10 Pics That Prove Snooki Is A Whole Different Woman Now (& 5 That Prove She's Stuck In Jersey Shore)

While every fan of Jersey Shore had their favorites, one thing is for sure — Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was definitely one of the most memorable. She was loud, she was over the top, and she had a whole lot of personality packed into her petite frame. Whether you loved her or hated her, one thing is for sure — you remembered her.

Since the show wrapped, it's absolutely insane what a transformation Snooki has gone through — and we're not just talking about physically, although her new trim physique is definitely major goals. We're talking about her entire lifestyle. When she was on the reality show, her life was basically all about partying, and she didn't exactly take the best care of herself. She loved drama and she was usually the one found either screaming or crying at the end of the night.

Now, Snook is a mom — and from what we can tell on social media, she seems like a great one. She's devoted to her kids and spends plenty of time with them, and has traded in her love of hitting the club with a love for health and fitness.

We've got ten shots that prove just how much Snooki has changed — and 5 that show that, no matter what, she'll always have a little bit of Jersey in her.

10 Pics That Prove Snooki Is A Whole Different Woman:

15 Hanging With BFF Jenni And Their Kids

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One thing that likely made the transition to responsible motherhood a little bit easier was that her BFF, Jenni (also known as JWOWW) went on a similar path. If her former bestie was always calling her up to hit the club, Snooki may have had a tougher time adjusting — however, it seems that the two of them are more inclined to hang out with their kids having an at-home craft night than they are to return to their former party girl days. The way she's cuddling her kid is absolutely adorable, her home seems clean and well cared for, and she's even got popsicles in stock to feed the kids — talk about a killer mom! Even the somewhat serene expression on her face is a world away from the old Snooki.

14 Trading In Shots For Candy

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Now, we're not saying you have to give up every single vice in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Snooki may not be one to drink much anymore, but as this picture demonstrates, she's not afraid to satisfy her sweet tooth from time to time. Given her physique, she obviously eats a fairly healthy diet most of the time, so why not treat yourself every now and then? We just hope she managed to convince her daughter to only nibble on a few of those candies a day, otherwise, she's got a major sugar rush on her hands! Even the adorable glasses contribute to her major transformation — who would have guessed the shore-loving meatball would turn into such a stunning young mom? It's like a whole new Snooki, and we're totally impressed.

13 Posing For An Adorable Family Christmas Photo

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There was a time when the only pictures you'd ever really see of Snooki were taken in the dim lighting of a club or bar when she already had a fair amount of drinks in her system. There's plenty of shots from back in the day where she's in the middle of a screaming match or dancing on the bar or something like that. Those days are behind her now, though. The new Snooki is more likely to be found dressing her adorable children up in holiday gear and posing for a family Christmas picture (in an amazing outfit and killer red lip). We have to admit — we never really pictured Snooki becoming so domestic, but we kind of love it. Who knew the former party queen would end up becoming the picture perfect mom?

12 Showing Off Her New #FitLife

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While the men of Jersey Shore were seen hitting the gym on a regular basis, that was never really Snooki's jam. In some of the later seasons, she was shown trying to stick with a bit of a workout regimen, but it just wasn't really a part of her life back then. That's all changed. Nowadays, you'll see endless shots of Snooki either pre or post workout, because it's a big part of her lifestyle now. After all, she loves Italian cooking and she's a busy mom — you'd better believe that physique isn't 100% due to her diet. While she definitely eats a whole lot healthier now than she did back then, her current bod is in large parts due to her workout routine. We're not sure about shilling protein shakes and supplements, but hey — whatever works for you!

11 Prepped For Pumpkin Carving Season

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Snooki didn't just become a mother — she became one of those mothers that fully embraces every holiday, which is kind of amazing. This shot shows her posing with her daughter in matching shirts (beyond adorable), surrounded by fall-themed decor that hint it's time for pumpkin carving season. We haven't seen photo evidence yet, but we're betting that she's taken her kids to a pumpkin patch at least once or twice (probably with some kind of pumpkin-themed shirts for the whole family). She was cute back in her shore days, but she's a straight-up knockout now — thanks to all that healthy living! And the fact that her daughter is positively beaming just shows what kind of a home she has — full of love and fun and plenty of pumpkin-themed activities.

10 Doing An At-Home Workout, Like So Many Other Busy Moms

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While she works with a trainer from time to time, a lot of the time, Snooki stays fit by doing what many other fit moms do — working out in the comfort of her own home, likely while her kids are playing or napping nearby. After all, sometimes you don't have the time or childcare to go to the gym — it's easier to just squeeze in a few moves between all the other tasks you have to accomplish. This move is definitely majorly impressive — who knew she was that flexible or graceful? — and it just proves that Snooki is straight up the kind of person who makes fitness a part of her life, which is pretty amazing. And we have to admit, we kind of dig the neon green sports bra — it's definitely a bold look, and perhaps too bold for many, but she pulls it off.

9 Snuggling In Church Before A Wedding

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Snooki was sitting around in church, all dolled up, waiting for a wedding ceremony to begin. And what do you do when you have some time to kill and are looking totally fabulous? Take a selfie, of course! While the old Snooki definitely would have documented a good look by taking a selfie only of herself, the new Snooki makes sure her adorable daughter is included in the shot. While we don't really get a full look at the floral dress Snooki is rocking here, it looks totally amazing, and her makeup is on point. We would never have guessed that the former reality show star who always dressed in tight clubwear would end up becoming a bit of a fashionista. I mean, who knew? She's definitely picked up some major style tips over the years.

