10 Pics Of Kylie Jenner Before Stormi (10 Since)

Her "greatest role in this life." When Kylie Jenner took to social media for Mother's Day 2019, she came with her baby (and some very baby-related words). At the age of 21, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner is now a mother, and a billionaire, and she's pretty much out-doing every other celebrity around. Stormi Webster is now one, she's all over her mommy's feed, and nobody can get enough of this baby.

The thought of Kylie running around with a baby in her arms was pretty much incomprehensible this time two years ago. This reality star came as the world's most spoiled teenager – complete with the world's nicest stuff. Kylie's life seemed to literally revolve around Versace and which Lamborghini she'd be picking for the day.

While the 2019 Met Gala threw out Kylie in custom-made Versace (and the fast cars haven't gone anywhere), something's changed. Keeping Up With The Kardashians now has an updated intro that shows Kylie snuggling up to Stormi. The streets of Calabasas now come with a billionaire boss who carries her baby on her hip. Stormi even featured in the promo for the newly launched Kylie Skin.

Ultimately, it's all about the then-and-now pics. Kylie seemed to change overnight with the arrival of her baby girl. Responsibility, level-headedness, and the humble girl nobody knew existed showed her face. She did it with a timeline, though.

It's time for the pics. Kylie might flood the Internet with her style and glam, but all of the snaps fall into two categories: before Stormi and since Stormi. Here are ten of each.

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20 Before: Literally, A Different Era

via: pinterest

It's like looking at a different person. Throwing us the biggest #Teen ever, this pic is basically the one you completely forgot existed. The old era for this Kardashian-Jenner hasn't been deleted from the internet, though. Neither have Kylie's old quotes.

"I don't feel like I NEED makeup a lot of the time I'm not wearing makeup but... No, I need makeup. I think I need makeup." Life of Kylie was the short-lived reality show that saw Kylie come as a solo act. The monologues from it somewhat alienated fans, although the passion for makeup was all there. Kylie and Khloe are now both mothers, and this is one giant reminder of how far they've come.

19 Since: The Start Of An Era

via: instagram

And we wouldn't have it any other way. Pictures of Kylie, Travis Scott, and Stormi are basically what everyone needs, wants, and expects. The more Kylie smiles, the more everyone around her does. This unexpected relationship is now over two years strong, and it comes with awesome words from Travis.

"Maybe, like, the first week, you don’t know if it’s real or a fling. Then the second week you’re like: Whoa, I’m still talking to her, she’s responding, I’m responding. We ain’t run out of a thing to say," Travis told Rolling Stone. With their perfect baby, #RelationshipGoals, and pics like these, we're blown away.

18 Before: When 2016 Was All About Tyga

via: usmagazine

An interesting headline popped up on The Hollywood Gossip in 2018. Kylie's ex, Tyga was said to be "jealous" of Kylie and Travis. A source told Hollywood Life: “Tyga struggles with jealousy whenever he hears about something new in Kylie’s life. He became hot when he heard that Kylie and Travis were buying a huge mansion in the hills."

It was 2016 that was the Tyga era. Kylie and her rapper boyfriend seemed to be getting along great, but neither had the hindsight that #TravisAndKylie now shows. Pics of Kylie with Tyga are literally the stuff that makes us do a double-take these days, and this is just one of them.

17 Before: When 2017 Was All About Donatella Versace

via: pinterest

"You guys, I just got a text. 'Can I ask you what color Kylie's doing her hair? Donatella is asking.'" Those were the words from Kylie's assistant at the 2017 Met Gala, as E Online reports. Kylie was getting fitted for her custom-made Versace gown and fussing over her hair– clearly, Donatella Versace's input was important.

While Kylie returned to all things Versace for her 2019 Met Gala appearance, this year's red carpet look came with something different. It felt like it was more about Kylie and less about Donatella. This mother is still one of the biggest fashion icons around, but her head doesn't fully revolve around the designer world anymore.

16 Before: April 2018, No Clue What Was To Come


Not many people are aware of quite how quickly things moved with Travis. The Daily Mail puts Kylie at just "three weeks" of dating before she was pregnant. Expecting Stormi within "weeks" was confirmed by Travis in his December 2018 Rolling Stone interview. The magazine points towards May 2018 being when Kylie's stick turned pink.

This pic of Kylie and Travis in April 2018 was a headline-maker for a lot of reasons. It was the snap that got everyone talking about whether Kylie even had a new boyfriend – nobody was considering a pregnancy. This one gets the biggest #BeforeStormi ever, although we're so glad things turned out the way they did.

