10 Rules Candace Cameron Actually Follows (+10 That Make Sense)

The Full House theme song famously opens with the line, "Whatever happened to predictability?" and Candace Cameron Bure knows exactly what she thinks of predictability. She knows predictability works well in the realm of parenting! Candace is known to the world for playing the oldest Tanner daughter, D.J., on Full House. D.J. experienced all of the milestones known to teens everywhere, and Candace navigated through her own tough teen years with so much love from her extended Full House family!

Candace Cameron Bure has reflected the feeling of cozy familial warmth exemplified in Full House in her real-life family. Cupid showed he doesn't believe in predictability when Candace met her future mister in 1995, courtesy of Dave Coulier, who is best known to the world as Joey Gladstone, one of D.J. Tanner's surrogate fathers. Two years after their nuptials, the Bures started their family when their daughter came into the world, and she was followed by her two brothers a few years later. Candace now has a, dare we say, "full house" of her own!

As the Bure children have grown and explored their own horizons, their mother has been adamantly criticized by a hypothetical "parent police" over her parenting methods. Natasha Bure, Candace's daughter, has frequently praised her parents for their methods. Here's some insight into the Bure "brood," with some of Candace's parenting rules we like and others we choose to ignore.

20 Ignore: Candace Implements A Lot Of Rules

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For those of us who do not have famous parents, it's hard to comprehend the lives famous children must live. Aren't famous parents more relaxed since they've got handlers for daily tasks, but their daily tasks have to be fancier, right?

Natasha Bure is here to pop all our famous parent fantasies at once! While Natasha's mother has been viewed as a surrogate older sister to many, Candace Cameron Bure is her mother in reality, and with reality comes parental rules!

The Bure daughter revealed she grew up "definitely guarded" and with "a lot of rules," as Fox News reports.

19 Love: She Parents With Faith

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There are endless definitions for what makes a family. Whether you're related to your family by blood or you define a family by the friends you choose to make up your family unit, there's a backbone to every family that can bring endless amounts of comfort, and be a source for love.

Candace knows exactly what the key ingredient holding her family together is: she's long been vocal about her faith serving as her pilot in life, and she's applied her faith to her family, revealing to People, "It's the foundation for us!"

18 Ignore: Candace Monitors Social Media

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When we have a mother/daughter relationship that mirrors the bond between the Gilmore Girls, or one that's as tight as the relationship between Candace and Natasha, it can be easy to adopt the mantra made famous by Regina George's mother in Mean Girls. Even "cool moms" have to keep tabs on their daughters, even if it makes us want to hit the "unfollow" button on social media!

While Candace allows Natasha to be social on social media, she still instills some rules. Candace believes in having "full access" to her children's profiles, as LifeWay reports.

What about some privacy, Mama Candace?

17 Love: She Loves To Tackle The Tough Topics

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Growing up can be complex, and no one would understand it better than a celeb parent!

When you grow up in the public eye, you'll have countless experiences unique to your celeb status and fame, on top of the absolutely normal experiences that come with growing up and making sense of your adolescence. Candace, of course, knows what it's like to be a teen (in the public eye, no less!), so she and her husband Val make sure to encourage communicating openly as a family.

As People reports, Candace believes "It's important to let [your kids] know you're there for them no matter what!"

16 Ignore: Candace Only Allowed 'Full House' On TV

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Choosing suitable media for your children's consumption can be complex but for Candace's young children, TV time was perfectly tailored with a little help from Mama! Natasha Bure once revealed to Justine Magazine that the one show she and her brothers could watch without worry was Full House!

There's nothing a little D.J. Tanner couldn't fix. According to the Bure babe, "My family was very strict about what TV we watched. Full House was always something we were able to watch, so instead of watching Nickelodeon shows or Disney shows my parents would [tell us to] 'stay away from,' we would watch those shows!"

15 Love: The Bure Boys Love Hockey

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Ice has a cold reputation, but for the Bure family, the skating rink is the location of the beginning of Candace's love story with her future husband Valerie Bure, and the rink has continued to give the family luck. The Bure sons Lev and Maksim are both masters of the ice, just like their father.

While Daddy Bure may have hung up his skates and retired his hockey stick, he still spends plenty of time around the puck! According to Good Housekeeping, Lev is playing on a "junior hockey team based in Texas," and his little bro is also a hockey hottie!

14 Ignore: Candace Protects With Passwords

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Parents gotta protect! We're all for those 'rents who want to keep their children's best interests at heart, but there comes a time when there can't be a padlock put in place forever.

Some parents implement a rule where they have to be present with their kiddos while they're watching media featuring sensitive content, but Candace and Val have made the decision to keep sensitive media on the DL by installing password protection. Candace shared with LifeWay, "Only Val and I have the passcodes for any shows rated PG-13 or over."

Will the Bures pass on the passwords?

13 Love: Candace Supports Natasha's Creative Endeavors

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There's no doubt Candace Cameron Bure has experienced her fair share of creative endeavors during her longstanding career; she began starring in commercials as an extremely young lass! Not only has she starred in many Hallmark films and the Full House franchise, but she's also an author. Candace clearly wears many hats, and she visibly encourages Natasha to spread her wings and tackle every creative endeavor her heart desires!

Natasha is in complete creative control, creating her own content, and her busy Mama has found lots of room in her schedule to star alongside Natasha in her original video creations!

12 Ignore: Candace Polices Photos

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There are a plethora of apps to choose from when we want to show the world what we're made of with the perfect selfie! Whether we've achieved the perfect angle or chosen the best filter to fit the vibe, the world is a stage built for our creative posts. For Natasha Bure, however, she has to take an extra step before she can show the world her best looks: she has to get the stamp of approval from Candace first!

Mom, how embarrassing!

