10 Little-Known Details About Tom Cruise, 10 On Katie Holmes, + 5 On Rarely-Seen Suri

Once upon a time, there was a couple that Hollywood coined as TomKat, which involved actress Katie Holmes and the Mission: Impossible actor, Tom Cruise. If you were around then, then you're certainly going to remember the media frenzy that surrounded the then-couple. The public and paparazzi were all about their relationship, but why? The couple was going strong, but many in Hollywood questioned their relationship because of Cruise's apparent weird ways. Their behaviour in the public eye became erratic, and then when Suri was born, people went insane. However, so did Holmes as she started noticing more and more Cruise's uncommon ways and she became wary to the point that Cruise's interest in Scientology became the breaking point of their five-year marriage.

When Suri was born, there was even more attention paid to the couple because Cruise's Scientology ways started becoming more evident and bizarre. Holmes led a life that was dominated by Cruise's strange rules during their marriage and even after their divorce. So where are Katie and Suri and what have they been doing? And what about Cruise? Does he have contact with his daughter or ex-wife? Their bizarre marriage came to an end, but there is still so much you do not know about the ex-spouses and their beautiful daughter.

25 No More Home-Schooling For Suri

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Little Suri is in the double digits, can you believe it? After Holmes split with Cruise, the adorable long-haired brunette daughter of Hollywood parents had to move to NYC with mother Katie. Because of Cruise's beliefs in Scientology, home-schooling was a must for Suri, but the little fashionista got to break free from that rule.

Though she was home-schooled in her earlier years, she now attends a prestigious private school in NYC.

It is in this school that Suri got to freshen up her vocabulary by learning French and Mandarin.

24 Cruise Has His Own Holiday

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While some cannot get around to admiring Cruise, others appreciate the Scientologist actor a whole lot. While we don't hear from him as much as we once used to, he is way more popular than we think. So much so, that the posh actor has his own official day, all meant to celebrate and commemorate the Jerry Maguire stud.

In Japan, they have made October 10 "Tom Cruise Day," making it an official national holiday.

The Japanese bow down to him since he has showed love and support for the country more than any other Hollywood star.

23 Cruise Still Has Some Control

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There was a lot of odd behaviour from Cruise when he was with Holmes, but it continued even after their divorce. Apparently, Cruise strongly believes you still have control over your ex-partner's life because of his devotion to the Church of Scientology. Cruise exerted control over Holmes their entire marriage, but she probably had no clue that he'd still oblige her to follow a crazy rule even after their divorce. In Cruise's own words:

"She's allowed to date, but she cannot do so in a public fashion, and she's not supposed to let any boyfriend near their daughter, Suri."

That's pretty intense if you ask us.

22 Katie Or Kate?

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There are many things that make Cruise odd and bizarre like a long list of things ― and frankly, we have another to bring up. While Cruise was married to Holmes, not only did she have to follow his rules influenced from the Church of Scientology but had to sort of change her name to please him. When they began dating in 2005, and their whirlwind romance commenced, Cruise immediately pointed out that her name is too "childish."

In an interview, he said, with no shame, “Katie is a young girl’s name. Her name is Kate now – she’s a child-bearing woman.”

Her parents must not have appreciated that.

21 Holmes Could’ve Been On The Central Perk Couch

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It seems like Holmes was granted a shot to sing “I'll Be There For You,” but did not make the time for it. An unforgettable sitcom from the '90s, the cult classic Friends was supposed to have Holmes star in it, but like many other roles, she ended up declining. It would have been off the hook to see the actress star in three episodes, but she ended up rejecting it because of her schedule. What a shame!

20 Holmes And Her First Love

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Holmes may have had her ex-husband Cruise plastered all over her walls as a typical teenage girl, but he was not her first love. In fact, the gorgeous Holmes had eyes for her Dawson's Creek co-star Joshua Jackson, whom she started dating. Holmes admitted to Rolling Stone,

“I fell in love, I had my first love, and it was something so incredible and indescribable that I will treasure it always.”

They were super cute, but what is even sweeter is that they're still friends.

19 Suri Has Not Shown Interest In Acting Thus Far

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Children who are born to celebrity parents have a lavish lifestyle from the day their born, but Suri has been quite the special little one for her 12 years on Earth. Seriously, when we don't see the cutie in awhile, we kind of freak out. If you're an avid follower of all that is Hollywood, then you may have seen Suri strut the streets in her ballerina uniform. Yes, both her parents are actors, but this little munchkin has been taking ballet classes since she could walk. This means, we have a new rising dancer.

