10 Celebs Whose Signature Hair Color Is Legit (& 10 Who Fake It With Dye)

Some celebs have rocked their signature hair color for so long that even die-hard fans assume that it’s their natural hair color. But while we dye our hair to spice things up every now and then, some celebs actually have to dye in order to get a certain role. In some instances, they dye their hair so that they can continue to look super fresh and young. What? No one would really think that 60-year-old Madonna would walk out of the house with gray hair, right? But that’s okay because she’s the Queen of Pop, and honestly, she'd always look fabulous no matter what hair color she sports.

But everyone in Hollywood has a different reason for dyeing their hair. Some of them do it to create a dramatic change that will separate them from a role that made them famous. Just imagine playing Rose on “Titanic” and having everyone call you that instead of Kate Winslet simply because you have the same hair color as the character you played. It sounds like a real nightmare, doesn’t it? So, some celebs have opted to rock a different hair color every now and then. But in the world of make-believe, how do you know whose hair color is legit and whose isn’t? Check out this list to find out. The truth will leave you flabbergasted.

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20 Natural: Jessica Chastain Used To Dislike Her Ginger Locks... Not Anymore!


Get a hold of this! As a child, Jessica Chastain didn’t like being a redhead. But that’s probably because gingers can get teased quite a bit as children. However, as a grownup, she’s totally embracing the look and wears her natural red hair with pride. And we can definitely see why she’s so infatuated with her hair color. We wouldn’t want to dye it either! But would she do it if her job depended on it? Absolutely! But it doesn’t mean she has to like it. She’s embraced the fact that her red color sets her apart from all the rest, and it makes her feel totally special.

19 Dyed: Emma Stone Is Known For Her Fiery Red Mane But...

via: mom.me

Anyone who’s ever seen Emma Stone on film would swear that she’s a natural redhead. Remember the film, “Easy A?” She was fabulous in that one, too! Since her character in the film was so fiery, fans never questioned her hair color.

Her pale freckled face truly makes her look like a natural ginger, but you'd be surprised to know that she’s actually a natural blonde! 

But to break into Hollywood, she didn’t go red...oh no! She actually started off as a brunette, and it worked! She caught her big break in the film “Superbad.” And from that point on, she started seeing red. But we kind of like the fact that we got to see her natural blonde hair in films like “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

18 Natural: Nicki Minaj Loves To Rock Her Natural Hair & We're Obsessed


Wait! Hang on a minute! No, seriously! We're well aware that Nicki Minaj has appeared with a number of different hair colors pretty much everywhere. But just because she’s tried every color of the rainbow (and then some), it doesn’t mean that any of those shades on her pretty little head were on her actual hair. So, in case you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that Minaj is the queen of wearing all sorts of exotic wigs when she’s performing. But in reality, she’s never dyed her hair. In fact, she absolutely loves to show off her sleek, black hair as much as she can. You gotta rock what your momma gave you!

17 Dyed: Amy Adams Usually Rocks Red, But She's Naturally Blonde!


Amy Adams is the world’s best actress when it comes to fooling the world about her true hair color. She’s been rocking red locks for so long that you’d bet a hundred bucks that this was her color. But before she became an A-List celebrity, Adams was born a natural blonde.

When her red locks became a part of her Hollywood look, she stuck with it, and it paid off!

She’s been in tons of movies and she's been cashing in the big bucks thanks, in part, to her iconic fiery mane. So, we’re guessing it’s true what they say. Blondes really do have more fun, even when they’re dyeing their Barbie colored hair a ginger color.

16 Natural: Julianne Moore Was Never Into Dyeing Or Bleaching


Julianne Moore may very well be one of the most beautiful redheads around. She’s also the most recognizable one in Hollywood. And it’s all legit! She proved it when she passed her fabulous fiery color to her daughter. She did add blonde highlights when she was in her 30s, but it didn’t really suit her. So, from that point on she decided to keep it natural all the time. However, she did admit that she’s not ready to go gray, yet. So, when she started spotting some gray hairs on her head, she reached for the hair dye. But that’s not exactly cheating, is it?

15 Dyed: Dita Von Teese Is Not A Natural Brunette?!

via: Elle

Most people try to go from brunette to blonde, but rarely do you hear of anyone trying to do the opposite. Well, Dita Von Teese is a definite exception. Being a blonde made her feel out of place among her peers. Somehow, the California Girl look just didn’t cut it, so she decided to experiment a bit. She started out by dyeing her hair red, but she didn’t like it either. So, then she decided to go blonde again. But then, someone told her that she would try to dye her hair black, so she did. And instead of going blonde, she kept the super black hair because it suited her whole pinup glam girl persona.

