9 Most OTT Outfits Blake Lively Has Worn (& 9 That Were Perfect)

Blake Lively has always had impeccable style! The actress started out as a regular on Gossip Girl, where fans envied her New York-inspired sense of fashion and designer duds on the show. Although Blake has since said her portrayal of Serena on GG wasn’t her favourite role, clearly the show left an impression on her style-wise.

In addition to her acting chops, Blake continues to inspire us with her impeccable sense of style and bold clothing choices. What’s even more impressive is that the celebrity has admitted to not using a stylist. “Probably because I have control issues and a big ego—that’s probably the honest answer,” she explained to Glamour. “I love design and I love fashion, and it’s a way to be creative.”

So, all her clothing choices, good and bad, have been her own, which is a pretty impressive feat in Hollywood. And there have only been a few rare occasions where Blake hasn’t looked on point.

Since marrying Ryan Reynolds and becoming a mom to two daughters, Blake’s style has definitely changed and become more refined. Keep reading to see some of Blake’s best fashion moments, and a few times when the celebrity’s look was just a bit too over-the-top for our taste.

18 Over-The-Top: Is She Going To Shoot Hoops?

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During a date night, Blake showed off her sporty pride by wearing a jersey-inspired shirt while linking arms with her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

Although wearing a jersey to a sporting event can be cute, this outfit just seems confusing. The sequins and fringed bottom of the tank look like something we’d see on Jersey Shore, while the wide-legged trousers are an odd choice. A basic pair of leggings may have toned the looked down a bit more.

The fact that Ryan looked dapper in a suit made Blake’s choice of outfit all the more bizarre. Sorry, Blake!

17 Perfect: Beige Isn't Boring

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Is it weird to say that beige is totally Blake’s colour? One of the actress’ best fashion moments came when she stepped out in this monochromatic outfit. The lacy dress showed off her enviable figure, while the stylish trench coat and nude stilettos kept the look classy and polished.

“It's a challenge. It's something that I have to remind myself of every single time I put on an outfit that doesn't fit like it used to — or doesn't fit at all!” Blake told Vogue about feeling good in her outfits. “You have to learn to forgive yourself — to say, 'I'm working. I'm a dedicated mother. I'm a good friend. I'm a great wife.' Try not to beat yourself up about it.”

16 Over-The-Top: A Neon Nightmare

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Usually, Blake looks stunning in pantsuits, but this photo is proof that the celebrity can do wrong when it comes to her fashion choices. She recently hopped on the neon trend and was seen sporting this bright lime-green pantsuit. Unfortunately, this outfit is a bit too out-there and we think there have been plenty of times Blake when has looked better.

Speaking to Elle, Blake once admitted that her style has definitely changed throughout the years. "The older I get, I guess I wear less sparkles. And I know that someday my knees are going to look like elephant knees. But for now, my hemlines are still pretty high."

We just hope neon isn’t her new thing!

15 Perfect: Ravishing In Red

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We know we said that beige was Blake’s colour, but this outfit is now convincing us that red is totally her colour, too. The celebrity showed up to the Cannes Film Festival one year in this red number and totally stole the show. Although the look was sultry, it still didn’t show off too much skin. Blake’s spiked necklace added a bit of edge to the look.

What is Blake’s best accessory? Her confidence! The mom-of-two says body positivity is one of the main things she’s teaching her daughters. "We're all born feeling perfect until somebody tells us we're not," she told Glamour in 2017. "So there's nothing I can teach my daughter. She already has all of it. The only thing I can do is protect what she already feels."

14 Over-The-Top: The 2000s Want Their Look Back

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This photo is proof that Blake wasn’t always the stylish maven we know today. Back when she was first making a name for herself in Hollywood, the celebrity gave in to the bad early 2000s trends that most of us rocked at the time.

In this photo, Blake was a trend-overload by styling a strapless, patterned top with bell-bottom jeans. Her out-of-date wedges didn’t coordinate with the colours of the rest of the outfit. To top it all off, the celebrity’s hair didn’t look nearly as voluminous and impeccable as it does today.

