10 Paparazzi Shots That Are Beautiful And 10 That Need Work

When we think about being famous, we probably assume that it's basically the best thing ever. We all have those days when we wish that we had more money so we could do whatever we wanted and buy whatever we wanted (like a whole new wardrobe, for starters). Of course, we know that's nothing but a pipe dream and that we should be grateful for the good people and things that we have in our lives, but, hey, we're only human. Sometimes we daydream about stuff that we know will never actually happen.

We probably don't really think about the downsides of fame, like all the pressure to look perfect and thin and beautiful all the time, and the fact that you can't go anywhere without having tons of cameras in your face. Yeah, that would definitely suck. We figure that celebrities get used to it and maybe some of them do, but it must be weird at the same time. Even if we know that some stars don't love having their pictures taken all the time, we know that we still love following along and seeing how great they look. So we rounded up some super hot photos of female celebs... and some that weren't having the best hair or outfit day. Check out these 20 photos!

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20 Drives 'Em Wild: Gigi Hadid

A bad photo of this young model probably just doesn't exist. We can't even imagine that ever happening. The camera absolutely loves Gigi Hadid, and it 100 percent loves her in this pretty get-up. She looks amazing in these light jeans, white t-shirt, and gorgeous pea-green coat. The sunglasses make her look like the cool girl that she is.

There's just something so pretty and perfect about the way that Gigi looks in this picture. It must be the cut of her t-shirt, which shows off her pale skin, and the way that her hair is long and wavy and flowing. That kind of hairstyle definitely drives men wild, so we think it's safe to say that every guy would give this photo a big thumbs-up.

19 They Wish They Could Unsee: Miley Cyrus

This isn't the best or most flattering photo of Miley Cyrus and that's definitely because of the expression on her face. She's got her eyes closed and the whole thing is just a bit awkward. She's also making kind of a strange face. It looks like she wasn't expecting to be photographed, which is of course basically the definition of a paparazzi photo, so this stuff happens sometimes.

There are times when Miley looks really glam and cool, and there are other times when she's wearing something kind of wild and, well, unique. This outfit seems to be more on the wild side since she's got her hair cropped short and has long red nails and is wearing a bunch of necklaces. We're sure that if she was standing up straight and smiling, this would be a great photo.

18 Drives 'Em Wild: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is one beautiful girl. Of course, we all know that she became famous when she starred in High School Musical (and dated Zac Efron). These days, she's taken on some other roles. She just finished starring on the TV show Powerless and as for movies, she's got two photos called Dog Days (with Nina Dobrev) and Second Act (with Milo Ventimiglia) coming up.

How hot does Vanessa look in these photos? That's basically a rhetorical question since of course, she looks hot since she's in a bikini on the beach. It just wouldn't be possible for her not to look good. This is definitely a photo that would drive men absolutely wild since the bikini shows off her gorgeous figure.

17 They Wish They Could Unsee: Khloe Kardashian

Talk about a bad hair day. We all have them, although when we think about the bad hair days that we've had in the past, we would probably just say that our hair wouldn't stop being so wild or curly or that it just wasn't cooperating. We might not have had a bad hair day like this one that Khloe Kardashian was experiencing when this photo was taken of her.

We're sure that otherwise, this would have been a perfectly lovely and normal photo. Unfortunately, her hair looks totally wild and like it's going in absolutely every possible direction. Maybe she just got hit by a ton of wind or something, which would definitely make sense. She definitely doesn't look as polished as she usually does, so this is a rare bad hair day photo of the star.

16 Drives 'Em Wild: Lauren Conrad

Who didn't watch The Hills (and before that, Laguna Beach) and fall in love with Lauren Conrad?! Exactly. We all did that. We definitely all loved those reality shows and maybe we even still binge watch them from time to time (like on a lazy Sunday when it's snowing and going outside sounds like the worst idea ever).

Lauren Conrad is super stylish, which makes sense since she's got some fashion lines, and she's also super beautiful. Guys would agree for that for sure, especially if they saw this photo of her in a bikini and cover-up. Her sunglasses and straw hat make her look even cooler, and let's be honest, her body looks really good. She's toned and flawless, and we just know that our boyfriends have big crushes on her.

15 They Wish They Could Unsee: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a beautiful singer and actress, but this is kind of an awkward photo of her. It's actually kind of hard to tell that this is even a photo of her and we might not even recognize her if we didn't know that this was her. So that might be the first issue.

