10 Real Housewives' Wardrobes We'd Totally Steal (+ 10 We Wouldn't Want)

The women of The Real Housewives franchise are known for a few things: glamorous lives, luxurious trips, dramatic arguments, and must-see outfits. From trendy interview looks and sparkly reunion dresses to the unique pieces they wear in their day-to-day lives, there is so much style to be found on these shows.

Furthermore, since each series takes place in a different city, fans get to see everything from relaxed beachwear and slick streetwear to cowboy boots worn to the rodeo! Yes, each and every woman within this franchise brings something fab to the table, with original items and personal touches.

But who has the best wardrobe overall? And whose fashion sense is not our fave? Let’s discuss! Down below, we have 10 real housewives who seem to deliver time after time, when it comes to style; their outfits, accessories, and beauty all come together to impress us in a big way!

We also have 10 real housewives whose looks are sometimes… questionable; they may go overboard, they may bore us, or they may just excel in other areas of life.

So here they are: 10 wardrobes we would steal from the ladies of the series and 10 we would definitely not want!

20 Want To Steal: Gina Kirschenheiter

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Gina Kirschenheiter is new on the RHOC scene, and she is one that belongs on this list! This young mother of three, who is originally from Long Island, blends chic city looks with relaxed Southern California pieces in a great way.

Her social accounts are full of photos that show off hats, distressed overalls and leather items like boots, jackets, and mini skirts. Whether she is filming for Bravo, out on a weekend night with the girls, or hanging with her family, she has a total cool girl vibe about her (without even trying at all) that we just love.

19 Want To Steal: Tamra Judge


Tamra Judge is also from Orange County, and her wardrobe is one we would steal, that is for sure. First off, she has tons of terrific sportswear items since she owns CUT Fitness. Next, she, too, has lots of relaxed Cali pieces, like off-the-shoulder tops, statement sunglasses, and flowy dresses.

A good portion of her closet, though, is filled with unique cocktail dresses that can be worn to the many social outings she must attend. A lot of them also have cool cutouts and details on them, like this one here, which complement her strong body in a beautiful way.

18 Want To Steal: Gretchen Rossi

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There is one more chick from The Real Housewives Of Orange County to discuss: Gretchen Rossi! Though she is not on the show anymore, we miss seeing her style. As many fans know, she started a fashion and beauty brand called Gretchen Christine. She actually sold it to the cosmetics brand Dastmalchi but continued to work with the label in a senior role.

Her professional life and personal life definitely intertwine, since her own fashion and beauty choices are just superb! From her golden locks and on-point makeup to memorable outfits full of girly, pink, romantic and feminine details, Gretchen's closet is one to bask in.

17 Want To Steal: Tinsley Mortimer

Page Six

Tinsley Mortimer of New York has worked at Vogue, appeared on Gossip Girl, and built a successful personal brand, including a line of handbags, Samantha Thavasa by Tinsley Mortimer; a clothing collection, Riccimie by Tinsley Mortimer; a beauty ambassador collab with Christian Dior; and creating a lip gloss called Tinsley Pink.

All of this and more proves that fashion is a big deal to this RHONY cast member, who wears everything from flirty little dresses to pieces that are more preppy and/or refined, such as this one that is pictured right here… all of which are things we would steal!

16 Want To Steal: Carole Radziwill

All About The Real Housewives

Carole Radziwill is also from The Real Housewives Of New York, and though she is no longer on the television series, her relaxed and cool outfits are still fresh in our minds. We actually can’t think of anyone who pulls off cool like this woman can.

She can often be found in distressed jeans, a tee and a leather jacket, but she also enjoys taking fashion risks. Fur, metallics, statement pieces, and gloves are all aspects that have been found in some of her more daring style looks, and we think she pulled them all off in a tremendous way.

15 Want To Steal: Cynthia Bailey

Bravo TV

Cynthia Bailey is, of course, on this list. After all, she is a supermodel! Her first booking was the cover of Essence magazine, and since then, she has walked in fashion week runway shows in cities like New York, Paris, and Milan, and she started The Bailey Agency School of Fashion in order to assist aspiring models.

Cynthia also has her CB VIOR bag line, a Cynthia Bailey candle line, and Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. Whether she is working, posting online, or appearing on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, she is serving up glamorous looks that inspire and leave people in awe.

14 Want To Steal: Dorit Kemsley

Bella NYC Magazine

Dorit Kemsley, from Beverly Hills, is another real housewife with a well-known line, and she has expanded her swimwear line to a lifestyle brand that includes women’s cover-ups, active wear, menswear, and boys’ shorts. But this is not just about Beverly Beach; Dorit is about one of the most fashionable members of this franchise!

Her looks are trendy. Her looks are daring. Her hair style changes with every outfit. From the glam to the accessories, each and every look that Dorit delivers is interesting and stylish in a fun way. We would definitely like to spend time in her closet.

13 Want To Steal: Gizelle Bryant


Gizelle Bryant helps light up the Potomac area as she raises her kids, does philanthropy work, has a cosmetics line called EveryHue Beauty, and dresses in a such a fab way. Form-fitting dresses that dip and cut in all the right places… pieces in vibrant prints and materials… jeans paired with everything from blazers to simple tees…

There are so many outfits that we could go on and on about when it comes to this real housewife. The point is, though, that her style and beauty definitely earn her a spot here, since we just love her fashion sense!

12 Want To Steal: Ashley Darby

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Ashley Darby, who was scouted by the Miss District of Columbia Pageant and went on to take the crown in 2011, is another lady from The Real Housewives Of Potomac with a great sense of style. She's not just fashion-forward though.

