10 Celebs Who Look Amazing Without Their Signature Look (And 10 Who Remained Basic)

Everyone in Hollywood just wants to look fabulous. No one wants to be basic these days, it's all about that signature look, those pretty blond highlights, that perfect shade of red or an edgy messy bedhead look. Some celebs have signature looks like Gwen Stefani’s bright red lips, Jennifer Lopez’s long honey hair or Halle Berry’s pixie cut. We can count on them to maintain that specific look. And then there are the Katy Perry and Kate Hudson’s of the world who like change, both of them went for super short, drastic haircuts. For some that signature celeb look is all, they would or should ever do. But 2018 is in full swing a change might be brewing among your favorite celebrity like Selena Gomez who needed to break out of her signature look out and blossom into something amazing. Could be a major hair chop, or a color change.

Will your favorite celeb decide to leave the no-makeup look behind for something bolder and edgy? Or will they stay in their lanes and not deviate much because it can go south pretty quick? Who needs a new look and who should stick to what they know!

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20 Bombshell: Ariana Grande Dropped The High Ponytail

Ariana Grande’s high ponytail is as synonymous as her high note. The ‘Side to Side’ singer let down her hair and showed off how versatile she can be with her look! But the look didn't last long. She once confessed that her ponytail comes more from necessity than style. Her hair was severely damaged from coloring it bright red for her role on Disney’s Sam & Cat. Of course, the internet has hated on Ariana’s signature look. In 2014 she was spotted crying on the Grammy red carpet after learning a famous blogger was criticizing her look on Twitter, of course, social media added flames to the fire and left the young singer heartbroken. She’s grown up a lot since. Maybe she will let down her hair again.

19 Stay Basic: Jennifer Aniston's Beloved Long Blonde Hair

Jennifer Aniston has been wearing her hair the same way since her days on Friends. While ‘The Rachel’ cut may have drawn a lot of attention for the actress, it's her current hairstyle that might actually be her signature--long blondish and mostly straight with a lot of volume.

She did try a few new looks during her 10-year run on the show even cutting her hair into a slick Bob. But she's gone back to her long blonde locks and it works for her. Some people can change up their looks all the time, but some people just stick to what they know. Jennifer’s classic look has stayed mostly the same since her marriage to Brad Pitt. It's usually parted to the side with honey highlights.

18 Bombshell: Katy Perry’s Pixie Blonde Ambition

Katy Perry’s always been a candy-colored hair kind of girl. But in recent years Katy could be seen rocking a darker almost black hairdo. She was dating Orlando Bloom and everything pointed to a possible marriage for the couple. But then it happened, they broke up and Katy did what most women do after a huge breakup up, she chopped off her hair. But not only did she debut a super short pixie cut, but went platinum blonde. Her look was definitely drastically different. There was no way the pop singer could hide behind her hair anymore. Katy denied that her haircut what due to a breakup but we beg to differ. But Katy looks like a new revamped woman ready to take on American Idol. Yes, that's how is back on again after a short departure and network change.

17 Stay Basic: Gwen Stefani Longlasting Lip Look

Gwen Stefani may no longer be in No Doubt, but the ‘Just A Girl’ singer’s red lips have been a mainstay since the beginning of her career. Gwen’s blonde hair and red lip combo are like white on rice, they just go together. And while Gwen’s hair has stayed relatively the same ( she did have blue and pink hair at one point) over her long music career, her red lips have stayed the same. Gwen tried to dip her toes in other colors like electric pink, but ‘The Voice’ coach was almost unrecognizable when she wore a pale pink lip color on the red carpet. The red lips really bring out her skin tone and she’s been wearing it since she was 18. “My grandma gave me a bunch of colors in my Christmas stocking when I was 18. I tried one on in my car and saw it in the rearview mirror. I remember loving how it made me feel: daring.”

16 Bombshell: Janelle Monáe Ditched The Pompadour

For a long time singer, Janelle Monae wouldn’t be seen without her 1950’s style pompadour and her signature hat. The high energy singer was like a breath of fresh air in the style department, but she’s since expanded her hair horizon past her pompadour. But don't call it that. Janelle says that her look isn’t even a pompadour. “It’s pinned and twisted much differently than a pompadour, which I love as well.” Janelle has since left behind her old hair now that she is also an actress. The singer can now be seen with ultra short hair that highlights her face before all people could see was her pomp. She recently accessorized her hair with a few gold headbands for the red carpet. Talk about a style evolution.

15 Stay Basic: Halle Berry’s Bold Beautiful Pixie

Halle Berry has had a similar look since the early 90s, she’s kind of had the short pixie cut for decades. Sure, she tries other styles like, long hair caramel colored locks, natural curls, beachy waves, and a lob, but the Oscar actress always seems to go back to what she knows and that means super short and she even describes herself like that. "I just see myself as a short-hair, spunky kind of person." Every few years she finds her way back to this cut and why not it shows off her beautiful skin and high cheekbones. Halle hasn't had her pixie in a few years, and we feel a comeback coming on pretty soon. Halle’s long hair has been covering up her beautiful face too long.

