10 Celebs Whose Hair We Swore Was Real, But Is Actually Fake (And 5 That Are Surprisingly Real)

Is it real or is it fake, that’s a huge question in Hollywood, especially when it comes to hair. Celebrity hair stylists have admitted that a very high percentage of their clients often wear wigs, weaves and hair extensions on and off screen all the time. But no one wants to talk about it, it adds to the illusion of celebrity. It's all about vanity.

Hollywood hairstylist Priscilla Valles, who touts Kylie Jenner and Chrissy Teigen as client estimates that 97 percent of all female stars wear hair extensions for work and for their private lives, but choose to stay quiet about it. And some actresses even have contract clauses for hair Pricilla tells The Hollywood Reporter. "The camera eats hair, so you always need more. If an actress is in front of a camera, whether it's a photo shoot or a TV show or a film, she's definitely wearing extensions."

Want to know the secret to wearing fake hair ---it's all about how realistic it looks. You have got to be able to see the scalp or its just not as believable even if its lime green coming out at the roots. Now take a look at your favorite celebs, are they oh so natural? Or are they getting a little hair help!

15 Faux: Jennifer Lopez's Long Locks Aren’t So Real


Jennifer Lopez has been known to wear extensions for a very long time, basically since her career took off. We haven’t seen Jennifer’s natural hair in years now---she actually has super dark curly hair. Instead, the glamorous triple threat can often be seen wearing a full head of over the top honey colored extensions. A few years ago Jennifer chopped off her hair into a long bob for her ‘Shades of Blue’ character, Harlee Santos, where she plays a partially crooked cop. Then within weeks, she put back in her extensions for her Las Vegas residency. Even those L’Oreal hair commercials have come into question. Jennifer was heavily criticized on social media for the ads. The Hollywood Reporter reported that one fan even said, "If only she sang as nice as her extensions look." Ouch!

14 Faux: Kim Kardashian’s Fuller Hair Secret


Kim Kardashian has been wearing extensions for years, especially after she debuted her long bob for the first time in 2015. And soon after missed her long mane and reached for extensions. Since then she’s experimented with super blonde hair and super long extensions, but unlike her peers, she is not afraid to admit she uses extensions, usually installed by her longtime hairstylist, Chris Appleton.

“When it comes to my hair, I really only like wigs for dramatic transformations, I prefer to dye and style my own hair; then if I need extra length, I use extensions,”

Kim said on her app according to BET. Kim was recently accused on social media of wearing a wig, which she later denied, but she was, of course, wearing extensions. At least Kim will tell you she’s wearing faux hair.

E! Online

13 Real: Oprah's Full Mane Is All Hers


Oprah has a lot of hair and a lot of people actually thought she was always wearing hair pieces, like comedian Chris Rock. Oprah’s longtime hairstylist Andre Walker remembers the time Chris Rock stopped by The Oprah Winfrey Show to promote his new movie, Good Hair and asked Oprah about her own hair habits an then she told him to fun his hangs through her hair. “One great memorable moment I have is when Chris Rock was on ‘The Oprah [Winfrey] Show’ promoting his movie ‘Good Hair’ and was surprised to find out that Oprah wasn’t wearing extensions. It showed that all of the care that I had given her hair over the years to keep it healthy, worked!” Andre said according to the Huffington Post.

Oprah does wear wigs and extensions for her O magazine covers and some events, but in her everyday life, she doesn’t opt for extra hair. Oprah’s other stylist Nicole Mangrum explains how she keeps her natural hair so healthy (via HuffPo), “Oprah gets a deep conditioning twice a week — and a heat-protecting spray when styling with a hot tool.”

12 Faux: Vanessa Hudgens's Cher Hair Inspo


Vanessa Hudgens is not hiding the fact that she’s gotten faux hair help. The actress channeled her inner Cher when she went from a short bob to a super long do’ in 2017 during her hosting gig on So You Think You Can Dance. She walked into the salon with a short mane and walked out with hip length hair. All you have to do is scroll through her Instagram account to see her toggle from short to long in a flash.

Vanessa’s hair stylist, Chad Wood showed off his Cher hair creation on his Instagram account, writing, “From short and chic to long and sleek!"