Her hair is really messy and in her face, and she's wearing a blue sweater which looks like it's totally fading in certain areas. Maybe that's deliberate and part of the style, but it makes the sweater look kind of old. Honestly, her hair looks like it hasn't been washed in weeks, and that makes this an unflattering look. We know that this is just a bad hair day (which we all have) because Selena always looks so good.

14 Drives 'Em Wild: Kylie Jenner

Men love when a woman has curves, which is definitely something that we should all remember. It's a shame how we go through phases where we forget that and act like we should all live on salad alone. There's no reason not to embrace our curves for the super beautiful things that they are.

Kylie Jenner is one curvy celebrity who is gorgeous and always looks good. She just knows how to work her curves and looks fashionable no matter what she decided to wear that day or night. We know that men would love this photo of Kylie in a pair of high-waisted black leggings and a cropped black long-sleeved top. She looks really hot (and totally glam, which is no big surprise since she always looks that way).

13 They Wish They Could Unsee: Bella Thorne

By now we all know that Bella Thorne is one celebrity who wears clothes that are kind of confusing. This outfit is pretty much par for the course, and it's honestly way too random. It doesn't seem like something that guys would like since they seem to like much more simple, natural looks, like when we're just in a t-shirt or jeans and not much makeup with our hair down.

The combination of a beanie hat, sporty shorts, a bra top, and a sporty t-shirt is just too much. The fact that her hair is blue, her hat is green, and her sunglasses are also colorful makes it even more random. Bella is beautiful and unique and creative, and we've seen a lot of pictures of her looking really gorgeous and fashionable. These types of outfits just aren't really that flattering.

12 Drives 'Em Wild: Miranda Kerr

Guys might love to joke about ripped jeans and make lame jokes like "Where's the rest of them? You paid so much money for such little fabric." We've all heard that, right?! Maybe they're just preparing themselves for the day that they become dads and make those types of jokes all the time.

Even if they don't claim to adore when we wear ripped jeans, we're pretty confident that they would all agree that Miranda Kerr looks awesome in this cropped black top and these super tight black jeans. They have a perfect rip in one knee and that's a style choice that makes her look really chic and cool. She's showing just enough skin to be mysterious and her low bun is pretty and elegant.

11 They Wish They Could Unsee: Britney Spears

It's hard to know what's going on in this photo and why Britney Spears looks like this. She looks either tired or something else...Her makeup is running, her hair is a bit of a mess, and she just looks out of it. Although who could blame her, there were probably paparazzi flashes shinning in her eyes at the moment. Regardless, this isn't the Britney we're used to seeing. We love the strong woman who puts on a show like no other!

Maybe this was just a really bad day for the singer, or this was taken during that period of time when she was struggling, which we're really glad is over since we all grew up listening and loving her pop music. Thankfully, she's doing great these days and has made an amazing comeback.

10 Drives 'Em Wild: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is another curvy celeb who is totally gorgeous and always knows how to put an outfit together. While we're sitting over here in awe of her clothing, like how she always figures out the perfect combination of beige/black/white clothes that just look so good together, our boyfriends are drooling over how beautiful she is. We know that they do. And it's okay. We get it. Because we're pretty much doing the same thing.

This photo of Kim K is particularly great since she's wearing a chic strapless bra-style top, high-waisted pants, heels and a sweatshirt. She's matched everything perfectly and the overall effect is insanely stylish and really, really, really hot. Her curves are on full display and she couldn't possibly look any better.

9 They Wish They Could Unsee: Hilary Duff

We definitely feel for someone who gets their photo snapped while they're actually picking a wedgie. Oh man. We would blush for days if this happened to us. We can't even begin to imagine how embarrassing that is. Of course, this is another downside to living the lifestyle of the rich and famous: you basically have zero privacy and so moments that you would rather not get captured on camera are totally going to be.

We always see Hilary Duff looking pretty and stylish, so we know that this was just a random, unfortunate photo, and that these things happen. We also know that men definitely find her attractive. This just isn't her best and most flattering photo, and there's no way to really disagree with that, right?!

8 Drives 'Em Wild: Scarlett Johansson

Everyone has a celebrity crush, even if we might not want to admit it. We might think that it sounds a bit juvenile but there's nothing wrong with it. And chances are, our boyfriends have one, too. It's safe to say that a lot of guys are crushing on Scarlett Johansson. And why not?! As we can see from this picture, the girl is hot and she looks awesome in clothes, too.