18 All Three Of His Divorces Have One Common Thing

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As you all may know, the Mission: Impossible star said his "I dos" more than once; Holmes was not his only ex-wife. Many know about Cruise's marriages because they have always been high profile and splattered all over the tabloids, however, all these marriages/divorces have one thing in common. Mimi Rogers was his first wife until 1989. Then came the foxy Nicole Kidman until 2001, and then, his most recent split, with Holmes, was in 2012. With each wife being 11 years younger than the last, Cruise took the high train when they all turned 33.

17 Suri The Trendsetter

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Though we believe she might be the world's next dancer, there is something the now-12-year-old Suri has had since the day she graced the world — we're talking about her fashion sense. The world and cameras became obsessed with Suri's lavish and posh style; she has seriously looked like royalty from the day she was born ― and she even wore little heels!

We're not lying when we say she is considered to be a fashion icon — there are numerous blogs dedicated to her style.

And you may get a tiny bit envious, but according to The Daily Mail, her shoe collection is worth around $150,000.

16 Holmes Made Odd Choices

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We do know Holmes is a head strong woman, but little do we know about her career choices. If you're a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, we want to let you know that Holmes could have been the face behind your most-beloved '90s vampire show.

Holmes, who was in high school, turned down the role of Buffy because she wanted to complete her schooling. Recently, she also rejected a role on Orange is the New Black.

She has a knack for turning down awesome roles, it seems.

15 Suri Is Pretty Generous

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For years, Suri was the celebrity kid, and her pictures were all the buzz. However, now that she is older, not much has changed; photographers are still constantly trying to get pictures of the 12-year-old with an affinity for dresses and high heels. But this little bundle of joy has way more than style, in fact, she has a huge heart despite living an extravagant lifestyle. According to mother Katie, Suri is always thinking of others and wanting to help those in need. Katie said, "She's always saying, 'Mom, let's give my old toys to people who need it.” How adorable!

14 Suri Is Also Musically Inclined

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Suri is a young teen of many talents; besides her ballet capabilities and her fashionista ways, she once strummed a guitar. While most kids at 9 years old are busy playing dress-up, Suri picked up a six-string. She might have wanted to take after her father after his Rock of Ages performance, and she is quite the quirky one too. And though she started to catch on to it, she had to slowly let her guitar weep away. According to a report, Suri let her hobby and music teacher go because of "creative differences.” However, we're sure she'll pick it up again someday.

13 His Famous Smile Came At A Price

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Not everyone is a fan of the hunky Top Gun actor, but those who love him go gaga for whatever he does, and his smile. Sigh, we can spot that full mouth of pearly whites from miles away. We all know that a perfect smile is to die for, and though Cruise is known for his famous teeth, he was not blessed with them from the start. When he was younger and he played floor hockey, he severely damaged his front teeth, which led to intense insecurities. When he started acting, he would do anything to avoid photo shoots, but finally overcame it and made adult braces popular.

12 Cruise’s Rules Are Just A Little Strange

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Cruise had a hold on Holmes through their entire relationship, but there was one rule he imposed on her that is by far the strangest and most ridiculous. During labor, Cruise insisted that his ex-wife zip her mouth shut while giving birth; in other words, she had to aim for a silent birth. Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology stated that “particularly during birth, absolute silence must be maintained,” and Cruise made sure his ex-wife stuck to that strict guideline.

11 Cruise Didn’t Always Have It Easy

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We know so much about Tom Cruise, the glamourous Hollywood actor jumping off building and planes, but what we don't know much about is his childhood. Cruise was nowhere near the man he is today; his childhood was bumpy, as he had an awful father who left when he was young. His mother was a special education teacher and he was forced to find little jobs because of the circumstances they were in. And when it came to school, he often changed schools, as a matter of fact, 15 times, because he was a victim of constant bullying.

10 Cruise Is Quite The Hero

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We have seen Cruise always run in movies and be the hero for years now, but he is not too different in real-life. His action scenes are always jam-packed and insane, but the on-camera hero has done his own heroic deeds off-camera too. In 1996, Cruise witnessed a woman in distress get hit by a car and kept her company on the way to the emergency room.

Once there, he was informed that the woman didn't have insurance, so he paid her $7,000 bill.

Another time, Cruise was a real-life hero was when he interfered and stopped a mugging in London.

