10 Rules WWE Divas Have To Follow Backstage (& 10 At WrestleMania)

For WWE fans, it is now WrestleMania season. Once a year, the company puts on the biggest show of the year. It usually takes place in a stadium arena with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world and millions watching at home.

The anticipation is building for this year’s show because for the first ever time, the women have a chance to main event the program—this would be quite the accomplishment. Lynch, Charlotte, and Ronda Rousey are all rumored to take part in the final bout of the night.

Although fans love the spectacle of the show, it is a stressful time for the performers. The easy part is stepping foot in the ring and competing. The hard part is everything in between and all the rules the Divas need to follow. We’ll cover 10 of those rules in this article.

In addition, we’ll also discuss rules that Divas need to follow in general, for every show whether it be Raw, SmackDown, a PPV or a live event. As fans will come to realize, it isn’t as easy as just performing in the ring or backstage.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 rules WWE Divas need to follow backstage and 10 at WrestleMania. Let’s get started.

20 Backstage - Go Through The Office Before The Boss

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Behind the scenes, WWE Divas can get easily frustrated. For the most part, a lot of that has to do with their spot on the show. We’ve seen lots of WWE performers complain about their roles in the past–this won’t change.

Fixing that however, isn’t as easy as knocking on Vince McMahon’s door. This is frowned upon as the boss has a lot of work to take care of behind the scenes. Instead, the talent is encouraged to take the proper measures through the actual office instead. Whether that be through Mark Carrano of Talent Relations or seeking out one of the writers, there are steps to take prior to knocking on Vince’s office door.

19 WrestleMania - Fly To The Destination Well In Advance

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WrestleMania week is a hectic one. It isn’t just the Sunday it is an entire week of the WWE taking over the host city. Divas aren’t asked to fly down to the host area a day before. Oh no, the usual protocol is for the talent to make the trip as early as Thursday. The Divas have a plethora of appearances to make from promotional events to NXT TakeOver to the Hall Of Fame ceremony to of course, WrestleMania itself.

It is a grueling week for all the talent involved and the events usually continue on after WrestleMania with both Raw and SmackDown shows in the same location. Divas definitely need to pack their bags a little heavier.

18 Backstage - Ask Permission To Change A Look

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One’s look is a big part of the persona on WWE television. If someone chooses to change things up, it really isn’t that easy. WWE requests that all wrestlers advise the company before changing up their look. That can mean anything from getting a haircut to changing their hair color or even getting a tattoo.

We saw an example of this during Total Divas when Paige decided to get a tattoo without advising the company first. The Talent Relations department was none too pleased with the decision, especially due to the fact that Paige appeals to a specific—and younger—demographic.

17 WrestleMania - Get Ready For Rehearsals

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Given the glitz and glamour provided by WrestleMania, Vince McMahon asks all of the talents to rehearse their entrances prior to the show. McMahon asks for specific movements while they make their way to the ring; therefore, it is important to rehearse before the actual show. This usually takes place the day of the show throughout the day.

McMahon advises each wrestler on what to do and which cameras to look at when heading down the aisle. McMahon includes pyro once a year at the show, so he also goes over this part of the entrance with the Divas. Charlotte was lucky enough to get pyro during her last couple of WrestleMania entrances.

16 Backstage - Get Ready To Film Backstage Even Before The Show Starts

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What keeps the attention of the fans throughout a three-hour or two-hour show are the vignettes that take place behind the scenes. Now back in the day, most of those were shot live. However, today, thanks to time constraints, everything is pre-planned well in advance with a specific amount of time intended for the segment.

Divas must be prepared to arrive a little earlier and shoot the promo with the same gear they’re going to wear to the ring later in the night. This new rule might help to take a lot of pressure off, since it is a lot easier to cut a promo knowing you’re not on live television.

15 WrestleMania - Family Member Limit Backstage

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One of the best parts about WrestleMania is the family element. WWE allows roster members to bring their family to the show. Some sit in attendance while others watch behind the scenes. It makes the experience that much more special for performers sharing such a moment with the people they love the most.

