10 Fashion Trends That We Are Happy Have Faded Out, And 10 That Are Still Going Strong

The best and worst thing about fashion is that it’s continuously changing, and each year designers bring us new trends to work with. Now is the time to get rid of the old (which is good news in some cases), and embrace the new and, overall, it looks to be a pretty fashion-forward year.

If you were wondering what the wardrobe must-haves are, and definitely aren’t, then you may be pleasantly surprised. There are trends we are happy to see fade out; some we loved, like chokers and cold-shoulder styles, but they are now overworn and super boring, while others were awkward and unwearable to start with — overly ripped jeans, we’re talking about you!

On the other side of the coin, there are trends that are still going strong thanks to their fun or classic appearance and the fact that designers are continually reinventing them. The "it" girls of the fashion world are embracing styles like flared trousers and the ‘80s-inspired puffed sleeves, as well as old favorites like sugary pastel prints and summery flowers, which have been given a modern update.

Fashion is fickle, and below are 10 fashion trends that are fading out, and 10 trends that are still going strong.

Faded Out:

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20 Pom Poms Are So 2017, Sorry!

Via WhereToGetIt

There was a time when everywhere you looked clothing and accessories — from bright sweaters to beach bags — were covered in pom poms, but that time is, thankfully, over.

According to The List, this year pom poms have gone from being the must-have embellishment to being the one you can do without.

The publication revealed that Instagrammer Amanda Brooke told them fast fashion items like the pom pom trend have become mass produced and therefore boring, or in her words: “It's easy to become tired of trending items.”

19 Overalls Shouldn’t Be Worn Unless You’re Painting Something

Via okfashionstyle.blogspot

Denim dungarees can be cute in the right setting — if that setting is painting walls or showing off a baby bump. But for most people, dungarees are not the most form-flattering garment, and therefore definitely not a wardrobe staple.

A common problem with this garment is that it can be a little awkward to style, and perhaps that’s why PopSugar claims that they should be outlawed in 2018. But don't worry, there are lots of other denim pieces that are still style staples (more on this later).

18 Overly Ripped Jeans Look As Though They’ve Been Chewed By A Dog Are A No-Go

Via InStyle

Overly ripped jeans were a trend, but not a very practical one. You may wonder why you’re paying good money for an item that has chunks cut out of it, and that wouldn't be a smart move because these jeans wear much faster than regular jeans, which means

they only last for a few months — which is bad for the environment and the wallet.

The Fashion Spot says it’s time you stopped buying jeans filled with holes because the only time that that’s acceptable is when the holes are a product of wear-and-tear.

17 Corset Belts Are Often Less-Flattering And Impractical

Via Image

In recent years there has been an interest in corsets, whether it’s waist trainers endorsed by the Kardashian clan, or fashion’s corset belt trend. The one thing these belts do is show off your curves, and The Fashion Spot notes that this trend was still popping up on runways, including Tibi Spring 2018. However, it’s time to give the belt a rest.

The publication refers to New York Magazine’s Christine Whitney as a reason why the trend is fading out. Whitney explained that the belts have “symbolic baggage," and what this means is they are taking women back to the 16 Century, and reinforcing the idea that we have to be skinnier and bustier to be beautiful. No thanks.

16 Sheer-Looking Tops Are Not Always Classy

Via FashionTasty

Super sheer outfits can be sultry and feminine and give women the opportunity to embrace their bodies and show them off however they wanted.

But these looks also have a time and a place — you can’t exactly wear them in the office — and this season is no longer that time and that place.

According to The Fashion Spot, there’s just one question to ask here, and that’s why bare it all? They also note that the trend from sheer tops with no undergarments is shifting towards one that is all about the interesting brassiere.

15 Shoulder Cut-Out Tops Tend To Look Awkward

Via inswk.wordpress

Showing off the shoulders highlights the collarbone, one of the smallest and most flattering parts of the female form. And this is the reason that the off-the-shoulder styles have been cropping up every year, but because of this popularity, it's time the trend was retired.

