10 Satisfying Instagram Pics We're Sad Meghan Markle Deleted And 5 We're Happy She Did

When you're a member of the Royal family, you can no longer just behave the way you want to. There are certain rules and protocols that have to be followed. Sure, there are a lot of perks — to say we wish we could have Kate Middleton's wardrobe, or to travel internationally as often as they do, is an understatement. However, there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to being a Royal, and a social media presence is one of them.

Prince Harry's fiancee, actress Meghan Markle, had a relatively active social media presence before she fell for a Royal. She may not have had tens of millions of followers, and she wasn't the type to post 20 times a day, but she loved sharing pictures of her life on her Instagram account. From behind the scenes photos on the set of Suits and on her various photoshoots to glimpses of her life at home to foodie shots of restaurant meals and wine, you could tell a lot about Markle from the types of pictures she shared.

Now, that's no longer — likely because of her upcoming nuptials and the Royal ban on personal social media accounts, Markle has straight up shut down all her social media accounts. Luckily, we managed to save a few shots before then.

Here are 10 photos we're sad Meghan Markle deleted from her Instagram account, and 5 we're kind of happy she did.

10 Instagram Pics We're Sad She Deleted:

15 This Behind The Scenes Shot From A Photo Shoot

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Markle is no stranger to professional photography — that's one thing she has on her side when it comes to her new role as a Royal. No one knows their angles and poses quite as well as a model or actress who has been involved in countless photoshoots, so we have a feeling Markle will look as amazing in every professional shot as she did in her engagement photos. However, there's no question that any Royal photos will be a whole lot more wholesome and tame than any Markle has participated in as an actress. We're not saying all her photoshoots were risque — far from it! However, for magazine spreads and campaigns and things like that, there are often different looks an actress has to go for, from bright-eyed and cheery to sultry and sensual.

14 This Glimpse At A More Casual Meghan

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One of the great things about social media is you can tease certain things without having to make any real announcements, and just let your fans speculate and come to conclusions on their own. This photo in particular isn't just a gorgeous selfie of Meghan Markle sipping some coffee in the morning. Many fans noticed the collection of bracelets she's wearing, and seemed to think they looked fairly familiar — as in, one of them may have been spotted on the wrist of a certain roguish red-haired prince. Either way, we're going to miss these type of casual selfies — from now on, we'll likely only see professional shots of Meghan Markle, or shots taken during various engagements where she's appearing. No more selfies for us — and it's a shame, because she's so good at taking them.

13 This Stunning Shot Capturing Her Italian Girls' Trip

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The Royals certainly travel, but for the most part, they travel for certain engagements. Sure, they may genuinely enjoy parts of their trip, but they have an itinerary and certain duties they have to accomplish while they're abroad — it's not just two weeks off to do whatever they please. And, if they were to go on a private vacation, they'd take great pains to make sure no one knew where or what they were doing. That means we'll likely never see such cute shots of Markle enjoying a vacation with her girlfriends again. Someday, perhaps Markle, her collection of actress friends, Pippa, Kate, and a few British socialites or heiresses may take a wild girls' trip — but it'll never be documented on social media, that's for sure.

12 This Steamy Beach Yoga Shot

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Meghan Markle was never the type of actress to post endless selfies of her gym sessions — it just never seemed like she was the gym bunny type. As an actress, your appearance is very important, so there's no doubt that she had some type of a fitness regime, but she seems more the type to do pilates and yoga and that kind of workout. This beach selfie proves that perfectly. This move is not for the lighthearted, and it probably takes a whole lot of yoga to get that amount of balance and core strength. She looks absolutely amazing, but we can pretty much guarantee the world will never see a photo of her in a bikini again. Particularly after Kate was photographed topless on the boat by the scumbag paparazzi, the Royals are probably very, very careful in swimwear.

11 This Gorgeous Boat Selfie

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When we see photos like this, it's easy to see just how quickly Prince Harry must have fallen for Meghan Markle. On the inside, she's an articulate, intelligent, and caring person who had a thriving career as well as countless philanthropic pursuits. On the outside, she's a stone cold fox. She seems to be enjoying herself as she zips down the water in a small boat, and we wonder if she and Harry will ever take a mini-vacation together and go jetting around the waters somewhere in England. Both of them seem like the type of people who would be up for any kind of adventure, so if Royal rules allow it, we have a feeling they'll definitely have some fun together. However, chances are, we'll never see any photographs of any of those adventures — so sad!

10 This Peek At Her Goofy Side

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Meghan Markle is almost always poised and professional, but every now and then, she goofs off with her friends or in a selfie — and we get evidence of that thanks to her Instagram page. In this shot, she's wearing a linen jumpsuit that seems to have gotten a bit wrinkled over the course of the day. It was likely a super chic outfit to begin with, but her goofy expression shows that she realizes things have gotten a little wrinkled — so she's just having fun with it. A shot like this would never happen once she was part of the Royal family. First of all, they're banned from taking selfies. Second, some member of the Royal staff would likely rush in with a clothing steamer, make Markle take the garment off in a private room, and quickly steam it so she looks polished and impeccable.

9 This Amazing Beach Shot That Screams Relaxation

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Before she met Prince Harry and became the lady in his life, Markle likely had a whole lot more freedom to do what she wanted. Sure, she was an actress and might get recognized from time to time, but she wasn't quite a George Clooney caliber actor who would get stopped constantly on her outings. She seemed to enjoy exploring the world, as this shot of her on the beach with a glass of wine proves perfectly. To recreate this kind of scenario now, the Royal family would likely have to find a private beach — no people in the background who could potentially snap a photo. This is a lovely shot of Markle enjoying a glass of wine in a scenic setting, but if it were to appear in the tabloids now, they'd probably have some less than kind captions.

