10 Signs He's Ready For Marriage And 10 Signs He'll Never Be Ready

More people are not getting married these days, and they’re happy as partners.

Marriage isn’t for everyone, for sure. Some men are either for marriage or really against it. This commitment is serious, and it can freak some people out. There could be numerous reasons why he might want to get married and might never get married. If he’s surrounded by people who are happily married, then he’s likely to want that kind of lifestyle. If he’s surrounded by people who are unhappy in a marriage and went through messy divorces, then the chances are he might not be so thrilled about it. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you. More people are not getting married these days, and they’re happy as partners. They do everything married couples do. The only difference is that it’s not officially on paper that they're a couple. To each one’s own, right? But if you want that married life, then you should have a serious talk with him. You have the right to know where he stands in marriage, and the earlier you know, the faster you can move on if he doesn’t feel the same way.

Are you looking for signs if your man is ready for marriage or if he’ll never be ready for the next step? Take a look at the list below and check the list of things he does, and you’ll have your answer.

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He's Ready For Marriage:

20 He's Relaxed When People Talk About Marriage


When you’re out to dinner with people, especially with engaged or married couples, the topic marriage is likely to be brought up. If he didn’t feel comfortable when people talk about marriage, then he’d slouch in his chair, sigh, and nod his head disapprovingly. But, if he’s attentive to what others say, and he asks questions as well as shares his thoughts on marriage, then it’s a good sign. He mentions how important marriage is and he thinks it’s beautiful when two people who love each other make a promise to be together forever. Maybe he even shares stories of other married couples he knows and how he wishes to have that kind of a lifestyle. He believes in marriage, and it’s something he’d want in his life.

19 He Talks About The Future With You And Uses The Word "When" Not "If"


The word, “if,” is used to refer a possible situation, and the word, “when,” is used to refer a future situation that’s going to happen. Friends ask him how many kids he’d want in the future, and he replies with, “If we get married, I’d want two kids.” He’s uncertain if you and he will get married in the future. It’s not to say he doesn’t love you or he never wants to marry you. Marriage may not be on his mind at the moment. He’s asked if he’s ever going to move out of his apartment, and he replies with, “When we get married, we’ll probably move into a three-bedroom house.” He didn’t pop the question yet, but its a sign that he wants to get married.

18 He Gives You A Key To His Place To Come Whenever You Please


You spend a lot of time at his place. Your toothbrush is there, your clothes are in his drawer, and more of your belongings are at his place than it's at yours. You basically live there. If he gives you a key to his place for you to come whenever you please even if he’s not home, then he has strong feelings for you, and he trusts you. This is a stepping stone in a serious relationship. His next step might be to ask you to move in with him, which is a pretty big step. Overall, giving you a key to his place is opening the gates for you to enter the privacy of his home. He wants to share everything with you, and most importantly, he wants his home to be your home.

17 He Wants You To Move In With Him To Spend More Quality Time Together


You know your relationship is heading in the right direction if he asks you to move in with him. He wants to spend more quality time with you. He wants to see you when he wakes up and before he goes to bed. He looks forward to coming home to you. Because this is a huge decision to make, it proves that he’s fully committed to you, and he knows that the relationship with you will last. Moving in together is just as serious as getting married. It’s one step closer to him going down on his one knee and proposing to you. It’s also a way for the both of you to see what it will be like if you two were to get married.

16 He Doesn't Mind When You Use His Things


If your man doesn't mind when you use his toothpaste, when you wear one of his shirts you took out from his drawer, or anything of his without asking, then he's serious about you. He offers to get you what you need and tells you to feel free to use anything you want. Basically, his things are your things, and there is no yours and mine. It's ours instead. This action shows that he's ready to take the relationship to the next level. He makes you feel comfortable at his place, and you don’t feel restricted from using his things. You don't need to ask for his permissions all the time, and that's how it should be if you've been in a relationship with him for a while.

15 He Wants You To Meet His Family And He Wants To Meet Yours


Introducing you to his family is a big deal and probably the most important part of a relationship. If he didn’t think the relationship will lead anywhere, then he wouldn’t be so eager to let his family know about you. If he wants you to meet his family, and he also wants to meet yours, then marriage is probably on the table. He wants his family to meet the woman he loves, and who might be the one for him. He wants to meet your family because he hopes to be a part of that family someday. It’s pretty obvious if he invites you to his family gatherings, and the both of you spend time with each other’s family on holidays. He’s certainly ready for marriage.

