10 Fashion Items That Are Worth The Splurge And 10 That Can Be Saved On

If you're anything like us, then you're constantly trying to curate your wardrobe. We're so over constantly purchasing fast fashion pieces that will only last a season. Whether we like to admit it or not, we often find ourselves buying pieces we'll only wear once. Even worse, we sometimes buy items that we plan to wear in the future.

In order to make the change, this involves tracking down the items that are totally worth the splurge, and those that we should set a budget on.

The truth is if a pair of boots or dress pants will last you for a few years, you should consider investing in these items. However, the rule doesn't apply to every item. While you should throw a little bit more into these 10 items on our list that are completely worth it, there's a ton more that just aren't. There's no point in spending a ton of money on these other 10, as they're just not going to last as long and you won't be able to get the proper use out of them.

This can definitely feel a little daunting, but if you follow our rules, you'll finally feel like your closet is coming together in the way you always dreamed of! We just can't afford to spend any more money on just random things, and it's time that we step up our game when it comes to what we wear.

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20 Worth The Splurge: A Classic Leather Jacket


This item might just outlast all of the other ones. We guarantee that if you splurge on a leather jacket it will for sure last a decade as an everyday piece.

The only issue is that you have to make sure you're still going to be into the piece!

That's why we recommend that when shopping for a leather jacket, make sure to pick a classic design that you're willing to wear for years to come. The awesome thing about a genuine leather jacket is it almost won't change at all. Instead, you'll see the fabric begin to form to your body shape and fit you like an absolute glove!

19 Cheap It Out: Summer Sun Hats


While you might be wanting to throw some major coin at a new hat for the summer season, we recommend you steer clear of this. There's no point in paying a lot for something you're most likely only going to wear for a couple of months.

If you're still trying to argue that you'll use it every day during the summer, that's even worse.

With the sand, sunscreen, water, and being stuffed into your beach bag, the poor hat is going to wear and tear in no time. That's why we recommend picking up a more affordable hat that you wouldn't be heartbroken to see completely destroyed if it's taken out to sea. There's no point in spending a ton in something that's almost guaranteed to be ruined.

18 Worth The Splurge: Vintage Items


If you're finally found that iconic vintage item that you've just been dreaming about, we recommend that you go for it. However, we have to make it clear that you better wear it.

If you're simply purchasing a vintage item because it's iconic in your eyes, but you don't really plan on wearing it, your way off. 

Instead, you have to make a promise that you'll always wear that iconic ACDC  band tee that you've found at your local vintage shop. Or maybe it's a stunning fur coat that just fits your aesthetic and look. Whatever it may be, spend the bills on it if you promise to rock it. If you don't, the poor item will be stashed away in the back of your closet never to be loved as it deserves!

17 Cheap It Out: Gym Clothes


While we totally get you might be super tempted to spend a ton on those Lulu Lemon leggings, steer clear of that. Instead, you should always be purchasing incredibly cheap clothing when it comes to what you wear to the gym.

The only item that you should be spending a few extra bills on is for a pair of proper running shoes.

Other than that, don't spend a ton. The truth is that there's no guarantee that you'll actually wear the items whatsoever. Don't fall into the mental trap that if you buy super cute gym clothes that you'll automatically be obsessed with hitting the treadmill. Stick to a large t-shirt and some shorts you have laying around your place.

16 Worth The Splurge: The Perfect Pair Of Jeans


We promise you that if there's anything to drop some cash on, it's totally a perfect pair of jeans. This item will last you for what seems like forever if it perfectly hugs every curve.

There's nothing better than finally finding that one pair of jeans that outdo all the others. 

While we recommend spending some intense coins on the dream pair of denim. We all advice that you steer clear of purchasing any more jeans. Once you find the perfect pair, you won't really be interesting in wearing anything else. It's better to go on the search for the perfect pair of pants, rather than just settling for something in the meantime. There's just nothing better than a pair of jeans that make you look like a million dollars!

15 Cheap It Out: Your 20th Pair Of Sunglasses


You definitely know that you shouldn't be purchasing yet another pair of sunglasses. You have way over a dozen and it's time to chill out.