15 Since: Stormi "Completely Changed My World"

via: instagram

"So I don’t know what really has completely changed my world, besides her, of course. But I feel like it’s only gotten better. You’re less selfish." Not words anyone expected to come out of Kylie Jenner's mouth. Come out they did, though. In 2018, The Evening Standard arranged for Kim Kardashian to interview Kylie.

The conversation saw Kylie open up from inside. She fully admitted that her world is now a different one. Stormi takes center stage, and the formerly spoiled teen even sees herself as "less selfish." This pic of Stormi turning eight months feels old now, but we saw it, and our hearts just melted.

14 Since: "I Can't Wait Till She Can Come Everywhere With Me"

via: instagram

"I think about her all the time, anywhere I am," Kylie told Kim via ES last year. She continued: "I would rather be with her or wish she can come everywhere. I can’t wait till she can come everywhere with me, because right when she’s old enough I’ll bring her everywhere."

Stormi is now old enough to leave that crib. Where mommy goes, so does the billionaire baby. Street snaps of Kylie were pretty rare back in the day. Now, it's like we're seeing a different person. Kylie braves the sidewalk with zero makeup, her baby joins her, and we get pics like these. All kinds of awesome.

13 Before: "I Take, Like, 500 Selfies To Get One I Like"

via: instagram

Selfie queens are for life. Kim Kardashian pretty much started the global phenomenon back in the day, and she even turned it into a book – Selfish is an entire book of Kim K's iconic selfies. Two can play at this game, though. Kylie might make front-page news for her billionaire status, but she's a selfie "OG."

“I take, like, 500 selfies to get one I like. Sometimes I regret putting one up if I find a better one later, I’m like: [darn], that’s a better photo, but that’s the only thing I regret.” That was Kylie in 2015, as Hollywood Life reports. The perfectionist hasn't gone anywhere, but Kylie has 100% changed.

12 Since: Selfies Now Look Like This

via: instagram

A Kylie selfie back in the day would've gone a little like this: We'd see Kylie on her own, her accessories would be a mountain of Louis Vuitton, and she'd be throwing us a vibe that most moms would disapprove of. That's all in the past, though.

Of course, 2018 onward marked the arrival of a new face in Kylie's selfies. The solo act was over. Stormi now twins with her mommy in the most adorable mirror snaps ever, and we get the best of both worlds. Kylie fans are still seeing their favorite girl (and Stormi's fan army get the baby).

11 Before: #JordynWoods And The Squad Life

via: celebmafia

Jordyn Woods doesn't need an explanation at this point. The (possibly) former best friend to Kylie made major headlines in February 2019 for reasons that were initially badly taken – as People reports, Khloe Kardashian has taken to Twitter to say that Jordyn is "not to be blamed." Khloe and Tristan Thompson may have split, but Khloe isn't throwing shade at Jordyn.

Back in the day, we'd see Kylie and Jordyn together all the time. This pic was just one example. Of course, the #SquadLife extended beyond Kylie's BFF. We'd get A-List pics of Kylie with Kendall, Bella Hadid, and Jordyn, but the circle is more about Stormi now.

10 Since: A Life We'd Never Have Pictured For Kylie

via: yahoo

No makeup. No glam squad. No fake hair. Just a regular young mother enjoying the sunshine. Given that Kylie's "Stormi Strolls" post came with a Fendi stroller worth $12,5000 per People, it's worth remembering that this pic exists. The designer mom might be a vibe that Kylie throws out, but the girl underneath is regular as they come.

"I really don’t know how we thought of Stormi. Her dad insisted it was him, but I feel like it was me," Kylie told Kim via ES in 2018. Stormi might not have been visible here, but the #After was. This is one to send anyone you know who disputes Kylie's "real" status.

9 Before: #Pregnant, But Nobody Knew

via: peopledotcom

The precise date of this picture is November 2017. By this point, The Mirror was already questioning if Kylie was pregnant. The airport street style might have been laid-back, but Kylie's face looked like it was thinking something over. To be fair, if your February 2018-due baby was already growing and you were keeping it a secret, you might look a little nervous, too.

Kylie was definitely pregnant here. While later stages of the pregnancy saw Kylie vanish off the face of the earth, the early stages were caught on camera by the paparazzi. This one wouldn't necessarily throw you a #Pregnant, but the timing works out.

8 Since: Nothing To Hide

via: instagram

Kylie's social media now comes as the open book we never thought we'd see. Selfies show Kylie makeup-free. Mornings like these ones come with Kylie holding her baby. We'll even see "You make all my mornings" as the captions. Kylie doesn't have anything to hide anymore. Her baby seems to be the best thing that's ever happened to her, and sharing that with the world isn't a problem.