14 He Talks To You About Everything And Asks For Your Opinions


Some men don’t like to share their feelings and thoughts with their partners because they don’t want to talk about it. If your man talks to you about everything, then that’s a good sign. He doesn't hide anything from you. He's an open book. He tells you about his day. He expresses his feelings. He shares his issues. He asks for your opinion like when he gets a promotion because he’s not sure if he should accept it or not. Your opinions matter to him. If you don’t have to wonder what’s on his mind because he answers all of your questions, then he’s comfortable with you, and he trusts you. When you make big decisions with him like buying a refrigerator, then he’s ready for marriage.

13 He's Still Touch-Feely With You As Day One In The Relationship


If you’ve been in a relationship with him for a while, and he’s still touchy-feely with you as day one in the relationship, then you clearly still make his heart jump. It’s natural for feelings to fizzle out after dating for some time. But your man never makes you feel insecure in your relationship. He reminds you how much he loves you, and he shows it through his actions. He gives you long hugs because he doesn’t want to let you go. He always holds your hand in public. He kisses you on the forehead. He still makes romantic gestures; he buys you flowers. Everyone around you tells you it’s so obvious how much he adores you. You definitely feel loved, too. You’re stuck in the honeymoon phase.

12 He Consistently Tells You He Loves You And He Misses You


Does he call or text you everyday when you’re away? Maybe you went on a vacation with your friends for a few days. If he does, then he really misses you. Your absence makes him sad. He throws in a lot of kisses and hugs when you’re back because he’s happy to see you. Even when he’s busy, he makes an effort to give you a call or to go and see you. He always tries to spend more time with you. There’s so much laughter because he makes you happy. If he tells you he loves you and he misses you every chance he gets, then it’s likely that he’s ready to settle down. You can tell he means it when he says those things because of the way he treats you.

11 He Gets Really Happy When His Friends Get Married


So, it seems like a lot of his friends are engaged or married, but he doesn’t complain or whine about it to you. He’s actually excited for his friends. If he talks to you about how happy he is for them, then that’s great. If you see your man dancing and socializing with a lot of people at the weddings, then he’s in a good mood. He’s enjoying himself. People who aren’t fond of marriages can’t wait for the wedding to be over. You know marriage is on his mind if his friends give you a hint or when they ask him when they should be expecting his wedding, and he replies, “Someday.” If marriage never crossed his mind, then his reply would’ve been something like, “I never thought about it.”

He'll Never Be Ready To Take The Next Step:

10 He Never Makes Future Plans With You Like Vacationing Next Year


His plans with you are always now or tomorrow. Maybe even a few days, but it’s never in a few months or next year. It’s frustrating for you because it’s hard to plan a vacation at the last minute. It takes time, and it’s always better to get everything sorted out a few months in advance. Because he can’t seem to commit to doing anything with you in the future, it’s likely that he’s not in the relationship with you for the long-term. This is especially true if he asks you to get back to him a week before the actual date to leave for the vacation. It’s like he wants to see if you guys will still be together by then. Marriage is just not for him.

9 He Walks Away Or Tries To Change The Topic When People Talk About Marriage


Whenever people talk about marriage, does your man walk away or tries to change the topic? If yes, then he probably doesn’t believe in marriage. He hates it when people talk about weddings, so he chooses to walk away from it because it annoys him and it angers him. If he tries to change the topic, then maybe he doesn’t want you to get any ideas because he’s not going to propose to you. If you see him reacting this way every time the topic marriage is brought up, then you should know that he’s uncomfortable with it and he’s against it. If you hope to be married to him someday, then it’s best that you have a long chat with him. It’s important to know where he stands in marriage.

8 He Emotionally Shuts Down When He's Stressed Or Upset


Everyone goes through a rough patch, and it’s really important for the partners to be there for each other during that time. It’s probably when the worst side of you comes out, but it’s okay. You work it out as a couple. Stronger together, right? But that seems impossible if he doesn’t even want to talk to you about what’s on his mind. How are you supposed to make him feel better if he emotionally shuts down every time he’s stressed or upset? Maybe he has trust issues, or he doesn’t feel comfortable expressing his thoughts to anyone. He should rely on you and open up to you though. Communication is so important in a relationship, and if there’s no trust, then there’s nothing. He'll never be ready for marriage.