Candace revealed to LifeWay Natasha isn't allowed to "pucker her lips" or share "posed bathing suit pictures."

11 Love: Candace Is A Down-To-Earth Momma

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Natasha Bure has shown us time and time again how relatable she is! From her videos to her memoir, Natasha seems like she could be our best bud who is always down for snagging a cute outfit at the mall. Having celebrity parents may not make much sense in this equation, but Natasha's guidance from her Mom and Dad have inspired her upbeat but grounded attitude.

How do Candace and Val do it?

Natasha spilled in an interview with Justine Magazine, "My parents are very down-to-earth parents. If anything I think they're more strict than a lot of my friends' parents!"

10 Ignore: Candace Raids Natasha's Closet

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Pop culture has gifted us with mother and daughter pairings in which they seem to be more like friends than family. You've seen that familiar scenario featuring a mother and daughter bonding over clothing and sharing tidbits of their lives over a cup of coffee, no matter how embarrassing or personal.

Candace has raided her daughter's closet before, but not for the reasons you may think! She explained to LifeWay she uses clothing as a bartering method when Natasha occasionally struggles with discipline. Candace revealed, "I took away her clothes, shoes, and accessories."

Don't worry, Natasha earned them back!

9 Love: The Bures Give Priceless Advice

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Growing up can be difficult to navigate, especially when there seems to be an endless array of hard questions resulting from brand-new situations, and asking Mom can feel a little daunting. Natasha Bure totally understands how tough it may be to confront an awkward situation or two; her debut book is called Let's Be Real, after all!

When it comes to growing up, Natasha admits to Justine Magazine she was a "very stubborn girl" and she "didn't always want to listen to what [her parents] said." We've all been there, right?

She added, "Keeping my ears open" helped her appreciate her parents' advice!

8 Ignore: Candace Isn't Silent On Secrets

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Living life in an open and honest way, especially when it comes to communication with your family, surely makes life a little more enjoyable, but shouldn't there be tiny bits of information here and there we ought to keep to ourselves?

There's no such thing as withholding information in the Bure household! If the Bure children have something to say, they're expected to let Candace and Val know what's going on!

According to Babble, Candace "emphasizes that honesty still is the best rule to include in relationships of any kind."

Some may honestly not know how to take this rule!

7 Love: Candace And Natasha Act Together

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By now, Candace Cameron Bure surely has a reputation for leaving her fans with endless warm and fuzzy feelings! Since her days on Full House and her current time spent on its revival, Candace has filmed a number of holiday-themed films for the Hallmark channel and in 2017, she turned the sweetness level up several notches. She filmed Switched For Christmas, and her co-star in the film was none other than her daughter, Natasha!

Natasha clearly enjoyed her time spent on set. She has since starred in another film, but she treasures the memory of the experience of acting with her mother.

6 Ignore: The Bures Close Doors

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Taking an extra moment of privacy can alter the course of your entire day! Whether you're taking five during the day, or seeking an extra 20 minutes with the snooze button in the morning, spending time behind a closed door can be crucial for multiple reasons!

For the Bure clan, the kids must take a few seconds before receiving clearance to enter their parents' private space! Candace and Val have a strict "knock first" rule before granting the would-be room raider the permission to come forth and enter. Forgiveness must be offered if the rule is broken, according to Babbletop.

5 Love: Kindness Is Key For The Bures

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We've heard the opening line to the Full House theme song more than we can count over the years, but Candace Cameron Bure has asked the critical question, "Whatever happened to kindness?"

Being kind to one another is one of Candace's golden rules for survival! This mother of three believes in the power of resorting to kindness so much, she's written a book about the massive and endless impact being kind can leave on our world.

In an interview with Today, Candace shared, "We can all stand to be kinder to one another as Moms." Candace knows best!

4 Ignore: Curfews Are Crucial

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When you reach the magical age of 18, society tells you it's high time you've reached adulthood, right? Well, in certain cases, your parents have a bigger say on the matter than society does!

Even though Natasha Bure is legally considered to be an adult, she must listen to her mother when it comes to the proper time to come back home, even if her friends are still "allowed" to have a good time.

According to Modern Wellness, Candace has a plan in place if the rule is broken. She says, "They will not have access to their car..." Yikes!

3 Love: Candace Thinks Health Is Hot

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Admit it, your phone is within reach right now! You're either reading this article on your phone or you've glanced over a few feet to where your phone lies. We all do this! No matter your phone habits, we could all collectively agree it would benefit us to turn our phones off for a bit.

Minimizing screen time is extremely important in the Bure household. Candace endlessly encourages her children to pursue an activity where they remain up and active throughout. She and Val "expect them to be physically active by participating in sports, or by jogging or working out," she told LifeWay.

2 Ignore: D Is For Discipline

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Candace Cameron Bure could almost be as well-known for her much-discussed personal beliefs as she is for portraying D.J. Tanner on Full House. She and Val have been subjected to critical analysis when it comes to their chosen methods for discipline. According to LifeWay, the Bure parents made the decision to give their children a spanking after rules were broken, but the practice was never done with malice.

Candace revealed each spanking was followed by "instruction in love and prayer." Of course, this practice is highly controversial, but it was proven effective by the Bures in the past.

1 Love: Candace Loves To Be Candid

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Candace has been vocal throughout her career about using faith as a moral compass in an effort to minimize the difficulty that can come from living a life in Hollywood as a child star, but this doesn't mean she hasn't experienced her share of difficult moments in the spotlight.

More than two decades since the original Full House series ended, Candace spoke publicly about her struggles with an eating disorder. She revealed to Parenting, "It wasn't something I initially wanted to expose and share but felt I needed to so the reader could see my journey from start to finish."

It's wonderful that she's so open and honest, and we're sure her kids love that about her.

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