10 Pics Of Celebs And Their Identical Barbies (And 10 Who Are Unrecognizable)

How do you know a celebrity has truly made it in Hollywood? Is it when they receive an Academy Award? Nah. How about the shining moment when they get their own star on the Walk of Fame? Pssh, nope! The true sign that a celebrity has reached the peak of their career is when a Barbie is created in their likeness! What greater honor is there than to have the world begging for your likeness in the classic Barbie or Ken form? None. The answer is there is no greater honor!

Unfortunately, not all celebrities receive a Barbie or Ken doll that actually looks like them. Like some of the less fortunate wax sculptures in dusty museums, some dolls wind up looking like a famous person's weird cousin.

Thankfully, not all dolls are created equal and some stars get to shine for all eternity from within the safety of their plastic boxes. So which celebrities got their Barbie and Ken dolls to look just like them and which ones fall flat? You'd never guess which big names got to stand tall and which led to PR disasters! Here's a list of ten fabulous celebrities with their look-alike dolls, and ten celebs who wish they had an identical doll:

20 Anne Hathaway's Doll Leaves Us Speechless! Bravo!


This amazing doll has Hathaway's full, pouty lips and even hints at the dimples by the side of her mouth. The artist went as far as capturing the unique shape of Anne Hathaway's large, beautiful eyes as well.

The doll was obviously modeled after Hathaway's character Andy Sachs from the hit film "The Devil Wears Prada," where Andy's character may not have started out with a great fashion sense, but she quickly learned how to apply flawless makeup, cut her hair into a versatile style and helped herself to the company's impressive wardrobe.

Much like her character in the movie, the doll's hair has that glossy finish and extremely black dye job.

Its eyebrows are perfectly shaped and her nose is a perfect replica. Unlike classic Barbie, this doll isn't using bright blue eyeshadow or a bright pink shade of lipstick that limits the perfect outfit possibilities - this doll was made to look realistic and flawless! The lipstick, foundation, and blush are neutral and the smoky eye makeup is perfect for any high-class outfit. If Anne Hathaway wants to impress, she should purchase this doll and put it on display next to her numerous awards - it definitely belongs there.

19 Cher's Doll Came Out Fabulous


Cher has always been a beautiful woman with a unique sense of style and personality. She broke many barriers during her career as a singer and actress. Her facial features are very specific and her amazing cheekbones haven't been seen in Hollywood since, which is one of the most notable features found on the Cher Barbie. Not only does the doll capture the gorgeous actress' figure, but it also displays Cher's amazing cheeks, perfect mouth, and beautiful eyes. The costume is a great representation of the sort of outfits Cher was, at the time, notorious for wearing and it even shows off her legs!

For a while there, Cher was making headlines for her work on Broadway, commercials, her single "Believe" and her Vegas headline, which lasted three years and helped her rake in $180 million. Cher's success has earned her award after award, which of course meant she had to have a doll made in her likeness. What else were her fans going to feature in their Cher collections? Cher may not have been in the spotlight recently, but that doesn't mean her fan base has diminished in any way! In fact, Cher still performs on Broadway and will be in the upcoming film "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again."

18 This Kristen Stewart Doll Is An Exact Replica Of The Woman Herself


Kristen Stewart really made it big when the Twilight saga was released. Her character was that of a teenage girl in love with a vampire. Of course, with the saga being the star's claim to fame, her Barbie doll had to not only resemble Stewart but also reflect the youthful look of a teenager.

The doll has Stewart's hairline and features long, thick locks.

This playful style is the perfect look for any teen girl, and it catches the light just like the actress' hair does in the accompanying picture. The delicate shape of her nose was perfectly modeled and the brightness of her eyes are reflected on the doll as well. The thick eyeliner also helps to bring out the lighter shades of her eyes and the angle of the eyebrows is fabulous. Not only does the doll retain the youthful appearance of Stewart's character, Bella, but it also forms the high, thin cheekbones and wider set jaw. It's impossible to look at this doll and think of anyone but Kristen Stewart, regardless of what it's wearing. Is there any room for improvement? Not really. Even the slight smile playing on the doll's lips is a perfect Kristen Stewart.