This outfit is the definition of a guy magnet with the tight black leather pants. We might not have the guts to wear pants like this, so we honestly have to give the actress even more props for wearing them because we're super impressed. She just looks so good and the pink sweater is a nice pop of color.

7 They Wish They Could Unsee: Kylie Jenner

This is a rare unflattering photo of Kylie Jenner, who always looks like a total fashion plate. We're used to seeing her in lots of perfect makeup with her hair done and in an interesting outfit. The reason why it's not that great? Her messy hair that looks a bit unwashed, the dark circles under her eyes, and how plain she looks.

It's not like this is a horrible photo or anything like that. Kylie still looks pretty because of course, she's really good-looking. It's just not as flattering or stylish as the other photos that we see of her, so we just have to say that this isn't how we usually see the star. She doesn't look like the glam celebrity that she usually does.

6 Drives 'Em Wild: Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is a beautiful young model and would look awesome in any outfit, so it's no surprise that she looks so great in this combo of black jeans, cropped light grey top, and dark grey jacket. But even if it's not a surprise, we're still impressed with how chic she is. And we just know that this photo is a guy magnet.

Besides her stylish outfit, we have to focus on what every guy will totally love when they see this photo: how toned and perfect her midriff is. They're on full display here since she's wearing a crop top and if we can't help but stare, we're sure that our boyfriends would love this picture of Hailey just as much as we do.

5 They Wish They Could Unsee: Lindsay Lohan

What's going on in this photo?! Did Lindsay actually fall down and that's why she's sitting on the floor like that... or did she just feel like sitting down? Okay, so it definitely seems like she fell down, but since we're not sure what was happening, we don't want to speculate or say something that's not true.

Either way, it's safe to say that this would be a much more flattering picture of Lindsay Lohan if the actress was standing up. Or if she was sitting somewhere. Or in any kind of position, really, that didn't involve her kneeling on the ground like this. It's also not that flattering since her eyes are closed and she looks a bit surprised. Otherwise, we're sure that she would look gorgeous since her dress is really pretty and her makeup and hair look on point.

4 Drives 'Em Wild: Chrissy Teigen

Of course Chrissy Teigen is incredibly beautiful. That just goes without saying and every guy would agree with that statement for sure. This is a particularly hot photo of the star since she's wearing shorts and sandals and we can see her legs in all their glory.

Honestly, her legs look really, really good, and would definitely drive any guy crazy. It's easy to love this photo of Chrissy since she's in such a cute, casual outfit, and we feel like she looks really chill and down-to-earth. We're used to seeing her in fancier outfits like gowns, especially if she's going to an award show or party with her handsome hubby John Legend, and it's nice to see her in a simple t-shirt and shorts.

3 They Wish They Could Unsee: Kendall Jenner

Yes, that's a photo of Kendall Jenner. We might not think so since it doesn't look like her and she's not wearing an outfit that we would expect her to wear.... which basically means that she doesn't look chic and elegant (you know, like a famous model, which is of course what she is).

Was this for a job? A photo shoot? Or something else? We're not sure why she's wearing this outfit. We're not sure why she's decked out in a super baggy red sweatshirt and sweatpants with a grey/purple sweater or a big chain necklace or a hat or why she's sticking her tongue out. It's not the most flattering picture that we've seen of her, that's for sure. We definitely always see her looking really stylish.

2 They Wish They Could Unsee: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a beloved and talented actress, and chances are, we love the movies that she's starred in, from Eat Pray Love to Notting Hill to My Best Friend's Wedding. We know that this photo is basically the definition of a candid one since it was snapped when she was walking around and maybe running errands with her kid. It's not like she's going to wear a fancy ballgown or anything like that when she's just out and about on a random, casual day.

We just have to say that this isn't the most flattering outfit since her shirt is very long and baggy. She just looks like a regular person and not like the movie that she is, and of course, that's fine since no one can look perfect all the time. Her hair still looks flawless, though.

1 Drives 'Em Wild: Lindsay Lohan

We're over here wishing that Lindsay Lohan would have a real comeback this time and star in some more movies like Mean Girls (that's what we're all thinking, right?!) but in the meantime, let's look at how pretty and stylish Lindsay looks in this photo.

While we might not think to pair a white dress with a fur coat and patterned heels, it's hard not to admit that she looks really chic. She definitely looks like a movie star and like someone who's headed somewhere totally fabulous. Since this outfit shows off a lot of her lower half it's a good thing they're toned, we just know that men would go wild seeing this picture. There's just no way that they wouldn't react this way.

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