If you still feel like you absolutely need a fresh pair, go for some cheap ones for $20.

When you have an endless collection, a ton of them just aren't getting the attention that they deserve. If you only plan on getting one pair, then we recommend the splurge as it'll be a statement piece. However, if you're onto your 20th pair, it's time to calm down. Set yourself a budget when it comes to purchasing accessories, and make sure to follow it!

14 Worth The Splurge: The Little Black Dress


If you don't have that perfect little black dress in your closet, it's time to make some major changes. This item is absolutely necessary when it comes to creating the perfect wardrobe filled with staple pieces.

There's no point in constantly buying colorful dresses that you can't wear to every occasion.

However, with a classic little black dress, you'll always have something to rock on your next special evening. The best part is that there are absolutely endless ways that you can pull off that little number. Whether you dress it down with a blazer or add some extra spark with endless jewelry, you'll find a ton of new ways to rock it. Just make sure you have that go-to item constantly on stand-by and ironed.

13 Cheap It Out: Summer Sandals


Let's admit, every summer introduces a new iconic pair of sandals that we absolutely need. If you're anything like us, then you often find yourself falling for this yet again.

That's why we totally recommend cheapening it out on your next pair of summer sandals!

There's almost no guarantee that you'll be into it next summer so there's no point in investing a ton of money. If you happen to still love them, you can totally wear them. We're almost positive that when next summer rolls around, you'll already find a new pair that you're more than obsessed with!

12 Worth The Splurge: Tailored White Blouse


If you don't have the perfect white blouse that's going to get you through almost any event, it's time to make some changes. We promise that spending a little bit more for a perfect blouse that accentuates your body is going to be one of the most promising purchases you've ever made.

You'll find yourself constantly gravitating towards the iconic piece as it's so multidimensional. 

Whether you're going to wear it to a business meeting, a night out on the town, or a family brunch, you'll adore it. It's totally classy as white still looking chic and fabulous. You'll feel so mature yet stylish in the piece that you'll adore it as one of your favorite items!

11 Cheap It Out: Fun Statement Jewelry


We definitely get that you want to buy that crazy pair of emerald earrings or rhinestone necklace, but you have to steer clear of statement jewelry. Once in a while, you should pick some up, but make sure you have a strict budget on it.

The truth of the matter is that you're probably going to wear this jewelry piece once, and never again.

Think about it. If you're rocking a statement jewelry piece, you're obviously trying to make a statement with your outfit. You're not exactly interested in wearing it again and redoing the look. Whats going to end up happening is that your iconic necklace is going to be tucked away at the back of your closet collecting dust. Just know that we warned you.

10 Worth The Splurge: Wool Sweaters


While we usually recommend to cheap it out when it comes to fashion pieces you can't wear every day, a wool sweater is a whole other story. The iconic item just won't ruin and will always be absolutely perfect til the very end.

The fabric won't begin to wear and tear, and it'll keep you completely warm during the fall and winter time!

Most of all, it's totally comfortable and better yet, fashionable. Make the investment and pick up the iconic sweater that you totally need. You'll adore the item more than anything in your closet if it fits you like a glove.

9 Cheap It Out: Most Shirts


It's really not wise to spend a ton of money on shirts. You'll probably end up getting tired of these items and will be on the hunt for something new.

That's why we recommend that you spend a little less cash when it comes to the tops your wearing every day.

It's better to have a larger variety, rather than the same old ones all the time. This way you'll feel like you have way more fashion choices to choose from. If you have the cash to make the investment in tops we're totally here for it. But if you're on a budget like us, we recommend buying items for a cheap price!

8 Worth The Splurge: Your Dream Purse


We all have endless dreams of that iconic purse that will just fix every issue in our lives. While we don't exactly recommend that you pick up a Hermes Birkin as your dream purse, we do advise that you spend some cash.

If you're willing to wear this stunning purse every day with every outfit, then throw the money at it and grab it!

You deserve to buy something that will make you happy, and the perfect purse might just help. You'll be getting a ton of wear out of it since you'll actually be rocking it every day! If that's not a smart purchase, we're not exactly sure what is. Just make sure that you're willing to keep this purse around for the years to come, and not just the season. This means getting a classic bag in a color like black that will always stay chic.