17 Which Is The Real Nicki Minaj? JK, But Dang This Doll Is On Point!


Nicki Minaj is known for her bright colors and fun look, so it should come as no surprise that she was the perfect celebrity candidate for a Barbie doll! She already flaunts cotton candy colors on the regular, so the artist kept that image in mind when they decided to color the doll's hair a soft pink with cream-colored highlights. Of course, Minaj's beautiful smile also had to be portrayed on the doll's face with lipstick that matches her playful hair. Even the doll's posture is a clear reflection of Minaj's pride in how she looks and the confidence she exudes.

We all know Minaj likes to wear extra long eyelashes, which tend to complete her outstanding look, so of course, her doll had to feature long lashes as well. They help set off the almond shape of her eyes as well as Minaj's perfectly full cheeks. The doll is also wearing matching accessories to the real Minaj, which might look over-the-top on anyone else, but the celebrity doll's outfit made sure to feature plenty of diamonds, which are accentuated by the bracelets and Barbie necklace around its neck. The doll looks so good we can't take our eyes off it!

16 Angelina Jolie May look Younger And More Sultry, But It's Definitely Her


Angelina Jolie has been turning heads for decades and for good reason! She's always had gorgeously full lips that pair so well with her delicate nose and are set off by her large, beautiful eyes.

Jolie's beauty has played a major role in all of her characters on the silver screen, so of course, it would be showcased on her perfect doll, which is wearing an outfit from her character Elise Clifton-Ward from the award-winning film, The Tourist.

The doll's hair is swept into an up-do in a posh style to match her amazing outfit and reveal the enormous diamonds dangling from her ears. Its lip liner accentuates Jolie's perfect lip shape and is filled with a gloss that captures the light and brings more attention to itself. The smokey eye look paired with the slightly parted lips give the doll's features a "come kiss me" look, another testament to Jolie's renown for her stunning beauty. The way the doll's bangs sweep daintily across its forehead also adds to its "bedroom eyes" expression, enticing fans to purchase the expensive replica. If you look close enough, you'll also notice that the artist added the perfect slant to the doll's eyebrows and added some shading to the bottom eyelids as well to create a more realistic depiction of Jolie.

15 Beyoncé's Doll Sports More Makeup But There's No Doubt About It - They Might As Well Be Twins!


Everybody loves Beyoncé. She isn't called "Queen" for nothing! Her impressive vocals are backed by her natural beauty, as seen in the photo above. She's got style, she's got class, and now she's also got a Barbie modeled after her!

While Beyoncé can definitely pull off the natural look, her doll is a little bit more glam, from the dangling diamond earrings to the playful color around her eyes. The famous singer has rocked several hairstyles but the doll went with long, flowing locks that have been bleached to a lighter blonde. The gorgeous smile is a perfect replica and her small but adorable nose is also identical to the real thing. Most dolls don't go into detail with the teeth and gums, but this artist just couldn't restrain themselves! Molding the perfect shape of Beyoncé's face and capturing her likeness wasn't enough, this artist had to take things a step further by including every tooth and even the Queen's smile lines on her cheeks. This is definitely what we can call a labor of love, especially when you look at the shape of the eyes and the inclusion of the bottom lids closing due to the happy expression on the doll's face.

14 It's All In The Eyes For Kim Kardashian


Okay, so maybe there's more to Kimmy K's doll than her great eye makeup and gorgeous smile. This doll has Kardashian's thick locks, flawless sense of style and signature smile.

Even from a mile away, there's no doubt about it, this doll is Kim Kardashian's perfect miniature replica!

The toy's face was carefully shaped to reveal a petite chin, full cheeks, and a delicate jawline. The similarities certainly don't stop there, with Kim's full lips shaped into a smile and nude lipstick to the perfectly thin bridge of her delicate nose. The doll's eyes have been shaped to reveal Kardashian's and the long, thick lashes are also perfect representations.

The use of makeup is minimal, with the eyeshadow a nice light color to set off the diamonds dangling from her ears while also somehow bringing attention to the lighter shade of her luscious lips. While all the dolls retail the signature Barbie shape from the neck down, Kardashian's doll is wearing an outfit to accentuate her shape without being too tight or revealing. The classy outfit has been paired with a fashionable bag and waist-accentuating belt, all of which the real Kardashian might wear for a day on the town.

