10 Makeup Myths Everyone Still Believes

Whether we only put on a light amount of makeup on a daily basis and reserve our fave beauty products for special occasions or we're all about bold lips and eye colors, we can admit that makeup is a huge passion of ours. Learning about, buying, and applying new products is always a good time, and we also love looking at photos of our favorite celebs and seeing what looks they're into these days.

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As we've become older and learned more about makeup, we keep hearing the same things over and over again; tips and tricks that everyone follows. However, it turns out that many of these are actually myths and we don't need to believe them anymore. Here are 10 makeup myths that everyone still believes.

10. Rethink This Order

Our first makeup myth deals with the order that makeup goes on; and most people believe that concealer should go on first, then foundation. It's time to rethink that order, though, because doing things this way may lead to using too much concealer when you don't need to. Apply your foundation first and then see if concealer is even necessary because it might not be - foundation alone will be enough to deal with many areas of discoloration or redness. Concealer is only necessary for the blemishes that can't be covered with foundation alone.

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9. Goodbye, Mascara

According to Buzzfeed, we've always been told that we should get rid of mascara when it's totally in clumps. But that is actually just one of those makeup myths that has been around for a while and that people still believe. Instead of only getting rid of mascara when it gets clumpy, we should get rid of it once three months have gone by. This is because bacteria could get transferred from the mascara wand to our eyes, which could lead to an infection. That's definitely gross, so we're going to listen up for sure, and we're glad to know about this.

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8. All About Concealer

Another makeup myth that people still believe is that they should buy a concealer that doesn't perfectly match skin tone, but that is a few shades lighter. According to Reader's Digest, people buy a concealer that is lighter than their skin because of those circles that form under the eyes. Makeup artist Vanessa Ungaro told the publication that getting our concealer to look just like our skin tone is the better bet here. The more we know, the better we can get at buying and applying makeup, right?

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7. Sleeping Beauty

Going to bed while still wearing tons of beauty products is no big deal, right? This is another myth about makeup that people still believe, and Buzzfeed has a great explanation as to why it's so bad. The problem is that our skin repairs itself when we're getting our beauty sleep. Wearing makeup to bed leads to clogged pores, and keeping eyeshadow on can also lead to eye infections. Chances are, we've all gone to bed without washing our makeup off at least a few times. But now that we know that it's so bad, it's definitely time to stop.

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6. Powder, Please

via Beverly Hils MD

Those of us who love buying new beauty products most likely use powder. Maybe we use it every day or maybe just on special occasions or when we're attending a great party, but it's in that beauty bag for sure. According to Popsugar, putting powder on (literally) your entire face isn't the best idea, and it's another makeup myth that this is even necessary. Using powder on the entire face can affect how great our foundation and contour looks, flattening the face and making it look dull. Instead, just use powder to set any areas that really need it, and leave the rest alone.

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5. Eyeshadow Rules

Have you heard the old "rule" that you can't wear eyeshadow that is the same as your eye color? This makeup myth is definitely one that has persisted, and it's right up there with thinking that we can't wear bold lipstick with bold eyeshadow. We can stop believing this myth right now because we should simply go for the colors that speak to us. There's no reason for blue-eyed babes to avoid blue shadows, so just have fun and experiment with the colors you love!

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4. Not The Makeup's Fault

Have you ever heard someone say that wearing makeup made them get pimples? Or have you ever said this yourself? Chances are, this is something that you believe, but it's just another makeup myth. If you're getting pimples and think that it's from your makeup, it's actually more likely because those products aren't exactly agreeing with you. Maybe your makeup needs to be thrown out because it's old and bacteria-ridden, or you're not washing your face properly or often enough.

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3. To Brush Or Not To Brush

Is it better to apply makeup with brushes or bare fingers? According to Nic from Pixiwoo, applying products with your fingers isn't what you want to be doing. Using brushes is a much better idea, and it's an easy change to make. Using a brush means using less foundation, and having more control over application, so this should definitely inspire you to splash out on some new tools. And that just means that we'll need some more makeup so we can use our brushes. Makes sense, right?

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2. Expensive Is Always Best

Another makeup myth is that emptying our wallets when buying makeup means that we're getting super quality products that are absolutely worth buying instead of cheaper options. Little Things says that expensive makeup isn't the best idea and that it's also smart to try it before you buy it. You may find a cheap alternative that does the job just as well. What a relief, right?! While anyone would happily go on a makeup shopping spree, it's best to be financially smart, and so buying affordable makeup is in your best interests.

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1. Red Lips

How do you feel about red lipstick? Do you have a signature shade that always gets you compliments or do you totally shy away from it because you're afraid to try it out? The final makeup myth that people still believe (and that we could all loosen up about for sure) is that some people can wear red lipstick and some people simply can't. As Buzzfeed says, we can all wear red lipstick and there's no reason to think that some of us aren't going to look good. It's just a matter of finding that perfect shade... and the confidence to rock it!

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