10 Parenting Strategies Khloe Kardashian Stole From Her Sisters (And 10 She’d Never Use)

Cocooned by Gucci bags, pink balloons, and nannies, the Kardashian-Jenner clan – one of the most famous families across the world – has been in the public eye for decades. Although many people claim that the Kardashians are famous just for being famous, it’s a fact that momager Kris Jenner created an empire – Keeping Up with the Kardashians – which now airs in 167 countries.

Even though Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie have clashing personalities, the Kardashian sisters always stick together. And with their empire expanding, the Kardashian siblings have more and more in common. Ah, the joys of parenthood!

Khloe Kardashian, in particular, often copies her sisters and their parenting strategies. Fans even claim that she’s almost morphed into Kim. As Khloe said, "My sisters are all such phenomenal moms! I can't say exactly what advice or skills I'll be taking from them, but I'm going to remain awe-inspired by how they can handle it all. I hope that comes easily for me." At the same time, Khloe has an outstanding personality, and despite her jagged love life, she’s not afraid to stay true to herself.

From spicy selfies to vegan meals, here are 10 parenting strategies Khloe stole from her sisters. (And 10 she’ll never use.)

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20 Khloe Is Copying Kim's Parenting Style


Although Khloe Kardashian is one of the most popular stars across the globe, it seems she finds it hard to find a mommy style on her own. According to inquisitr.com, the pretty blonde doesn’t mind copying Kim Kardashian on a regular basis; Khloe has been spotted with slick braids like her older sister and also taking a belfie with Andy Cohen. What’s more, Khloe has taken her copy cat tactics to a whole new level and made a video with her ex Lamar Odom.

Surprisingly, it’s not only Khloe who is trying to morph into Kim; young mom Kylie also seeks inspiration from Kim. Will Kayne be able to tell the difference?

19 Khloe Copied Her Sisters By Choosing A Unique Name


The Kardashian-Jenner clan built an empire based on glamour, scandals, selfies… and unusual baby names. Kim’s children North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm West, for instance, are well-known for their unique names. The Internet blew up when Kylie announced the name of her daughter Stormi. Nevertheless, according to elitedaily.com, the Kardashians know what they’re doing when their name their little ones – they are simply trying to provoke social media interest.

It’s no surprise Khloe copied her sisters and gave an unusual name to her baby daughter. With her unique name and shiny outfits, True Thompson, Khloe’s first child and Tristan’s second, is a true Kardashian.

18 Khloe Stole The Spotlight And Gained Aunt Experience


While Khloe is still learning to be a mom, we all have to agree that she gained plenty of aunt experience. Kourtney shares three kids with Scott Disick, Mason Dash, Reign Aston, and Penelope Scotland Disick. Kim and Kayne have four kids, Saint, North, Chicago, and Psalm West. Kylie welcomed one daughter, Stormi. Rob also has a girl, Dream Renee Kardashian. Okay, okay, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is almost impossible.

According to buzzfeed.com, Khloe proved to be the best aunt ever. And as we can see from the picture above, Khloe doesn’t need her glam squad – she simply has a bunch of nieces and nephews.

17 Just Like Kim, Khloe Considered Surrogacy


Surrogacy is booming across the US, especially among celebrities. Kim and Kayne, for instance, welcomed two kids via surrogate, Chicago and Psalm. As a matter of fact, Kim wasn’t the only Kardashian who considered surrogacy. Due to her fertility issues, Khloe also considered surrogacy; she told metro.co.uk, she: "I mean I thought about surrogacy at one point. But then it just didn’t cross my mind, and then when I got pregnant I was just so surprised."

Although gestational surrogacy is becoming less complicated, we should note that reproductive tourism is a social problem and many couples seek surrogates overseas and provide only minimal compensation.

16 Just Like Her Sisters, Khloe Is Raising A Mini Queen


From Mini Bentley cars and designer strollers to Gucci baby carriers and accessories, the Kardashians are well-known for their lavish baby parties and extravagant presents. True was only eight months when Khloe got her a pink baby Bentley car with a customized license plate. That said, Kylie also ordered a glittery baby vehicle for her little Stormi, making that five Bentley cars for the Kardashian babies.

According to people.com, Khloe spent $550 on Giuseppe Zanotti, Jr. on sneakers for St Patrick’s Day. On top of that, Kim ordered eight Louis Vuitton Speedy Mini handbags for all the baby girls in the family.