However, WWE does put a limit on the number of people a Diva can bring behind the scenes. If there was no limit, the backstage area would be twice as flooded. For security purposes, the company limits how many guests a wrestler can actually bring. Usually, the higher-up Divas get access to more family members. It should also be noted that some family members or friends aren’t allowed to stay backstage throughout the entire show.

14 Backstage – Don’t Get Extra Money For Additional Appearances

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WWE stars tend to make lots of appearances outside of the company. Wisely, McMahon is all about expanding the product to various markets around the world. A tactic he loves to use is sending Divas to a given area. For example, Bayley and Sasha recently visited the UK for promotional work.

Some would assume the talent gets extra money for this. However, that isn’t the case at all. Appearances that are WWE related is all part of the contract. The company does pay for transportation, airfare, and hotel expenses. Aside from that, they don’t make anything extra.

13 WrestleMania - Family Ticket Limit

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Along with backstage access, every WWE Diva also gets a certain amount of tickets for family and friends from the office. Now some have taken advantage of this in the past, getting up to 30 tickets. However, it is key to note that the company has a limit. For those that wind up with more than 15, in all likelihood, they bought them online or elsewhere like the rest of us.

Usually, the families spend a bit of time before the show backstage, but when things get underway, they’re brought to their seats. The last thing the company wants during the biggest show of the year is chaos backstage. For what it’s worth, there is also a viewing section backstage for family and friends.

12 Backstage - Must Attend Show Even If You’re Not Used

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Back in the days of World Championship Wrestling, some talents were actually paid to stay home. If the company didn’t have anything for you, it was best you stayed away.

WWE doesn’t follow this formula. Instead, even if you aren’t booked on the show, you are required to attend. A recent example of this is Dana Brooke, who isn’t utilized all that much, though as evidenced by her IG account, she’s always backstage with the other Divas. The company tries to make the most of it by at least putting her in a backstage vignette, even if it is totally meaningless.

11 WrestleMania - Arrive Really Early To The Arena The Day Of

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Forget about sleeping in or having a relaxed breakfast at the hotel, WWE needs all the Divas at the WrestleMania venue early on in the day. Doors open as early as 4 PM with all the pre-show festivities. With that in mind, and with all the rehearsals that need to take place, wrestlers are required to be at the stadium during the AM hours.

Given that the Divas likely didn’t sleep all that much the night before, this really isn’t all that bad. Once the adrenaline kicks in, the Divas will quickly disregard what time it is.

10 Backstage - Cannot Travel Or Be Seen With A Rival

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Back in the day, not only was traveling with a rival a big-time no-no but, taking a peek backstage was also frowned upon. Today, that has all changed: we now have access to everything behind the scenes from WWE Network specials to the Divas’ social media accounts.

However, a rule still in place is that Divas cannot travel with rivals. This is done in order to maintain the integrity of the show. It isn’t a great look for the company if Nikki is feuding with sister Brie, yet the two are still traveling together acting like besties. The company wants to avoid such scenarios both backstage and during travel.

9 WrestleMania - Fulfill Pre-Show Appearances

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The most stressful part about WrestleMania might not even be the show itself. Competing in the ring in front of hundreds of thousands is the fun part. It is everything in between that can be very stressful for the Divas.

The Divas have lots of appearances to make before the show. This can include lengthy autograph sessions, meet and greets with the fans, and appearances on other shows in the area. For McMahon, it is all about promoting the company. During WrestleMania week, the boss takes things to another level in terms of PR and pleasing the WWE fanbase. After all, fans come from around the world to attend this event.

8 Backstage - Dress Code

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A dress code is to be followed throughout the year–and that’s especially true for WrestleMania as well—as the Divas are expected to kick things up a notch in terms of wardrobe choices.