Chad also works with Jessica Alba and Olivia Munn.Vanessa has since gone back to her short bob and has been having fun experimenting with a ton of short hair looks.

11 Faux: Gwen Stefani Gets Help In The Hair Department


Gwen Stefani hasn’t seen her real hair color or length in a while. The longtime platinum blonde (she experimented with pink and blue years ago). But for a long time, Gwen has enlisted the help of faux hair to get all those edgy, cool styles she’s known for. During a BeautyCon event,

the No Doubt singer told Entertainment Tonight, "Nothing here is me. Everything is fake." When asked what her real hair looks like she joked, "Um, who knows? I haven't seen it since ninth grade."

Gwen usually wears extensions when she rocks her long ponytails, her real hair appears to be about shoulder length. And her stylist Danilo touches up her roots about once a week when she is working or performing. "I know roots are in right now… but I don't like them on her. I want her to look seamless," he told E!News.

10 Real: Blake Lively’s Always Had Perfect Hair

Harper's Bazaar

Blake Lively is all real, well mostly. Blake is long past her Gossip Girls days, but believe it not she does not usually wear hair extensions for her long blond mane. During a recent event her stylist, Rod Ortega, admitted to PeopleStyle, that Blake did not wear hair extensions for length or volume, instead, he opted to use a hair piece in the shape of a heart for visual effect. “Blake doesn’t wear any extensions for length or body, but for this, I thought it would be cool to make something using hair. I could have done it with her own hair, but I just thought something placed would be pretty.” So when you see Blake’s hair free and flowing----that’s all her real hair. Yup, we are all so jealous!

9 Faux: Julianna Margulies’ TV Hair


Julianna Margulies admitted to David Letterman in an interview that she wore a very expensive wig on her hit TV show, The Good Wife. Julianna revealed that she opted for a wig since it would be easier for the shows production team since her natural hair is very curly.

“My own hair is very curly and they wanted her to look coiffed and have straight hair. I thought, 'Oh my God, 22 episodes a year, 14 hours a day and if the weather changes my hair starts growing like a Chia pet."

The wig cost about $10,000 and took just 10 minutes to put on according to Instyle. "Takes 10 minutes to put that wig on and there's no continuity problems." And that’s what you call TV magic people.

"Ham Sandwich"--Alicia (Julianna Margulies)

8 Faux: Viola Davis Surprised All With Her Red Carpet Do’

People Mag

Viola Davis has worn a wig so long we just assumed that was her real and then one day she appeared on the red carpet with a really short hairdo. She reveals that her husband encouraged her to show her true self in public. “My husband wanted me to take the wig off. He said, ‘If you want to wear it for your career, that’s fine, but in your life wear your hair. Step into who you are!’ It’s a powerful statement,” Viola said to Instyle. When asked if she would go back to wigs, she said, “We’ll see. I think I’ll change it up every once in a while. It gives me flavor. It makes me feel like I’m spicing my life up a bit.” Viola now alternates between her natural texture and hair pieces.


7 Real: Tracee Ellis Ross Got Her Curls From Her Mama


Tracee Ellis Ross grew up with her fabulous Diana Ross as her mother. But other than her famous mom she didn’t have many hair role models growing up with her hair texture. Since then Tracee has embraced her natural curls and she even gives out curly hair tips on her website. Tracee reveals she wears her hair natural on Black-ish and they have figured out a way to incorporate into her looks into the show (via People). “If I have an 8:00 a.m. call and I work out at 6:00 a.m., I don’t have time to get my hair blown out before going on camera. On Black-ish we work in a lot of different natural styles. One of my favorite products is Amla’s edge tamer. It’s perfect for slicking down flyaways and giving hair that freshly washed look.”

6 Faux: Taraji P. Henson Has An Arsenal Of Hair

attends the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Taraji P. Henson loves a good hair moment on the red carpet (and on her show Empire). But in 2017, Taraji decided to chop off a lot of her hair to start over after overprocessing her hair. She confesses that she felt the pressure to straighten hair which left if damaged. Tym Wallace, Taraji’s longtime stylist told Refinery29,

"She was just like, 'I want to cut my hair. She already had an undercut, and it was growing in. She was loving how her curls looked, and was like, 'If we're gonna cut it, we're gonna cut it all.' She's like, 'I trust you.'"

