10 Signs He's Planning On Popping The Question

When you’re in a romantic relationship and everything seems to be perfect, you start to wonder whether the time for you to make a step ahead as a couple will come. And eventually, when will it come? As women, we’re naturally inclined to start idealizing our male counterpart as we grow a steady liaison with him. But, it often happens that while you begin daydreaming about the ceremony, the gown, a new family, and raising kids, he’s making big plans on the new playstation game to buy. Sometimes you feel discouraged, asking yourself if it’ll ever come the day he plans on buying an engagement ring for you. Other times you try to understand if he’s even considering the possibility to attend his own marriage.Then, there’s the sweet spot. A sudden change in his behavior, unexpected gifts, words and gestures that make you think something’s changing. He strangely starts talking about diamonds, takes positions about marriage menus, and educating children, he could even help you with the housekeeping!

If you’re looking forward to walk down the aisle, and you notice some shifts in his mood, this list will help you spot the 10 signs he’s going to pop the question.

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10 He’s A Bit Nervous

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Can you imagine the shock talk going on in your boyfriend’s mind when he programs to ask you the big question? He must feel like walking on egg shells, for at least two reasons: Number one, he’s obsessively thinking what’s the right way to ask you the question, studying every detail form the outfit to the location, not to mentions the words. What the heck should he say? Number two, what if you say no? Psychologists say that a nervous attitude, or a sudden shift in your significant other’s mood, is a big sign that he’s going to propose, so learn to read between the lines..!

9 He’s Suspiciously Interested In Other People’s Marriages

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Can you believe he’s happily attending a wedding not talking about business, sports or liqueurs? If you notice he’s oddly getting interested in the wedding cake, the ceremony color palette, and the sartorial cut of the groom’s suit, then be reassured you’re catching him planning your marriage. The unexpected excitement to attend a marriage is not only a sign of his coming up proposal, but he might be planning the do's and dont’s of your ceremony, imagining what it’d be like to be marrying you, and how your most romantic day should look like. So sweet of him, right?

8 He’s Dreaming Of A Little Toddler

What? He’s dreaming of a family? You bet, at a certain point he might start talking about growing a family or daydreaming of having a baby to bring to Disney World. If you hear him talking like this and you know for sure he’s not under acids, nor having hallucinations (just joking!), then you should consider the eventuality that he’s going to pop the question. And maybe he’s exploring your intentions to decide if he wants to raise a family with you. So be patient, kind, and open to talk and daydream together if you want that ring!

7 He’s Stalking Your Mom And Your Jewelry Box

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You’re randomly and deliberately finding him around your jewelry box? That’s a sign! He’s got two alternatives to find the right size for your engagement ring. He takes one of your rings to check the size with the jeweler, or he reaches out for help to your mama / sister / best friend. Another “jewelry sign” is he’s unexpectedly interested in rings, diamonds, and your favorite gem cuts. If you’re walking down the city centre and you’re stuck on a Cartier shop window as usual, but he stops by your side asking what you like instead of checking his phone, then be sure something’s going on!

6 He’s Behaving “Hubby Like”

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If he’s taken the decision to ask you to become his wife, he has officially entered the hubby modality. Has it suddenly happened when you decide to make a change in your life and you start acting like the person you wish you could become, the moment he realizes he wants to marry you, he starts seeing himself as a husband. Little shifts in gestures and unusual attentions like helping you at home or softly touching you and offering you massages are unmistakable signs he’s going to ask you as his life companion!

5 He's Doing Unexpected Plans

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You usually decide together what to do and where to go for a dinner, but he’s mysteriously organizing a special night out or a weekend in a secret location? Then it’s the moment you start exercising with your new signature. As you’ve seen before, unexpected changes in mood, behavior and plans, are reasonably signs he’s planning on popping the question. Surely, he wants everything to be perfect, and he’s making sure you’re excited enough to be in a good mood for the romantic date, but also confused enough not to realize what’s going to happen. In this case, don’t ask questions and get ready to see your boyfriend get down on his knee!

4 He’s Introducing You In A New Way

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It comes a time in a couple’s life when introducing you with the words “she’s my girlfriend” sounds simply ridiculous. But usually, it only sounds ridiculous to you, because he would keep defining you as his “girlfriend” even after 15 years of being in a relationship. So, if you notice a sudden change in the way he’s introducing you, he’s probably thinking it’s time for an upgrade. The sweetest thing though, happens when he doesn’t just “upgrade” your relationship profile. In fact, what would you think if you spotted him secretly testing your name PLUS his surname? “Mr. and Mrs. Cohen..” that would totally be a sign!

3 He Talks Differently

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Another sign of a coming big question is a shift in his vocabulary. Specifically, he doesn’t talk about himself anymore, because he starts talking about you as a couple. When you notice he’s talking about an experience you did together and he uses the words “us” or “we” instead of “I” or “me” or “mine”, your man is clearly shifting his perspective from being a guy who did something with a girl to being a couple who does things together. And he’s clearly planning!

2 He Shows You Feelings Differently

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When a man start deciding about popping the question, he slips down memory lane and starts traveling through your story again. If girls are romantic, men can also shift towards romanticism when they’re thinking about marriage and raising a family. The only thought of you as a partner for life will let him remember all the good moments you already lived together, so that he’ll probably try to re-experience those moments. If you’re randomly receiving gifts, letters, or sweet gestures, he’s probably thinking the moment has come for you to create new memories. Like the day of your marriage!

1 He’s The Odd Unmarried One

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If you’re a woman, you’ve certainly noticed men have a stronger sense of belonging with their group of male friends, compared to us. They’re enjoying time together at any age, while we spend more and more time managing family and work. Well, if this sense of belonging makes boys stay together all the time when they’re teenagers, it also influences their behavior when they grow up. In fact, if all of his friend are marrying and creating a family, he will feel like he’s the odd bachelor among family men, and he will likely think about putting that ring on your finger!

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