13 Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow Barbie Is Perfect


Scarlett Johansson has long been known for her beauty and really cool characters, so it should come as no surprise to see her doll created for her Black Widow character from the Avenger's films. Johansson's character, Natasha, is both beautiful and deadly, which is showcased in her facial expression and body language above. The doll has included Black Widow's clavicle, which is unusual for a Barbie doll but adds to the reality of the image. The serious expression on her face reveals Black Widow's nature and mental separation from emotion while performing her duties. The hair is short but perfectly styled and the outfit is on point. This artist took their job seriously and made sure to include the appropriate shape for Johansson's face.

The detail on her lush lips and flawless eyeliner reveals the artist's love for the character and appreciate from Johansson herself. While other dolls reveal large, smiling lips, Johansson's smaller mouth has been set with a firm expression. The blush on her cheeks accentuates their shape and the drawn eyebrows give one the impression that Black Widow is about to strike. The realism in this toy can make for nothing less than the perfect Black Widow collectible.

12 Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow Is Amazing


Jack Sparrow is a really intricately-designed character. He has a lot going on, from the beads in his dreadlocks and beard to the several layers of clothing and accessories that can be found everywhere from head to toe, but that certainly didn't stop this artist from replicating the character in Barbie form!

Johnny Depp has an iconic look with his strong jawline, full cheeks, and ruler-straight nose. His pleasing physical appearance and talent are what helped get him role after role since his teenage years, and it's likely part of why this doll was created in the first place.

It's got the double chin braids, smoldering look in its eyes, the mustache and impressive dreadlocks to boot.

The thick eyeliner adds to Jack Sparrow's pirate look and the random bits of decoration in his hair is dead on. The hardest part of getting the right shapes and styles for each of the previous dolls was likely in the face, while this doll goes above and beyond with extra attention to the hair, accessories and perfect use of shading. Depp is known for dressing like Sparrow and heading off to Disneyland to appear on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, so maybe he went as far as collecting this doll as well.

11 Rihanna's Doll Looks More Like Rihanna Than Rihanna Does


Rihanna's fabulous style and impressive vocals have definitely made her a star, but this doll just might be passing her by! Throughout her career, Rihanna has sported several original hairstyles and has always presented a flawless look with both minimal and perfectly accentuated makeup. The doll captures both of these styles, with a partially shaved head and a short cascade of hair parted to the right of the perfectly molded face. The doll's shape from its temples to chin is a flawless replica of the singer and the upturned nose is placed delicately just above her full lips. The makeup chosen for the doll is minimal, which is how Rihanna enjoys it, but what is used certainly makes the singer's lips and eyes pop!

The eyebrows have been perfectly shaped, as are the eyes themselves, and the use of eye makeup helps give off a sultry expression. When she's in the midst of recording a music video or going out for a night on the town, Rihanna looks exactly like this doll. When she's not feeling the glam, Rihanna still turns heads with her natural look, which leaves her doll looking more like her public self. Even the outfit its wearing screams glamorous!

10 David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson's Bizarre Dolls


Whoa! Mulder, Scully, is that supposed to be you? The iconic alien-chasing duo was immortalized in Barbie form, but unfortunately for them, they look nothing like David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson.

Let's start with Anderson's doll, which looks like they grabbed a baby head, threw a stiff wig on it, and tried to make it look like an adult with the use of some pretty intense makeup. Without the show's iconic poster in the background, there's no way even the best superfan would ever guess this misrepresentation is supposed to be the beautiful, intelligent Special Agent Dana Scully.

As for Special Agent Fox Mulder, the hair is obviously hard plastic and the expression on his face says, "OMG I love you so much, Scully, please look my way!" Mulder's character has only ever been interested in government conspiracies and the truth behind his sister's abduction. The doll makes him look more like a pretty college boy than an emotionally crippled, single-minded government agent.

Neither doll clearly represents their characters, and why is Scully holding what appears to be a Valentine?

Both dolls are complete misses on accurate facial expressions, use of makeup and head shape. How these dolls ever made it off the production line is beyond us.

9 Robert Pattinson, Is That Supposed To Be You?


Like Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson got his big break when the Twilight saga was released. He played a sparkly vampire who fell in love with Stewart's character Bella, but he struggled to keep his vampiric tendencies from the girl he loved. Anyway, we all know the story and now everyone knows exactly who Edward and Bella are - except the artist who came up with this doll that's a mishap.