But for her role in Empire, Cookie needs hair. And according to THR, Empire’s hair department head Melissa Forney utilizes extensions and wigs to give Taraji the over the top hair to match her wild personality on the show.

5 Faux: Selena Gomez’s Hair Secret

Selena Gomez like to switch up her hair from her cute bob to her mermaid hair. At the current moment Selena is rocking a chin-length bob, but within a few weeks, we wouldn't be surprised if she had long hair again. But Selena has admitted to using extensions. During an interview with Youtube star, Lilly Singh the ladies gushed over each other, showering each other with compliments. Then after Selena said something sweet to Lilly she said (Via HuffPo),

"It's not about my hair. That's the first time a compliment isn't about my hair." Selena agreed, "You do have beautiful hair." To which Lilly retorted, "Yeah, and by the way, it's not fake. Can you just pull this real quick?" Then Selena added, "Wait, I gotta check for a weave.”

Before confessing, "Yeah, it's so nice. Mine, however, is very fake.” honesty is the best policy!

4 Real: Beyonce Had A Song About Her Weave, But...


Did you know that Beyonce had a song about her weave. In the song “Get Me Bodied’ she tells the ladies to pat their weaves. You have to pat and not scratch your head while wearing pieces as to not disturb the style. So it's a known fact that Beyonce wears wigs, weaves, and extensions. There is a rumor (via THR) that Beyonce has several trunks of hair custom made by her stylist Kim Kimble for performances. In late 2017 Beyonce’s mom, Tina showed off her daughter’s hair growth In an Instagram post. Beyonce’s hair was tied up in a long ponytail and fans just couldn't believe it. Why? Because in 2013 Beyonce reportedly cut her hair into a super short pixie cut. Now years later people were skeptical all her real hair had grown back in again. Tina showed off the picture on Instagram, “INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back !! She is going to get me.” Tina wouldn't lie, right? It’s all Bey’s hair!

3 Faux: Halle Berry From Short To Super Long In a Snap


Halle Berry used to be the queen of the crop. And she looked great in it, but when she wants to change it up, she turns to extensions and she’ll gladly admit it. “I love short hair—that’s me, that’s who I am. I just feel confident and feel like my best self when I have short hair,” Halle told ELLE Via HuffPo. “But it’s fun to change sometimes. I get a little bored and, as a woman, I want to change my shoes, my outfit, and my hair. And thanks to extensions, it’s easy to do. The trick is that you have to get hair that looks like it’s actually growing out of your head—it has to be the same texture as your natural hair. My hair is naturally curly like this, so you’re not able to see where the extensions begin.” She’s fab either way.

2 Faux: Kate Hudson Long Mane Isn’t All Hers


Kate Hudson was blessed with pretty curly hair, but in Hollywood, you always need more. This was all before she shaved off all her hair for a new movie. A few years ago Kate debuted a short bob haircut, but she wanted longer hair for an event and extension guru, Kacey Welch helped her out.

“Our inspiration was to play and have fun,” Welch tells PeopleStyle. “[Kate] was opening the new club Intrigue at the Wynn in Vegas as well the Met Gala, so the look we were going for was playful, but still able to capture the glamour of the red carpet at the Met Gala.”

Kacey was able to take Kate from short bob to a long mane with three rows of 16-inch wefts. She custom creates hairstyles specifically for her client with the same hair color and texture.

1 Real: Amanda Seyfried's Full Locks Are Natural

Hello Magazine

Amanda Seyfried barely touches her hair she says. And she doesn’t even use a blow dryer. “Nowadays I don’t do much with my hair,” Amanda told Instyle (via People) “I don’t even have a blow-dryer because I don’t dry my hair. I probably flatiron my hair once every six months.” That’s just crazy. Amanda tries to be as natural as possible with her hair care regimen. "I like having clean skin and taking care of my hair. My secret is to avoid drying my hair with the hairdryer and also avoiding blow-dries when it's not necessary. In order to feel myself, I need to look the most natural as I can." Amanda actually cut her hair in 2015 and planned to give her 13-inch ponytail to charity. She has since grown back her long hair.

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