She's hard to recognize with anything other than her short, wavy dark mane!

14 Natural: Shay Mitchell Doesn't Stray From Her Long Locks

via: Pinterest

The Canadian actress looks positively flawless. But just because she starred on “Pretty Little Liars,” doesn’t make her one. It turns out that her long beautiful locks are all natural. She doesn’t really like to discuss whether she would or wouldn’t be open to the possibility of dyeing her hair. But since her hair has pretty much looked the same throughout her career, it’s safe to say she’s never handled bleach before. She’s even said that she wouldn’t dye her gray hairs, which are popping up more and more these days. She calls them wisdom hair, and she’s proud of them.

13 Dyed: Jennifer Aniston's Natural Color Is A Rich Warm Brown


“Friends” star Jennifer Aniston may have warm blonde hair, but that wasn’t always the case. During her pre-Rachel years, the Jen had lovely brown locks.

But she experimented with hair dye until she found the color that she was most comfortable with. It obviously worked because she’s managed to do what most actresses struggle to do these days (stay employed). But even though we love her highlighted long layers, we certainly don’t get why she didn’t embrace her dark locks. It’s clear to us that she’s never had a bad hair day in her life!

12 Natural: Zendaya's Curls Are The Ultimate #HairGoals


Zendaya could pretty much do what she wants to her hair, and she’d still look amazing. But if we’re being honest, her natural hair texture is simply fabulous. In fact, you could say that her curl patterns are her signature look. But would it stay that way if she subjected her hair to chemical treatments, color, and excessive heat? Probably not. Her strands would be compromised. Thankfully, she’s done a pretty good job at keeping her curls in check, and is a big fan of natural hair products. She’s a total product junkie, but she loves to keep her hair as natural as possible.

11 Dyed: Dove Cameron Boosts Her Natural Blonde With Bleach


Since she filmed “Descendants,” she’s stirred a bit of a debate when she posted a photo of her blue hair on Instagram, which she swears isn’t blue at all, but purple. But that was actually a wig she used for her character Mal.

For some strange reason, Cameron gets very anxious when she doesn’t dye her hair!

On Twitter, she posted, "yo you guys I haven’t dyed my hair in 2.5 months since I’ve been filming descendants and I am starting to get PHYSICALLY UNCOMFORTABLE without my hair being white. I’m into my roots, but. who am I even, you know? I know you know." Got to love a girl who isn't married to just one style, huh?

10 Natural: Kendall Jenner Has Never EVER Dyed Her Hair. Yeah, Let That Sink In!


The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” family may call their show "reality TV" but everyone with half a brain knows that the camera doesn’t always show the whole truth. But when it comes to Kendall Jenner, she’s totally legit. Well, at least her lovely hair color is! Jenner revealed in a Calvin Klein ad that she doesn’t dye her hair and that she never has. It’s hard to imagine given that she’s been able to keep her hair natural since she's a supermodel. And you’d think that her sisters would have influenced her to change her hair color at least once. But nope! She’s all natural, baby, and she's loving it!

9 Dyed: Ariana Grande's OG Hair Color Is Dark & Curly!


Ariana Grande is the human equivalent of a chameleon, at least when it comes to her hair. This girl can rock it on stage like no one else can, and she’s got an incredible voice to top it off! She’s also got some amazing outfits that make her fans’ jaws hit the floor. If you've ever seen Grande sing live, then you probably know that she loves putting on a show! But if Grande ever says she’s never dyed her hair (and we’re not saying that she did), you could totally call her out on it. She’s worn weaves, bleached her hair, and done the unexpected to shine like a star on stage.

But as a kid, Grande had dark brown hair, and that girl is still in there underneath that fabulousness.

8 Natural: Stacy London Totally Embraces Her Inner Silver Fox


American author and stylist Stacy London is totally rocking her inner silver fox. The only other women we know of that could sport that unique gray streak on their hair is Lily Munster from “The Munsters” and Rogue from “X-Men”. But London is not related to a supernatural family (that we know of) and she’s certainly not a mutant (but check with Sentinel Services, just in case). But if we can get serious for a moment, the stylist has rocked that streak for so long that it’s become her trademark, and she would never do anything to try and hide it.