As for throughout the year, Divas are expected to dress appropriately; a pair of track pants and t-shirt just won’t cut it (that is unless it’s from the Tap Out brand). WWE signed a deal with Tap Out and the talent is now allowed to wear the gear prior to the shows. That’s a big-time plus as the last thing the Divas want to do is dress in fancy attire all the time while traveling.

7 WrestleMania - Book Nearby Hotel... Unless It’s A Surprise

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The Divas are advised to book a hotel next to the WrestleMania stadium. For this event, all accommodations are taken care of by WWE. The company strongly advises that the talent stays in a hotel near the arena unless they’re making a surprise appearance at the show.

We saw a past example of that when The Undertaker booked a hotel outside of the WrestleMania area. Yet, because of his popularity, he was still spotted by fans. Maybe the company should consider low budget hotels for surprise appearances. Then again, the Divas likely wouldn’t be too happy with that decision.

6 Backstage - Hotels & Car Rental Is Entirely Up To You

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During WrestleMania, the talent is lucky enough to get their accommodations taken care of by WWE. However, throughout the year this isn’t the case. Every WWE Diva is in charge of their own ground transportation, along with any and all hotel bookings. The only thing the company takes care of is the airfare expense.

This can be a harsh reality, especially for women making the jump from NXT. With the developmental brand, wrestlers usually travel to shows on a tour bus. On the main roster, however, that isn’t the case and the harsh reality is that every wrestler is on their own, needing to book their own hotel and transportation.

5 WrestleMania - Time Management

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During WrestleMania, timing is everything. The program has so much to cover that it is crucial that everything runs on the allotted amount of time that is established before the show even starts.

With that means is that the Divas must be ready to go and in full gear when their segment hits. The company doesn’t want any delays or it can jeopardize their spot on the show. The same requirements should be met in the squared circle. We’ve seen examples of wrestlers going for way too long in the ring, causing a Diva match to be canceled. One rule is to keep the others in mind; don’t go out there for too long.

4 Backstage - Memorizing Scripts

Behind the scenes, this is now a new rule that's recently put into place. Divas must memorize scripts prior to the show. This is unlike back in the day when Divas were given bullet points and they expanded on the points in the ring.

Divas like Sasha Banks aren’t too thrilled with this new rule. We can get where she’s coming from, as it is harsh to be given a full script of words just minutes before the show and then be expected to memorize it completely in such a short amount of time. Lots of male and female wrestlers are hoping WWE reverts back to their old ways of giving out scripts in advance.

3 WrestleMania - Be Visible Backstage

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Although working in a stadium is an experience like none other, it also causes lots of difficulties. In the past, a lot of the Divas and wrestlers have complained about the backstage atmosphere being a bit of a mess and chaotic. A lot of that has to do with the size of the backstage area.

The best solution here is not to lay low and make the company officials have to chase you down. Wrestlers should be visible backstage both before and during the show. Given the chaotic atmosphere backstage, that’s a lot easier said than done.

2 Backstage - Social Media Boundaries

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The company encourages Divas to post on social media. The more fans know about the Diva, the better. However, that information must be filtered and without any type of controversy. Nowadays, the company has zero tolerance when it comes to anything remotely controversial. The company has a lot of high profile investors, so the last thing they want to be doing is rubbing those who invest money in the company the wrong way.

If something controversial does go down, the company encourages the performer to diffuse the situation as quickly as possible or at the very least, not to add gas to the fire, so to speak.

1 WrestleMania - Get Ready For Any Post Appearances

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We said WrestleMania was a crazy time and we fully meant that. The fun doesn’t stop once WrestleMania comes to an end. In the past, we’ve seen the champions of the night take a private jet to New York, work an interview, and then return to the destination for RAW the same day.

Roman Reigns and Charlotte taking a private jet after the show is a recent example of this taking place–although the joy of winning a title is awesome, a Diva must be ready to leave after the show and jet-set somewhere else during the night. As you can expect, sleep is limited for everyone throughout the week.

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