10 More Of The Most Romantic Places To Travel As A Couple

Romance is alive wherever you may travel with your love. A trip together is a magical and romantic experience that you will both always share and cherish the memories of. Whether you like adventurous travel, secluded beach getaways or dramatic old cities, a place that you visit together will always hold a lasting impression in your heart. The following ten more places (continued from my previous article) are beautiful gems scattered across the globe that are ideal to visit with a lover. Treasure the natural beauty and enchanted energy that lives in these charmed places as you treasure the company of who you are so lucky to be able to share your time and your trip with.

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10 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Latin lovers run rampant in this glimmering city of starry-eyed romance. Energetic and colorful, Buenos Aires is the ideal backdrop to your lover’s tale. Get swept away by the exciting nightlife and dramatic culture in Argentina’s capital city. Buenos Aires is teeming with romantic restaurants and sensual dance halls, fine boutiques, and expansive and diverse neighborhoods filled with parks that are perfect for delectable Argentinian red wine picnicking or taking midnight moonlit strolls. Explore the culture and the glamour of this huge metropolis, all the while holding your lover’s hand as you wander the enchanting streets together.

9 Aruba

“One Happy Island” is the tagline for this magical Caribbean isle off the coast of Venezuela. Warm, sunny weather, pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters make this island nation an ideal location for romantic partners. A wildly popular honeymoon destination, Aruba is famous with lovers for its relaxed island culture with charming European influences, beautiful natural landscapes to take your breath away, and perpetually sunny skies. Whether you and your love like gentle surf and great snorkeling, relaxing beachfront massages, or a romantic night out on the town, Aruba has what you are looking for.

8 Kyoto, Japan

The epitome of traditional Japan, Kyoto is home to the country’s most celebrated culture and cuisine. A peaceful and tranquil city rich with temples, palaces, and blooming cherry blossoms in the spring, there is nothing more romantic than riding a boat down the flower-lined Okazaki Canal. The symbolism of the cherry blossom is very important in Japanese culture. The short-lived life of these beautiful flowers is considered to be a yearly reminder about the ephemeral quality of life. As the home to this beautiful metaphor to be present in the moment now, what better place could there be to share with the one you love so dearly?

7 The Turquoise Coast, Turkey

Rich history, mountainous terrain and, of course, stunning turquoise waters make this southwest “Turkish Riviera” the perfect destination for dreamy lovers. Endless perfect coastline of intimate beaches and small coves scream romance on the Mediterranean shores. A key location of the ancient world, Turkey is covered with ancient relics and historic sites and its beautiful Turquoise Coast is no different. Home to ancient cities, you and your love can wander the ruins of an old world after lounging on the untouched beaches. Delight your taste buds as you sample some of Turkey’s finest cuisine, always with a view of horizons and sea that is candy to the eyes.

6 Tahiti, French Polynesia

Black sand beaches, inactive volcanic mountains, lagoons, waterfalls, and endless ocean views, Tahiti is the perfect playground for lovers. With crystal clear waters and quiet beaches, laze the day away sunbathing and snorkeling, swimming and enjoying the views. This romantic hot spot was formed from volcanic rock, which created a picturesque, mountainous landscape surrounded by oceans filled with coral reef. The official language of Tahiti is none other than the language of love: beautiful, music-to-the-ears French. With both native and European cultural influences, this eclectic political and economic center of French Polynesia is a beautiful balance of mixed worlds. Unbelievable sites, endless clear seas, and never-ending romance make Tahiti a must-see destination for you and your love.

5 San Sebastian, Spain

In the heart of the Basque Country lies the beautiful resort town of San Sebastian, Spain. This romantic little city has something special in the air. Famous for its picturesque beaches and world-class cuisine, this cobblestone-lined old town is home to upscale shops and modern tapas bars that will pair you the finest wines with the most delectable bite-sized treats. With lush green hills rolling in from one side of the city and crashing waves enclosing on the other, you can ride the funicular to the top of the city for panoramic views or spend your time lazily sunbathing on the beaches. Whatever your style is, it’s impossible to experience the charm of San Sebastian, and not fall head over heels in love.

4 Fiji

This tropical island archipelago is a paradise for romantic travelers in the South Pacific. Famous for its perfect blue lagoons and palm tree lined beaches, Fiji boasts rugged terrain with any activity you could imagine: zip lining, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, or mountain climbing. Tagged as “the home of happiness,” Fiji offers romance on another level, as most of the nation’s population inhabits one of the two main islands, and the rest of the country’s 331 islands are virtually secluded and private. A well-traveled honeymoon destination, Fiji is perhaps best known for the kindness of its people, an extremely hospitable culture that welcomes travelers from all walks of life, particularly lovers.

3 Koh Tao, Thailand

An island oasis in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao is a lovers’ paradise. This romantic little island is covered with spotless beaches and jungle havens, delicious Thai cuisine, and energetic nightlife. Rent a motorbike to patrol the small isle looking for the most secluded beaches beyond the thick jungle and find the most stunning viewpoints. Share a candlelit dinner under the stars while listening to the crashing waves. Stroll the white sand beaches beneath the moonlight and stop to gaze with awe at the fire dancers in the sand. Skinny dip in the warm gulf waters or go on a night dive to witness the illuminating creatures of the sea. Whatever you may do with your love in Koh Tao will be a whirlwind romance of delight.

2 The Maldives

The world’s most romantic archipelago, The Maldives is an isolated romantic paradise. Each island more beautiful than the next, with translucent turquoise-blue waters and flawless white sand beaches, there is no place that will make you and your significant other feel so alone together than this picturesque island nation. Lose yourself in this private paradise by staying in one of the many bungalows over the ocean waters. Sleep, dine, and relax overlooking the beauty of the vast expanse of the horizon. Share jaw-dropping sunsets, colorful snorkeling, candlelit dinners, and romance galore with your love in this secret gem of the Indian Ocean.

1 Venice, Italy

The capital of love and romance, Venice, Italy is a mecca for lovers. The iconic rides down the remote canals by stripped-shirted gondoliers gently humming Italian arias give this “Bride of the Sea” or “Queen of the Adriatic” city its fame with hopeless romantics. An old urban landscape of ancient beauty, this enchanting city is encompassed by a canal system that continues to attract endless tourists to experience its magical romance. During winter, mist shrouds the city in an eerie cloud of mystery and lovers can lose themselves wandering the maze-like streets of the old city. The song-like beauty of the Italian language can be heard from any corner and the passion of the Italian people quickly translates to you and your lover. This amorous city is the ideal setting for romantic travel with your love.

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