10 Male Celebs Whose Hair Is Actually Real (10 Who Wear Toupees)

Women in the entertainment industry seem to change their hair constantly, whether it's something like going from long, wavy locks to a chic, sleek bob or going from platinum blonde to fiery red. After all, they have the funds to pay the best stylists to make sure they look amazing, no matter what look they're going for, and they can keep up with touch-ups and hair treatments to ensure their locks are healthy. However, women don't have the monopoly on hair transformations or great hair moments — there are plenty of men in Hollywood who have totally envy-worthy locks. And, on the other side of the spectrum, there are quite a few men who didn't really luck out in the hair department as they aged, and decided to do something about it by wearing a hairpiece or getting some kind of treatment like hair plugs in order to give the illusion of luscious locks.

So, next time you find yourself thinking that guys don't really have to worry about their hair as much as their female co-stars do, think again — while in general it may take less time for men than women, there are still plenty of guys who are sitting in that stylist's chair for quite a while.

10 Male Celebs Whose Hair Is Actually Real:

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20 David Beckham, Who Has Had Amazing Hair For Years

via: bt.com

We're pretty sure that David Beckham has had literally every hairstyle ever invented for men — and invented a few of his own along the way. He's had platinum highlights, he's had a buzz cut, he's had long, flowing locks, he's had messy styles, he's had polished styles... it's truly endless. One of the reasons he's become known as one to watch when it comes to fashion is because he's constantly reinventing himself. Of course, sometimes when you look back at certain looks, they're a little cringeworthy, but hey — we love that he's bold enough to take a risk and try something new with his hair.

19 Chris Hemsworth, Who Looks Gorgeous With Both Long And Short Hair

via: laineygossip.com

There are some guys who look amazing with longer hair, and then there are some guys who really only look good when their hair is coiffed and a little more polished. Chris Hemsworth is lucky enough to look incredible with both. Most of the time, he rocks a shorter cut in his day to day life. However, ever since getting the role of the one and only Thor, he's had to grow his hair out for filming, so the world has seen him with more luscious locks as well. To be honest, look at him — the man would probably look amazing with literally any hairstyle.

18 Patrick Dempsey, Whose Hair Was A Huge Part Of What Made Him So Dreamy On 'Grey's Anatomy'

via: autocar.co.uk

Patrick Dempsey is one of those actors that just seems to be getting better with age. Many true fans will recognize him from his '80s days when you could see his crazy mass of curls in teen flick Can't Buy Me Love. However, most will recognize him from his role on Grey's Anatomy, where he played Dr. McDreamy. Now that he's getting a bit older, there's been a scattering of salt and pepper in his hair, but in our opinion that just makes him look even better — like George Clooney, he just seems to get even better with age, and hopefully, he manages to keep his amazing hair.

17 Andrew Garfield, Who Has Crazy Volume In His Long Locks

via: bustle.com

Andrew Garfield has rocked the buzz cut look before, but it's kind of a shame — his real hair is just so amazing! We know part of it is thanks to styling products and a great cut, but it just always manages to look so good. Garfield gets some major volume, which isn't always easy to do with short hair, and his style always looks effortless yet totally polished. We can't wait to watch his style evolution as he gets a bit older and really comes into his own in Hollywood — we have a feeling he's not afraid to experiment with different styles.

16 Kit Harington, Our Favourite Locks On 'Game Of Thrones' (Besides Daenerys Targaryen's)

via: dnaindia.com

There's no denying that Daenerys Targaryen's platinum blonde, flowing locks are the most iconic hairstyle on Game of Thrones, but Kit Harington's real-life hair (and style on the show) come in at a close second. We're crossing our fingers that Harington never decides to go super short because his naturally curly style is just so incredible. It looks totally effortless and relaxed, yet really suits him — and we can't imagine him with any other shade than the intense black that complements his intense eyes. Fingers crossed that he never decides to go for a buzz cut or dye his hair platinum blonde — while he'd look good regardless, why mess with perfection?