14 Bombshell: Kim Kardashian From Basic to Babe

Kim Kardashian was almost always a brunette, like for years and years and then bam one day she wanted a change and ended up on the other side of the color spectrum. Kim went really dramatic with a platinum blonde a few years ago only to quickly return to her brown roots.She’s said always wanted to go super blonde but the maintenance was too much. Flash forward to 2018 and she’s an icy blonde. She likes to toggle between super long extensions and a long bob. Kim is all in for her new color and her husband Kanye West loves it! She says he actually prefers her as a blonde. Some may want Kim to stay brunette, but now she’s got that editorial look and Kim love the attention.

13 Stay Basic: Reese Witherspoon Side Bangs Are Always On Point

Reese Witherspoon has southern charm and her classic do’ down pat. The Legally Blonde actress has a signature look, she almost always wears bangs---to the side gently cradling her heart-shaped face. Reese had a huge oops a few years ago when she tried brunette hair. But that’s ok, It was all for the movie ‘Walk The Line’ and guess what her hair wasn’t so bad since she won a Best Actress Oscar for her role. But thankfully the look was short lived and she turned to her blonde roots. She’s gone dark for a few movie roles, but she’s her most authentic with blonde hair and bangs. Her hair makes her look young, fresh and vibrant. And she should keep it that way. We are kind of hoping Reese’s daughter Ava, who is basically her twin, will adopt her mother’s hairstyle so they can match.

12 Bombshell: Sia Actually Has A Face Under Her Wig

For a long time, we weren’t sure Sia even had a face under her wig. Not only does she have a face but she’s beautiful. There are tons of photos of the singer/songwriter with huge wigs and no face. Sia explained in an interview with James Corden that as she was a singer for over a decade of mediocre success, then she started to gain traction and got more famous. But she wanted to keep some anonymity during her rise to fame. She almost didn't want to be famous she says. But what she didn't seem to understand was that a quick google search will bring up her real face and guess what she has a pretty face. She’s since taken off the wig and guess what she has a face.

11 Stay Basic: Lady Gaga Better Blonde

MOther MOnster Lady Gaga is a bottle blonde and she’s had the chemical cut to prove it! We’ve only really seen the powerhouse singer as a blonde, she tried to dabble a brunette and it did not work for her. And quickly returned to her bleached blonde. The natural brunette has been blonde for years and that's the only way she should stay, with the occasional wig of course. Brown hair makes Lady Gaga look mousy and with her huge persona and blonde hair makes her look fabulous and glam. Remember when she first burst onto the scene, she wore her hair super straight but blunt bangs and a lightning bolt on her face. And then there was the hair bow she liked to wear. How far she’s come, now she gives us old Hollywood glam.

10 Bombshell: Lupita Nyong'o Left Her Cropped Do Behind

Lupita can be usually seen wearing her very short cropped hair, but with the help of her stylist and a few hair extensions, she can look like a totally different person. The Black Panther actress has been seen with everything from sleek long braids to mini afros and everything in between on the red carpet. Lupita’s hair story starts as a teen unhappy with her hair until 18 she made a huge decision to shave off all her hair. “That was definitely a liberating stage. I had nothing to hide behind. I had my hair short for a very long time after that.” Her mother was upset but eventually came around. She's afraid of no hairstyle and nothing will hold her back, and we love her so much for it!

9 Stay Basic: Amber Rose Bald And Beautiful

Amber Rose has been bald since we met her at Kanye West’s girlfriend (pre-Kim Kardashian of course). We've never seen her with anything but bald. And the model has been bald for over 14 years. "I think that I'd definitely seen Sinead O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares 2 U' video.I was inspired by her. And I grew up in Philly... Eve was really popular, and my friends said, 'Please don't do it, Amber, you're gonna look crazy.' And, of course, me being me, I rebelled against everyone and went straight down the middle at a barbershop. Fourteen years later, I still have it." So Amber has tried a few different looks with wigs for the red carpet looked like an entirely different person. We are so used to ever signature do that anything else just feels wrong.

8 Bombshell: Kate Hudson’s Edgy Pixie

Surprise, surprise Kate Hudson chopped off her hair for the new movie, Sister. The actress is known for her pretty blonde locks but pulled a fast one on everyone when she debuted her cropped do back in July 2017. She even joked at the time that she looked just like her 14-year-old son, Ryder who actually says she stole his look from him and was ‘cramping his style.’ But he came around to the style and they are both growing out their together. Kate's cute face can carry the look, but she says had a few hair growing pains in the process. Kate’s been accessorizing her hair while it grows out and it suits her personality. Maybe Kate’s new hair will get her more serious movie roles, where she is not typecast as the beautiful girlfriend.

