10 Strange Things A Woman Can Do To Make Herself Go Into Labor (And 5 Ways To Hold Off)

There comes a time during a woman’s pregnancy that she is done and over it and is ready to serve her unborn child an eviction notice.

There are also times when a baby is ready to come out before they are fully ready, and mom wants to try and stop that from happening.

Either way, there are many methods women have used in the past that they swear have worked. From different exercises to different types of foods and drinks, there are even some mind techniques that women have used.

Before trying anything though, an expecting mother should always contact her doctor first, especially if she is at high-risk.

Here are 10 methods women have used in the past to try and kickstart labor, and five methods to try and stop labor if it is too early.

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15 Drinking Castor Oil Tastes Bad, But Is A Magical Ingredient


Back in the day, castor oil was the go-to ingredient for doctors and midwives who wanted to induce labor.

According to verywellfamily.com, the theory behind it was that it acted as a stimulant to the bowels, which in turn irritated the uterus.

Nowadays, it is not as common to use, specifically because there is no evidence it works. While there is no danger to trying, it does come with some side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

14 Taking A Nice Walk Allows Gravity To Take The Wheel

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Walking is not something a woman at almost 40 weeks of pregnancy wants to do, but as much as it is a pain to get up and try and do.

According to whattoexpect.com, the simple act of walking allows the baby to slip down into its mother’s pelvic area due to gravity and the moving of her hips. When the baby moves downward, it puts pressure on the pelvis, which will help the cervix get ready for labor, or help labor to progress if mom is already feeling some contractions.

13 Eating Spicy Food Can Help Stimulate A Woman's Body


While searching for ways to induce labor, the most common method that seems to come up in the searches is to try spicy foods.

According to pregnancymagazine.com though, there is no scientific method to prove that eating spicy food works. In fact, some scientists believe it’s the baby who sends signals to make the uterus contract.

This shouldn’t sway a woman from wanting to try though. If she wants to put her mouth and stomach through the torture of eating some spicy peppers or sassy noodles, go right ahead. A lot of women swear by it.

12 Deep Squats Can Help Baby To Move Further Down The Pelvis

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According to thebump.com, deep squats are a great way of helping the pelvis to spread in preparation for birth. Not only that though, but it also helps the baby to move down deeper into the pelvis.

It is recommended that a mom-to-be spend at least five minutes at a time, several times a day, doing squats once the baby is in the head down position.

11 Eating Or Drinking Pineapples Can Help Soften The Cervix And Allow Labor To Start


Pineapples lovers rejoice! When it comes to wanting to induce labor, this fruit may be the reason it happens!

According to todaysparent.com, fresh pineapples release an enzyme called bromelain, which is believed to help soften the connective tissue of the cervix, which in turn brings on labor.

Just know that it may take more than one pineapple to evict that little one.

10 Taking A Bumpy Car Ride Can Help Release Hormones To Induce Labor


For a pregnant woman who loved to go on off-roading adventures before her pregnancy, this one will be right up her alley.

According to romper.com, one method to jump-start labor is by taking a bumpy car ride. Not only have women talked about how well it works, but it is even on birthing boards as a popular idea to try.

Just remember to buckle up, don’t get too crazy, and talk to a doctor first.

9 Stimulating The Chest Is Another Way To Release Labor Starting Hormones

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According to romper.com, when a woman’s chest is stimulated during pregnancy, she releases the hormone called oxytocin, which in turn can help to stimulate uterine contractions.

Just be prepared, it’s not going to take just one squeeze and *bam* labor. If a woman wants to really see results, she is going to have to really go at it to release the hormone and get it pumping strong.

8 Drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea around 32 Weeks Can Help For A Fast Delivery


Before anyone tries this method, just know that it should only happen early in the pregnancy. Never, to kickstart labor!

According to babycenter.co.uk, if taken while at term or overdue, raspberry leaf tea can cause such strong contractions that the baby can become distressed. It is best to contact a doctor before even trying it.

It’s also best to start taking it early and then gradually increase the dosages around 32 weeks of pregnancy. The thought behind the tea is that it helps to tone a woman’s womb muscles, helping them to work more efficiently during labor.

7 Hitting Those Acupuncture Points Can Trigger The Body To Go Into Labor


According to romper.com, many women love to go get a pedicure and have the salon hit all the different points on her foot and leg, or there are spots on the inner thighs they could have a nurse, doctor or even their partners try and hit, and of course the ones on the lower back.

Even if it doesn’t help to send a woman into labor, at least she will get an amazing massage out of it, so it’s a win, win either way.

6 Inserting A Foley Catheter Will Create Pressure That Will Send The Body Into Labor


This method might not seem very appealing to a woman who wants to induce herself naturally, but it is one method that many doctors use that has proven medically to work.

According to romper.com, a doctor will insert a catheter and a balloon into a woman’s downstairs, then the balloon is filled with water in order to put pressure on her cervix, which then causes her cervix to start contracting, causing labor to occur.

5 Hold Off: Rest And Relaxation Help To Calm The Uterus If A Woman Starts To Have Contractions


When a woman goes into early labor and wants to try and stop the contractions naturally, the best option to try first is relaxation.

According to birthbliss.wordpress.com, relaxation is pre-term labor cases helps the uterus to calm down or helps to weaken the contractions.

Bed rest is the best option, but even just talking to friends and family, or just having some alone time with peace and quiet can help to relax her and stop the early contractions.

4 A Warm Bath Can Help Settle The Uterus Down When Contractions Start


According to birthbliss.wordpress.com, taking a bath is a very effective way to get the uterus to calm down if a pregnant woman is having early pre-term contractions. It is best to make sure the water is at body temperature before going in.

A warm bath might seem more relaxing, but it is best to remember that overheating one’s baby is not something they want to do if they are trying to calm things down.

3 Guided Meditation Can Help Mom Relax As She Listens


According to birthbliss.wordpress.com, having a tape with a guided relaxation recording on it is a good thing to have, in case of pre-term contractions. Guided relaxation works on two levels for a pregnant woman: the first level is to help her body relax while she listens to it and the second level is to help release stress and worry from her mind.

The more times she listens to it, the more comfortable she will become and be in complete bliss.

2 Getting Down Into A Frontal Polar Bear Position Can Help Take Pressure Off The Cervix And Halt Labor


According to birthbliss.wordpress.com, spending a lot of time in the polar bear position can help to take the pressure off a woman’s cervix, which can help to calm the uterus and stop pre-term contractions. By leaning forward in this position, it is helping to move the baby closer to her lungs and farther from her cervix.

It is a good idea to spend at least 15 minutes, four times a day, in this position to avoid pre-term labor.

1 Visualization Can Help A Woman's Bodily Reactions By Changing The Way The Mind Is Thinking


According to birthbliss.wordpress.com, a woman can create physical changes within her body by positive thoughts and feelings. When a woman is told that she is at a high risk for pre-term labor, she is immediately overtaken with stress and a mindset that no matter what, her child is most likely going to come early.

When in reality, this is only a possibility.

There is also a possibility that she can carry to full term. It is best for her to try and focus on the positive, not the negative.

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