Just as that smile lights up the room, so does her colorful wardrobe; it is filled with fun and funky pieces like jumpsuits, sequins, and crop tops—pieces that make us smile and that one would have to have a good time wearing! Yes, if it were possible at all, we would certainly want to steal Ashley’s clothes, as well. If only...

11 Want To Steal: Stephanie Hollman

Stephanie Hollman

Stephanie Hollman of RHOD has a sweet demeanor about her and many of her clothes reflect that, too; bright colors, light items and feminine touches are seen in many of her outfits. However, she likes to have fun when getting dressed, so fans have also seen her go for more edgy looks, with darker makeup and industrial details.

Even when she is running errands or at home, though, she remains classic and beautiful, with comfy yet trendy items that come together for polished and interesting outfits. There are many pieces and accessories of hers that would be great to own!

10 Not Our Style: Ramona Singer

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Ramona Singer is on RHONY, and she is one whose wardrobe we would not steal. Many of the pieces she wears are actually quite boring. Sure, some people like simplicity and minimalism, especially when it comes to clothes. However, there is just no intrigue!

Ramona has such an amazing body, so we just think that some prints, different cuts, and more interesting details could really elevate her style. Until then, though, she will sit on this portion of the list, which is full of closets that are totally not our style within the fashionable world of Real Housewives from Bravo.

9 Not Our Style: Sonja Morgan


Sonja Morgan, who is also on The Real Housewives Of New York, has had several wardrobe malfunctions over the years since she enjoys risky looks and flirty pieces. No matter her attempts to look cute, though… We are not impressed.

Many of these outfits actually end up looking sort of cheap; whether it is the cut, the material, the color or how the entire thing is styled, it is just not always working out when it is seen and worn. And while all of these women have had gorgeous looks at one point or another, Sonja often winds up on the wouldn’t-wear list.

8 Not Our Style: NeNe Leakes

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NeNe Leakes of Atlanta is also on this side of this article. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons. Some looks appear strange on her. Others look like they belong in the bedroom. Some are over-accessorized. And a few just don’t make sense, such as this one that is pictured here.

Of course, there are people who are into some of these clothing items—like NeNe herself!—but it takes a certain sense of style. And when compared to all the looks worn by all the housewives from all the different cities, we would prefer to steal someone else’s wardrobe over hers, if given the chance.

7 Not Our Style: Jennifer Aydin


Jennifer Aydin is a new cast member on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, and many of her fellow housewives have criticized her for bragging. She seems to own it all, though: a house with 16 bathrooms, a view with the best sunsets, and a wardrobe with more sparkle than some people would know what to do with.

Glitz and glam are great, especially when it comes to these women of Bravo, but Jennifer’s over-the-top style is not our cup of tea. For instance, that sparkly print with those earrings plus those hair accessories... It is just a lot, if we are being completely honest!

6 Not Our Style: Carlton Gebbia


Carlton Gebbia used to be on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, and due to the Gothic design of her home and her black clothing items, some people called her a witch. Regardless, we would not steal her style. There are many black pieces—too many!—and several others look sort of like costumes or like they are just for behind the closed door of a bedroom.

Don’t get us wrong: we are not judging here. Black clothes and ones that make us feel pretty are great. But when it comes to Carlton, it is just too much of one part of the palette.

5 Not Our Style: Erika Girardi

Bravo TV

Erika Girardi, also from RHOBH, may be better known as Erika Jayne, which is her stage name, and Erika Jayne really pushes the limits, embraces alter egos and dresses to impress. That is understandable. Those are costumes of sorts, which help entertain.

But because many of these looks can leak into Erika Girardi’s life, she, too, is on the list of real housewives’ wardrobes we would not steal. These bold ensembles are great when performing songs and dances, but when it comes to everyday life, another closet may be a better fit (though hers would be super fun to see).

4 Not Our Style: Adriana De Moura

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Adriana de Moura was a cast member on The Real Housewives Of Miami, a short-lived series within this franchise. Many moments stand out when looking back at this show, for better or for worse, including Adriana’s fashion choices. Just look at this one, for example.

Some may consider it to be a bit too much, with all the detailing and all the accents and with that headpiece and then with the sheerness, as well. And there were several times when her clothes were on that border between costume status or even tacky. Therefore, we would pass on her wardrobe, too!

3 Not Our Style: Lea Black

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Lea Black was also on RHOM, and here are some words that come to mind when we picture her clothing items: stuffy, stiff, and simple (and not in a good way). That may sound harsh, but there are so many real housewives out there, and many of them pull of classic, sophisticated and elegant looks in a great way.

However, whenever Lea tried, she fell short of setting style goals. Plus, she was known for statement necklaces, and if her closet were to be inherited by us… Well, there may actually be such a thing as too many necklaces for one person!

2 Not Our Style: Kameron Westcott

Bravo TV

Kameron Westcott, from The Real Housewives Of Dallas, also has a signature look: pink. And while Barbie is a true fashion icon, it was ultimately decided to put Kam on the would-not-wear list. A couple of pink dresses are nice, but pink from head to toe is not for everyone.

Throwing in some pink accessories is cool, but some may want a more toned-down look. When looking at the pink purses carried with the pink clothing items worn over the pink shoes, it makes sense to choose someone else’s style to steal (like one of the ladies mentioned up above!).

1 Not Our Style: D’Andra Simmons


D’Andra Simmons, of Dallas, has some of the problems that have already been discussed in this portion of wardrobes to pass on: some of her outfits are too much, with gaudy details and accessories. Others are too boring and leave people wanting more.

Overall, it leaves us, sadly, unimpressed, since D’Andra has the potential to wow even more than she already does! But, until then, she, too, will sit here, as we pass on over her closet. Don’t get us wrong, though: we would be lucky and would be thrilled to own any clothing items likes those on The Real Housewives!

Sources: Slice, Bravo TV

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