15 Khloe Is Still Learning From Kim's Non-Judgemental Attitude


No doubt Khloe is getting advice left and right. As the pretty blonde said, "Even though I'm not big on taking advice, I don't believe there's only one-way-or-the-highway and we all have to adapt into our own routines. It's so comforting to know that I have sisters whom I can ask about anything that may come up. Just by observing them as moms, I've already learned so much."

Khloe told inquisitr.com that Kim is the one who gives the best parenting advice. Although Kim is not a regular housewife, she is not judgmental. As moms, we all have to agree that parents should stop being hard on each other.

14 Khloe Stole Some Business Advice From Kendall


Kendall is the only Kardashian sibling without kids. Yet, Kendall is an influential businesswoman, so it's no surprise business-minded mom Khloe didn't hesitate to steal some business tips from her younger sister. We should mention that in 2017, Kendall became the World’s Highest Paid Model on the Forbes list, and as of 2019, the 12th most followed influencer on social media.

Although the Kardashian sisters have a wild variety of business ventures together, Kendall admits she’s always been a bit different. She told cosmopolitan.com, "I’m not necessarily a lot like them. I like that I have a different vibe to everyone. I like to do different things. And that’s okay."

13 Khloe Stole Kourtney's Meal Plans


Khloe and her sisters are grown-ups who probably do not argue over the last bite of cheesecake anymore. Yet, Khloe didn't hesitate to steal Kourtney’s meal plans. Just like Kourtney, Khloe started promoting healthy eating habits and vegan meals. She told livekindly.com, "Before pregnancy I really only ate chicken or turkey – no pork, red meat, most fish, lamb, etc… But now I find meat absolutely disgusting, LOL."

As we know, Kourtney Kardashian has always been a passionate advocate of organic and vegan food. The mom of three claims that her kids, Mason, Reign, and Penelope, do not eat dairy or gluten either.

12 Khloe Followed In Kourtney's Footsteps & True's Birth Was Filmed For KUWTK


Whether it's her love life or her business ventures, Khloe’s life is like an open book. Khloe followed in Kourtney’s footsteps and the birth of True was filmed for KUWTK. Although Khloe didn’t pull True out, the last days of Khloe’s pregnancy caused the Internet to explode. According to people.com, Tristan was caught with another woman... only days before Khloe went into labor.

Kris recalls, "No one had the courage to tell Khloe 'cause we knew she was days away from giving birth… So, I'm the one that told Khloe. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, but I felt like she should hear from one of us versus on the internet."

11 Khloe Stole Kylie's Strategy To Be A Good Mom


Is Khloe the only copy cat in the family? The truth is that the Kardashians have been accused numerous times of stealing and copying. According to eonline.com, Khloe accused her own sister Kylie for copying her style, "I saw you wore my bathing suit out before my magazine cover came out… It's for my book - that's why I showed you."

Yet, it’s clear that Khloe stole a few things from Kylie’s mothering playbook. Just like Kylie Jenner, Khloe is learning to be a good mother. Khloe admits that being a (solo) mother is not easy, so her mom and sisters are her ultimate mom mentors.

10 Khloe Will Never Be A Momager Like Kris


Even though Khloe Kardashian stole lots of parenting strategies from her sisters, one thing is for sure: Khloe will never become a momager like her mom Kris Jenner. Despite her outspoken personality, beautiful Khloe has a soft and forgiving heart and she'll do anything for her family, especially for little baby girl True. The loving blonde was by her former husband’s side when he almost lost his life; Khloe also gave Tristan Thompson a second chance.

In contrast, momager Kris Jenner is a powerful matriarch who has never hesitated to exploit her personal life and family values to ensure her family stays at the top of the food chain.

9 Khloe Will Never Listen To Kourtney's Unwanted Advice


Although Khloe and Kourtney have a special connection, the two sisters often find themselves at odds over parenting.

Khloe told brit.co that Kourtney is the one who gives her the most annoying baby advice. "A lot of it is unwanted. I don’t know if it’s the worst, but Kourtney gives a lot of advice. I think it’s so sweet but I don’t want to do some of that stuff. And it’s like, ‘You can never have a plastic toy, ever!’… It’s either her way or no way." Well, moms all over the world will agree that unwanted advice is just no good.

8 Khloe Will Never Use Kylie's Weird Social Media Strategies


The Kardashian sisters are notorious for their selfies and tweets. Take Khloe’s hilarious posts, for example. In fact, Khloe - one of the most outspoken members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan - will never be able to understand Kylie’s weird social media strategies.