PopSugar claims this trend is dying down and it’s time for a new silhouette. Marie Claire agrees, saying that although the look is flattering, it’s just been overdone. But wait, it’s not just the off-the-shoulder style but also the cold-shoulder trend that’s come to the end of the line, as Cosmopolitan reports that it just looks like you cut a hole in your top for no good reason.

14 Chokers Need To Be Put To Rest In 2018

Via thefashionmedley

Chokers were the must-have accessory, but this ‘90s trend has been overworn and because it's been around for several years now it’s time for something new.

Marie Claire reports that it’s time to end this trend and focus on earrings instead.

PopSugar reports that among the stylish jewelry trends this year are statement hoop earrings (another ‘90s influence), super long earrings that will add drama to your look, and rings on your pinky finger — which is clearly no longer just reserved for mob bosses.

13 Bucket Bags Are Boring Now - We Need Fun, New Shapes

Via Couture Candy

Handbag trends are usually the ones that stick around the longest, but according to Marie Claire, the bucket bag has had its moment in the limelight and now it’s fading out. The shapeless, unstructured style of the bucket bag can be awkward to carry, it often looks very casual, and as Fame Cherry reports, things get lost really easily in the bag because it typically lacks built-in partitions.

As for what you can replace it with? According to Marie Claire, the best option is something that’s either round or angular.

12 Denim Leggings Should Be Avoided This Season

Via JustTheDesign

Denim jeans are a wardrobe staple, and we imagine they will continue to be one for years to come. However, denim leggings, their not-so-cute cousins, are not timeless in the way jeans are, and they tend to look shapeless and dare we say frumpy.

According to Refinery29, these stretchy, pocketless leggings are unflattering, and they are now out of style.

It’s time to ditch them ladies, but the good news is there are so many chic fashion trends that are great alternatives.

11 We Are Happy To Say Goodbye To Fedora Hats

Via CoutureCandy

It can be hard to say goodbye to certain styles, but is one trend few people are going to miss is the fedora.

The reason for this is that the hat is hard to wear in a stylish way, or as Refinery29 notes, to not look like Kevin Federline. The publication claims that this is one trend that you should ditch in 2018, however, they do suggest that the more classic styles are not quite so outdated. So, it's mostly just fedoras that are patterned or have unique finishes like a contrast color band.

Going Strong:

10 Minimalist Clothing Is Timeless And Elegant

Via Pinterest

The minimalist trend is timeless and classic, and it’s a big trend to adopt this year. According to Who What Wear, the colors that make up a minimalist wardrobe are usually soft, neutral colors like cream and camels, and it’s all about solid colors in the right cut.

As for what the right cut is, it’s usually classic, like sleek coats or tailored trousers, which can easily be mixed and matched.

But this trend is definitely not boring or muted, and the publication claims that pinks, blues, and reds can also make up part of your wardrobe if you find the right pieces.

9 Puffed Sleeves Are '80’s-Inspired But Still Super Cute

Via theyallhateus

The ‘80s have served as inspiration for the fashion runways in recent years, and this year puffed sleeves are a big trend. It’s also a super cute trend, and according to Marie Claire, statement sleeves, or more specifically puffy sleeves, are a must-have, and look particularly good in white.

Who What Wear claims that you should not get scared off by the word “puffy” because it’s one of the few ‘80s trends that are actually easy to wear. And the key to wearing this voluminous trend is to keep the look balanced by wearing fitted pieces on the bottom.

8 You Better Embrace Athleisure Because It Just Keeps Getting More Popular

Via Gurl

Athleisure is a combination of athletic and leisure (the notion of wearing clothes that you would usually wear to the gym, with a more luxurious twist) and it’s still dominating the streets. According to Who What Wear, it’s a trend that’s loved by style bloggers, celebrities, and the cool girls of the world.