"I think more about the future because of her. Every time I leave and I’m stressed about leaving her, I’m like: I'm doing it for you," Kylie told Kim via ES. Kylie didn't leave her baby during this particular morning. We're so glad we got this snap.

7 Before: Life Was Literally All About Phone Drama

via: mamamia

The old Kylie came with her drama. Something about it had the tendency to be a touch off-putting, though. Life of Kylie was the brief "Kylie focus" that came as a KUWTK spin-off. It saw Kylie "roasted" by fans after feeling bad that she never "took out" the Lambo, as Elite Daily reports.

We'd sit there on our couches and watch Kylie freak out over minor phone drama. Sure, we have similar, but our lives don't fully revolve around text arguments and who did (or didn't) reply. Onwards and upwards was the vibe as Stormi arrived. The old days showed us this Kylie, but Kylie as a mother is a different story...

6 Since: "You're Messing With Real People," #NoRoom For Drama

via: usanewstoday

Khloe may have called time on her relationship with Tristan Thompson, but the 34-year-old wasn't the only one to face rumors this year. 2019 saw Kylie and Travis' relationship probed in what MSN called "hoax" pics. Travis has never thrown us any evidence that he's behaved questionably.

“Idk if this is really a social experiment to some people but you’re messing with real people, real relationships, real family,” Kylie wrote in a post she has since deleted, MSN reports. This time two years ago, we wouldn't have seen Kylie needing to bother. This girl fights for her relationship now, though (and with good reason).

5 Since: "Baby #2?"

via: instagram

It's basically the pregnancy we can't wait to hear announced. Kylie has been throwing us pregnancy rumors for months now. Her captioned "baby #2" pic was a contender for fans, but the situation has since updated itself. At the end of April 2019, Travis turned 28. Kylie threw him a giant bash, and she threw us a message.

"Let's [mess] around and have another baby" was the caption to Kylie's birthday post. It showed the world's happiest family, their beautiful baby, and what is likely the hope for another one. Kylie hung out with rappers before Stormi, but the Tyga era is long gone. Travis and Kylie #Forever.

4 Before: "Like, Realizing Stuff"

via: pinterest

If the internet loves anything, it's a meme. You probably go through at least a dozen a day on your own social media. Oprah has her meme. So does Dawson Creek's James van der Beek. When Kylie was "like, realizing stuff" back on Life of Kylie, a meme was waiting to be born.

The old Kylie threw us the things she was "realizing"– well, kinda. Nobody quite knew what Kylie was "realizing," although we did get footage of her saying she was doing it. Alongside grunge-like snaps that showed this girl still finding her style, the old Kylie came with a #Predictable. Everything's changed, though.

3 Since: Realized What Actually Matters

via: instagram

This picture kind of became iconic the minute the internet saw it. In 2019, Kylie threw her baby a "Stormi World" birthday party. Stormi's head came blown up in an Astroworld-style inflatable, and that was just the entrance. Stormi's first birthday had its own merch shop, live performers, and an A-List attendance that included DJ Khaled.

This special day wasn't about the fancy cakes and glitz, though. The snaps showed Kylie closer than ever to her baby. It was like Kylie had finally realized what really matters in life. "She’s going to have her own challenges. I just hope that she’s strong and independent and confident," Kylie told Kim via ES. Kylie is thinking ahead for Stormi.

2 Before: Shopping In Regular Pharmacies

via: celebsla

Yeah, it took us a minute, too. Kylie definitely looked different back in the day. Then again, look back at your own pics from four or five years ago, and you'll see the same thing. Back in the day, Kylie would step into the normie world. She'd stop at ordinary pharmacies and grab what she needed.

Kylie has said that she doesn't feel that her possessions dictate who she is. She isn't "defined" by them, per her 2019 Paper feature. While Kylie shops high-end now, there's a balance to her that's beautiful. Still, the old days threw us this from Kylie.

1 Since: Bank Balance Is Blinking $1 Billion

via: instagram

That stare, already. Kylie is now the world's youngest billionaire, per Forbes. The 2019 news that a 21-year-old Kylie is worth a staggering $1 billion made international headlines this year. That Kylie Cosmetics empire is bigger than ever, Kylie Skin has launched, and there's more in the pipeline with those trademark filings.

This posted pic of Kylie came well into motherhood. It wasn't ritzy, it wasn't dripping in diamonds, but it did have Kylie's signature glam finish. Ultimately, it was a mother who 100% knows what she's doing (and is ready to stare the world in the face).

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