10 Rules Ellen Degeneres' Guests Have To Follow Backstage (5 They Love To Break)

In the past we all loved Oprah, but since she retired from hosting her show almost a decade ago, we needed someone else to love. Someone as real and relatable, someone who makes us laugh, and someone who helps us stop for a moment and think about something. Very soon we found this someone – it was Ellen DeGeneres and her morning show we now know simply as the Ellen Show. It's been on-air for 16 years now and it never lost its charm thanks to the wonderful and naturally funny host who loves inviting famous people to her studio and having fun with them.

We've always been wondering if guests need to follow any rules to take part in this show that seems to have no format at all. It turns out, there are quite a few rules. Some of them are strict, while others – not so much, and we're very excited to discuss them because we love everything about Ellen!

15 Have To Follow: Be Ready For Playing Games

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There's no way a celebrity can come to the episode of Ellen's show and avoid participating in a game at least once. And it doesn't matter whether the guest has been dorky or serious their whole life, whether they're young or old, they will still have to play. If they don't want to, they should just refuse to come in the first place.

14 And For Dancing, Too

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Dancing with Ellen if she asks is a must, too. After all, she's hosting a morning show that has to cheer everyone up and keep them awake. There's no way only conversations can make it, so some activity should definitely be there. Besides, Ellen also appreciates it a lot when guests come onto the stage dancing to the beat because this is how she herself shows up in front of the audience.

13 Be Funny. Just… Just… Please, Okay?

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Ellen is a comedian and her show is funny. So it's logical that she doesn't want her guests to come with a long face. It means that whether you're a comedian or not, whether you think you have a good sense of humor or not – if you come to Ellen, you have to be funny. Don't worry, she'll help you with it because she's a master interviewer.

12 Never, Ever Be Fake With Ellen

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No one likes fake people and, given how natural Ellen is, she doesn't like them at all. At her show, celebrities don't have to pretend to be someone else or behave like they are a big deal. They just need to catch on to Ellen's easy-going attitude and act naturally, like normal human beings.

11 Expect To Talk About The Kardashians

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The Kardashians have a lot of fans and Ellen seems to be the biggest fangirl of all. She asks something about the notorious family or at least mentions them in most of her interviews. So guests should be ready to give a funny reply when it comes to the Kardashians and avoid giving a dry remark like "Nah, I just don't like this family." Ellen won't be happy to hear it.

10 Remember What They Meant In Their Social Media Posts

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Another thing Ellen likes to discuss is social media posts of her guests. She often asks them what they meant when they posted something recently (or not so recently). Fair to say, it's not only interesting for her, but also for her audience because it gives them the chance to learn what their favorite celebrity has in mind.

9 Won An Oscar? Come To Ellen

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Traditionally, actors who won an Oscar show up at Ellen's show the next morning to talk about this great moment and share their feelings with the audience. Ellen asks a lot of questions about what they were thinking when they came to the ceremony and what their reaction was when they heard their name announced as a winner. It's all done to help the audience learn how it actually feels to get an Oscar.

8 Cursing At Ellen's Show Is A Huge No-No

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This one is strict. It's so strict that even Samuel L. Jackson himself can't drop an F-bomb at Ellen's show. In fact, cursing isn't allowed at late night shows, too, but if a celebrity does it occasionally, it's okay because usually, only adults watch them. But Ellen has a morning show watched by young people and kids, so if a guest drops an unintentional bomb, they often look very guilty.

7 Be Ready To Jump Scared As Ellen Likes To Freak People Out

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We don't know what it is about scaring people, but Ellen loves it very much. She doesn't plan it every time because it'd make the joke dull and repetitive. It's more like a random choice, which makes the experience even scarier. After all, sitting in this chair, you can never guess that your fellow celeb will creep up from behind and frighten the hell out of you.

6 Take A Selfie With Ellen, Aka The Most Pleasant Rule

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Everyone knows that Ellen likes taking selfies. She has a whole collection of selfies with celebrities who were her guests at the show and all these photos are hanging on one of the walls in her studio. And we can even tell that Ellen has mastered the art of taking selfies because the one she took at the 86th Academy Awards is still considered the third most-retweeted tweet of all time.

5 Love To Break: They Can't Use Their Phones, But Sometimes They Do

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Just like at any other show, it's bad manners to take out your phone while talking to Ellen. But there's one exception when the all-beloved host allows it and it's directly connected with the previous rule. If a celebrity wants to take a selfie and post it on their social media, Ellen gladly agrees and participates in the process even if it means halting the conversation for taking a series of photos.

4 Sometimes Guests Get Serious. Like, Really Serious

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As we discussed earlier, guests have to be real and funny. We all know that it's not always possible to combine the two because sometimes you just have to talk sincerely about something serious. Kevin Hart, for example, got really serious on one of the episodes talking about some of the challenges he had faced and everyone appreciated it.

3 They Don't Always Dress Casually

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Another rule of Ellen's show is wearing something casual because it's a morning show and everyone should look fresh and natural. But looks like it's not the strictest one. After all, quite a few celebs wear suits, high-fashion dresses, or other formal clothing to her show. The audience doesn't mind it as they always look gorgeous.

2 Even Ellen Can't Control The Level Of Their Honesty

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In most of the cases, Ellen will probably feel that the person is telling lies, but she's not a detective or a truth verifier machine. Sometimes her guests are not honest enough and no one notices it because we can never know everything even about the most beloved and popular celebrities. Besides, some people are just good liars.

1 They Don't Have To Share More Than They Want

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At Ellen's show, a guest is to be interviewed, not interrogated, so they always have a right to hide some of the details. Are they unwilling to share all the challenges of being a new parent? Or do they want to keep the ins and outs of their recent date with a new partner to themselves? They're entitled to do it. The audience and Ellen might be slightly disappointed, but they can never make them share more than they want.

Sources: Screen Rant, Nicky Swift

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