10 Reasons Why Shaving Down There Is a Big No-No

We grew up in a society that made us believe that having hair in some places—like your armpits, legs, and face—is a huge deal. That includes pubic hair, which is why many women shave or wax them no matter what.

But while it's all a matter of preference, let's get the facts straight: it's not imperative to shave or wax your pubic hair. In fact, you might even want to refrain from doing it, as shaving can pose a lot of health risks that you never knew existed. And they're not without a purpose either, as nature wouldn't give us pubic hair just to get rid of it.

So if you're thinking of shaving your pubes on a regular basis, stop and think about it first. Why would you remove something that does you no harm in the first place? Here are several reasons why getting rid of it might not be the most brilliant idea.

10 It's Not Easy To Shave

You can get away with shaving your own armpits and legs, but probably not your pubes. It's the most dangerous part of your body to shave because you can't see all of the hair you're trying to remove, such as the hairs on your bottom or the ones nearest your vagina. Plus, the skin is super sensitive down there, so it's easy to accidentally cut it if you're not careful.

Hence, if you don't want to end up a big bloody, painful mess, then don't dare shave your pubes on your own—even if you are using a high-quality razor.

9 It Doesn't Itch

You know what's the most irritating part of shaving your pubic hair? It's when it starts growing back. No matter how much you love the clean-shaven look of your pubes, once hair starts growing out, it can be insanely itchy down there. And since the skin in that area is sensitive, scratching it might cause a break in the skin and make you more vulnerable to infections.

Amazingly, having pubic hair won't make you itch, as long as you keep it trimmed, kempt, and hygienic all the time. If you just leave the hair alone, then maybe you won't have to scratch your crotch every now and then.

8 You Can Style It

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Who says pubic hair has to be unruly and unkempt? Just because you opted not to shave or wax doesn't mean your bush should be a full-fledged forest down there. Just like regular hairstyles, there are so many ways that you can trim and style your pubic hair.

You don't always have to go bald with Brazilian. You can choose from a cornucopia of ways to make your pubic hair look stylish, from the common Landing Strip to the more fun and unique Heart, Mohawk, and Bermuda Triangle. You can have fun and experiment on trimming your bush like a real hairdo.

7 It Keeps You Comfortable

You might think that pubic hair has no purpose in your body, but it's actually there for a very good reason. It acts as a friction barrier between the most sensitive part of your body and your clothes. Pubic hair also cushions the effects of vigorous sexual activity because they contain natural oils that act as lubricants when your skin comes in contact with your partner's skin. This prevents skin chafing, pain, and discomfort during intercourse.

So if you've ever wondered why the skin in your nether regions don't get irritated and inflamed despite the constant skin rubbing action during sex, it's all thanks to the presence of your pubic hair.

6 It Protects You From Bacteria

Did you know that women who shave their pubes regularly are more prone to getting sexual infections? A study from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found out that 60 percent of women are more likely to develop a health issue after shaving off their pubic hair. That is because pubic hair acts as a barrier to keep unwanted bacteria out of your nether regions. It also keeps dust, debris, and dirt from irritating your vagina.

According to the study, pubic hair provides a natural defense against some types of sexually transmitted diseases like herpes and genital warts. It also protects your intimate region against cuts, abscesses, hair root infection, and severe bacterial infection.

5 It Saves A Lot Of Time And Money

Are you ready to dish out $60 a month just to keep your pubes hair-free through waxing? If not, then don't do it. That's around $750 of savings per year, which you could have spent on something more important.

Of course, you can opt to do it yourself, but that would still be expensive as you need to invest in some high-quality razor and shaving cream, which translates to additional expenses as well. That rusty disposable is certainly not going to cut it, not to mention it's extremely unsafe.

Plus, experts estimate that the average woman spends almost 60 days of her life removing pubic hair. Why not put those extra two months to better use?

4 It Acts As Pheromones

Pheromones are chemicals released by the skin's sweat glands that attract potential mates. You can see this largely at work in the animal kingdom, but humans are no exception because we also produce our own pheromones.

Some studies show that pubic hair helps trap pheromones, thus increasing sexual stimulation and arousal in potential mates. While more research is needed on this subject, it helps explain why most men don't mind if you have hair around your pubes. In fact, it probably even turns them on. Shaved or not, they'll still bury their faces there, anyway. It definitely doesn't kill sexy time.

3 It Prevents Ingrown Hairs From Growing

Advocates of waxing always accuse shaving as the culprit for the development of ingrown hairs. But the thing is, waxing can also produce ingrown hairs. After all, both of them are trying to remove hair from the roots. Aside from being painful, ingrown hairs can also become inflamed, leading to possible infections just because you chose to shave your pubic hair.

If you really want to keep parts of your body hair-free, experts say that hair removal creams are a safer method. Unfortunately, there are very few depilatory creams made for sensitive areas, so the next best thing to do is just to trim your pubic hair.

2 It's Painless

Waxing your pubic hair is definitely an ordeal. Just imagine sticky hot wax being poured on the most sensitive part of your body, only to be immediately yanked off to get rid of those hairs forcefully. Cold wax doesn't make much of a difference either; it still produces that feeling like a hundred ants biting into your flesh as hair is pulled out from the roots.

Shaving might look like a painless option, but wait until you accidentally cut and injure yourself. Why subject yourself to such unwanted pain, anyway? Your bush is not doing anything wrong. Just leave it be.

1 It's Perfectly Natural

Having pubic hair is nature's way of saying that you're already sexually mature and ready to exchange in intercourse. Mature women naturally have pubic hair, and that's nothing to be ashamed of.

Ultimately, you choose what to do with your hair down there. Don't let any guy tell you to shave or wax it for his benefit. Those who insist on having it removed even if you don't want to are definitely not worth it.

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