10 Signs He’s About To Pop The Question—And 10 Signs We Shouldn’t Hold Our Breath

It's summer again. Although that means there'll be plenty of BBQs, baseball games and days at the beach, it means something else too: weddings. It's the season when friends, relatives and even acquaintances—whose pictures are for all to see across social media—tie the knot. While weddings can be fun events to look forward to, there's plenty out there who aren't so excited to attend. The reality is we’re wondering when our own big day is going to come around. We may even already have someone special in our lives. Except we’re not sure whether our partner is on the same page as them when it comes to the future.

When a woman's been in a relationship long enough, she can start to feel anxious for a proposal. But a proposal is never guaranteed, so she's resigned to living in uncertainty when it comes to the future. For many, this state of limbo is worse than living a single life. It can grow frustrating waiting for her man to finally drop down on a knee and ask her the question she wants to hear. Although no two couples and their situations are the same, there are patterns to look out for. Here are signs that show you're close to or far from hearing your own wedding bells ring.

20 Pick A Dress: He's Talking About A Marriage Made In Heaven

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There are two ways to interpret a guy putting off the proposal. On the one hand, a guy might understand the gravity of taking this next step. Taking it all with seriousness, he's hesitant to jump in without considering everything first. The other type of guy may not even have marriage on his radar.

If you're unsure what type of guy he is, pay attention to whether or not he brings up a marriage. According to Verily, he may be bringing up marriage to make sure you're both compatible for the long-run. If he makes mention of marriage and addresses it within the context of your relationship, then a proposal may be just around the corner.

19 Don't Hold Your Breath: The “M” Word Turns Him Off

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If talking about marriage makes him uncomfortable, it should be easy to tell. The topic is bound to come up while socializing with others at some point.

If he makes a beeline out the door, that's the worst thing that can happen if you're hoping for a proposal. Or, it could manifest in a much subtler way. According to The Huffington Post, whenever someone brings up marriage, he makes an effort to change the subject. By treating marriage with little importance, in a sense, he's delegitimizing it. His response to marriage reveals a lot about whether a proposal is on his mind or not.

18 Pick A Dress: He's Missing In Action

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Usually, it's a warning sign if your guy's whereabouts aren't accounted for. In a worst-case scenario, that can mean he's cheating or being dishonest in some way. On the other hand, if he's absent for a time and his story doesn't hold up, it may not be for a nefarious reason. Perhaps he's getting a ring, as Best Life points out.

If you know he's not cheating and his behavior towards remains the same—he's probably planning the super-secret proposal or at the jeweler. As concerning as it might seem, he's really working towards putting a ring on it.

17 Don't Hold Your Breath: He Fails To Mention You Around Friends And Family

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It's important that your guy makes you feel good. That doesn't mean your happiness rests solely on one person. It just means he ought to go out of his way in small ways to make you feel loved.

One of the most common ways he can show it is through transparency. When he's with his friends and family, as The Huffington Post notes, he should make efforts to bring you up and gush about you. On the other hand, if you're finding that his friends and family don't recall meeting you before or that he hasn't been mentioning you around them, then a proposal may not be close.

16 Pick A Dress: He's Up To Something On That Phone

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Sometimes the signs can be hard to distinguish between an imminent proposal or something horrible. As Best Life points out, if he's usually pretty honest and open with you and then suddenly looks secretive, he might be planning something. The good news is maybe it’s something in your favor.

Study his behavior towards you and whether that changes in spite of his more stealth-like demeanor around you. He may be hiding in his phone more because you just said something about what kind of proposal you'd like to have, so he needs to make a note of it.

15 Don't Hold Your Breath: He’s Full Of Excuses

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If he's not interested in getting married any time soon, he knows he's going to have to come up with some reasons why. In that case, he knows it’s his woman's right to know why the present isn't the right time to get married.

As a result, he's going to have a myriad of excuses why now's not the right time. As per The Huffington Post, a common excuse may be the stress in his life. Perhaps family drama or a career are his reasons preventing you two from making it a lasting commitment. But the truth is those may always be challenges throughout life.

14 Pick A Dress: Vacation Is All He Ever Wanted

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Men want to have the perfect opportunity to propose. They know though that it's not just going to appear out of thin air. They have to create the opportunities. Even more important, it has to be organic and not forced.

If he wants to spend the day with you that requires a longer drive or even go on a trip together, he might be looking to drop the question. According to Best Life, you should prepare for a proposal if you've been dating for over a year, if he's more old-fashioned, and finally, if he wants to go out of town for the holidays.

13 Don't Hold Your Breath: His Family Is Out Of The Picture

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An important part of getting married is your guy's family. Since dating serves as a testing ground for marriage, it's important to develop a relationship with your in-laws during this time. But even if you're willing to do that, your guy might be the one thing in the way of letting that happen.

According to Vixen Daily, a guy may not only hide his family from you but even use them as the excuse for why he can't marry you. He might say they don't approve of you, which is either dishonest or harsh. Whatever the case may be, it's important to examine your relationship with his family.

12 Pick A Dress: He's Frugal With Money All Of A Sudden

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There comes a time in a man's life when he's ready to be mature and responsible. He starts thinking about the future and less about immediate rewards. Although it's not true for every man, it happens to most.

Usually, it takes a woman in his life to make him reach this point. Once he's ready to make that ultimate commitment, he tends to cut down on costs.

According to Verily, the proposal changes the way a man looks at his money. If he gets a new job or even takes you out less often, it's probably for a good reason.

11 Don't Hold Your Breath: He Doesn't Make Plans For Tomorrow

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If you're curious to know whether a proposal is ever going to come or not, pay attention to your man's planning habits. How far ahead does he make plans?