We guess that’s what a good stylist and beauty team can do for you!

13 Perfect: Flaunting It In Floral

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This is hands-down one of Blake’s best looks. The actress showed up to a red carpet event in this strapless chiffon dress. The dress would otherwise be plain if it wasn’t for the gorgeous cape that featured delicate floral appliqué. Blake was clearly the best dressed of the night (and probably the year!).

Blake once said that one thing she can’t leave the house without is perfume - we wonder which scent she loves to wear on the red carpet! “One of the very few things that I do every single day is put on fragrance,” she once admitted to Vogue. “If I'm not wearing make-up, if my hair's not done, if I'm walking around in pyjamas - I still put my fragrance on. I will brush my teeth and put on my perfume.”

12 Over-The-Top: Orange Isn't The New Black

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We’ve hardly ever seen a colour look bad on Blake, but we guess this photo is proof that it can happen. The celebrity didn’t look like her regular stylish self when she stepped out in this ill-fitting, orange nightmare.

The satin material of her dress made the orange colour too bright and metallic, even making her skin look washed out. Not to mention, the dress didn’t seem to fit properly in places, which did nothing for Blake’s statuesque figure. Blake’s accessories seemed out of place, from the unflattering, long necklace to her chunky bangles.

Even her hair didn’t look its usual perfect self as it was hastily tied back. Better luck next time, Blake!

11 Perfect: Beaming With A Bump

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There was hardly a time Blake didn’t look impeccable during either of her pregnancies. In this stylish look, the mom-of-two rocked a black dress with sequin detailing. Her voluminous hair and chunky earrings only added to the drama of the outfit. And we’re so digging it!

Blake says the key to success, both in terms of fashion and her career, is to not shy away from taking risks.

"The only time I've ever done something and felt real reward is when I've done something that's incredibly risky, because without great risks it's impossible to have huge success," she said to Vogue in 2015. "I don't mean financial success, I mean personal success, pride, happiness in what you've done."

10 Over-The-Top: Not-So-Prettty In Pink

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Monochromatic looks can be tough to pull off, especially if you opt for a bright colour. The look can easily be overpowering and laughable, rather than serious and trendy. While Blake has pulled off one-colour looks before, this pink look just mixed the mark.

Although this colour looks fresh on Blake, it’s a bit too bright to wear from head to toe. Had the actress opted for a paler, lighter pink hue then it would’ve been a safer option. Or, had she worn a different colour to help break up all the pink, it may have been a bit easier on the eye.

9 Perfect: Thirty, Flirty, And Thriving

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Blake looked perfect in this detailed cocktail dress. The light pink hue complemented the actress’ bronzed glow and golden locks. The lace and embroidered detailing added a feminine flair to the flirty dress. Blake’s pastel blue bag contributed to the girly vibes of the outfit, while also giving it a refined and polished feel.

This feminine look is a lot different from the dresses Blake first used to rock on the red carpet. The celebrity once said she hopes her style never stops evolving. "I should hope I dress differently at 25 than I did when I graduated high school," Blake told E! News. "I hope I never stop changing."

8 Over-The-Top: The Dress Is Wearing Her

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Blake can rock patterns like no other. But in this particular outfit, it looked like the outfit was wearing her rather than the other way around. There was just too much colour and pattern going on in this look. Had Blake opted for a more subtle dress or jacket, instead of wearing both in this bold style, the look would’ve been less in-your-face.

Just like her outfits, Blake says she enjoys keeping the characters she portrays interesting. "I think that onscreen — at least in the mainstream — complicated women are black-and-white. They're villains, or they're heroic," she said to Glamour in 2017. "And that's just not real life. We all have a lightness, and we all have darkness, and we all have plenty of shades in-between."

7 Perfect: Queen Of The Silver Screen

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Blake looked like a literal queen when she showed up to the MET Gala last year in this royal outfit. Attendees at the gala are known for going all out with their looks, but we think Blake struck a perfect balance between extravagant and stylish with this royalty-inspired look. It matches her personality traits, like her dignity and regal nature, perfectly. She looks like a boss!

