10 Reasons You Should Try Period Panties

For a very long time now, women have only had a couple of choices when it comes to dealing with that daily visit from the lovely Aunt Flo. Only two products to keep your clothing (mostly) blood free: tampons or pads. But now, there is a fairly new product hitting the feminine hygiene market. And that product is simply called period panties. Now there are already several brands out there to try. (The most popular being Thinx.) So what are these new panties all about? Well, they absorb your “monthly gift” in an attempt to replace the two means above. Now I know what you’re thinking. It sounds gross or like you would feel a little uncomfortable and, well, gushy down there. But women everywhere are ditching their disposable pads and tampons and opting for these innovative underpants. Still not ready to try them? Here are some more reasons why period panties are taking over the time of the month market.

10 Environment


This one is pretty obvious. Of course having a product that you can wash and reuse is better for the environment than one that is only good for one use and then gets chucked out. You’ll also save yourself that problem solving moment of what to do when you can’t seem to find a trash can anywhere near the public toilet (or in a friend’s bathroom!)

9 Comfort at night


For me, my period becomes a huge inconvenience at night. I have to get up in the middle of the night to change my tampon. If I’m using a pad I’m constantly worried that it’s moving out of place and I will leak on the sheets. And in the morning I have to race out of bed to hurry up and change out whatever I’m wearing to be sure I don’t get my lady business anywhere on my clothing or bed. The period panties eliminate all of these problems. They are comfortable and obviously you don’t have to worry about them moving out of place because…they’re panties. They will also hold up to two tampons worth of blood. So you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night on your heavy day and you don’t have to rush out of bed on your regular days.

8 Less Need to Change

Because the panties hold up to two tampons worth of Aunt Flo, you really only have to go to the bathroom when you have to, well, go to the bathroom. Of course, if you have a heavy period and will be out all day, you may want to bring a tampon as back up just in case. Or use a tampon then just use the panties. But for few hours out, there is no need to search for somewhat sanitary/not completely disgusting public bathrooms and then wait in line for the ladies room just to change out your products. Your panties have you covered.

7 Toxic Shock Not a Worry

Tampons have one scary element. Toxic Shock Syndrome. It something every tampon pamphlet warns us about, something we discuss in Sex Ed while in school, something our mothers have made sure we’re aware of. Every girl hears about the horrors of this syndrome. And though pretty rare, it is one of the first things we worry about when we realize we’ve had a tampon in for an extended amount of time (I’m pretty sure the first thing is embarrassing leaks…just saying.) No worries with these panties! Toxic shock simply is not in the equation when using period panties on their own.

6 Don’t Have to Go Purchase Supplies

You know when you first start your period and you do that supply check? You go into the bathroom and look to see how many tampons or pads you may have stocked up. Sometimes you know you need to make a trip to the store asap. Other times you think “I have enough to get through this month.” Cut to the middle of your period and you realize you definitely DO NOT have enough. That annoying trip to get tampons when you’re tired, cranky, and really over having your period is one of the many inconveniences of this aspect of womanhood. No need to make these trips with a stock of period panties on hand.

5 Easy to Wash

These panties are so easy to wash. First you simply rinse them in the sink, then just wash in the washing machine. It is a little unnerving seeing blood go down the sink during the rinse, but I suppose those who use the diva cup and reusable pads are already used to that sight. And for those of us who may not be used to it…. It’s honestly not something that is totally beyond getting used to. Especially when it comes to all of the yucky stuff we’ve seen or experienced during that time of the month.

4 Quicker Bathroom Trips

Ever go to the bathroom for a quick tampon swap out only to have it take forever? Something malfunctions. Either there’s not enough toilet paper to use and wrap the tampon in or the tampon applicator is somehow a mess and doesn’t work properly. There’s also those times when your period suddenly changes flows and you no longer have the right absorbency level tampon. Or the times you just can seem to get your stuff into that weird shared trash can built into the side of the stall. With the period panties you simply go….and go. That’s it. Not wrestling with products or rationing toilet paper needed.

3 Leakage Protection


If you’re still not willing to use the panties on their own, they do make a great insurance policy when it comes to leakage. Whether you’re wearing white and want a little extra security or you are going to have limited access to restrooms, if your tampon happens to fail you, these panties will catch anything the tampon tries to leave behind. Totally eliminating the threat of leaks. Maybe you’ll start trusting the panties then, huh?

2 No Ruining Nice Panties

This, sadly, has happened to all of us. Either you’re not expecting your period or you think you’ve got it under control and boom! Blood on your cute / sexy/ expensive panties. Ugh. Of course, we all try to wash the blood out, but they’re never quite the same. Because you know what happened and you can still see a faint mark if you look closely. The period panties are great for those who don’t get their period at an exact date and time. You can wear them around without feeling like you’re wearing a diaper for no reason (like with a pad) and without risking toxic shock (like with a tampon.)

1 No Need to Keep Stained Panties as “Period Panties”


Now some may not admit this, but most women keep the “ruined” panties instead of throwing them out. Why? Because we plan to use them for next month’s womanly adventure of torture. This is the logic behind it: These panties are already ruined. I may as well just use them during my period. That way, if they get stained again, I won’t care as much. (But we still care.) With the period panties you can throw that yucky, frumpy, or embarrassing underwear out for good! Period panties are MADE for your period without being slightly gross or super embarrassing. They look like cute, regular underwear, come in a multitude of styles, and pack a ton of protection for monthly walk with Mother Nature. Seriously, why didn’t someone think of these sooner?!


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