If the answer is "not very far," then a proposal is sure to be far away. The Huffington Post notes, he may be quick to make plans for a date that same day, but not when it comes to anything longer than that. Even setting aside an event with friends or family a week in advance on the calendar seems like a chore. Better have some patience when it comes to a proposal if this sounds like your guy.

10 Pick A Dress: The "M" Word Piques His Interest

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When men are younger, they're trained to be wary whenever someone mentions marriage, especially a woman with whom he is involved. But as they get older and start to take it more seriously, they start to hone in on the subject whenever it's mentioned in public settings.

He may even go out of his way to talk with others about their proposals. According to Best Life, he may even ask your own friends questions about their engagement rings. This means, more than likely, he's in the market for getting one (and not just that he's suddenly really into diamonds).

9 Don't Hold Your Breath: He’s Happy, So Why Change Anything?

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Sometimes guys apply everyday thinking to their romantic lives. Like the idea, "If it's not broke, don't fix it," if men like what they have going in a relationship, they won't deter from it.

The problem is, that same logic doesn't apply to relationships. According to The Huffington Post, it's a warning sign when a guy admits he's happy with the way things are. Unless he's secretly planning your proposal and wants to throw you off, a guy should most certainly want more if you haven't tied the knot yet.

As long as a proposal is what you want as well, he should be ultimately striving towards that same goal.

8 Pick A Dress: Special Occasions Are Just Around The Corner

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There are a few criteria that are usually fulfilled before a proposal happens. The following aren't exactly the case for every couple but tend to be the majority.

One is that you've both been dating for some time (usually a year or so). Next, your guy needs to be somewhat conventional. When it comes to romance, he's more traditional.

If your relationship meets these two factors, then it's usually only a matter of time before he pops the question. As Best Life notes, if you've got an upcoming birthday or anniversary coming up, then your chances have only increased. These are common events for him to get down on one knee.

7 Don't Hold Your Breath: Talks About “You,” But Not In Terms Of “Us”

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Ever consider the way he speaks about your relationship? Whether it's around others or alone together, certain words can provide insight into what his ultimate goals are.

The Huffington Post points out, even his compliments are a deeper meaning of finding out information. If he singles you out whenever he says something nice, but doesn't speak to the context of your relationship, then you may be a lot farther away from marriage.

If he talks about how great you are together, then that's a different story, and you might be able to hear wedding bells if you listen hard enough. Otherwise, just talking about how beautiful you are isn't enough.

6 Pick A Dress: You Won't Find Him Feuding With The Family

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If marriage is on the horizon at some point for you two, then some family bonding needs to happen. As Verily points out the oft-used cliché, you really do marry into one's family. That means he's going to have to get close with those who are closest to you.

According to Verily, when marriage is on his mind, he's going to make himself more present at family functions. If he starts showing an interest more in tagging along when the family is together, it's a strong sign he's wanting you to be more than just his girlfriend.

5 Don't Hold Your Breath: You Get The Cold Shoulder Around His Friends

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How a guy acts towards you in public says a lot. It's easy to say the words you want to hear in private settings. But is he willing to show you the extent of his love around others he respects?

It's important to see how he behaves with you when his friends are around. As Vixen Daily points out, if he treats you less or hardly acknowledges you around his friends, this is not a good sign. Not only does it indicate a proposal isn't close, but that marriage may be far from his thoughts entirely. Think less about the possibility of marriage and more about your compatibility in general.

4 Pick A Dress: Around You, He Acts A Fool

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An impending proposal can do funny things to a guy. First, he wants the whole thing to go off without a hitch. Second, he's wary about the future and taking a big step. Due to these factors, he's going to be a little nervous.

His nervousness might manifest in interactions whenever you're around him. You are, after all, at the center of his anxiousness. But Best Life advises you not assume the worst whenever he's cryptic or odd around you, especially when it's about your relationship. It could actually be the proposal he's planning that's making him act differently.

3 Don't Hold Your Breath: He’s Not A Fan Of Conflict

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No one really likes conflict. But if someone wants to get married—or date for that matter—they have to accept conflict as necessary. It comes with the territory.

So if he can't stand conflict and does whatever he can to avoid it, then he's definitely not ready to get on a knee. As Vixen Daily notes, if he avoids conflict at every turn, that could lead to even more troubles down the line. He may start telling lies in order to get out of a situation he wants no part in.

Not only is this a sign he's not going to propose but could even have repercussions in your dating life.

2 Pick A Dress: He Wants To Know Your Ring Size

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Traditionally, marriage proposals are a surprise. They're intended to sweep a woman off her feet. But what can make that difficult for the guy is needing to know some important information.

Depending on your guy, he may or may not be so discreet about finding out what kind of engagement ring you want, or even what size. In one scenario, as per Verily, a boyfriend swiped one of his girlfriend's rings and brought it to the jeweler to use as a reference. So if there's a ring missing, or he asks general questions about your jewelry preferences, something's up.

1 Don't Hold Your Breath: Whatever You Do, Don’t Bring Up The Future

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How does your man respond to the topic of the future? Is he willing to go there? Or does he get upset and dodgy? It's important to read the signs whenever the future comes up.

As Vixen Daily notes, if conversations about the future make him testy, he's likely opposed to marriage at this point in time. Even if you keep it vague by never actually saying the word "marriage," he'll likely pick up on what you mean whenever the future comes up.

The fact is, even if he's not ready for that next step, he shouldn't be angry about it. Otherwise, an underlying issue may be going on.

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