10 Selfie Poses That Won't Work On Him (And 10 That Will)

Oh — the selfie — it is either a hit or a miss! It seems everywhere we look nowadays, whether out for dinner at a restaurant, at a nightclub, while sweating at the gym, or even just going for ice cream, someone is taking a selfie. If we look around and do not see someone posing for their Snapchat, there's something not right in the world.

We know that we are all guilty of the selfie, whether we like it or not. We also know that we take about 20 of them before we decide on one that is THE ONE. We know that when we're posing for the camera, we're trying to pull off the sultriest face, and sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't. Oh, and just because the KarJenner sisters nail every single selfie they post, it does not mean we should be like them — because honestly, we do not have all the tips and tricks they have!

However, even though men are visual creatures, that does not mean that every selfie we take will get their approval stamp or attention. There are so many ladies making tragic selfie mistakes that men can easily point out. The last thing men want is to scroll through dating profiles and see a bunch of duck faces. On the other hand, ladies, if IG needs a boost, we have all the poses men do love that will have them swiping right in no time.

Read on to discover which selfies work and which ones don't so you're sorted before your next selfie photo session.

20 He's Not A Fan Of The Open-Mouth Selfie

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He does not want to see the inside of your mouth while he is scrolling through his IG feed. He is also not attracted to a woman who thinks looking clueless is tempting.

Ladies, have you ever thought that the open-mouth selfie looks like the emoji we use with the open mouth and hands on cheeks? Is that what you want to look like to men? Because that is exactly how you look — in case you were not aware of it.

Is there any way that that expression is supposed to interest a man? Your mouth is hanging open, and your eyes are awkwardly wide. Um, no. Unless a man proposed to you, that face and pose shouldn't be on your feed.

19 The 'I Am In The Car' Selfie Is Not His Favourite

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"Hey, look, I am driving!" or "Hey, look, I have a luxurious car!" — he doesn't go bonkers over it and he does not buy it. Ladies, a man cares about what you look like, not whether or not you know how to drive, if you can multitask, or if you have an expensive car. And so, if you're posing in a car, he'll either think you're dangerous (because no phones when behind the wheel, right?) or that you're a show-off.

With this selfie pose, he'll also assume that you're self-absorbed, so stick to keeping your eyes on the road.

18 He Is Not A Fan Of You Faking A Sad Face

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Okay, if you have a boyfriend and you two are exchanging silly pictures of the “fake sad” selfie, it is slightly acceptable. If not, we urge you to say "Thank U, Next" to this annoying and unflattering pose.

Why would you want to fake sadness anyway? Sorrow does not suit anyone. It looks totally overdone, and a man will not take two steps forward in your direction when he notices it.

Men are all about stuntin', and we know deep down that no man wants to be stuntin' with a lady who chooses to pull the face of a baby when taking photos. It just looks so weird.

17 Not A Fan Of The 'Trying To Look Intense' Selfie

via People

You know that look when you are just trying too hard? If it does not come naturally, just drop it, because chances are your selfie will turn out looking a bit strange.

We are not all models by day, so sometimes it is best to leave the intense pose to the professionals. A man can instantly tell when a woman is trying way too hard to pull off the intense and fierce model pose in a selfie because her face will show it. It will look like that of a person who needs to run to the bathroom. This type of selfie is just way too much.

16 He Is Surely Not A Fan Of Bathroom Selfies

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Ladies, we cannot stress enough that from now on, bathrooms should be left out of selfies — please. We've all made selfie mistakes, which include the infamous bathroom selfie, but the fad is done now. Leave it back in 2014.

We can no longer excuse the bathroom selfie, even if the lighting is fantastic. Why? There is nothing spontaneous or candid about it. And, the content of bathroom selfies is certainly not aesthetically pleasing. We suggest you drop this selfie pose instantly and flush it down the toilet before more men hit the unfollow button on your account because they surely know what your bathroom looks like by heart.

15 A Big NO: Selfie Taken From Above The Head

via Teen Vogue

Unless you're aiming to show people that your head is way bigger than your body, this selfie pose should be totally avoided. And unless this selfie is blatantly promotional, because you need to use the other hand to show off the product, let us say it should be nowhere on your IG, Snapchat or dating profile — you're better off without it, seriously. We promise there are many other ways to flatter your thin waist.