9 Cruise Won’t Ever Be Seen Seeking Help

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Scientology has influenced every aspect of Cruise's life, including his marriage to Holmes collapsed. Cruise really dug deep into the religion and because of it, he does not believe in the practice of psychiatry. According to an interview with Cruise, he affirmed his belief that psychiatry "is a quack field and his belief is that postpartum depression cannot be treated pharmacologically." Cruise made it clear that he loathes the mental health profession.

8 Cruise Didn’t Always Believe In Scientology

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After reading this, you'll be surprised that Cruise is the Scientology believer he is today. As a child who had rough days, and only a mother in the household at a point, he turned to Catholicism. He had a Catholic upbringing, which really makes us question how he could have made the switch.

On top of that, acting was not his first career choice, as he considered becoming a priest.

Cruise also was devoted to a Franciscan seminary in Cincinnati because of a scholarship he earned.

7 Guess Who Was Holmes’ Poster Boy?

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Their marriage may have been a complete nightmare, but Holmes may have been the happiest girl alive when the two started dating. Why? Cruise was that guy that was plastered all over her room as a teenager ― yes, he was her crush. We're all victims of it; hanging posters as children and teens of all our favourite heartthrobs in our rooms, wishing they'd be ours, so imagine how Holmes felt when that dream came true. She even once told Seventeen magazine,

“I think every little girl dreams about her wedding. I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise.”

We know you're just as stunned as she was.

6 Dawson’s Creek Almost Didn’t Happen

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Holmes is a stickler for staying true to her words, which almost and could have cost her her chance to stardom. We all know her dashing and flawless face from Dawson's Creek, but it almost did not happen. The teen Holmes was in high school when she got the callback for Dawson's and surprisingly refused it.

She was so loyal to her friends, that she decided to not fly out to Los Angeles for the show because it happened to be at the same time as her high school play; in short, she did not want to let her friends down.

Silly Holmes ― luckily for her, they rescheduled.

5 Holmes Did Not Only Break Cruise’s Heart

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In case you thought the American sweetheart's first engagement was with the Mission: Impossible star, we want to inform you that you're incorrect. In fact, many people do not even know about the first ring on her finger because TomKat were all the buzz, and she quickly started dating him after her breakup. The man who first got down on one knee and proposed to the actress was Chris Klein, who is famously known for American Pie. They remained engaged for 2 years before they split and she was off in Cruise's arms.

4 Holmes Is A Gifted Lady

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We have not seen much of Holmes on the big screen lately, and we believe that is a personal choice of hers. However, we would love to see more of the Dawson's Creek alumna who stole our hearts. Though she has gotten the chance to often show off her acting capabilities, Holmes has one other little trick up her sleeve many of us do not know; she can beautifully sing. The gifted singer could certainly pursue it, but, if you want to catch a glimpse of her showing off her vocals, YouTube “On My Own” from Les Misérables.

3 Was Holmes Fed Up Of Batman?

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Thus far, her breakthrough was when she landed the role of Rachel Dawes in the 2005 film Batman Begins, which is more likely the most notable role she landed. That being said, no one knows why the Hollywood actress did not reprise her role in The Dark Knight, that is a critically-acclaimed film. If you're an avid Batman fan, you'll know that Maggie Gyllenhaal took her place in the trilogy. However, according to the star and mother, she does not regret turning down the role ― seems like she rejects more than she accepts.

2 Holmes Reached Out To Ex-Fiancé

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In not even just a year, Holmes went from being engaged to Chris Klein, to being single, to dating, to being engaged again, and and married to Tom Cruise. We would say that was a rollercoaster year, but it is considerably odd that she married Cruise so quickly, even though the reason for her split with Klein, according to him, was because of her fear of the future. Whatever happened, it ended on friendly terms, and before the word got out in the tabloids about her relationship with Cruise, Holmes did the right thing and phoned Klein to let him know. In her words, “Listen, I want you to know this, before you see it somewhere.”

1 Holmes The Fashion Entrepreneur

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Seems like Holmes has been quite the busy cat the last couple years even though we have not seen much of her. As talented as she is, Holmes, in 2008, decided to pursue another career, that being in fashion. Her baby girl Suri is as fashionable as a little girl can get, so we're sure she got it from her mama. The high fashion clothing line Holmes & Yang came about with her personal stylist Jeanne Yang. And, in 2012, what every fashionista dreams of came true for her and Holmes presented her line at New York Fashion Week.

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