10 Common Vacuum Cleaner Problems

Anyone who has owned a vacuum understands the pains it takes to maintain it, especially when an issue arises. We tend to stare at it for a while, hoping it comes back to life, and some of us even take the more drastic measure of throwing it out and buying a new one. What most people don't realize, is that many of these issues can be easily fixed with a minimal amount of elbow grease.

We have compiled a list of several common problems people experience with their vacuums, along with the simple solutions to these issues. There are a few of these that might take someone with mechanical knowledge to fix, but the more common issues can be solved by any average Joe. Keep reading to learn about ten common vacuum cleaner problems!

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10 It Won't Turn On

You might feel silly for asking this simple question, but it is a common issue found with the use of these products. The first step is to ensure it is properly plugged in, and if it is, then you might want to consider trying a different outlet. Your problem may be that the outlet you are using is no longer powered, and this happens more often than one might think. The final step to take if this fails to solve the problem is to check the electrical components and dust off or replace any dirty contactors.

9 My Hose Is Clogged

This is a natural occurrence, especially when most of us prefer to use our vacuums to pick up large pieces of debris when we are too lazy to bend down and pick it up ourselves. This is more of a nuisance than anything and sometimes requires some creative thinking to unclog it. You can use a pair of pliers to pull out the blockage, but many have found it easier to take a metal hanger and use it as a snake to push through the clogged portion.

8 It Randomly Turns Off During Use

The cause of this problem is that the vacuum is actually overheating. This product generally has a safety measure that prevents it from growing too hot, so it automatically shuts itself down once it reaches a certain temperature. A major cause of this is when the user makes the decision to vacuum up leftover construction debris, which can cause the motor to burn up as the fine dust wheedles its way into the compartment. If this doesn't describe you, then you might want to try setting your vacuum to a different suction setting, because your shag carpet could be clogging up the intake valve.

7 My Vacuum Is Difficult To Move

If you are having trouble moving your vacuum around on your carpet, then you might want to ensure that none of your wheels are broken. The crack might not be noticeable, but over time they can break apart where the wheels attach to the interior of the vacuum.

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You can replace a wheel at home by removing the caps and ordering a new piece to replace the broken part. It will usually cost you less than ten dollars to fix, and it is much more affordable than buying an entirely new vacuum.

6 Is Something Burning?

This is a simple fix as it means that your belt is broken. The belt is responsible for moving the roller brush, and any homeowner is capable of performing this simple repair themselves. The belts are relatively cheap, and to put it on only requires the use of a screwdriver and maybe a bit of muscle to get the roller brush back into place. It is not recommended you use your vacuum until you fix the problem as it will cause you to burn up your motor if you continue to run it without a working belt.

5 It Smells Horrible

We want our homes to smell nice and clean, so when our vacuum smells utterly disgusting it ruins the fresh feeling we had hoped to leave in our home. This usually stems from a poor vacuum cleaning regimen as dust and debris collect and decay in different portions of the vacuum. You should clean out your canister with soap and water, or invest in a new vacuum bag. It might also be time to replace the filters as that could also be the source of your problem.

4 It Is Noisy & Vibrates Uncontrollably

This is usually a result of an issue with the drive motor and it could be a sign that it is time to throw your vacuum out on trash day. It is much easier to buy a new vacuum than replace the broken parts, but that does not mean it is impossible.

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The cause of the problem could be a result of a broken fan or roller brush. These two issues stem from its repeated use, as erosion eats away at the moving parts and causes the integrity of the product to decay.

3 It Shuts Off When The Cord Is Moved

We all run over the vacuum cord from time to time, but occasionally this can cause our vacuum to develop electrical problems. It is easy to identify as the vacuum will stay on until the cord is moved a certain direction. If this happens to you it is important to turn off and unplug your vacuum immediately because this is a fire hazard. The best way to fix this is to take it to a professional but for those with minimal electrical knowledge and a view of the broken section of the cord, they may be able to fix the problem at home.

2 Loss Of Suction

This is a common problem that many homeowners have and it usually means that somewhere in the vacuum you have a leak. This leak could stem from a damaged bag, or it could signal a cracked hose. If your model does not have a bag, then it might be time to empty the bin that holds all of the debris, because when it becomes too full, it prevents reliable suction. If none of these solutions solve your problem, then the last item to check is your filter, as dust can gather on them and make it difficult for your vacuum to properly breathe.

1 It Leaves A Trail Of Debris

This could be a signal that your roller brush is filthy and needs to be cleaned. The roller brush accumulates hair and other fibers, which end up wrapping around the brush and it makes it more difficult for the vacuum to reliably pick up debris off of the ground. This might also relate to your belt, which might be preventing your roller brush from spinning. You can also check for debris buildups in the container or bag as well, and sometimes a blockage occurs at the start of the hose.

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