7 Cheap It Out: Going Out Dresses


While we adore Fridays coming around to hit the club with our girlfriends, we need a budget. Those drinks get pretty expensive and it's no secret that we're all about saving money.

That's why we recommend that you cheap it out with your going out dresses, to save some cash.

You'll obviously be dying to switch up your outfits so you're not going out in the same thing all the time. We totally adore this logic and advise that fast fashion stores like Forever 21, Zara, and Fashion Nova are the way to go. This way you'll be saving some major cash when it comes to your looks. No one will know where you outfit is from, and you'll absolutely adore these fresh fits.

6 Worth The Splurge: Fall Boots


Grabbing a perfect pair of fall boots is almost a no-brainer. Especially if you grab them in a classic color like black.

No one will even notice or care that you're constantly wearing the same boots during the fall time, as everyone else also is!

That's why it's absolutely necessary to spend the money up front and grab an awesome pair to get you through the season. The most important tip is to make sure they're comfortable. The last thing you want is to be wearing 4-inch boots throughout the city. Prioritize comfort and a big budget, you'll be more than good to go. You'll rock these bad boys during the day and throughout the night.

5 Cheap It Out: Swimsuits


If you're constantly spending a ton of money on your swimsuits, it's time to stop. These items will totally get some wear and tear with your constant use of them.

With the sun, sunscreen, sand, chlorine, and improper drying, your poor swimsuits are guaranteed to get ruined!

Make sure to pick up only cheap swimsuits and it will make a crazy difference. We recommend stores like Zaful, where you're able to pick up an adorable set for as little as $10. The best part about this is that you'll be able to grab even more sets since you have more room in your budgets. You definitely know that you don't want to be stuck in the same swimsuit for a week! The best part is that you won't be heartbroken if you ruin your cheap swimsuit!

4 Worth The Splurge: Your Office Clothing


If you're in the office 5 days a week, it might be a good idea to think about what you're wearing exactly. Make some room in your budget and start spending a little more money when it comes to items you're wearing every day.

Don't think you have to take out thousands of dollars from the bank to make this possible. 

Start off with some principle pieces like a perfect pair of black dress pants that fit you perfectly. You could easily get away with rocking them 3/5 days. Next, grab an awesome comfortable pencil skirt that you can wear the other 2 days. Simply then save up for the perfect blazer and you'll be good to go for the years to come!

3 Cheap It Out: Oversized Sweaters


While you might think that spending a little more on that comfy sweater is a good idea since you'll wear it all the time, we advise you against it. It will definitely not get the proper wear that you hope for and will be stuck in the back of your closet.

If you really want to pick up a few comfy sweaters, head over to the thrift shop.

They have an awesome selection and you'll totally find what you're looking for. The best part is a $5 sweater from the thrift shop is way better than a $50 one from a high-end boutique. You have to make sure that you don't spend a ton of money on items that you're just not willing to wear every day.

2 Worth The Splurge: A Quality Coat


With only one month left of summer, it's time that we start thinking about the colder months that are inevitably going to come. Don't just simply leave this for the last minute.

There are some awesome summer sales happening where you might be able to grab a quality coat for a great deal. 

You're obviously going to wear this item every day, so you might as well spend some money on that item. Don't buy yet another cheap coat just because you're constantly switching it up every year. Instead, make an investment into a classic coat that you're willing to wear every day. You'll totally see that this is an awesome idea and will get you through everything that the cold months are ready to throw at you.

1 Cheap It Out: Slides


It seems like slides have become all the rage this season, and we're not even surprised. They're more than adorable and are on everyone's wish list. With A-list celebs rocking them and endless fashion bloggers showing them off, it feels like everyone has them.

Yet, since they're such a trendy item, we recommend cheapening it out on slides since they're just that: a trend.

Don't spend a ton of money on an item that you might not even like the next season. Instead, buy a cheap pair that you find cute and will be willing to toss if you find something better. Especially since grabbing a few cheaper pairs is better since you have a greater variety. Remember to purchase items that work for you and no-one else!

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