As we all remember, Kylie’s pregnancy came out as a surprise to the whole world. As Kylie tweeted, "I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark through all the assumptions... My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world." According to instyle.com, Kylie Jenner is trying to respect her daughter’s privacy and even cuts her out of pictures.

7 Unlike Her Sisters, Khloe Is A Social Media Mama Bear


Talking about social media, we have to agree that Khloe Kardashian is a real social media mama bear. Khloe is very protective of her family, especially of her little sisters Kendall and Kylie, and is not afraid to shut down haters. According to good.is, when racist trolls left mean comments about her sweet baby, calling True ugly and too dark, Khloe proved to be a proud mama bear.

Unlike her sisters, Khloe always slams back at people who scrutinize her life and attack her family. And we all have to agree that attacking an infant is way too gross.

6 Khloe Will Never Be Like Kim And Treat Her Daughter As An Accessory


From designer clothes to expensive toys, True Thompson was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Khloe keeps posting pictures of True dressed in extravagant clothes and surrounded by expensive handbags. Yet, Khloe will never be like Kim and treat her daughter like an accessory.

According to perezhilton.com, Kim’s parenting has caused lots of controversies worldwide as she keeps dressing North West in provocative and uncomfortable outfits. TV personality Sharon Osbourne even said, "I know PETA has asked the Kardashians to stop. (North) isn’t an accessory – she shouldn’t be wearing ugly couture clothes. (Fur) makes me physically sick, and wearing it is a very dated way of showing everyone how rich you are."

5 Khloe Will Never Understand Why Kendall Is Not Ready For Kids


Although Khloe adores her sister Kendall and her business-oriented mindset, Khloe will never be like Kendall. Khloe has always wanted to have a family on her own and as stated above, she even considered surrogacy. Khloe adores kids and loves being an aunt. Moreover, she is a loving mother who’s not afraid to claps back at online trolls. Thus, Khloe will never understand why Kendall is not ready for kids.

We should mention that Kendall chose not to be in the famous 2018 Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card. Khloe defended her sister, though, saying her little sister thought it was just the babies and the mommies.

4 Khloe Would Never Leave Her Family Behind


Given the fact that Keeping up with the Kardashians airs in 167 countries, we should agree that the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are well-known worldwide. Kris has managed to keep her family in the headlines and build an empire based on gossip, make-up, and social media feuds. The Kardashian women always stick together to make their wealth and fame grow.

Nevertheless, Khloe claims that family values mean more than money. For instance, Khloe has always had a special connection with her brother Rob and she’ll never leave him behind. According to cosmopolitan.com, even though Rob has been removed from the public eye, Khloe is still tight with her brother - her "entire world" and "her king."

3 Khloe Kardashian Is A Better Role Model Than Kim


With their lavish parties and revealing posts, the Kardashians have caused lots of social media debates and controversy worldwide. At the same time, the Kardashian sisters are seen as role models who influence teens, fashion, and cosmetics. Although Kendall, Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim are known for doing some not so noble stuff, we all have to agree that they have thousands of people in the palm of their hand.

Are they good role models for their little ones, though? While there’s no doubt that Khloe spoils True, insiders agree that Khloe is a better role model than Kim. In fact, according to inquisitr.com, Kim promotes an unrealistic body image which can be harmful.

2 Khloe Will Never Use An Army Of Nannies


With so many kids around, the Kardashians need a whole bunch of personal assistants and nannies to help them juggle celebrity life and parenting responsibilities. Take Kim, for example. According to romper.com, she has hired three nannies to help her look after North, Saint, and Chicago. And perhaps there’ll be a new nanny to take care of Psalm!

Unlike Kim, Khloe doesn’t need an army of nannies. Moreover, the beautiful blonde doesn’t hide the fact she needs some help; she can be often seen with True’s nanny by her side. Can we judge Khloe?... After all, we all need a bit of help.

1 Khloe Will Never Use Other People's Advice: True Is Simply Khloe's True Love


Motherhood is a learning process – an exciting journey full of ups and downs. There’s no doubt Khloe can learn a lot from her sisters and their little ones.

Yet, Khloe will always stay true to herself. Despite her troublesome life, Khloe will always be a fun aunt and a loving mom. What's more, True will always be Khloe’s True love. As Khloe tweeted, "I waited for this day for so many years! I know now, looking back that I was in shock because I couldn’t believe that this would ever happen to me but I’m still very proud of myself for how I handled everything. True gave me the peace and strength I needed."

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