10 Perfect Destinations For Women Traveling Alone

Traveling the world can be a scary endeavor when you’re with a companion, but it can be a whole other ball game when you’re wandering alone. Intimidating as it may sound, I cannot recommend traveling solo highly enough, especially as a female. It is one of the most empowering experiences you will ever have and you will return back home as a totally changed woman. So, if you are feeling slightly anxious or afraid to embark on a journey alone, then choose one (or more!) of these ten destinations that are super safe and ideal for the solo female traveler.

10 Hong Kong

One of the safest countries in Asia, Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis island with beaches and jungle not too far away. This super busy and compact city is home to world-class shopping, foodies’ heaven, and colonial and communist architecture galore. This city is best known as a financial center by day and a party-center by night. Even with its abounding nightlife, Hong Kong is exceptionally safe with extremely low crime rates making solo female travelers able to walk home alone even in the middle of the night without a care in the world.

9 Thailand

A long-time visited country, Thailand is no stranger to tourism. And it is certainly no wonder. With spotless beaches, epic jungles, delicious cuisine, striking mountains, and a rich culture, it is no surprise that Thailand is high on so many travel destination lists. Due to its long history with tourism and its pacifistic Buddhist culture, Thailand is extremely safe (other than the occasional nonviolent robbery). Travel up and down and far and wide throughout this beautiful country without having to think twice. Thanks to its many wanderlusting travelers, you will be sure to pick up a friend or two on the road.

8 Scandinavia

Scandinavia as a whole is home to some of the safest countries in the world with exceptionally progressive gender-equality policies and extremely low crime rates. Not only that, Scandinavia is home to some epically beautiful landscapes, stunning canal-lined cities, and world-class museums, palaces and historical sites. Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland may be on the more expensive side when it comes to travel, but these countries are certainly not to be missed. Female solo travelers can rejoice having the time of their lives in these magnificent and safe countries.

7 Cyprus

A less-traveled but equally beautiful country on the Mediterranean, Cyprus is the ideal location to “get away.” This island nation has pristine beaches and delicious Greek-influenced foods and a laid-back attitude for some serious rest and relaxation in the sun. Friendly locals will make you feel at home and safe as can be as you explore the ancient villages of the mountains or the nightlife of the beach-side towns. This “birthplace of Aphrodite” is a magical country not to be missed.

6 Singapore

A financial center of Asia, Singapore boasts more than just banking firms. This colorful Asian city is often referred to as “Asia-light.” A slightly more Westernized city, it works as the perfect introduction to Asian culture. Due to incredibly harsh and strictly enforced laws, Singapore is one of the safest countries in Asia. Explore the magnitude of this small but exotic city complete with rich culture, all the shopping any girl could ever hope for, man-made beaches, and jungle creeping into the city.

5 Costa Rica

This magical country has it all: beaches, surf, jungle, exotic animals, delicious coffee, and the perfect “pura vida” attitude. A hotbed for tourism, Ticos are very used to travelers and are welcoming to all those who visit. The catchphrase of this diverse country is pura vida meaning the pure life. And the locals truly live by this phrase. There is a slow, gentle pace to life here and a strong value for the simplicity of life. Women traveling alone here will find some of the safest conditions in Central America on a very well traveled path. Enjoy the beauty of this country without any worry.

4 Croatia

This country of stunning beauty is perfect for traveling alone. Endless islands on the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, ancient cities that will leave you speechless, mountains and vibrant lakes, some of the best cuisine in the region, Croatia has it all. Recently becoming a tourism hotspot, Croatia is filled with fellow travelers for you to meet. Friendly, welcoming locals, and a warm country feeling will invite you to stay for as long as your heart desires.

3 Australia

Endless coastlines that so few countries can compare with, bustling cities bursting with culture, The Great Barrier Reef, and never-ending virtually untouched outback bush, it is hard not to love Australia. A beautiful country with so much to offer, it comes as no great surprise that it is so well traveled. Female solo travelers need not fret as Australia offers some of the safest travel in the world. You will never feel alone in this diverse and striking country.

2 Iceland

Solo travel in this unbelievably beautiful country is not only easy, it’s also quite comfortable. It's hard not to be smitten with this land filled with incomparable natural beauty. Spend some time exploring the city of Reykjavik, which is most famous for its nightlife and music scene to meet all the fellow travelers and locals that your heart could desire. Explore the Blue Lagoon or wander across the massive glaciers, but whatever you do, do not be afraid to travel to this incredible country on your own.

1 Bali, Indonesia

A multicultural atmosphere very well accustomed to tourism, Bali is the perfect island paradise for solo female travelers. The people of this tourism hotspot are some of the most warm and welcoming that you will encounter anywhere in the world. Anyone and everyone is happy to lend a helping hand whenever you may need. Rich with jungle, beaches, and a culture unlike any other, Bali is not only extremely safe for women traveling alone, but it is also the perfect place to meet fellow travelers (and locals alike!). Get swept away by the beauty of this “Island of the Gods” without having to look twice over your shoulder on every corner.

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