10 Selfies No Guy Wants To See (+5 That'll Hook Him)

These days, it's hard to find a person who has never taken a selfie. It seems that everywhere we look these days, we see someone taking a shot of themselves. Whether it's a gym, a restaurant, a nightclub, a workplace, or just a nice spot in a park, we can take out a smartphone and take a selfie absolutely anywhere. Some of them we take just to document our meeting with a special friend, but others we shoot to attract the opposite gender.

The girls who are looking to attract guys with their selfies know some of the important things about the art of the self-portrait. They have to keep in mind that not all the photos they consider attractive look appealing to guys and they should also know what selfies will definitely work on them. Ready to learn these simple truths? Then read on!

15 A Guy Doesn't Want To See A Duckface

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Can anyone tell me why a duckface even became a thing? Did it ever work on anyone and did any man in their right mind admit that they liked to see women's selfies with protruding lips? No, it never happened because this loos isn't attractive, even a bit. So it's actually high time to finally stop making and posting duckface selfies.

14 Selfies Focused On Clothes/Shoes Won't Work On Him

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Yes, we know that sometimes you get really excited over your new shoes, purse, or dress, but you should keep in mind that the photos where you're bragging these things can cause some kind of emotions only in your best friend. A man you're trying to attract won't be interested in them at all. He might even become annoyed if you focus your photos on the material stuff too often.

13 Fake Sad Face Is Fake And He Doesn't Like It

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Guys don't like it when you fake something in your photos and they especially don't like girls who fake sad faces. Since sadness doesn't suit anyone, why would you even want to make a fake sad face selfie and post it on your account? It can only be (slightly) acceptable if you and your long-time BF like to exchange silly selfies once in a while and it definitely won't work on a guy you want to get interested.

12 Fierce Model Poses Are Also Fake

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If you're trying to look too intense in your selfies, you will look fake (and, probably, a tiny bit constipated) instead of stunning. Unfortunately, not all of us can pose like models do and sometimes it's best to leave some of the things to professionals. Let's leave too intense, fierce model poses to pros, too, and try something else instead.

11 Save The Open-Mouth Selfies For Your Besties

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It can be fun to take an open-mouth selfie with a bunch of best friends when you're trying to show how excited you are to see each other. But remember that this kind of photo will only look fun and cute to you and your friends, while guys will probably say, "No, thanks." First of all, they don't think that a clueless look is tempting. And secondly, they just don't want to see the inside of your mouth.

10 A Selfie Taken From Above? Pass

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If you think that a selfie taken from above your head makes you look slimmer, think again. And take a more attentive look at this kind of selfies. Do you see how it makes the head look incredibly massive, while the whole body becomes insanely tiny? Do you still think it looks attractive? Well, even if you do, keep in mind that guys don't.

9 Keep That Tongue In Your Mouth

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If you want to look like Miley Cyrus, it's okay. But if you're trying to copy her stick-the-tongue-out look, you should know that you look silly. Sticking out your tongue out on a photo doesn't look cute or appealing. Maybe it did, sometime in the 90s, but it doesn't anymore, so let's just leave this unattractive selfie pose in the past, where it belongs.

8 #LookingStunning Selfies Are Less Stunning Than You Think

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Do you know the most important thing about a stunning look? It's effortless. If you're stunning, you're stunning and that's about it. You don't have to wear tons of makeup and some revealing clothes to "look stunning" in your selfie. If you do all these things, it makes you look... what? That's right, fake. And, as we've discussed before, guys don't like fake and they also don't like too revealing photos because they make you look desperate.

7 He Doesn't Care About "I'm In The Car" Selfies

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The only thing a guy sees behind your "I'm in the car" selfie is you screaming, "Look, I'm driving!" or "Hey, everyone, I'm in a luxurious car!" He won't go crazy about it and he won't even like it. He'll probably think that you're either a show-off and focused only on yourself, or that you're a dangerous driver who doesn't pay attention to the road.

6 A Bathroom Selfie? Again? Are You Effing Serious??

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Just like duckface selfies, the ones taken in the bathroom are incredibly stupid and it's impossible to understand why they even exist. We should've overcome this selfie stage a long time ago, but somehow bathroom photos are still all over the internet. Even if the lighting is good there and you think it makes you look flattering, the toilet in the background ruins it all. So please, girls, stop it.

5 A Workout Selfie, On The Other Hand, Will Hook Him

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So how should you make your selfies? Well, first of all, if you go to a gym, take one on your way out. Guys like to see girls who take care of themselves and are willing to put a lot of hard work into their good looks. Besides, a post-workout selfie will show your progress and let your guy see your well-trained abs, arms, and legs.

4 "Just Woke Up" Selfie Is Natural And He'll Like It

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Ask any normal guy and he'll tell you that the most beautiful woman isn't the one who has tons of makeup on. It's the one who has just woke up. It makes her beauty pure and natural and she looks well-rested and adorable. Besides, if a woman takes a selfie right after waking up and posts it online, it shows her self-confidence. For these reasons, guys dig "just woke up" selfies.

3 A Selfie With Your Friends Will Make Your Seem More Approachable

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If your feed is full of selfies with friends and none of them look like the hateable duckface-open-mouth-etc photos we've discussed above, the guy will certainly like it. It will show you as an approachable and outgoing girl who isn't self-absorbed, knows how to have a good time, and likes having fun with her gal pals.

2 Flirt With Him In Your Selfie 'Cause He Loves It

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Try to feel the golden middle between the too intense model-like look we've discussed before and a dull look that isn't interesting at all. Learn to make the selfies where you show your playful side and slightly flirt with him. It can be a photo where your hand slightly touches your face or your lips, where you slightly (just slightly) bite your lip, or have a cute shy look. Most importantly, look natural, as if flirting is your job.

1 And, Finally, Show Give Him Your Lovely Smile!

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Nothing catches a guy's attention as much as a genuine smile. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be natural. So forget about all these "intense" and "stunning" looks and recall the good old rule we all used in the past while taking photos. Remember how we all had to say "cheese"? So start saying it again and flash your beautiful, authentic smile in the camera. Guys will LOVE it!

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