7 Dyed: Kylie Jenner Actually Went Platinum Blonde

Kendall Jenner might be all natural, but her sister Kylie isn’t. She’s messed around with all kinds of things to accentuate her look. From wigs, to makeup, to fillers, and hair dye, the sky’s the limit for the new mom. Remember the time when Kylie went all platinum blonde for her birthday? She looked really good as a blonde! But would you expect anything less from Kim Kardashian’s sister? She certainly loves to play around with all sorts of colors, too, so she's not married to just one color palette. Kylie loves every single color of the rainbow.

But if you really want to know, her true hair color is very, very dark. And yet, no matter what dye she uses, she always manages to shine like the true star that she is.

6 Natural: Salma Hayek Loves Her Natural Dark Locks


It wouldn’t matter to us if Salma Hayek tried every color spectrum on the planet to dye her hair. But we definitely prefer her with dark hair, and so does she. About the only type of dye job she’d be okay with is the one that Mother Nature is giving her. Yes! She told The New York Times that her dark and white hairs are all natural. She also added that the reason she doesn’t dye her hair is because she’s too impatient to sit on the chair and sit through the process. She’s not the kind of gal who tries to hide her true age, either. What a queen!

5 Dyed: Britney Spears Has Always Been A Blondie, Right? Wrong!

Ron Galella/WireImage

You might think that Britney Spears is blonde, but the pop icon wasn’t born a blonde. That might have been obvious when you see her roots when she took a razor and shaved most of her hair a few years back. That's right! The pop goddess was actually born a brunette, but her original shade is actually adorable. We get it! The whole blonde bombshell really skyrocketed her career! But her real hair color is to die for!

If you search YouTube for footage of Britney during her Mickey Mouse Club days, you’ll see that her hair is a dark brown that matches her eyes.

But you know something? Going blonde didn’t hurt her career one bit. It’s probably why she’s been one through most of it.

4 Natural: Lucy Liu Is A Natural Goddess, From *Hair* To Toe!


From “Ally McBeal” to “Charlie’s Angel,” Lucy Liu has always been a natural goddess. In fact, there’s no way any of her fans could imagine her dyeing her hair. But she might switch things up like her wardrobe, and things like that. But as far as her long, dark hair is concerned, that’s there to stay. And hopefully, no one in Hollywood asks her to go blonde, because she’s made it clear that she won’t alter her hair color.

She’s no fan of bleaching because she knows how much chemical damage that would do to her hair. And we love how her ebony locks make her beautiful freckles stand out.

3 Dyed: It's Hard To Image Gwen Stefani Without Her Signature Ice Blonde

via: dollupbeauty.com

Gwen Stefani’s hair isn’t blonde, which might shock some fans (and maybe her boo, Blake Shelton, when they first started dating). But she was actually born a brunette. She dyed her hair after a breakup (in high school, not when she split from Gavin Rossdale). as she was hurting so much. At that time, she decided to get her hair bleached no matter how much it cost her. But it paid off because that’s what inspired her to write the next chapter in her life. And in less than no time, her career with No Doubt began. And the rest is history! In all seriousness, there's "no doubt" she looks spectacular as a blonde!

2 Natural: Paris Hilton Always Sticks To Her Natural Shade


Heiress Paris Hilton will never dye her hair dark. So, if you’ve ever seen her in any color other than blonde, then she was probably wearing a wig. But she only does this when she has to go somewhere where there are tons of people (like Disneyland). And besides, it’s always fun to change who you are once in a while, and she certainly has the money to do whatever she wants with her look. But she’s legally blonde and absolutely loving it! And there isn’t enough money in the world that could get her to change her mind...or her locks!

1 Dyed: Scarlett Johansson Has A Little Help From Hair Dye And Bleach


Our beloved ScarJo is a total bombshell no matter what hair color she uses. Admittedly, she looks pretty good as a blonde. But if you thought that she was a natural one, then you’re in for one major disappointment. ScarJo’s hair color seems to change almost as much as her hairstyle. She’s tried it all, long, short, pixie, semi-long, you name it! But she looks wonderful in any style, so really, no one's complaining.

That being said, her light blonde hair is the result of a little hair dye and bleach.

But the color matches her skin complexion perfectly. So maybe she was meant to be blonde from birth, don't you agree?

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