15 Jason Momoa, Who Has Become Known For His Lush Long Hair

via: hdqwalls.com

We'd love to hear Jason Momoa's hair care tips because he's rocked long, luscious locks for quite some time now. When he first got into the entertainment industry, he actually rocked dreadlocks, if you can believe it. Since he's become an even bigger star, he's opted to stick with his natural, wavy, all over the place hair — and we couldn't imagine a more perfect style for him. It looks incredible on him, and it totally helps him channel that rugged mountain man vibe that he gives off without even trying. We really, really hope he never shaves it all off for a part — we'd hate to see it go!

14 Harry Styles, The Pop Star With The Perfect Coif

via: teenvogue.com

Harry Styles has had a few cuts over the years, but they have one thing in common — he always looks amazing, regardless of what hair look he's rocking at the time. For quite a while, he rocked his natural curls, which were adorable. Then, he let his hair grow out a little and rocked a longer curly style, equally chic. He's also played around with styles that pass up his natural texture in favor of a more polished look, like this one. The point is, he looks great no matter what he does with his hair, so we love that he's willing to try out different looks — we can't wait to see what he does with it next!

13 George Clooney, Who Makes Going Grey Look So, So Good

via: pinterest.com

When it comes to leading men in Hollywood, George Clooney is kind of in a league of his own. Women loved him when he was Hollywood's most notorious bachelor, and they love him even more now that he's utterly devoted to his amazing wife, Amal Clooney. Many people won't even remember a time before George rocked salt and pepper hair, because he's been grey for so long — and he's living proof that grey hair can look really, really amazing on a guy. We're so glad he didn't dye his natural hair a fake brown shade and decided to embrace what he had instead.

12 Jared Leto, Who Did Ombre Better Than Half The Female Celebs On The Red Carpet

via: nymag.com

When it comes to his hair, Jared Leto is utterly fearless. He's had short and long styles over the years, in different shades, and manages to pull off just about anything with confidence. However, one hair look that had people buzzing was when he rocked an ombre, long look on the red carpet, managing to master the ombre trend far better than half the female celebs out there. Many guys wouldn't even dream of embracing something like that, even if they were to dye their hair, so we love that he wasn't afraid to step outside the box and try it out — it definitely works for him!

11 Timothee Chalamet, The Newcomer With Gorgeous Hair

via: nymag.com

Despite his young age, Timothee Chalamat has stolen a lot of hearts since making his debut in Hollywood, and not solely because of his talent — he's earned many fans who simply love how adorable he is. And, a big part of his look is his tousled curls. We love that he hasn't adopted a super coiffed look, and is instead happy to rock his natural hair, exactly as it falls — there's just something about the style that's so natural and effortless. Although, who knows — he's got a huge career ahead of him, so he's probably going to have to change it up for a role at some point.

10 Men Who Have Less Hair Than They Once Did And Reportedly Wear Toupees:

10 Jude Law, Whose Locks Are Looking A Lot More Lush Lately

via: shoko.fr

Jude Law has always had a reputation as being kind of a charmer, a leading man — so we can only imagine what it must have felt like for him to notice that his once lustrous locks were thinning a little bit. Luckily, there are plenty of things that can help with that, and many noticed that he suddenly had a lot more hair in 2014 than he did in 2013, leading them to believe he had some kind of hairpiece or even hair transplant. Whatever it was, there's no denying that he looks great — why not get a little extra hair if it gives you confidence?

9 John Travolta, Who Doesn't Quite Have The Same Hair He Did In Grease

via: extratv.com

John Travolta was still in his peak hair years when he played the leading man in Grease, and there were plenty of women around the world who wanted nothing more than to run their fingers through dreamy Danny Zuko's hair. However, that can't last forever, and as he aged, Travolta's hair started to look a whole lot different. He reportedly rocks a hairpiece now and is very particular about how his hair looks, even going so far as to get reshoots for projects where his hair isn't looking up to snuff. Seems a little high maintenance, but hey — everyone has things that they feel self-conscious about.

8 Daniel Craig, Who Pulled Off The Role Of James Bond With A Little Help From His Haircare Team

via: gq-magazine.co.uk

James Bond's character isn't really associated with any particular hairstyle, but he has to look polished and amazing — and in Daniel Craig's opinion, that meant a full head of hair. He didn't go overboard with things, but allegedly he did rock a toupee and a bit of strategic hair styling in order to hide his balding spots and give Bond the look he felt he should have. Hey, why not — he definitely played the infamous spy to perfection on the big screen, and if the hair was a big part of that role in his mind, why not do everything possible to achieve the desired look?