8 A Happy Moment Captured During A Poolside Girls' Hangout

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One thing is for sure — Markle isn't going to get starstruck by any celebrities that may show up at Royal engagements, because she's been in that world for years and years. Some of her best friends are famous actresses, fashion designers, and heiresses, so she's accustomed to that type of company. In this shot, she's relaxing poolside in a luxe cabana with her close friend Priyanka Chopra. Once Markle and Prince Harry have some type of official Royal residence, we wonder if all her celeb friends will be popping by on the regular. The paparazzi in London may have to prep for that and station someone outside Markle's home in addition to outside the hottest clubs and restaurants. It's so fascinating to wonder how things will all workout with a celeb becoming a part of the Royal family.

7 A Glimpse At Her Adorable Dog

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Okay, another important question we all have about Markle's involvement in the Royal family — will she be able to bring her dogs to wherever she and Harry settle? Everyone knows that the Royal family are huge dog lovers — the Queen's corgis are as much a part of the family as any other human member. And Markle's passion for her canine companions is evident in the countless shots she shared of her adorable rescue dogs on Instagram, including this photo of a sweet snuggle. Hopefully she'll be able to bring them with her — can you imagine how picture perfect a shot of her, Harry, and her dogs out walking in London would be? Or exploring some Royal gardens? We can't wait to see what their future looks like too.

6 This Adorable Set Look — We Probably Will Never See Her Rock Denim Mini Shorts Again

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When you're a Royal, there are certain rules when it comes to your clothing — namely, it almost always has to hit knee length and be somewhat modest. Now, we're not saying Kate Middleton never rocks a v-neck dress or something that shows a tiny bit of thigh. However, for the most part, her clothing tends to hit around knee length. Meghan Markle looks super cute here in her crisp white button down and short denim shorts, and we'll definitely miss shots like this. Not only will we likely never see her taking selfies from on the set of the television or movie project she's working on, we'll also likely never see her in shorts quite this short — unless she decides to break the rules there too! Who knows, she's been known to march to the beat of her own drum (as has Harry)!

5 Instagram Posts We're Happy She Deleted:

5 This Shot Of Her Calamine Lotion Covered Legs

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There's no doubt that Meghan Markle has absolutely amazing legs — in her actress days, she frequently rocked outfits that showed off a considerable amount of her toned stems. However, this one is a little... well, gross. We get it — bug bites absolutely suck, and no one likes the feeling of being covered in itchy mosquito bites. We're not totally convinced a shot of her legs, close-up, covered in calamine lotion was the best idea in the world though. I mean, why not at least include your face to distract from your splotchy legs, even if you're trying to get your fans' sympathy? This is one of the few shots that we're kind of glad we won't have to see when scrolling through her Instagram page again. Just not a good look.

4 This Teen Shot, Which She's So Much Better Than

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Most of Meghan Markle's selfies are absolutely stunning — she knows her angles, and she usually takes shots when she's all dolled up and looking fabulous. However, this one was a little... well, juvenile. It's cool to get a glimpse at her apartment, and we love the fact that she wears fuzzy slippers around the house, but everything from the pose to the weird face seems straight out of a selfie a teenager would take — and that's not meant in a good way. Markle is so gorgeous and chic and elegant — this photo just doesn't really seem like her, and we're glad this one has disappeared. Although, it does make us wonder how she'll choose to decorate her and Harry's place — this definitely makes it look like she has her own distinct style when it comes to interior design.

3 This Shot Of Her 'Bedtime Reading' That Seems A Little Shallow

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We always love when celebrities show us a peek at what they're reading; it's kind of cool to think that an A-Lister is paging through the same novel that you're currently devouring. Markle shared this stack of bedtime reading, and frankly, it just makes her look a whole lot more shallow than she is. There's absolutely nothing wrong with reading books about fashion, but given the book about rugs on the very bottom, we have a feeling these aren't books she's even reading — they're just a stack of books with reddish, pinkish spines that looked photogenic together. We'd rather see what Markle is actually reading. Who knows — perhaps she'll spearhead a Royal book club type of situation. Stranger things have happened! We're not sure what the rules on something like that would be.

2 This Somewhat Strange Close-Up Of A Turkey (And Meghan)

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Anyone who is a fan of Meghan Markle knows that she's a total foodie. She absolutely loves trying out new restaurants and new dishes, and has a huge appreciation for good food and good wine. However, we'd much rather see a shot of her posing alongside her chic restaurant dish than bending over a turkey. Yes, the skin is perfectly crisp and golden and it probably ended up tasting absolutely delicious. However, we can't get over the fact that the turkey's gaping cavity basically takes up the entire bottom right corner of the picture. It's just not the kind of food shot we want to see, and we're glad this one has disappeared. Markle likely won't be allowed to take photos of her meals at Royal engagements, so this might be the last we see of her food photography.

1 The Banana Picture (We'd Rather Just See Adorable Shots Of Her And Harry!)

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Okay, many people absolutely loved that she threw out this subtle reference to Prince Harry on her Instagram account back when their relationship was all a matter of speculation, but... it's a little too cutesy. We'd much rather just see a shot of the Royal couple looking adorable together than see a shot of snuggling fruit. We're glad that, after all those months of hinting and refusing to confirm things, the two of them came public with their relationship. It seems like it's been a total whirlwind since then, and they may miss having their relationship be a private thing between just the two of them, but we won't miss weird photos like this, that's for sure. We're not exactly sure what the link between Harry and bananas are, but we have a feeling we don't even want to know.

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