10 Male Signs To Forget About And 6 You Can Lock Down

Commitment seems to be a life or death struggle sometimes, which is why we’ve created this handy guide for you. Ladies, it’s time to stop the heartbreak. There’s enough pain in the world without your own misadventures in love adding to it. While we appreciate the fact that you reserve the right to make your own choices about whom you want to date, there are some tricks to avoiding pain and disappointment. It’s all written in the stars! We’ve deciphered the 6 best signs to commit to, and the 10 signs that just won’t try. Hopefully we’ve saved you some heartbreak, and allowed you to get your hopes up about the most recent prince charming who’s captured your attention. Remember: It’s not whether the glass slipper fits your foot. It’s whether or not his zodiac sign is one of the 6 that wants to commit, or one of the 6 that doesn’t. As a bonus we’ve also identified the 4 that swing both ways. Watch out for those wild cards!

Can Commit:


16 Pisces- Reassurance and Romance

These romantic men are always on the hunt for their newest mate. They commit hard and fast, and often get swept up in the romance of it all. This isn’t a bad thing! Their watery nature makes them easy to get along with, and you’ll find that you’re happy with the way this boy works. In a relationship, Pisces like reassurance and romance. Oftentimes it’s not enough to say “I love you”. Pisces need to see proof and feel the love. You’ll find that being with a Pisces man is the best choice you could have made. You’ll love their touchy-feely nature and will appreciate how much they worship you. While we can’t say whether or not you’ll last in the long term, there’s no question here that Pisces men are great at commitment, assuming that you’re also of the romantic bend.

15 Cancer: Straight Shooter


As a sign that prioritizes happiness and the home, Cancer’s loyalty means it’s no surprise that these guys will commit. These are the ones you date if you want something long term. You won’t find any wishy-washy period of “seeing each other”. You know that when a Cancer man asks you out, he’s thinking in the long term. While he’s not one to wear his heart on his sleeve, he has a deep sense of feeling and a rich inner emotional life. If you aren’t one to express yourself, it won’t bother your Cancer guy much. And if you are one to express emotions freely, you’ll find he appreciates the transparency. Honesty is the best policy in this relationship, and if you can manage to dig past a Cancer man’s mask, you’ll find a loyal, honest man with a big heart.

14 Gemini: They Need Stability


Geminis are happy to commit, if you manage to tickle their fancy. While you can read about some of their flaws on our undecided list, the positives of a Gemini are many. They’re creative, quick on their feet, and have big hearts to match their big personalities. They’re sweet, kind, and often end up giving you all the love and affection your heart desires. Geminis need stability in their lives, which means that though they might be happy to hook up at first, they’re really looking for long term potential. You might find they get caught in the trap of wanting but not wanting; that is, they WANT a long term relationship, but they aren’t always in the mood to keep up with one. If you make the effort to keep things going, you’ll find that they’re great partners to have. They’re very committed, and you’ll always know where they’re at emotionally.

13 Libra: A Balanced Partner


The scales! If you’re looking for a balanced partner, look no further than a Libra lover. These delightful guys are happy, creative, and can provide both stimulation and cool, calm, connectedness. If you’re looking for someone to balance you out, Libras are the way to go. They’re able to adapt themselves to suit the needs of who’s around them. Always on the lookout for opportunities to play the peacekeeper and justice-maker, these Libra men are a refreshing option if you’re looking for a rational and loving partner. You’ll find yourself well taken care of emotionally, and constantly surprised by their aptitude for assessing situations. Be aware that the scales do go out of balance sometimes too; Libras get just as messy as the rest of us, after all. Luckily that messiness isn’t related to commitment. These boys will find someone who helps them stay balanced and will stick to them. We hope that that special someone is you!