7 He Makes More Promises Than He Can Deliver


If he makes more promises than he can deliver, then he’s bad news. He promises to take you out to a nice dinner, but he flakes. He promises to do the dishes, but he forgets, and you end up doing it because it starts to smell. There are times when he keeps his promises, but there are more times when he doesn’t. Responsibilities are important in a marriage, and since he doesn't seem to hold up his end of the bargain in a relationship, it's unlikely that he'll propose to you. Because he says and does whatever he wants, it seems like he’s all about that bachelor life. It’s hard to trust a man who can’t keep his word. Maybe he breaks promises because he doesn’t take them seriously.

6 He Only Has Negative Things To Say About Marriage


“Marriage is so overrated,” is what he tells you or anyone who values marriage. He doesn’t believe that a person can be committed to only one person for the rest of his life, and he mentions how a lot of people cheat in a marriage. He thinks it's better for two people to be together without making it official on paper, and the breakup is a lot easier. Breakups are definitely cleaner. Marriage is a bigger commitment, and it comes with obligations, so he probably doesn’t want to deal with it, either. If he gets really heated up or stays quiet when the topic marriage is brought up, then you have pretty good idea where he stands in marriage. Overall, if he views marriage negatively, then he probably will never get married.

5 He Downplays Your Relationship In Front Of His Friends And Family


It’s the worst when you’re not sure where you stand with him in a relationship especially if you’ve been with him for a while. His friends ask him, “So, when are you planning on getting married?” If he avoids the question or makes a confused face, then he’s not interested. He downplays your relationship by saying, “What marriage? We’re not serious.” You’re probably like, “What the F?” If he said you guys aren’t serious, then that’s a slap in the face if you thought this relationship could possibly lead to a marriage. If you hear him tell his friends and family, “There are a lot of women in this world. Why settle?” or, “Come on, you know me. Marriage isn't my thing,” then he'll never propose.

4 He Only Stays At Your Place For A Brief Amount Of Time


If he took the relationship seriously, then he'd want to spend a lot of time with you, whether it's at his place or at yours. If he makes you feel like he’s a stranger at your place rather than your boyfriend because he only sticks around for a little bit, then he’s probably uncomfortable with the idea of spending the whole day with you inside. He thought the relationship was casual, and commitment probably freaks him out. Do you feel like he tells you he’s got plans every time you’re over at his place because maybe he wants you to leave? If yes, then he really likes his freedom. He seems to avoid anything that might make things a bit too serious for him like to spend all day in bed together.

3 He Rarely Keeps Any Of Your Belongings At His Place


Every time you’re over at his place, he looks around to make sure you don’t leave any of your things behind. When he does find your things, he makes sure to return them to you. If he makes you feel like it’s a sleepover between friends and not his girlfriend, then that’s never good. He doesn’t want any of your things lying around. You don’t have any clothes in his closet. You have to bring your toothbrush every time you spend the night at his place. There’s nothing of yours. If anyone were to go over to his place, nobody would suspect that he was in a relationship. He probably doesn’t want to give up the bachelor life, so it’s likely he’ll never get married.

2 He Avoids Spending Time With People Who Matter To You


Does he always say no when you ask him to dinner with your friends? He avoids your friends and family for a reason. He knows he’ll be interrogated with questions like, “When are you going to propose to her?” “Do you know what size ring she wears?” He doesn’t want to talk about it or answer any questions regarding marriage. Marriage has never crossed his mind because he never wants to get married. If he were to tell them the truth, then he’ll only get more questions. Your friends and family might even try to persuade him to change his view on marriage with stories of happily married couples. He doesn’t want to deal with it, period. So, if he hides from everyone who matters to you, then it’s probably to avoid marriage questions.

1 He Talks About His Future But Not The Future With You In It


It’s nice that he talks to you about his future, but what about the future with you in it? If he only tells you what he wants to do with his life, and you’re not a part of any of his future plans, then it says something about your relationship. He tells you how he’s going to achieve his goals. He tells you he wants to move to the city, but he doesn’t ask if you’ll be okay with moving to the city. If he only talks about what he wants in his life, and not so much the life of you together as a married couple, and he doesn’t discuss with you on making big decisions together for the future, then marriage is not on his agenda.

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