First, let's start with the doll's hairline. There's an obvious widow's peak on Pattinson's forehead, which is missing from the doll. Strike one. Strike two is the very wide set of the doll's jaw. Pattinson may have a strong jaw, but it isn't nearly as wide as the doll's, which kind of looks like a swollen version of the actor. Let's also discuss the third strike - those full lips on the doll. Edward's character doesn't have full lips, as seen above. His lips are thinner but absolutely still kissable! Of course, looking at the lips also gets us looking at the nose, which is possibly the only feature outside the hairstyle that matches the actor's look. Good job on the nose! Too bad literally everything else is wrong. The doll shows some pretty prominent cheekbones, while the actor himself doesn't have that particular look. Tsk tsk.

8 What Happened To Emma Watson?


Are we looking at Emma Watson, Justin Bieber, or Heidi? Well, this doll kind of looks like we're looking at all three at the same time. We don't remember Belle looking quite so freckled or her face being quite as wide as this doll's version reveals. Even her dress looks pretty shoddy, and let's not even talk about the weird hairstyle. What happened here? Who is responsible for this slightly weird looking version of Emma Watson's character, Princesse Belle? Even Emma Watson's picture looks like she's seeing the prototype for the doll, and the expression on her face really does capture our own feelings of it.

Watson is a beautiful woman who has blossomed on the silver screen since her Hermione days, so looking at this weaker depiction is sort of sad. Watson's head is nowhere near that wide, her chin isn't as large and her mouth doesn't stretch across her face like the Joker's. She also isn't covered in freckles, for this role anyway, and her eyebrows aren't shaped anything like the doll's.

Belle's hair does have some volume, but when it's in a ponytail, it definitely doesn't flare up behind her shoulders to create a large mane!

Seriously, outside the wardrobe choice, what part of this doll says, "I'm Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast?"

7 This Looks Nothing Like Britney Spears


Someone, hurry! Call an ambulance! Britney Spears was just stung by a bee and she's swelling up fast! Oh, wait, no she's not, that's just the Barbie version of Spears looking more than a little chunky. Once upon a time, Britney Spears was young and gorgeous and she released hit after hit song, leading to the release of several Spears-themed dolls, most of which looked just like her, except this one.

Where to start? The doll's face looks like the manufacturer accidentally added a little too much air to its head, causing the eyes to pop out and the face to fill to capacity. Her eyes seriously look like they're silently warning you to treat the doll right or it'll come for you in your sleep. The nose looks too upturned and very bloated along the bridge, and her smile almost looks like she's got a white retainer in her mouth. Barbie was never known for her detailed face, so let's move past the small details for a minute to concentrate on what makes Britney Britney. She's got an adorably small nose, nicely shaped eyebrows, a full bottom lip and a nice, natural smile. Too bad the doll failed to capture any of these things. Back to the drawing board with this design.

6 Seriously? This Is Supposed To Be Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham)?


Is it just us or is there a theme going on with bloated faces and giant eyes? Barbie may have always had big beautiful eyes, but they never really seemed to bug out at us before, so what's going on here with Posh Spice's look?

For those of you who know her as Victoria Beckham, Posh Spice was once in a girl group who sang some pretty great songs in the '90s and went as far as making a movie together!

Beckham was Posh and made it clear she was always the best dressed and always looked amazing - until her Barbie version was released.

Thankfully, its wardrobe matched the then-singer's style, but little else did. The doll's hair fell limply across its face and the head was puffed up to look like maybe she was suffering from a peanut allergy. Its eyes are so large that it's difficult to look away and the nose looks a little swollen. Not very "posh" at all.

To make matters worse, the doll's giant lips look like a cosmetic enhancement gone wrong. Had the lips been a little smaller, they would have been a lot easier on the eyes, but like the rest of the doll's face, they've been blown way out of proportion, making Posh Spice entirely unrecognizable.

5 Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Barbie Is Laughable

Amazon/Hunger Games Wiki

Jennifer Lawrence, America's next sweetheart, did an amazing job in the Hunger Games series. Her character inspired young girls around the world to be strong, independent women who fight for what they believe in. Everything about Katniss' character screams independence and strength, which can partially be conveyed in the doll's outfit, but the face is a little too scary to be considered anything like Lawrence's character.

The doll's hair and outfit are both on point, so kudos to the artist for at least getting those aspects right, but let's take a look at that face. The nose also seems to be pretty accurate, but Lawrence doesn't have a square-shaped face. She's got full cheeks and a gently sloping jawline with a definite chin in the center. The doll's chin is barely there since the square shape of the jaw is so prominent. The lips are also extremely luscious, while Katniss' lips are a refined shape. The eyes of the doll are an almost otherworldly blue, which really takes away from the character, and the shape of the eyes themselves are just a little off. No one said the Barbie version of a celebrity needs to be perfect, but they can at least try to make it clear who they're trying to recreate!