12 Scorpio: Catch You By Surprise


Open up your hearts and minds and you might find a Scorpio man there beside you. His quiet nature means he likely snuck in without you noticing. Maybe you two started hanging out as “just friends”, and all of a sudden it turned into something more. Maybe you went on one or two dates before realizing he was the one and integrating him into every aspect of your life. Lucky for you, this is one guy that really does want to commit. Scorpios like to play it safe. They’re not big on confrontation or taking risks, which means that you’re likely to find yourself making all the moves. Whether that means asking him out or being the first one to say “I love you”, be prepared to be the leader in a Scorpio relationship. Once you have your roles sorted out though, you’ll find that you two can lead a happy life together… Maybe forever!

11 Aquarius: A Little Strange But Worth It


These romantics are a little strange, but when you manage to dive into their world you’ll find a rich inner life full of romantic phrases and lots of imagination. They have a tendency to take things fast. Whether you realize it or not you might find yourself getting swept up in a relationship with your Aquarius guy. With or without meaning to, it’s just too tempting to get lost in their world with them. If you’re a sign that also likes to commit, this is great news. You’ve got a nice man all ready to fall in love, despite any and all obstacles. If you’re a sign that doesn’t really like to commit, good luck. You’re going to find that you’ve got a whole new world built just around you. Clear communication is a must with these guys, as it’s going to take some talking to really establish if you are or are not together; they can only offer you their hearts. Organizing them is up to you.

The Undecided:

10 Gemini: Not Stable Enough

Ah, the twins. Are you surprised that these two made it onto the undecided list? We’re certainly not. Two frames of mind that never truly come back into balance is the issue with those Gemini folks. While we love the creative spark and eager personality that’s associated with Geminis, it’s hard to find one that’s stable for more than a few minutes. It’s not that Gemini men have dramatic shifts of character that make them unpredictable; more so, Geminis are really connected to their impulses. Their emotions shift with the wind and can end up causing quite a lot of flux in a relationship. If you’re okay with taking baby steps with your Gemini guy, you’ll find that commitment is no problem. You’ll easily acclimatize to your guy, and find that not all Gemini’s are as kooky as you might think.


9 Libra: All Over The Map

These scales are the balancing act of total love and total cold heartedness. Libras tend to feel a little up and down. Unsurprisingly, this means that the relationship is going to be kind of all over the map. While you might find a Libra man who wants to commit, it’s also likely that you’ll find a Libra that’s looking forward to the future in a whole other direction. There’s nothing that should stop you from pursuing a passionate romance with these tender guys, but know that it’s going to be a balancing act. Libras are great lovers, but they’re indecisive. They care about everyone and everything, which means they might get swept away by someone else whom they think needs them more. If they commit to you, know that they will be faithful… They might just get distracted sometimes.

8 Scorpio: Can't Get Too Close

These watery signs are a little difficult to get to know. Because they feel everything all the time, you’d think that they would be a good match for those that are more stoic and contained. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Scorpios are a tricky sign because they tend to put up masks. They shelter themselves in order to keep people from getting too close. If you can crack through this facade, you’ll be okay. If you can get a Scorpio to let down their mask and open up to you, it’ll be the best thing in the world. You two will be able to create a rich world together. If you push too much though, you might end up sending them away. Too much pressure to commit and you’ll find yourself left with your little Scorpio soul protecting himself far, far away from you.

7 Aquarius: In Their Head Too Much


Who doesn’t love an artist? The Aquarians of the world are a special breed, able to go with the flow and create their own change. While you might be tempted to get involved with them, be warned: Aquarius people tend to live in their heads. They have their own little worlds that they’ve built, and nothing really pulls them out. If you can manage to build a world with them, they’ll love you forever. You fit into their world and they’ll commit to you forever and always. Wedding bells, cake, and a pretty dress are all things that are going to help create this sense of commitment. The downside? The second you stop playing these games you two are going to go your separate ways. And if you don’t get sucked into this new world? Likely the Aquarian guy isn’t ever going to commit.

