10 Stars Who Refuse To Use A Body Double (+ 10 Who Relied On It)

Many actors and actresses have delivered memorable on-screen performances which have earned them praise and critical success, and often these roles are complicated, challenging, and may require them to show more skin than usual. Although some stars are fine with filming scenes you’d never watch with your parents, others feel more comfortable opting for a body double.

Jennifer Lawrence felt empowered when she filmed Red Sparrow, and Kate Winslet may hate taking off her clothes, but she’s still willing to do it for her art. But you won’t find Isla Fisher saying “no” to a body double, no matter how much negotiating is done with the director, and Anna Kendrick has a no-nudity vow. Below are 10 celebs who opted for body doubles, and 10 who said "no thanks" because they’d do it themselves!

Let's start with the 10 who did not use a body double...

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20 Jennifer Lawrence Felt Empowered By Her Art When She Starred In ‘Red Sparrow’

Via CleveScene

Jennifer Lawrence experienced the downside of fame after her private photos were hacked and leaked, so to get some of the power back, she made the decision to bare it all for her art. According to CafeMom, Lawrence didn’t use a body double in those scenes in Red Sparrow, and she revealed in an interview with 60 Minutes that the decision left her feeling “empowered.”

19 ‘Game of Thrones’ Was Not Exactly Child-Friendly, But Emilia Clarke Didn’t Mind The More Risqué Scenes

Via Elite Readers

Anyone who has watched HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, will know that it’s not exactly child-friendly and there are a lot of adult scenes. Emilia Clarke didn’t mind these scenes though, and in an interview with Elle, she called her scene with Michiel Huisman in the fourth season, “brilliant,” adding that it had been a scene she was waiting for.

18 Christian Bale’s Role In ‘American Psycho’ Could Not Be Played By An Actor Who Was Shy (Luckily, He's Not)

Via The Culture Trip

Christian Bale took on a challenging role in American Psycho, and the film required some nudity. Instead of opting for a body double, Bale decided to do it all himself. Interestingly, the scene in question was cut because, as Mental Floss notes, to get an R Rating, the director had to reduce it by 18 seconds!

17 Halle Berry Really Got Into Character For ‘Monster Ball,’ And Her Hard Work Paid Off

Via Happening Madrid

Halle Berry worked hard to get into character for Monster Ball, and the film had a particularly memorable scene between her character and Billy Bob Thornton’s. The scene in question was filmed four days before the movie wrapped, and Berry spoke to The Guardian about how they “both agreed to be uninhibited” with their performance and their bodies.

Her hard work paid off because she won an Oscar for her excellent performance!

16 It Was Impossible For Dakota Johnson Not To Show Some Skin In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

Via Allure

Before Dakota Johnson took on the role of Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades franchise, she was a relatively unknown actress. That’s not the case anymore, and perhaps that’s because of how dedicated to her art she is, including being willing to do her own scenes instead of getting a body double. CafeMom notes that she did admit to being uncomfortable in some scenes, but she still powered through!

15 Kate Winslet May Find Filming Love Scenes Uncomfortable, But She’s Dedicated To Her Art

Via The Hollywood Reporter

Kate Winslet has given many memorable performances, which have included love scenes that required her to show some skin. People notes she has admitted that filming scenes like this can be “really awkward,” and she told V magazine (via Huffington Post) that she “hates” getting nude. Still, she doesn’t procrastinate and just gets on with it!

14 Charlie Hunnam Has Played Gritty Roles, And He's Said ‘No’ To Body Doubles

Via E! News

Charlie Hunnam is particularly easy on the eyes, but he doesn’t take on roles which portray him as the pretty boy. Instead, he's drawn to complicated characters, and his role in Sons of Anarchy was definitely not for the faint-hearted. In fact, MTV has listed several times when his nudity in the role “broke boundaries and hearts.”

13 Jason Segel Was The Star Of ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ And He Didn't Mind Doing All The Scenes Without Help

Via The Ringer

There was a scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall when Jason Segel didn’t care who got a glimpse of his bod, and according to Rebel Circus, he said no to a body double when it came time to film. Other actors may not have Segel’s confidence, but he has proven he is willing to do whatever the role demands of him.

12 Anne Hathaway Thinks It’s ‘Mortifying’ Taking Off Her Clothes, But She Still Did

Via Entertainment Focus

Anne Hathaway doesn’t enjoy taking off her clothes for films, but she has still opted to do scenes herself instead of requesting a body double. There have been several films that required her to get out of her comfort zone (including Havoc and Love and Other Drugs) and according to Digital Spy, she has described filming nude scenes as "intensely mortifying."

