10 Kardashian Hairstyles That Totally Slayed (& 10 That Just Fell Flat)

Since its first season in 2007, Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been a fan favorite among the reality TV show obsessed, with people tuning in week after week to keep up with the antics of America's most turbulent family. Known for their prowess in regards to all things beauty-related, the KarJenners have definitely capitalized on their talents—from Kylie's Lip Kits and hair extension lines to Kim's KKW beauty line, the girls definitely know what their customers want.

However, it wasn't always this simple for them, and long before KKW and Kylie Cosmetics were dominating the beauty industry, the ladies involved themselves in other beauty brands that the world has seemingly forgotten about. For example, Khroma Beauty, a makeup line from Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, was launched in 2012 but barely lasted a year in stores. A prime example of having to hone their talents, the girls have had to go through multiple trial and error situations to become the cosmetics moguls they are now.

As for their own sense of hair and beauty? The KarJenners have definitely seen their fair share of mishaps. From Kim's bold eyebrows to Khloe's red hair, the Kardashians have had as many fashion mistakes as they've had wins. To be honest, who can blame them? With that much money in the bank, experimentation comes easy, and why not have some fun with your look?

We've rounded up ten of the Kardashian-Jenner's best hair color moments, and ten that we'd rather forget.

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20 Kim Kardashian's Long Platinum Blonde Locks, Which Were Absolutely Sleek


A look we've seen Kim sporting in recent times has been this sleek, platinum blonde look with long, pin-straight hair.

Almost too perfect to be true, the trick is to keep your hair in pristine condition.

As Vidal Sassoon instructs, treat your hair to regular overnight masques and use a keratin protector when straightening your hair to get that slick, poker straight look. Since the 'do is striking yet minimalistic, you can really create a contrast by playing around with your makeup and doing a bold eye look, as it'll certainly stand out. Other than that, part your hair in the middle and proceed with channeling Kim.

19 Kim's Pink Hair With Deliberate Regrowth Showing...


As beauty-conscious as she is, Kim has had her share of mishaps as well. In particular, the time she decided to dye her hair something in-between hot pink and pastel, allowing some deliberate regrowth to show at the top. Although the regrowth works with some different colors, such as allowing ashy roots to show on otherwise blonde hair, this look just comes across as a bit inconsistent, and quite frankly, messy.

Kim's younger sister Kylie has rocked pink successfully many times before, however, as she usually has her whole head colored, really honing the look to its full potential.

18 Khloe's Beautifully Textured Blonde Bob


The only Kardashian to stay blonde after she tried it out, Khloe loves testing out various blonde hues to go with her constantly changing length. Proving that blondes definitely do have more fun, Khloe has found a color that works with her complexion and owns it so well!

We love the combo of her perfectly blonde locks cut into a cute bob with a voluminous side-part—it's effortless yet chic.

The trick to keeping her bob extra glam and textured is the amount of product that goes in it, ensuring it's anything but boring. According to Health, you should use a textured or sea salt spray and spritz it all over your hair, giving it that little extra boost.

17 Khloe's Purple Cornrows, Which May Have Been A Bit Too Bold


Although Khloe hasn't really strayed much from her blonde hair since she elected to go lighter a few years ago, she was spotted back in 2016 rocking purple cornrows for Kylie's 19th birthday. Although it's Kylie who is usually the first to experiment with bold colors, Khloe took center stage that night and opted for this elaborate 'do.

Even though experimenting is always fun, this look was a bit too out there, with the purple hue a touch too edgy. She decided to keep us guessing with the braids as well, keeping the back portion all different sizes and pulling them back in one giant braid, which was also dyed purple, too.

16 Kylie's Pastel Pink Hair, Which Was Just Subtle Enough


Out of all the KarJenners, it's safe to say that Kylie loves experimenting with color the most. She's done it all, from different colors of pastels to neons, some more bizarre than others.

One shade of pink she rocked that we loved especially was her pastel version, which was subtle and simply perfect.

As per Allure, the look is super easy to recreate at home, and all you need to do is use Lime Crime's Unicorn Hair Tint, which is a vegetable-based, temporary hair dye. Although it'll initially be much more vibrant, it'll fade into the beautiful shade of pastel that Kylie wears so well.

15 Kylie's Neon Pink Hair, Which Was Literally Hard On The Eyes


A pink chameleon, Kylie decided earlier this year she would rock a neon version that, unfortunately, hurt our eyes just a bit. According to Allure, she debuted this look at Coachella, posting to Instagram a photo of her waist-length, neon pink hair. She captioned the photo with, "I’m not a regular mom I’m a cool mom," which is a Mean Girls reference and nod to the starlet newly embracing motherhood.