And, if you're attempting the above-the-head selfie to show off some cleav, it will not look alluring. The pose mainly shows off a massive head, and who wants to look like Arnold the Football Head?

14 And Of Course He Dislikes The Duckface

via 106.1 The Corner

What man out there finds the duckface flattering? None do. And how many women still opt for the duckface as their first choice for a selfie? Piles of them. Realistically speaking, why would any of us want to look like a duck that goes "quack, quack?" Any man will think you're a quack if your IG feed is full of duckface selfies.

We even scratch our heads over who made this pose a thing — although something tells us the Kardashians might be guilty. Right now, we could not be bothered about who started it, we just want to advise you to stop over-puckering your lips. Have you ever looked at a duckface selfie and been like, "oh wow, her face is gorgeous?" Neither has he.

13 Doesn't Santa Say Not To Pout?

via Hollywood Life

"You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why." Why? Because no man will come to your "town." At least our parents did not lie to us about everything when it came to good ol' Saint Nick.

Nowadays, we see the pout all over social media. Some look fabulous doing it, but that is because they've had training and/or experience — we swear. Because of that, women are constantly trying to pull off the serious pout for selfies. Some clearly think they can pull it off since they post them all over IG.

However, the more you try and pose with the sultry pout, the more forced it looks. Drop the "I did not get my ice cream" facial expression, please. You'll work miracles without it.

12 He Won't Be Attracted To The Revealing Selfie

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Ever heard of thirst trapping? Well, when your entire IG page has selfies of you revealing what is underneath your clothes, it sort of comes across in that way. This selfie pose is a way-too-obvious chest poke and a way-too-revealing picture. If you want a man to go for you because of your beauty and want him to respect you, then this selfie pose should be dropped — effective NOW.

And no, you aren't stuntin', because stuntin' is effortless; these selfies look desperate and do not shout "I want a relationship!"  Trust us, men totally notice it when women are purposely sticking their chests all the way out, and they won't ever find that appealing.

11 Just Do Not Stick Your Tongue Out

Are you a part of Kiss, and is your name Gene Simmons? We think not. Are you the starlet Miley Cyrus? Probably not, either.

One tip: since you are not either of these two celebs, keep your tongue in your mouth when you're looking at your screen and attempting a selfie. We also are no longer children, so we should not find sticking the tongue out cute or appealing anymore — let us leave this pose in the '90s, where it belongs.

Some of you may be wondering why because you're probably thinking that a man goes bonkers for a tongue. But no, he wants you to put it back into your mouth — he does not see #wifeymaterial when he sees a tongue sticking out in a selfie.

10 He'll Totally Dig A Workout Selfie

via Thelma Okoro

You know when you should be totally snapping away selfies? When you're working your behind off at the gym. A man will find every shot that is taken at the gym interesting.

Now, let us be clear, do not post a selfie with your makeup running after your intense workout, but rather selfies of your hard work or your progress since the gym has become your sanctuary. Men love seeing women who pump it at the gym, who are fit, healthy and concerned about their overall appearance.

Besides the obvious fact that every man loves yoga pants, they go gaga for the girl who can lug herself to the gym even after a long day. So yes, keep taking those mirror selfies at the gym, you gym buffs.

9 A Towel Selfie Is A Winner

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If he sees you posing in a towel, fresh out of the shower, he'll have to take a seat. Whether you're a single lady or with someone, the towel selfie works wonders. If the Kardashians can post selfies of themselves with towels wrapped around their heads or bodies, then so can we.

Send it to your man on Snapchat and he'll be so happy to come home to you, or post it on the IG if you're looking for love and we assure you that all the reactions will be positive. This selfie pose is serene and careless, and every man loves a woman who can be cool, chill and laid-back. Let his imagination wander.

8 He'll Find A Selfie With Friends Cute

via Hello Magazine

We probably always take selfies with our girlfriends, without knowing that men truly love it when we do (avoid the duckface and pout though, remember that).

A fun group selfie with your girls being your natural selves is super-attractive to men. It shows that you are not self-absorbed, that you are close to your gal pals, that you are silly and not afraid to show it, and that you could have a good time. When a bunch of girls are together, it is way more attractive to men, so bring your besties along.