7 Stay Basic: Jennifer Lopez Long Honey Hair & Nude Lip

Jennifer Lopez has been working their signature combo for years now--- long honey-colored hair and nude lips. It's her formula. Once in awhile, she will try a new lip color but before you know it she's back to her nude lips. It may be because people say that darker lips age you and the 40 something-year-old actress/singer wants to keep her youth look for as long as possible. She's doing such a great job so far we kind of think she has found the Fountain of Youth somewhere. Jennifer recently had to cut her hair for her cop show, Shades of Blue. She plays Harley a tough-talking detective and her short hair suits her character, but she manages to sneak in her extension during her off time.

6 Bombshell: Selena Gomez’s Cool New Look

Selena Gomez has had a tough year. Late last year she revealed that she underwent kidney transplant surgery due to her Lupus complications. The singer also revealed that she had split up with her then-boyfriend, The Weekend. Selena has since moved on to her new old new old new boyfriend Justin Bieber. And it appears that the most popular person on Instagram pulled inspiration from her boyfriend, Justin when she decided to take the plunge and color her lob blonde. At the time she said she planned to keep her hair blonde for some time. But within weeks she was back to brunette for a relative’s wedding and has since kept the brown. Maybe she’ll go back soon, hey, she gave Justin another chance now what about her hair?

5 Stay Basic: Anna Wintour Cropped Bob Is Never Out Of Style

We think Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour came out of the womb with a blunt cropped Bob cut. No joke. Actually, according to reports, Anna started wearing her hair in a short bob around 14 or 15 years old and she’s now 68. Talk about never changing your style. The Vogue editor-in-chief has been wearing the same hairstyle for decades. We know her no other way. Rumor has it she blow dries her hair twice a day. Even her hair color has not deviated much from the 70s. If she attempted to change her color now or cut we would have no idea what to do. Normally people would have changed their hair color cut style a few times over their lifetime, but this is how Anna wants to stay. Good thing the cut is chic.

4 Bombshell: Taylor Swift’s Growing Up

Taylor Swift is no longer that sweet girl in country music who always looked surprised when she won awards. The crossover singer has had a few ups and downs, but her hair has not. Taylor went from loose long curls to a perfectly styled bob. But just like her song, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ the old Taylor is dead and so is her hair. Taylor isn't trying to look perfect anymore and her hair's soo over her good girl reputation. Just ask Kim and Kanye! Taylor’s taking a more casual and cool approach to her look. After coloring her hair platinum and getting an edgy cut she’s transitioned into a fun bedhead look. Her signature bangs still managed to make the cut.

3 Stay Basic: Lorde’s Luscious Curls

Lorde’s gorgeous curls. She's kind of grew up in her off time and chopped off her hair and has been styling it straight. And that’s not by chance, the young twenty-something-year-old singer revealed she stopped feeling like a teen a long time ago. “I was picking up where I had left off, which was, I always had dark lipstick on and a weird kind of outfit. And this time, I was like, 'I want to look the way my friends see me.' I want to feel like I could be any one of the young people who listen to my music.” But her best look is her wild curly hair. Sometimes people want to change up their looks and try something different, but sometimes their best looks are there original ones. She should stick to her big curly wild hair, just more polished.

2 Bombshell: Kesha Went From Glitter To Gorgeous

Kesha is so over her party girl persona and has grown up a lot since her glitter days. With mounting legal issues and record label problems the singer decided to tone down her look and she’s never looked fresher. Gone are the days she brushed her teeth with Jack Daniels. Kesha has been rocking a barely-there makeup look and washed her hair, just kidding, she’s wearing her long blonde loose and hair down her back. Kesha was able to break free of her former self and With the help of Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, Andra Day, and Julia Michaels she was able to perform her emotional and moving song, “Praying” at the 2018 Grammy Awards for the #TimesUp and #MeToo Movements. Now that the singer feels liberated her style has followed.

1 Stay Basic: Alexa Chung’s Curtain Bangs

Have you heard of curtain bangs, because Alexa Chung might as well have invented them?s The style really isn't that complicated. Curtain bangs are slightly outgrown bangs, parted down the middle with a slight curve around the eye and away from the face. The look would mimic a set of curtains opened in the middle and tucked to the side. It's a really lived in look that Alexa loves to wear. “I’m super low maintenance when it comes to my hair, I don’t like anything too structured or done. I just wash it, apply oil to my ends to get rid of any frizz and keep it looking shiny, blow-dry my fringe and let the rest air dry for natural texture and wave.” When she's not wearing her hair with her curtain bangs people are like, ‘Who’s that?’ The look was also famously done by French actress Brigitte Bardot.

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