10 Power Couples Of The ’80s That Never Made It (+ 10 That Are Still Going Strong)

uCelebrity couples can sometimes be defined as people that get together only to break up a few days later. If you are someone who religiously follows celebrity gossip, you know it can get pretty crazy! For that reason, it might be hard to believe that any celebrity pairing really goes the distance. But, there have been many celebrity couples that have passed the test of time.

Considering the fact that the 1990s began nearly 39 years ago, any celebrity couples that have stayed together since the '80s deserve all the credit in the world. However, on the other end of the spectrum, there were a number of short-lived '80s celebrity pairings that most of us have completely forgotten about.

Here are celebrity couples from the '80s that didn't make it and those that are still going strong.

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20 Matthew Broderick And Helen Hunt Had A Lovely But Short Relationship

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These two are actors that are synonymous with different decades! When most people think of Matthew Broderick, the '80s come to mind, while Helen Hunt’s name brings up thoughts of the 90s. That is the case because even after all of these years, Broderick’s main claim to fame is Ferris Bueller's Day Off while Hunt is most memorable for the TV series Mad About You.

Despite hitting their primes in different eras, however, this duo both starred in the 1987 movie Project X and began dating the same year. Not together for very long, Hunt and Broderick have remained friends and even co-starred in another movie, 2007's Then She Found Me.

Interestingly, the fact that they'd dated gained attention when they had to film a saucy scene in Then She Found Me, reports Zimbio. 

The NY Daily News reports that when asked about their relationship at the premiere for the movie, Hunt said, "He and I have had a very good friendship for 20 years [after dating]."

19 Brad Pitt Dated Christina Applegate Before He Became a Huge Star

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It may be hard to fathom now but when Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera briefly dated in the late '80s, she was the much bigger star of the two. Known for starring in one of the most controversial sitcoms on television in those days, Christina’s performance as Married... with Children’s Kelly Bundy played a key role in that show’s - and her - success. On the other hand, Brad’s breakout role in Thelma & Louise was still a few years away and he was nowhere near the household name he would become.

They dated for a short time in 1989, before Applegate famously ditched him at the MTV Movie Awards to be with someone else, Pop Sugar reports.

18 Cher Talked About Her Time With Tom Cruise

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Cher has had an incredible career that includes decades of music and acting success, while Cruise is one of the biggest action movie stars. For those reasons, it is simply staggering that their fling is brought up so rarely these days. One of a select few instances in which either of them addressed their time together was in 2013 when Cher revealed that out of all of her romances, her time with Cruise was one of the most pleasurable, the Daily Mail reports. Ooh la la!

17 Sarah Jessica Parker And Robert Downey Jr.’s Relationship Is Mostly Forgotten

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During the '80s, Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker were best known for supporting roles in popular films. Of course, over the following decades, their careers reached incredible heights that they likely only dreamed of during their time together. They were a couple from 1984 until 1991. As the Daily Mail reports, Sarah ended their relationship because of Robert's drug addiction.

16 Oprah Winfrey’s Career Took A Big Step While Dating Roger Ebert

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Two people that know what it takes to make it to the top of their industries, Oprah Winfrey and Roger Ebert had very different careers but they both were very successful. For instance, Ebert was so passionate about films and it paid off with Forbes stating that he was the best movie reviewer in his time. An even bigger deal, Oprah has to be considered the most popular daytime talk show host of all time.

Zimbio reports that the couple went on a few dates in 1986, and although nothing came of it, it was Ebert who persuaded Oprah to syndicate her talkshow.

15 Mark Harmon And Pam Dawber Have Been Huge TV Stars And A Successful Couple

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Two people that could accurately be described as television royalty, both of these actors have entertained millions of people every week. There's no doubt that the prime of Pam Dawber’s career was when she starred in the popular '70s and '80s sitcom Mork & Mindy. On the other hand, Mark Harmon has appeared in too many shows to list here, including NCIS. 

Harmon and Dawber met through a mutual friend and then were wed in 1987. They're known as an "'80s It Couple," Country Living reports. The couple recently renewed their vows, and Biography reports that Dawber told InStyle, "He's one of those guys who makes you say, 'They don't make them like that anymore.'"

14 Sylvester Stallone And Brigitte Nielsen Were Married Briefly

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In 1985, these two actors tied the knot and also played movie enemies. Still best known for her mid-'80s acting, Brigitte Nielsen will go down in history for playing a Russian villain in the movie Rocky IV, that obviously also starred Sylvester Stallone.

Divorced after only two years, the passionate and at times angry relationship these two shared resulted in an awkward moment when they saw each other for the first time in years on the set of Creed II. Fortunately, Neilsen described their interactions on set as “professional” and “pleasant," Cinemablend reports.

13 Kelly Preston And George Clooney Made A Gorgeous But Short-Lived Pair

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An actor who has spent the majority of his time in the public eye being perceived as a ladies man, George Clooney actually has been involved in long-term relationships with several women. He was involved with Kelly Preston for two years, from 1987 to 1989. Serious enough to live together and even adopt a pet pig together while they dated, E Online reports that the pet pig they shared lived longer than their relationship.

12 Bruce Springsteen And Patti Scialfa Have Made Music Together For Decades

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A known fact to true music devotees, in 1984 Patti joined Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, Independent reports, and has spent years performing with that group on top of crafting, recording and performing music of her own. Far more famous, Springsteen is a gigantic star who has developed a huge and passionate fanbase that see him as a voice of their generation.

Scialfa and Springsteen walked down the aisle in 1991, have three children together and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon as a couple.

