10 Facts About Kristin Cavallari's Life (+ 10 From When She Was On The Hills)

Kristin Cavallari has certainly come a long way in the past 15 years. Kristin started production of a new reality TV show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County when she was just a junior in high school. Little did she know that it would change the whole trajectory of her life. While that was only a year of her life, she then signed on to play the lead in the show's spin-off series, The Hills, which followed most of the original cast members as they learned how to navigate life on their own.

Those shows put her smack dab in the middle of the spotlight, whether she was ready for it or not. Amid rumors that some things that happened on The Hills weren’t real, people began wondering what the real Kristin Cavallari is like. Is she the same person that she portrayed on camera, or was she merely acting?

While Kristin has never been completely out of the spotlight since then, with all her new endeavors, it seems as though the media can’t stay away from her. So who is the real Kristin Cavallari?

Here are 10 interesting facts about Kristin Cavallari's life and 10 from when she was on The Hills.

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20 She's Back On TV With Her Own Show

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Between Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills, Kristin Cavallari is no stranger to reality television. While she will finally be able to call this show her own and will be free of tension with Lauren Conrad and drama from Speidi, it definitely won’t be dull.

The show, Very Cavallari, follows Cavallari as she navigates her marriage, is a mother to three children, and balances working in her new jewelry store. The store employees are extremely memorable and with that many people working in close proximity, there’s bound to be drama.

19 The Hills - None Of It Was Real

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While The Hills is considered a reality TV show, Cavallari has stated on multiple occasions that most of it wasn’t real. On Access Online, Kristin said, “Nothing you see on TV is real…I don’t want to disappoint the fans. I have such great fans, and I think a lot of them take the show seriously, and I don’t want to change their views.”

While sometimes the cast members' reactions were real, producers would deliberately put certain people in difficult situations that they knew would set them off. Just because it’s on TV, it doesn’t mean it’s real! 

18 Her Kids Won't Appear On Her New TV Show

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If you tune into Very Cavallari, you’ll get a good glimpse into Kristin’s life. Well, most of her life. Kristin and her husband Jay have decided they don’t want their three children, Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor, to appear on the show.

When asked about her decision, Kristin told E! News, "I don't even really show my kids on social media…When they're old enough to make that decision, that's one thing. For right now, I just want to keep them kids.” But don’t worry, the show still has a ton of stuff happening.

17 The Hills - She Wasn't On The Hills Until Season 5

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When you think about The Hills, you probably remember Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari. However, Kristin wasn’t even on most of the show. The Hills was on air for six seasons, most of them featuring Lauren Conrad as the main character. However, halfway through Season Five, Conrad decided to leave so they brought Kristin in to take her place.

This means that Kristin was only on the show for a total of one and a half seasons! Despite her small amount of time on the show, Kristin will forever be known as being on The Hills.

16 She's Obsessed About Leading A Healthy Lifestyle

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If you follow Kristin Cavallari on social media, you’ll know from the pictures she posts that she is very conscious about what she eats. A lot of her pictures showcase her cooking and it always looks really healthy.

Her entire house is gluten-free, dairy-free, and her family doesn’t eat processed food or anything with additives. Kristin also doesn’t care about calories and is more focused on the ingredients. She told Brit + Co, “I always tell people I eat everything — it’s just the types of things I eat are different [from what] they were 10 years ago.”

15 The Hills - No One Knew She Was Going To Be The New Lead

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Kristin joined the cast of The Hills at the end of Season Five after Lauren Conrad, the current show lead, decided she didn’t want her life documented anymore. However, Kristin taking over her spot was a surprise to all the cast members.

The switch officially took place at Heidi and Spencer’s wedding, where Conrad and Cavallari were shown to be upset with each other. Kristin told Us magazine, “Producers kept me locked away in this little room downstairs. I think everyone was really, truly surprised, and that was fun. [The side eye they showed me giving Conrad] was all editing. I had no ill will.”

14 She Is The Ultimate Entrepreneur

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While most people might always see Kristin as the girl from The Hills, she’s actually quite the entrepreneur. Kristin is a NYT bestselling author for her books, Balancing in Heels and True Roots. In addition to her TV and movie appearances, she also has a shoe line and a jewelry line, Uncommon James, which now has its own store.

Cavallari told Forbes, “When I started my company, I was doing everything myself…Now, not even a year later, I have an entire staff working for me and I’ve opened my first brick and mortar in Nashville, Tennessee.”

13 The Hills - She Never Actually Dated Justin

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One of the storylines on The Hills was that Kristin and Justin Bobby Brescia were in a relationship. However, like with many other storylines, this was fake. Kristin told Us Weekly, “I never saw Justin when we weren’t filming. He’s a really nice guy, but he’s not necessarily my type.”

The producers also made it look like she dated Brody Jenner but Kristin set the record straight about that, saying, “I dated Brody when I was 18, right after Laguna Beach, but on The Hills, we didn’t actually date.”

12 She Once Appeared On Dancing With The Stars

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In 2011, Kristin competed in Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars. Both Kristin and her partner, Mark Ballas, were surprised after being voted off in week three. Since viewers have the full power to vote off who they want, staying might have more to do with your likability than your talent.

Kristin said, as Hollywood Reporter states,”Maybe I didn't have a good enough story. It's hard to compete with memorable years. Mine was I graduated from high school and moved to L.A.” All the other contestants had dramatic stories and it was too hard to compete for the viewers’ attention.