Think of it this way: an IG account full of selfies with your friends will make you seem way more approachable.

7 He'll Love The Selfie That Shows Your Neckline

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It is the little things in life sometimes that drive men bananas, like a woman's neckline and collarbone.

If you are still trying to figure out the best selfie pose to rev a man's engine, we have it right here for you: put on a cute smile and hold it, then make sure that your flawless collarbone is showing. And there you have it, this pose will work wonders. You may just need a top with spaghetti straps or an off-the-shoulder top to make it happen.

It is a subtle pose, but any man likes it when he sees just the slightest hint of skin. That is really all it takes. It is the pose that we should never get tired of, because they won't.

6 He Actually Likes Selfies Of You Pampering Yourself

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Contrary to what most of us think because men are not huge fans of makeup, they do find it alluring when we doll ourselves up.

When it is date night, and you decide to put your foxiest outfit and best face on, any man will be in awe, so why not take a photo to show off the process? Many women tend to hesitate to pose this way for selfies even though makeup gurus, social media influencers and celebrities all over the world do it.

What man will ever tell you that he does not like a red lipstick? None, so get on that bandwagon and start taking those selfies when you're getting ready for a night on the town. Plus, he will really want to see the final product in person.

5 The Flirty Selfie Is A Plus

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You don't have to go above and beyond with selfies to get a guy's attention. Tasteful selfies will always catch a guy's eye. And what is more flattering than a woman who poses like flirting is her job?

There are so many iconic fashion poses out there, like the finger on the lip or the over-the-shoulder pose, that are iconic for a reason. Do not be reluctant to try them out, because he'll love the rawness of it all. Did you ever think of taking a selfie while slightly touching your face? Or a selfie with your finger doing the shushing motion? Or giving the shy look? Or slightly biting your lip? If you have — fantastic — men love these flirty selfies. If not, try it out, it really is not hard and your selfie slaying game will go from 0 to 100.

4 And He'll LOVE The 'Just Woke Up' Selfie

via The Modelhouse

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who just woke up in her purest beauty. It is no secret that men prefer women when they are natural and don't have a cakeface on, so evidently, the "I woke up like this" selfie pose is a hit for the opposite gender.

What is there not to love about this selfie pose? You look well-rested, your skin is sheen and fresh, you have no makeup on, and you look absolutely adorable with just your head peeking out from under the blankets. Whether you are posing like this for Snapchat or want to share it on IG, he'll surely have a good morning.

3 A Selfie In His Shirt - Do It

via Marie Claire

The movies did not glamorize this one: men go nuts when women take selfies of themselves lounging in men's button-downs or strolling down the street while wearing an oversized t-shirt that could belong to their BFs.

There is something about it that is so alluring to men. Although it is effortless and laid-back, it could put an instant grin on their faces. Men love visual stimuli, and if you can rock his shirt, looking all cute but foxy at the same time, his heart will beat faster — it looks super natural too, and they love that.

So, ladies, keep on posing for selfies with the oversized chambray button-down, it is a front-runner pose.

2 When She Smiles For A Selfie, It Is A Yes

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Smile — that is all — just smile. All it truly takes to catch any man's attention is a selfie of yourself flashing your beautiful smile. You do not need to have the most perfect smile in the world to take a selfie of yourself smiling because men go bonkers for any smile.

Once upon a time, we used to always smile for pictures — it was the norm — now, it is like many women forgot how to flash a smile. Get rid of that resting face for selfies and express yourself by just smiling for the camera. If you are rocking a smile for a selfie, we encourage you to take as many as you'd like and post them periodically. Chances are, he'll fall for your smile.

1 Work Those Angles, Ladies

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Experiment with different angles when you take a selfie. As it turns out, there is one side of our faces that is often more attractive than the other. The selfie that has you looking up but not too much is always a winner. It highlights all the assets of your face, while avoiding the side profile that can be tricky to get right sometimes.

When you pose like this, a man will take notice and know you are confident in your own skin. It shows that you know how to show off your greatest features with a slight turn of the head. One specific angle could change your whole selfie game, so up the ante by posing with your face a little more to the side and you'll surely turn many heads. Try out different things! It will take the stress out of taking selfies.

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