It was a busy year for Kylie—she had her daughter Stormi, released a variety of makeup collections, and somehow found time to go to a music festival, too. We're happy this look was temporary for Coachella, as she ditched it right after!

14 Kim's Ash Blonde Blunt Bob, Which Screamed Sophistication


Kim knows ashy blonde works for her. From the moment she debuted the color, fans everywhere were wanting the exact same shade of blonde, running to their colorists for help.

She's had variations of the shade and practiced with different lengths too, but we're huge fans of the blunt bob to go with her almost-silvery locks.

Oozing class, the color truly works with the cut and gives you the opportunity to play around with having it pencil-straight or wavy. According to Vidal Sassoon, take a curling wand in either 38mm, 25mm, or 19mm sizes to give it a chic curl and have fun, keeping your look anything but monotonous.

13 Kim Creeping Us Out With Black Hair And Bleached Brows


One of Kim's biggest hair dye mishaps happened back in 2016—on her eyebrows of all places. She took a photo at Kendall's birthday party posing with Cara Delevingne and posted it to her Instagram, hashtagging, "#DontBeScaredOfMyBleachedBrows and #ItsForAPhotoShoot." We're thankful it was for a shoot since this look was just too out there with Kim's complexion!

Kim's makeup artist did offer some tips to Brit+Co afterward on how to dye them properly if you do elect to go the bleached eyebrow route. “Don’t forget to tone your brows with a tinted brow gel or pomade for the most natural look. To keep it from looking brassy, look for taupe and gray undertones.”

12 Kourtney's Stunning Brown-Blonde Combination, Which Is The Perfect Mix Of Both Colors


We wish Kourtney would bring back this gorgeous brown-blonde combination she sported a few years ago, as it was the perfect shade of chestnut that's simply striking! Unlike most shades of brunette, this chestnut combo doesn't feel flat nor one-dimensional, as the warm honey hues are so complimentary.

Combined with her easy-going curls and glossy finish, this look is just full and extravagant.

If you opt to dye your hair this luxe shade of brown, L'Oreal suggests taking little extra steps to ensure it stays a vibrant shade for as long as possible. When in the shower, turn down the dial, as super-hot water temperatures can strip your strands of essential oils, and leaves your hair looking dull.

11 When Kourtney Revealed She Was The First Kardashian To Go Blonde


It's hard to imagine Kourtney with anything other than her signature brown locks. But it turns out, she was actually the first Kardashian to rock blonde before her sisters and mom. As reported by Us Magazine, the eldest Kardashian sibling wrote on her website back in 2016, "I found this picture of me when I was 16 — and it brought back so many memories from this era! Between the lip liner, pencil-thin eyebrows and the white hair, I guess I really embraced the '90s trends back in the day!"

The look is very 90s indeed, and we must admit we prefer Kim's more modern rendition!

10 Kendall Doesn't Experiment Much But Looked Ravishing When She Swapped Looks With Gigi Hadid


The only one of the KarJenners to never really experiment with her locks, Kendall doesn't really have to, as her dark hair looks truly striking on her.

One time she decided to venture into different territory was for Balmain's fall 2016 Paris Fashion Week.

According to Fashionisers, Kendall and Gigi Hadid turned heads not just because of their clothes but also because Balmain Hair Couture, the lesser-known division of Balmain, created wigs for the duo so they could swap their natural hair colors for the runway show. While Gigi sported Kendall's dark brown hair, Kendall went a beautiful ice blonde, which ended up suiting her perfectly.

9 Kylie's Long Blue Waves, Which Looked A Bit Messy And Unkempt


The queen of experimenting with her hair be it via dyes or wigs, Kylie has tried it all. Although she usually totally owns whatever color she's elected to turn to, there have been some unfortunate decisions, too. As shown above, the long teal locks she once had were a bizarre choice, as the color was neither vibrant nor dull. Combined with her too-long bangs, this look just came across as messy.

A different time she rocked the blue look was when she elected to cut her hair into a blunt bob, as the cut really sharpened her look and gave it much more of a statement.

8 Kim Kardashian's Signature Black Waves, A Go-To And Always Classic Look


Recently, Kim has gone back to the signature black tousled locks that she originally rose to fame with. A style synonymous with the Kardashians, the long black waves look simply glamorous and timeless.