"There would never be any negative connotation for a man being a boss, so to add a negative connotation on a woman being bossy? [It brings women down]," Blake told Glamour about being a fierce woman. "And it doesn't encourage them to be a boss. So do I know how to be the best parent for a daughter? No, I have no idea. All I can do is share what I'm thinking — and learn from others."

6 Over-The-Top: This Dress Needs To Mellow

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We’ve already established that Blake tends to look better in softer colours, so this bright dress is a ‘no’ from us. There’s too much pattern going on with the matching coat and dress combo. Had the actress just chosen one of those pieces instead of rocking both, the outfit may have been better.

However, don’t expect Blake to tone down her style. “I tend to like to make my statements more in fashion than in beauty, because what I normally respond to is when someone looks really effortless and deconstructed, beauty-wise, and their fashion is really grand. Someone like Kate Moss is a great example,” she once explained to Harper's Bazaar.

5 Perfect: A Babe In Black-And-White

Although Blake tends to choose outfits with a lot of colour, we love times when she’s gone the classic route with a black-and-white look.

On this day, Blake wore a stunning black-and-white dress that featured a variety of patterns as well as floral appliqué. She kept the rest of the look simple by also wearing black and white accessories. But her chunky jewellery added an edgy vibe.

“Design, whether it's on your body or in your home, is the same thing,” Blake once said about her approach to style, as E! News reports. “It's mixing different colors, different textures, and unexpected patterns - elements that you wouldn't often put together in an interesting way.”

4 Over-The-Top: She's Checked Out

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While we’ll admit that this pantsuit was flattering on Blake’s tall figure, the checkered pattern was just too overpowering. All we can focus on are the competing colours, not on Blake’s beautiful face or perfectly styled hair. For that reason, we think this outfit is too over-the-top to be one of Blake’s best looks.

“I always want to wear clothes that my children will one day look back on and say, 'Oh, you looked amazing - why didn't you keep that?' Not, 'Oh my God - I can't believe you wore that,'” Blake once said of her clothing choices, as Independent reports. Do you think any of her daughters would like this loud pantsuit?

3 Perfect: A Glowing Goddess

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We didn’t think it was possible to look this gorgeous!

Blake made heads turn when she showed up to an event in this stunning gold gown. The body-hugging dress showed off her shapely figure, while the gold sequin detailing complimented her golden hair.

Despite her obvious beauty, Blake warns fans not to get caught up in appearances. "People are obsessed with beauty and youth and with looking and feeling young forever," she told Allure. "But look at a woman who is granted that: She's trapped, because it's tragic to be young forever. And also, having a child makes you realize that we pass on for a reason. You think, I have to go, because it makes room for you."

2 Over-The-Top: Not On The Red Carpet

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Blake hardly ever hits the carpet in anything but a dress. But when she does, she’s either rocking a pair of elegant trousers or a trendy jumpsuit. Never in the last 10 years have we seen the actress sport jeans to a Hollywood event. But the early 2000s were a different time!

In this photo, a fresh-faced Blake showed up to the Teen Choice Awards in a casual outfit. She rocked low-rise jeans with pink heels that matched the colour of her belt and shirt. We guess this is what was trendy to wear back then, but we just could never imagine Blake rocking something so poorly styled today.

1 Perfect: She's Street-Style Goals

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Blake isn’t only a total babe on the red carpet. She’s also got impeccable style on her days off. During this particular day, the paparazzi caught Blake in a super-stylish outfit. The mom-of-two paired a red and black coat with black boots and jeans. But it was her bright red lip that really pulled the whole look together.

Despite being a total pro in the spotlight, Blake reveals that her favourite thing is to enjoy casual days with her family (like this one). "Family is at the heart of everything I do," she told People. "This is the happiest time in my life, and I could say that every day. I often feel like, 'I can’t believe I’m experiencing this.'"

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