10 Surprising Things That Count As Self-Care

After hearing about hustling and slaying it career-wise for the past few years, it's no secret that the latest trend is self-care. After all, a girl can't work 24/7 and also work out all the time, eat healthy, and maintain a perfect social life (and life in general) without burning out and feeling exhausted. It's just not realistic to go, go, go all the time without a break.

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Thankfully, everyone is chatting about self-care these days, and there are so many ways that we can be nice to ourselves. We can go beyond the typical activities that we hear about, such as a bath full of bubbles and a restorative yoga class. Here are 10 surprising things that count as self-care.

10. Treating Yourself


Does treating yourself count as self-care? Since we know that it's important to eat healthy food and exercise, we might assume that vegetables and going to a workout class are self-care and that eating junk food couldn't possibly be.

But treating yourself definitely goes into the self-care category, although it might be surprising to think of it that way. Everyone deserves to enjoy their food and eat what they really want to sometimes, whether that's a donut or a whole pizza. This counts as being nice to yourself and it's a really good habit to get into on a regular basis.

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9. Cutting Out Toxic People


Going out for dinner with a family member or friend who always puts you down or makes mean and judgmental comments about your life isn't the best thing in the world. Cutting these people out of your life or not spending as much time with them is another surprising form of self-care.

This is how you can be kind to yourself and show yourself that you deserve to be around others who treat you well. While there may be some relatives that you do have to see sometimes, like at Christmas, you don't need to spend time with them when it's not absolutely necessary.

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8. Buy Some Succulents


Her Campus suggests this surprising self-care tactic: buying succulents. The publication says, "Succulents, depending on the type, are usually low-maintenance plants that require only two major things: lots of sunlight and the occasional watering". They say that it works as self-care because you can feel accomplished for keeping a plant alive but it's not going to be too much to deal with at all.

There are plenty of these all over Instagram... and we've seen them a lot. They've become very trendy and beloved by many. It's definitely relaxing to have plants around and care for something.

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7. Going For A Walk


Brit & Co counts going for a walk among some self-care ideas that might not be the ones that we typically hear about.

This idea might be surprising because walking seems like something that people do all the time. Maybe you walk to work because you live near your office or you run all of our errands on foot.

Walking counts as self-care because if you go for a walk around your neighborhood (maybe with a podcast as some company), you will de-stress and feel really at peace. It's not always easy to find time to just be with ourselves but you'll find that you enjoy taking these moments.

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6. Feeling Your Feelings


Soul-warriors writes about "emotional" self-care and calls it "care for your feelings (acknowledging & processing feelings, changing distressing situations)."

When looking for some self-care ideas, this should definitely be on the list. We hear about self-care ideas like yoga and sleeping more but it's good to think about your feelings as well. Taking the time to figure out solutions to what is bothering you, talking to friends and family and romantic partners, and dealing with how you feel is really key to feeling good. This might not be part of the fancier self-care ideas that we see all the time but it totally should be.

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5. Dance It Out


Dancing is another surprising self-care idea and it honestly sounds like the best thing ever.

Bustle says, "Going out on the town and breaking it down on the dance floor might seem like the opposite of self-care, but letting loose to some music can actually have some positive mental health effects".

Even if a club or bar isn't your style, you could dance in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom and still feel really amazing. We think that this sounds like a really good time and if you want to sing along, you should embrace that. Use this as a moment to really be yourself.

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4. Watching Guilty Pleasure TV


Can tuning into a TV show that we consider to be a guilty pleasure count as self-care? We think that it absolutely can.

It might be surprising since it's not "productive" self-care like going to a yoga class. It might not seem as good for you as cooking a healthy meal or going to bed early for a week. But it counts because it is good for your soul and will make you happy. Instead of thinking that you "should" be doing something else, you should watch some TV if you really feel like it. You will honestly feel so awesome after.

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3. Think About Your Food Ahead Of Time


Tiny Buddha has a long list of self-care ideas, including this one: "Narrow your food choices. Pick two healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and rotate for the week".

You might be the kind of person who likes eating the same thing every day and always has oatmeal for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a protein and potatoes or rice for dinner. If that describes you, then this works well since you can stop thinking so much about what to eat every day and focus on other things. And even if you like some variety in our food, picking two of each meal will help you a little bit.

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2. Spring (Or Anytime) Cleaning


Bustle suggests cleaning (and cleaning out closets in particular) as self-care. It might sound like a surprise but it also makes tons of sense.

The publication quoted psychotherapist Angela Ficken who said via email, "Tossing of the old and leaving room for new possibilities can feel cathartic. Some of us might do this regularly and others might think "How can this be self-care?' But if you are doing something that feels good to you and tending to yourself, that is a form self-care".

Many people might feel really happy when we clean, and now we know why. This is self-care that works.

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1. Be Proud


This self-care idea comes from Mind Body Green and it's seriously amazing. It's about being proud of who you are and what you have done in your life: "Spend some time celebrating how far you’ve already come. The little moments along the way are special, and when you can appreciate them, you will feel more grateful."

Don't we just love this so much?! Thinking these good thoughts is an amazing self-care idea and everyone should do this immediately.

While these 10 ideas are surprising, they all count as self-care, and they will all put a big smile on your face.

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