This look isn't hard to achieve at all, and anyone can have the effortless locks that the Kardashians have all seemed to rock at one point.

Simply section off your hair in two, then section it once more, clipping the top portions at the top of your head. Then, curl bit by bit, and when you're done, flip your hair upside down and run your fingers through it. Once you flip it back up, give it a quick bit shot of hairspray and you're all set!

7 Kim's Malibu Barbie Blonde Hair, Which Blended Too Much With Her Tanned Skin


Although Kim looks utterly striking with brown hair, this version of her from a period in the mid-2000s is almost unrecognizable, definitely causing people to do double takes looking at these photos now. Her blowout consisting of ultra-warm honey highlights would have looked beautiful if it wasn't for her overly-tanned skin and eyebrows, which made the entire look blend a bit too much. If she only elected to go easy on the self-tanner, this hairdo would have been perfect!

Not looking like herself at all, we much prefer modern Kim, who keeps things a bit more edgy with her either signature black locks or platinum blonde hair.

6 Kris Jenner's 2018 Makeover, Which Resulted In A Beautiful Platinum Bob For The New Year


Another KarJenner who, like Kendall, doesn't stray too far from her natural hair color is Kris Jenner, who usually sticks to her almost-black mane. As reported by New Beauty, however, it wasn't even 48 hours into 2018 that she already won hair makeover of the year by posting her new hairstyle to Instagram.

Sticking to her usual pixie cut, Kris opted for a platinum blonde shade.

The color was similar to the one Kim was seen rocking in recent times before she elected to go back to her signature black locks. We think this color suits Kris perfectly and support switching up your look every once in a while to keep things fresh and exciting!

5 Kylie, Who Has Had Great Variations Of Green Hair, Opted For This Unfortunate Dark Shade


Back in 2015 when she had her Lip Kits officially hitting e-shelves on her website, Kylie elected to turn heads during her launch party the best way she knew how—by dying her hair another elaborate color. According to E Online, she arrived at her party in West Hollywood's DASH boutique with this head of forest green hair and deliberate roots showing, which begged us to wonder why she went for that hue?

This wasn't the first time Kylie's gone green, and we much prefer her mint rendition, as the pastel shade isn't as abrasive as this dark green version.

4 Khloe's Subtle Icy Ombre, Which Was Such A Gorgeous Shade Of Blonde


The queen of various shades of blonde, Khloe has also been seen sporting a gorgeous icy version. It was different than Kim's, however, as she incorporated hers into a beautiful ombre rendition.

What's great about this look is that since it's gradual, having your dark, ashy roots showing at the top actually works, as it then subtly turns into icy perfection at the bottom!

As this look sits on the cooler side of the color wheel, this icy blonde hue compliments lighter complexions and blue or green eyes the best. That being said, as Khloe shows above, you don't have to be pale to rock this! We suggest heading to your colorist to have them help you find the perfect shade that'll work for you.

3 Khloe's Unfortunate Stint As A Redhead


Back in 2011, before she went blonde, Khloe opted for fiery red hair for the People's Choice Awards, as reported by Flare. She appeared with her siblings and took home the award for Favourite TV Guilty Pleasure, unsurprisingly! Although we aren't huge fans of this color on her, it was more of a statement—a sharp contrast to the rest of her sisters' signature dark locks. More of a statement than anything, we do commend Khloe for doing something bold and different!

The shade was definitely on-trend for the year as well, with the world also seeing celebrities such as Rihanna and Cheryl Cole choosing to go the ginger route.

2 Kendall's Chestnut Highlights, Which Added A Glow To Her Hair


When Kendall was younger, she experimented more with her mane before settling on her signature dark brown look that she so perfectly rocks.

We particularly like the look above, where she added these subtle chestnut highlights, giving her hair an extra element that looks so elegant and effortless.

A great option for those that want to change their look but can't commit to dying their hair fully, chestnut highlights give off a red shimmer that plays off of a creamier, lighter brown. A timeless shade that brings out the warm tones in your skin is also one that suits women of all ages!

1 Kylie's Pop Of Pink Against Her Brown Hair Left Us Confused


The above photo of Kylie was when she was still simply a young teen who was eagerly experimenting with her look. Before she became the hair-dye guru that she is now, he sported this bizarre pink dye job against her long, brunette locks. Although we can assume she dished out a lot of money to achieve this look, it still looks a bit unkempt, and would probably have yielded the same results if she elected to go for a box dye at home.

Her more recent renditions of pink hair have looked much cleaner when she simply commits to a fully pink look!

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