4 Basically, The Scary Version Of Justin Timberlake


Whoa! Justin Timberlake, what happened to your doll? Okay, so maybe it isn't technically a Barbie or Ken version of the famous singer and producer, but a marionette is close enough! Plus, it's supposed to be a play on NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye" song, where the boy band comes together and dances as if they are puppets on strings.

Timberlake's NSYNC days were defined by his bleach blonde curls, which can be seen on this funny doll's head, but other than that, the doll looks nothing like the then-teenage heartthrob.

Well, to be fair, it looks nothing like him now either.

The smile on the doll's face looks pained, and the face looks too blocky to be that of a teenage boy. Replace the ramen noodle hairstyle with Ken's hair and anyone would assume it's a marionette of a middle-aged businessman instead of the young star. Why are the doll's cheeks so round and why are there so many smile lines? Why are the eyebrows perfectly shaped and the chin sticking out so far? Nothing about this doll says, "I'm Justin Timberlake," leaving fans with plenty of quality control questions. Thankfully, we can join the rest of the world in saying "Bye bye bye" to this fail.

3 Why Does The Doll Look Like a Bratz Doll When It's Supposed To Look Like Shakira?


Shakira's hips don't lie, but this doll certainly does. The placement of her pupils are a bit off, and since when did Shakira ever sport a frizzy crimped look? In her picture above, Shakira has gorgeous flowing locks, not the fly-away look of the doll with the giant eyes, upturned nose, and giraffe neck. When you look at Shakira, you see a gorgeous woman who flaunts her stuff without resorting to an overabundance of makeup or weird pouty facial expressions. She's a grown woman who deserves respect for her musical contributions to the world, so why does her doll look like it's a teenager getting ready to hit the streets?

The doll's nose is about the only thing on point because Shakira's neck bones don't stand out from her chest like that and her jowls aren't as curved as the doll would have you believe. Her cheekbones actually do stand out and are full, unlike the doll's cheeks. Shakira's eyes aren't so big either. The doll resembles an alien or robot version of Shakira, and her eyebrows aren't black, they're brown. Also, the singer would never wear so much blush. Everything about this doll screams "I don't know what Shakira actually looks like."

2 Jim Parson's Sheldon Doll Missed The Mark


Maybe if you squint your eyes and back up really far from the screen, this "Sheldon" doll will actually look like Jim Parson, but that's actually pretty unlikely. Why does it have such a dopey expression?

This doll looks like a middle-aged man cosplaying as Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, but it's actually supposed to be the man himself!

Parson's character, Sheldon, is supposed to be a young intelligent man in his late twenties to early thirties, but the doll looks like a businessman decided to take off his suit and throw on a Sheldon costume for a Halloween party. Shelton's face isn't as round, he doesn't look as old and his eyes are nowhere near that close to each other. What adds to the old man look is the hairstyle, which is neatly combed back and to the side, whereas Sheldon's character lets his hair fall forward in a slightly messy style, though we'll admit the front of his hair is combed a bit to the side. This failed representation of Sheldon's character probably won't make it in any display case, it should be edited and completely remade, with a more narrow face, more youthful appearance and eyes that can actually focus on things.

1 Were They Even Trying With Taylor Swift?


Taylor Swift's humble beginnings were in the Country music genre. Back when she was just a girl with a guitar, the world fell in love with, her and she's since launched her career into other genres and has sported several great looks. Too bad this doll doesn't seem to capture any of them.

Sure, T-Swizzle once had this precious style, but when did her face ever look so generic? Taylor Swift's face has a little more shape and her eyes are a lot more enticing than this doll leads you to believe. Her smile is also a million times brighter and her lips don't form such an awkward shape. Even her eyebrows sit differently on her face, so about the only thing this doll got right was her figure, the outfit, and the accessories. The doll's eye makeup makes her look like a nice little beauty queen, but in real life, Swift pairs her dark makeup with bright lipstick to keep her face balanced. The doll's bright eyes make the rest of its face look washed out. If the artist was going to make her eyes pop, then the dress she's wearing, the accessories in her hair and on her ears, or even just her lipstick should also stand out to keep the doll from looking so plain.

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