awkward.

Our boyfriends are super nervous about meeting our parents for the first time. This is how every guy feels, no matter how confident or secure. It's just normal. After our guy has met our mom and dad for the first time, we should absolutely send him a text message that says, "My parents loved you." This will ease his mind and make him feel much better about the whole thing. And, since we love him so much, our parents will, too. That just goes without saying.

3 Creepy: "Where Do You See This Going?"


This is creepy in the way that the "We need to talk" text message would be: it's not something that should be discussed through texting. If we haven't defined the relationship yet or even if we have but we want to talk about the future, we should do it in person.

It's super easy to think that it's no big deal to text this. We text all the time and we talk about everything. It's just the way that we communicate. But this is honestly a big deal and it's something that needs to be treated as such. Our boyfriend won't appreciate getting this kind of text message and he would probably ask to talk about it in person, anyway, so there's really no point. We should just wait.

2 Sure Thing: "Want To Netflix and Chill?"

Even if we've been with our boyfriend for a few months or a few years, he's going to love getting this text from us. It's also pretty hilarious since we've obviously moved on from the whole "Netflix and chill" phase of our relationship... but sometimes it's just fun to use some millennial slang. As long as we're being self-aware about it, that is.

We love to joke about Netflix and chilling, but the truth is that this is probably what we want to do most of the time, anyway. We definitely love binge-watching shows and we love that even more when we've got someone special by our side. And, well, we love the "chill" part of the deal (or we should, or why are with this guy anyway?!). It's no wonder that we don't want to leave our apartments...

1 Creepy: "Do You Want Kids?"


Why would we possibly text this?! Talk about creepy. This is definitely a big subject and something that we have to discuss with our partner... but, again, this is a conversation that needs to take place face-to-face.

We might be nervous or scared to bring this topic up and that's honestly normal. These kinds of discussions are difficult and important and can be very emotionally exhausting. But we're not doing ourselves or our relationship any favors by avoiding something that matters a lot to us. We just have to be brave and talk about the stuff that matters and get on the same page. And we have to do that in person, when we're literally sitting across the dinner table from the person that we love... and leave the texting for emojis and making plans.


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