Can't Commit:

6 Leo: Always On The Prowl


Big surprise, right? These roaring lions are always on the prowl. While you might not be surprised to hear that they’ve got a love of attention, did you know that that love of attention often results in not being able to stick to one source of attention? It’s true. Leos like to have all eyes on them. While you might be willing to stare all day, one set of eyes just isn’t enough for these cool cats. They need more than a little love, which means commitment is likely a no-go. It’s not that they can’t commit, but they usually just don’t want to. Or if they do commit, they’ll find themselves jumping out of it in a little while. You’ll have fun playing with your little kitty for a bit, but don’t expect anything long term. You’ll find them chasing after another mouse soon enough!

5 Taurus: It Takes A While

Only the most watery will try and commit to a Taurus. Any of the other Earthy signs just won’t do. Tauruses are very set in their ways. While they make for intimate and thoughtful lovers, it takes a long time to get them to even think about committing. They love their routines and the sound of their own voices, which can be difficult for most signs to put up with… Especially when those signs have their own stubborn patterns and points of view. Tauruses can be very rewarding in a relationship, and once they commit, they’ll commit for life. It’s just the fact that it’ll take them so long to build you into a routine, you might not have the patience for it! Just remember to relax; they’ll work you in in their own time. Taurus is a loyal sign, which means they need someone to be loyal to!

4 Virgo: Don't Necessarily Like To Commit


The smarter they are, the harder their shell. While they don’t necessarily have a problem with getting close to people, they do have a problem with letting their guard down. Intellectually, Virgos need to be stimulated. They require a quick wit to keep up with them, and a fast acting person who isn’t afraid to jump in with their points of view. It’s intimidating for many people, especially those quiet signs who aren’t as easily able to share their thoughts at an instant. While Virgos are loyal, they don’t necessarily like commitment. They prefer to keep to themselves and work on their own ideas; it’s not a bad thing, but it’s not the best way to build a relationship. If you can get in good with a Virgo, you’ll find your mind is blown on the daily. You also might find that they’re right all the time, but hey… With the intelligence of a Virgo, they often are.

3 Aries: True Rams


Oooh, the god of war is forever personified in people who share this sign. A little angry and a little short-tempered, Aries folk are on the abrasive side. They fight against anything and everything, and are fast to show resistance to people in their lives. While they aren’t violent, they can get in-your-face. Too many of the Aries people in the world act as battering rams against each other. They clash with their ideas, rituals, actions, and thoughts, and are always struggling to make a show of which of them is the most right. This means that it’s difficult for those other folks who may or may not be as defensive as an Aries person. On one hand, it can work to build a relationship with an Aries person if you don’t mind being the team player, and not the leader. If you’re a strong sign though, watch out. You’ll find you and your Aries lover just won’t be able to see eye to eye… Which unfortunately makes commitment a no-go.

2 Sagittarius: Too Hesitant

Ah, the exciting Sagittarius. Who doesn’t love this quick-witted sign? We admire the Sagittarians of this world because they’re so undeniably themselves without rubbing it in everyone’s faces. They have some brains and some brawn, and aren’t afraid to use either to get what they want. Unfortunately, their stand off-ish nature usually means that they get stuck in “showing” rather than “feeling”. They might show you they love you, but when the time comes to commit, they can get a little stuck. This is because they can get incredibly nervous. They don’t like to find themselves unprepared, and they won’t want to be tied down. Sagittarius is both a traveler and a planner. They’re great to take on a road trip, but not great to walk down the aisle with. Don’t worry too much about how they’ll be in the future. If you’re happy now, just let your relationship keep going.

1 Capricorn: So Stubborn


Seriously? Is this any surprise? Capricorns can be so stubborn that it’s no shock to us they’re bad at commitment. They might like to have intelligent conversation and heated debates with people, but they also like to keep to themselves and wallow in their own grumpiness sometimes. If they’ve got someone bringing happiness into their lives then they lose their wallowing time; what a shame that would be, right? Don’t worry about what your Capricorn is doing. They’ll come around eventually, even if it seems like they’re all doom and gloom. It’s just their serious nature. When they crack a smile everyone smiles. They’re totally worth getting to know, and you’ll find yourself loving the stability of a Capricorn. Just be warned that it’s not going to be instantaneous. This relationship (like all good relationships) take time to nurture and grow.


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