11 Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Brad Hall Are College Sweethearts That Made It

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Brad Hall has accomplished a lot during his long Hollywood career. Formerly a Saturday Night Live cast member and Weekend Update anchor, he also created several shows and has made guest appearances on series like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On the other hand, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has become a modern comedy legend due to her fantastic work on Seinfeld and several other series.

Zimbio reports that the couple met in college and they both appeared on SNL. They've been married for over two decades and have two kids together. Talk about relationship goals!

10 Emilio Estevez And Demi Moore Were Members Of The Brat Pack

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A group of young actors that took the business by storm, the so-called Brat Pack was made up of people like Rob Lowe, Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald. Another two key members of this unofficial group, Emilio Estevez and Demi Moore, co-starred in St. Elmo’s Fire in 1985. After meeting on the set of that film, they dated for two years and were briefly engaged.

E Online reports that they called off their engagement due to busy acting schedules.

9 Tracy Pollan Has Supported Michael J. Fox Through Thick And Thin

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Michael J. Fox has always seemed like a genuinely good guy. Of course, the fact that he starred in the absolutely fantastic Back to the Future trilogy made it much easier to root for his success. Already famous as a TV star, he rose to fame as a star of the hit sitcom Family Ties and it was during his time on that series that he met Tracy Pollan who was cast as a girlfriend of Michael’s character. They dated for seven months in 1987 before Fox popped the question, and they've been together since, E Online reports.

8 Kim Basinger Was Smitten With Prince

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Many people who were romantically linked to Prince have spoken of how enthralled with him they were.

Kim Basinger was reportedly so smitten with Prince that in the late '80s, she almost gave up her acting career to stay in Minneapolis with him.

Page Six reports that the couple even made a never-released music album on which Kim raps! However, her family wasn't happy with their relationship, which is rumoured to be why they split up.

7 Christopher Guest And Jamie Lee Curtis Had A Chance Love

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Two celebrities that seem to have come from very different worlds, Jamie Lee Curtis is a scream queen while Christopher Guest is famous for acting, writing and directing. Despite their perceived differences, however, Curtis saw a picture of Guest in a magazine and told a friend “I’m going to marry that man," Oprah reports. Curtis phoned him, but he never reached out. After a chance run-in, they got together and have been married for 34 years.

6 Kevin Kline And Phoebe Cates Were Huge Stars When They Got Together

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An Oscar-winning actor who has made a career out of coming across like a charming everyman that just so happens to be incredibly talented, Kevin Kline is still going strong to this day. Also said to be very happy in his personal life, he has been married to another famous actor, Phoebe Cates, since 1989 and they have two children together.

Since she's the star of several classic movies, including Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins, have you ever wondered why Phoebe Cates disappeared from Hollywood? Well, according to Kline, after this couple had their children they decided that one of them should stay home. Digital Spy reports Kline as explaining that he and his wife alternated staying home, but adds, "Whenever it's been her slot to work, Phoebe has chosen to stay with the children."

5 Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick Survived Some Tough Times

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Considering how volatile being a professional actor can be at times, it is remarkable that Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have both found so much success. Successful as a couple too, they have been married since 1988 despite weathering hard times like losing a large amount of money due to notorious criminal Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. Recently, Bacon posted a video of himself and his wife singing a Bee Gees song, with the caption

"30 years with this amazing woman. She is the music in my life,"

Vogue reports. Who knew he was that sweet?

4 Ringo Starr And Barbara Bach Have Been Married For 37 Years

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First rising to prominence as a model, Barbara Bach appeared in magazines like Vogue and Elle France before landing the role of a lifetime as a Bond girl in the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me. Ringo Starr, on the other hand, will always be known as one of The Beatles. Introduced to one another on the set of the 1981 film Caveman, they married a year after that, and 37 years later still seem to be on solid ground. People reports Ringo waxing lyrical about his wife:

"I think I love Barbara as much [today] as I did [when we met] – and I’m beyond blessed that she loves me and we’re still together.”

If that's not marriage, we don't know what is.

3 Drew Barrymore And Corey Feldman Were Together In Their Teens

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Corey Feldman and Drew Barrymore were more popular than many of their adult co-stars back in the '80s. Most memorable for starring in beloved movies like The Goonies, The Lost Boys and Stand By Me, Feldman’s face brings to mind nostalgic memories for an entire generation of movie fans. Even more successful, Drew was marvelous in the film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and she managed to become an even bigger star as an adult. Together for a time in their teens, after both appeared in a CBS Schoolbreak Special, they briefly became a pair when Corey was 18 and Drew was only 14, Yahoo News reports.

2 Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Still Seem To Be in Love

Via popsugar.com

An accomplished actor, Rita Wilson has appeared in popular movies like Jingle All the Way, Sleepless in Seattle and Runaway Bride, but her many accomplishments are forgotten far too often. Of course, anyone is going to struggle for the spotlight when they are married to a Hollywood heavyweight like Tom Hanks, even if that is horribly unfair.

Introduced on the set of the forgotten 1985 film Volunteers, Hanks has said their mutual attraction “could not be denied”.

"Rita and I just looked at each other and — kaboing — that was that,”

Hanks told GQ, as People reports. “I asked Rita if it was the real thing for her, and it just couldn’t be denied.”

1 Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Never Needed to Wed

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Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell co-starred in movies like Swing Shift, Overboard and The Christmas Chronicles. A couple since 1983, even though they met in the 60s, they have been together for decades.

Goldie and Kurt have never bothered to get married, but they seem to have a better relationship than the vast majority of other celebrity couples. As reported by Pop Sugar, Hawn has said,

"A lasting relationship isn't about marriage. It's about compatibility and communication."

They know what they have and don't have to justify it to anyone.

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