11 Richard Gere's Performance In ‘American Gigolo’ Remains Unforgettable For More Than His Acting Skills

Via New Yorker

Richard Gere is a talented actor who has appeared in many memorable movies, including the 1980 film, American Gigolo. Complex notes that Gere had no problem doing the scene himself. In fact, he is reported to have told Entertainment Weekly it wasn’t even in the script but was “the natural process of making the movie."

And the 10 who needed a body double...

10 Anna Kendrick Wanted A Body Double For Her Role In ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’


In contrast to many of the other actresses featured on this list, Anna Kendrick is an actress who prefers to use body doubles if the scene requires her to show a bit more of herself. According to Insider, she has stated that she will not do nude scenes, and the publication notes that she used a body double in the film, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

9 Remember Vera Farmiga’s Role In ‘Up In The Air?’ Well, She Got A Body Double To Fill In For Her During The Romantic Scenes


Vera Farmiga starred opposite the very handsome George Clooney in Up In The Air, and their characters were engaged in a brief romance. In some of the more romantic scenes, Farmiga opted to use a body double, and according to Rebel Circus, the person who stood in for her was a woman named Sarah Tuttle.

8 Isla Fisher Refuses To Go Nude For Her Art, And ‘Wedding Crashers’ Was No Exception

Via MovieHole

Isla Fisher is an actress who refuses to film nude scenes, so, when she appeared in the 2005 film, Wedding Crashers, she needed a body double to do some of the scenes for her. According to Looper, while the role was a “breakthrough” performance for Fischer, she used body doubles for several scenes and tried to convince producers that the R-rated scenes were not necessary.

7 Lena Headey’s Most Infamous ‘Game of Thrones’ Scene Was Actually Shot Using Her Body Double

Via Variety

Game of Thrones fans will know the scene we are referring to, the Walk of Atonement. The scene involved Lena Headey’s character walking down a long path while people shamed her and threw food. When it came time to actually film the scene, Digital Spy notes that Heady was pregnant, and her body double, Rebecca Van Cleave, took her place.

6 Kevin Costner’s Waterfall Scene In ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' Was Memorable, Thanks To His Body Double

Via Metro

Kevin Costner’s waterfall scene in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves may have been extra memorable for some fans, but that was not him you saw swimming around without clothes, it was his body double. According to Suggest, the actor opted to use a body double for the famous scene — although he has changed his mind in other films.

5 Lindsay Lohan May Have Fallen Off The Wagon In Recent Years, But In 'Machete' She Protected Her Modesty With A Body Double


Lindsay Lohan is a controversial star, and over the years she has made headlines for many reasons, including her infamous list of all the men she’s hooked up with. But when it came time to film the 2010 movie, Machete, she decided she wanted a body double for some scenes, WhatCulture reports.

4 Owen Wilson Didn’t Decide To Use A Body Double In ‘You, Me and Dupree,’ But The Director Made The Decision For Him

Via PopMatters

It’s not always the actors or actresses decision to get a body double, sometimes it’s the director who makes that call, as Owen Wilson found out when he filmed You, Me and Dupree. According to Suggest, there was a scene which required a shot of his rear-end, and the director felt it best not to use Wilson!

3 Mila Kunis Wanted Help From A Body Double For Some ‘Friends With Benefits’ Scenes


Mila Kunis is not completely against showing skin in films, but she has her limits, which meant that when it came time to film the more romantic scenes in Friends With Benefits (in which she stars alongside Justin Timberlake), it was not her that fans saw, but her body double, WhatCulture reports.

2 Freida Pinto’s ‘Immortals’ Director Thought It Best To Use A Body Double For One Of The Movie's Scenes


Freida Pinto has also used a body double, and that was for one of the scenes in Immortals. But, like Owen Wilson, this wasn’t necessarily her decision, and the director decided for her. According to Zimbio, she admitted that she was never even asked to do the scene. The director “felt like he didn't need me for the scene," she explained.

1 Fans Thought They Saw More Of Katy Mixon Than Usual In ‘Eastbound & Down,’ But That Wasn’t The Case

Via Pinterest

Katy Mixon was brilliant in the comedic series, Eastbound & Down, and Suggest notes that there may have been a scene where fans thought they were seeing more of her than usual, but that wasn’t the case. According to the publication, Mixon has stated she will not do nude scenes incase her father watches her work.

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