7 Jon Cryer, Who Has Acknowledged His Team Works Hard To Make His Hair Look Better

via: etonline.com

Jon Cryer knew the incredible locks he had in his 20s wouldn't last forever, and so when he started to go bald, he found some solutions with the help of his hair team — and he's not afraid to be honest about it, which we love. He spilled the beans on Conan, saying "this is the work of several talented professionals making the most of, like, four hairs. It's amazing, actually, what they can do. I'm not wearing a piece or anything like that, but it's a long, involved process that starts with stuff like shoe polish." That was back in 2014, so we bet he's probably added a toupee into his routine at some point now, a few years down the road.

6 Kevin James, Who Allegedly Wore A Toupee On 'King Of Queens'

via: hollywoodreporter.com

While filming a movie is definitely hard, filming a television show is an entirely different ball game. You have to have some consistency in your character's style over years — and if you're a guy experiencing hair loss, your hair doesn't always look the same year after year. That's what Kevin James was going through when he was filming King of Queens, so he allegedly actually decided to wear a toupee throughout filming the show to make things easier — we never would have guessed! His character doesn't have super obvious, luscious locks, so we always just assumed it was James' real hair.

5 Ted Danson, Who May Be Rocking A Toupee On 'The Good Place'

via: ew.com

If you're a fan of The Good Place (or any of the other countless projects Ted Danson has been involved in), you'll know he has some pretty luscious locks. However, it turns out they aren't all natural — while he's not totally balding, he apparently has a bit of a bald spot that he strategically covers with a toupee. We never would have guessed! It just goes to show you that modern toupees are definitely a world away from the really unnatural looking options that men had available in previous years. His piece blends perfectly into his natural hair, giving him exactly the look he wants.

4 Jay Leno, Who Has Suspiciously Lush Locks

via: yahoo.com

If you've ever wondered how on earth Jay Leno has managed to keep his hair so thick and luscious, despite aging year after year, the answer may be something you didn't expect — a hairpiece. The late-night staple reportedly wears one, although we're not sure exactly what his natural hair is like and how much extra coverage he needs. Still — it just goes to show that you never really know what's real in the entertainment industry. You kind of have to take everything you see with a grain of salt because there's always the chance that something isn't exactly what it seems.

3 Hugh Laurie, Whose Wardrobe For 'House' Apparently Included A Toupee

via: ukhairdressers.com

When he played Dr. Gregory House for years on the show House, Hugh Laurie never really had crazy thick, long hair, but House always had a full head of short hair — but it wasn't all natural, it turns out. In real life, Hugh Laurie is experiencing some major balding, which he covered up on the show by wearing a special toupee that gave the impression of thicker hair. It just proves that, for men, hair pieces aren't always unnaturally thick and easy to spot — sometimes, they're super subtle and you'd never be able to guess which actor is rocking his natural hair and which is rocking a toupee.

2 Nicolas Cage, Who Said He's Worn Wigs On Camera (And Probably Off Camera As Well)

via: fandango.com

Nicolas Cage's hair has changed a lot over the years, and he's admitted to having worn wigs for film roles in the past. However, many have guessed that his use of wigs or toupees extends to his real life as well. After all, when you become accustomed to seeing yourself with a full head of hair, day after day when you're filming a project, it would probably be pretty tough to return to your natural thinning locks once the project wraps. He hasn't come out and confirmed his use of toupees in his own time, but we have a feeling it's pretty likely.

1 Gene Simmons, Whose Unnatural Looking Hair Is Definitely A Wig

via: twitter.com

Gene Simmons has rocked a wig for years and years now, starting at a time when the options really weren't as great as they are today. As a result, his signature style is, well, a little on the unnatural side. I mean, no one would deny that he looks like he has a full head of hair, but the style definitely looks fake. However, it's all about what works for you — if he likes the look and feels confident in it, why not keep his signature style? Still, we're slightly surprised that he hasn't upgraded his hair to a more natural-looking option at some point over the past few decades.

References: ranker.com

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