Apparently, in the United States, there are more women now buying leggings than skinny jeans.

Style tips for wearing this trend include trying out prints and sheer fabrics, as well as pastel and primary colors. Also, try high-waisted leggings and matching sets which make the whole look effortless and cool.

7 Double Denim Isn't Going Anywhere

Via Pinterest

Double denim may not be the easiest trend to wear, and yes, there is that fear that you will end up looking like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake did when they walked the red carpet at the 2001 American Music Awards.

That said, according to Fashion Tasty, the trend is back in fashion and the great thing about this is the versatility that comes with it. You are able to mix and match with pieces that you really love; like a chambray shirt with denim jeans, or a denim jacket and mom jean combination, completed with a neutral top.

6 Floral Prints Are Loved Every Summer

Via blog.krisatomic

Every year floral prints pop up for summer, and there’s a good reason why these prints are not going anywhere; they’re feminine and fresh. But the interesting thing about this trend is it’s not the same prints each season, and in 2018, it’s all about the retro flower prints inspired by the ‘60s and ‘70s, The Fashion Spot reports.

This vintage-inspired look is refreshing.

While the previous seasons have focused on watercolors and super modern designs, these patterns are bright, bold, and a wardrobe must.

5 The Trench Coat Still Remains The Fave For Transitional Outerwear

Via Vogue

Trench coats are a wardrobe staple and are easy to mix and match, as well as perfect for transitional wearing. But the reason the classic cut doesn’t get boring is that designers keep reinventing the trench, including, as Vogue points out, clear, transparent styles and bold pieces with patches and embroidery.

However, pale colors are also incredibly striking (although hard to keep clean), as well as the classic tan, beige and buttermilk colors, which when worn in a slightly oversized cut feel super modern.

4 Flared Trousers That Have The Disco-Edge Are In

Via Le Fashion

If you were wondering which trouser trend was big this year, then you’ll be happy to know that the answer to that question is flared trousers. According to Harper’s Bazaar, this is a style that’s already loved by some of the most fashionable women in the world like Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham.

The great thing about this trend is that there are ways to style it to make it truly unique.

Whether that’s with loose-fitting trousers and sky-high heels, or tighter ankle grazing trousers paired with cool flats, the one thing that applies to all these looks is that flares add a disco edge to every outfit.

3 Well-Fitted Jeans Seem Like They Will Be Around Forever

Via Elle

It seems as though a good pair of jeans will be around forever! Skinny jeans are the favorite style, and according to Who What Wear, the style has proven that it’s here to stay, although it’s also been given a makeover.

The publication notes that one of the best approaches for 2018 is to find a pair of jeans that’s sort of in between skinny and straight, as this style is not as skin-tight and therefore extremely comfortable and flattering. Alternatively, they note that you can try out something with longer inseams.

2 A Tailored Blazer Continues To Be A Wardrobe Staple

Via Elle

You can’t go wrong with having well-tailored pieces like a blazer or structured trousers, which will add a sophisticated touch to your looks.

According to Elle, tailoring is a big trend right now, and its shifted from a more corporate appearance to something modern.

Coutts notes that modern outerwear can create a polished appearance and the trench, which we mentioned earlier, is a piece that’s key for tailoring in the spring/summer months, while blazers in heritage prints, like plaid and checks, are still modish.

1 Dreamy Pastel Colors Are Still Girly And Wonderful

Via Galant Girl

Pastel shades are delicate and dreamy, and we recently spotted them on the runways of Valentino, Nina Ricci, and Chanel, among others. Vogue notes that this trend is nothing new and seems to pop up every spring, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in your wardrobe.

According to Elle, Style Bop’s Coco Chan advises that this is a versatile trend, but when it comes to wearing these sugary colors it’s best to wear pieces that have “clean lines and crisp shapes” so that it doesn’t feel like something we’ve seen before.

References: PopSugar, Marie Claire, CosmopolitanRefinery29E! Online

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