11 The Hills - She Took The Job For Money

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Kristin was on Laguna Beach for 28 episodes, but then didn’t join the cast of The Hills until midway through Season Five and many fans wondered why. While Lauren Conrad was the lead, producers probably didn’t have too much of a need for Kristin. However, after Conrad decided to leave, producers needed to fill her spot.

Kristin told Us Weekly, “The money was the reason I did it. Producers gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I’m glad I went back to [reality TV] because this time I looked at it strictly as a job.”

10 She's Actually Not A California Girl

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When watching The Hills, Kristin seems like the epitome of a California girl. However, she isn’t from California and doesn’t love living there. She was born in Denver, Colorado but moved with her mom to Illinois when her parents divorced. She eventually joined her dad in California after her freshman year of high school where she then attended Laguna Beach High School.

Her family lived in Illinois while her husband Jay was the quarterback for the Chicago bears and now the family lives in Nashville, Tennessee away from the LA paparazzi.

9 The Hills - She Said 'It Was Fun To Play The Villain'

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Laguna Beach was difficult on a lot of cast members simply because they had no idea what to expect. But when Kristin was asked to join The Hills' cast, she knew what to expect and was prepared for the toll it would take on her. She did, however, enjoy the experience.  

Kristin told Momtastic, “I had my life on-camera and a completely different life off-camera. I knew the character they wanted me to play, and this time I was game. Since I looked at it as a job, it was fun to play up the villain character.”

8 Her Relationship With Jay Has Been Far From Perfect

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Kristin is very open about the ups and downs in her relationship with Jay Cutler. Jay originally asked Kristin out through her publicist, although that move didn’t pay off until a year later when Kristin finally took him up on his offer.

It was a whirlwind romance, as they got engaged only eight months after meeting. However, she gave the ring back three months later because a few things needed to change. Kristin is now very vocal about the power of couples therapy and isn’t afraid to talk about their marriage issues on her new show.

7 The Hills - She Couldn't Wear The Same Thing Twice

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Fans always have questions about the hairstyles and clothes on reality TV. If it’s all real, technically cast members should do their own hair, makeup, and wear whatever they want. Sometimes it looked like the cast of The Hills had their hair and makeup done professionally.

Cast member Audrina Patridge revealed to Mirror, “We were only allowed to wear things once for continuity. They’d take a picture and then I’d never be able to wear that outfit again.”

She also said that they had to do their own hair and makeup all the time.

6 She's A Self-Proclaimed Neat Freak

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If you follow Kristin on any type of social media, you won’t be surprised that she considers herself a neat freak. Her house always looks spotless in her pictures and we constantly see her cleaning up after herself on her new TV show, Very Cavallari.

When Momtastic asked her to reveal something about herself that would surprise others if they knew about it, she replied, "I’m such a neat freak. I’m a little OCD when it comes to organizing. There’s nothing I love more than organizing my closet, the fridge, pantry — you name it!"

5 The Hills - Producers Led Her To Believe Her Fake Problem Wouldn't Be A Storyline

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On The Hills, Cavallari was super-irritated when Lo, Audrina, and Stephanie outed Kristin on camera for doing illegal things. It turns out that one of the producers actually manipulated the three girls, telling them he would buy them presents if they called Kristin out on camera for something she didn't do.

Kristin told Us Weekly, “I was told it wasn’t going to be a story line, and sure enough, it was the first episode [of season 6]. Listen, I definitely had fun in my early twenties; I was never out of control.”

4 She Calls Her Parenting Style 'Calm And Relaxed'

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When asked how she would describe her parenting style, Kristin told Momtastic, "Pretty calm and relaxed. We have our rules and if you don’t follow the rules, we count to three and if you’re still misbehaving then you go to timeout or to your room."

She lets her kids have some independence because they are aware of what they can and can’t do. Kristin also believes that it’s important to let your kids make their own mistakes and learn to pick themselves up afterwards instead of constantly being there and not letting them grow.

3 The Hills - There Was Actually An Alternate Ending Planned

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For those fans who followed The Hills and have watched the final episode, you know how it ends. But did you know there was an alternate ending filmed? In the final episode, Kristin is leaving for Europe. Her ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner stops by for a tearful goodbye and to discuss their relationship (real or fake, who knows?), and then Kristin drives off in her limo.

In the alternate ending, Brody returns to his apartment and Lauren Conrad is sitting on his couch, waiting to comfort him with a smile on her face.

2 She Refused Jay's Idea To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom

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Cavallari has been an open book about her relationship woes and how she broke off her engagement with Jay for a little while. One of the reasons why she pushed the pause button on their relationship was because Jay had aspirations of her being a stay-at-home mom.

Kristin admitted to Us Weekly, “If I stayed at home, I wouldn’t be happy. And would probably end up resenting Jay for it.”

With Kristin so busy now that she has her new show and her jewelry store, the tables have turned and Jay is now home more with the kids.

1 The Hills - She Isn't Returning For The Reboot

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You may have heard that The Hills is returning for a reboot, The Hills: New Beginnings. While there are many original members of the cast set to return, Kristin will not be one of them.

Kristin told Hollywood Life, “Mentally and emotionally, I could not have gone back to that same place. There’s just no way. Would it have been fun to make a little cameo? Absolutely.”

She also has her own show now, so who knows if she would have been allowed to do both. Whatever the case, it appears that her life is going well and that she made the right decision.

Sources: Access Online, Brit + Co, Us, Hollywood Reporter, Momtastic

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