8 A Text Exchange With Former Jersey Castmate Pauly D, Confessing She Doesn't Even Drink Anymore!

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Even though they may not have always gotten along, the cast of Jersey Shore spent significant amounts of time together during the filming of every season. So, while some have had major feuds over the years and don't keep in touch, many of the cast do, in fact, stay in touch with their former cast-mates — including Snooki and Pauly D. This text exchange, which Snooki screenshotted and shared on her social media page, shows them teasing one another a little bit (man, who could forget the mountains of hair gel that Pauly D used to rock?). However, take note of what Snooki says here — she quit drinking! She doesn't specify whether it's for a certain period of time or for good, but the old Snooki wouldn't have been able to quit drinking for even a night, let alone a longer span of time.

7 Posing In The Park With Jenni And The Kids

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This shot is yet another one that proves what a total transformation both Snooki and JWOWW have gone through, both individually and as friends. While they formerly would have spent their time downing shots in the club and starting up drama, here, they're out on a bit of a park trip with their kids. Jenni's daughter is toting a giant bag of Froot Loops, both of them look like they're in the kind of gear that you could easily walk in for miles. They both just look so healthy and happy — we would never have guessed that these two would end up becoming moms at the park. We hope they did enough walking around to burn off some calories so they could indulge in some Froot Loops as well — after all, what is a day at the park without a fun snack to munch on?

6 Documenting A Moment With Her Talented Trainers

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Most people who incorporate fitness into their lives like to mix it up on a regular basis because, well, doing the same thing day in and day out can get pretty boring! While Snooki definitely does at-home workouts — we've seen the evidence all over her social media accounts — she also spends time training with actual trainers. Here, she's posing with some trainers she works with that are based in what seems to be some kind of an acrobatics or gymnastics gym. Given that she was a cheerleader back in her high school days, flying through the air probably gives her major nostalgia. Plus, it's a fun way to mix up your workouts — the best way to keep your body in tip-top shape is to mix it up on a regular basis and keep it guessing!

5 Pics That Prove Snooki Is Still Stuck In Jersey Shore:

5 Rocking Gear That Throws It Back To The Shore

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We've seen from her various Instagram posts that Snooki seems to really like t-shirts with cutesy sayings and crafting — and it appears that there's still a healthy dose of Jersey in her craft room. She's rocking a t-shirt that says 'Team Meatball' and you can see plenty of gear in front of her and behind her with various sayings from the show — and even a picture of her crawling on the beach on a cup in the front. On the one hand, we've got to give her props for merchandising the show and getting a little cash from it all. On the other hand, though, we kind of prefer her recent focus on things that have nothing to do with the reality show she was on years ago. She's definitely grown and transformed as a person — and when she has so many cute clothes, why on earth does she need to be wearing a baggy white tee that says 'Team Meatball'?

4 An Outfit We Can Totally See Her Rocking To The Club

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If you look through her Instagram feed, you'll see Snooki rocking a lot of cute, casual wear — jeans with cute tops and sweaters, athletic wear, etc. However, that doesn't mean she never goes all out and rocks something that we can totally envision in a club — including this. Everything from the suede on her boots to the short length of what looks more like a shirt than a dress to the long, flowing robe on top screams 'not kid friendly.' I mean, if she rocked this around her kids, those boots would be stained in a second and they'd probably be yanking on the hem of that outerwear. It's just not the kind of outfit we envision anyone would wear when they're just out on a family outing — it seems like clubwear.

3 Group Shot With The Jersey Crew

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Sometimes, when you hang out with people that you used to spend time with at a different stage in your life, you kind of revert back to the person you were back then — and that seems like exactly what's happened here. While Snooki is definitely no stranger to posing for the camera, she doesn't bust out the duck lips too often — but here, they're out in full force. There's no denying that she looks amazing, and moms can definitely wear whatever they want, including string bikinis, but this whole picture just seems like a totally different, older version of her. We understand that Snooki and Jenni obviously aren't going to bring their kids along when they're hanging out with the whole crew, but this picture definitely proves that she hasn't transformed 100%.

2 A T-Shirt and Leather Skirt Combo That Screams Shore-Wear

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We totally get it — sometimes, especially if you've been at home with your kids for a while in casual gear 24/7, you want to get all dolled up and look nice. However, we're not sure that we're totally loving this outfit. A lot of Snooki's more recent looks are chic and totally work for her body, and while her physique definitely looks amazing regardless of what she wears, this whole outfit seems like something that someone in a much different stage of their life would wear. From the graphic tee with the cheesy slogan to the leather mini skirt with slits to make it even more scandalous to the studded details on the skirt, there's just something about this look that screams 18-year-old shore party girl. She can do a lot better — we'd love to see her retire this to the back of the closet.

1 Celebrating With A Drink (Maybe The Whole Bottle?)

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To be honest, we're not totally sure about Snooki's stance on drinking now. She's mentioned before how she's quit drinking, but she's also shared stories, such as the time when she went out with the old crew and ended up drinking so much that she could literally smell the alcohol in her milk the next morning. We have a feeling it'll always be a bit of a back and forth for this mama. In this picture, she's helping sell the swimwear line she worked with a team to design, but if she was truly serious about shedding her party girl image, we would have thought she'd easily be able to tell whoever she's working with that she doesn't want to pose with a glass of Champagne. Everything from the Champagne to the pose to the party girl yell she's doing just screams Jersey Shore.

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