10 Signs You're A Daddy's Girl

Ah, the daddy's girl. A special breed of women, the daddy's girl is either the easiest or the most difficult girl to date, and is one of the best friends you'll ever have. She has high expectations, but in return, gives every relationship her all. She's independent but loyal. Although she can be spoiled at times, she's not overly demanding. She has a healthy relationship with her father and men, and an even healthier level of self-esteem. She's confident in herself and has the ability to trust other people, yet she's not naive enough to think that everyone wants the best for her. Her characteristics are defining, but she's always unique and ever evolving as she'd never let herself be put in a box. Because she's not overly emotional, she can be hard to read. However, if you prove to her you're worthy, she'll let you in on her deepest secrets. She knows herself inside and out and isn't afraid to share her opinions. Read below for to find out ten signs you're a daddy's girl.

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10 You’re Not Paranoid

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Because your dad showed you a great example of how a man should treat a woman, you don’t fear that every guy you date will screw you over. You expect him to be there for you when you need him, not that he’s only using you until the next girl comes along. You don’t think every guy is a cheater or a scumbag. You don’t feel the need to invade his personal space or be overprotective. You’re confident that any man should love you for who you are and you know you’re unique.

9 You’re Highly Motivated And Determined

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Especially if your dad was career and goal oriented, you turned out pretty much the same way. Your dad taught you the importance of hard work and always expected you to do your best. Because of this, you give whatever responsibility you take on, your all. In the office, you take on extra work because you know you can handle it. If you need something repaired at home, you do it yourself. You don’t rely on other people to handle things for you because you know you’re completely capable.

8 You Know How You Should Be Treated

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Thanks to your dad’s fine example, you know that you should be treated with respect in every situation. If you were ever mistreated as a child, your dad told you to stand up for yourself. As much as he might have wanted to, he didn’t fight your battles for you because he wanted you to learn to fight for yourself. He taught you that you should be treated as an equal, your opinions should be valued, and you should be appreciated for who you are. If this doesn’t happen, you never hesitate to speak up about it.

7 You’re Not Clingy

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You have a healthy amount of self-esteem. You trust that whatever man you’re with loves you for you. If he goes out with his friends, you don’t waste your time worrying about what he’s doing. You take time on your own and have plenty of girls' nights. You don’t need to be surrounded by whoever you’re dating all the time to feel cared about. In fact, thanks to your dad’s advice, you value a man that maintains his independence and you know the importance of maintaining yours as well.

6 You Can Handle Criticism

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While sometimes your mother and/or friends babied you in an attempt to boost your self-confidence, your dad was always honest with you. He told you when he was proud of you and let you know if he was disappointed. He never got overly emotional or angry at you and did his best to communicate his feelings about different matters as you grew up. If you did poorly in school, he told you he was disappointed because he knew you could do better. He never criticized you without explanation and did his best to remain calm in any situation. As an adult, when people criticize you, you can handle it without taking it personally. You hear what they say and take from it what you think is rational, then go from there. You never let a criticism ruin your week or crush your self-confidence.

5 You’re Not Overly Concerned With Your Appearance

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He told you countless times that you were beautiful from the day you were born and you believed him. As a teen, he reminded you that your appearance wasn’t what made you special and certainly wasn’t something you should rely on to navigate through the world. Small things like acne or gaining a few pounds never stopped you from leaving the house. You feel confident in jeans and a t-shirt and don’t really care what other people think about your appearance.

4 You’ve Always Got A Trusty Confidant

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It’s true. When you’re feeling down or anxious, you call up your dad. You’ve been confiding in him your whole life and you know he’ll never lead you astray. He’s never been jealous or competitive of your achievements so he always offers you the best advice. Because he’s not judgmental, you can tell him basically anything and he offers you his complete attention. You know in the bottom of your heart he wants the best for you, so you never hesitate to reach out to him when you need him.

3 You Have A Broad Horizon Of Interests

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When you were a kid, he took you with him wherever he went. After your dance recitals, you guys watched car races or went to football games. He encouraged you to play sports and try new things. He never put you in the “little girl” category and wanted you to follow whatever dreams you had. Because of this, as an adult, you don’t feel limited to “women’s activities” and you fearlessly try new things. Your interests are limitless.

2 You’re A Little More Spoiled Than You Like To Admit

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It’s true. Your dad had a huge soft spot in his heart for you, therefore, he spoiled you a bit more than you like to admit. You’re used to being listened to, to things going your way and, well, getting pretty much whatever you want. You expect whatever guy you date to bring you surprises, to buy you nice gifts, and to take care of you when he can- even though you know you can take care of yourself. When your dad took you shopping, he never said “no” and you took that with you as you grew up. You expect the best and in return, you give your best to people.

1 You Know Your Self-Worth

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Your father spent your whole life teaching you that you’re awesome, just on your own. If some guy screws you over, you know it’s not because of anything you did. You don’t let people blame you for their own mistakes and you don’t take shit from anyone. You take responsibility for your actions and move on. You’ve learned that whining and pining away about your problems doesn’t get you anywhere. If anyone tries to bring you down or feel bad about yourself, you let them know they’re wasting both their time and yours.

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