10 Celebs Who Grew Up Beautifully And 10 Who Long For Their Youthful Days

We can’t expect that celebrities will never age. They're only human, after all. We don’t always age well either. Aging is a fact of like and all that with it is totally natural—a word that some have lost love for over the years. We’ve also got to respect the wisdom that they’ve gained!

However, there are some celebrities who have aged incredibly well. They look as if they haven’t changed since their 20s or 30s. Others have gotten even more attractive than they already were. It’s shocking, really. We totally want in on their beauty secrets. While some of them have opted for total transformations, others have just been blessed with good genes.

In addition to those celebrities who still appeal to their fans, there are a few who just don’t. Again, we can’t expect everyone to look as amazing as they did back in the day. There truly are some stars who have become less popular among their adorers over the years. This absolutely doesn’t take away from their talents though!

When it comes to aging, it can go really well or quite poorly. No matter how it has turned out for these Hollywood women, we love ’em! Sure, a pretty exterior is nice to look at, but maybe it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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20 Better With Age: Sofia Vergara—Latin Lover

Sofia Vergara has been well-known since her role on Modern Family, but she actually got her career rolling a decade prior. Regardless of when she started acting, she has always been considered a beautiful woman. It seems like she receives a lot of admiration from fans all over. We can pretty much all agree that she’s one steamy mama!

When she’s compared to her older photos—from nearly 20 years ago—she still looks almost the same. She has definitely kept herself busy with acting gigs. Any potential stress just doesn’t show through. Her face doesn’t showcase the years of work she’s put in. She’s 45 years old and she’s not experiencing a whole lot of changes as far as her looks are concerned. It’s impressive that she looks so healthy.

19 Wishes She Was Young Again: Madonna—Could Use A Prayer

Back in her prime, Madonna was super popular for multiple reasons. Not only was she cranking out her hit songs—like “Material Girl,” “Like A Prayer” and “Like A Virgin”—but she was looking hot at the same time. Her popularity was unmatched when she was more current.

Today, Madonna is 59 years old. Again, we’re looking at a decent-looking woman who has just seen better days. Time just could have been much kinder to this pop star. There is a chance that she has gone under the knife at one point or another throughout her time as a star. Fortunately, this transformation—if there even is one—isn’t so extreme that it looks awful or is highly noticeable. She’s still making music, and those skills might be more important than her appearance!

18 Better With Age: Jennifer Aniston—Not A Day Over 25

When Jennifer Aniston got her part on Friends, she was naturally pretty good-looking. Everyone loved her, and they even asked for “The Rachel” when they got their hair done. This was back when she was 25, so most of us would assume that she’s aged in one way or another by now. Why wouldn’t she? It’s just part of life—even for celebs.

Well, Aniston hasn’t changed much at all over time. Perhaps she changed a bit about her physical appearance but we honestly can't really tell! At least she kept it to a minimum and didn’t go overboard with those physical modifications. That seems to make or break a person’s aging process in some cases. Now she is almost 49 years old, but Aniston’s age still has not begun to show. She’s as beautiful as ever! Maybe it’s the Aveeno!

17 Wishes She Was Young Again: Britney Spears—Hit One Too Many Times

This is hard to argue because Britney Spears was asking to be hit one more time—and she said it several times throughout her hit song. All joking aside, Spears seems to have seen better days. Obviously, we can’t expect her to be as youthful as she once was. It’s simply impossible.

Maybe something “toxic” happened over the years and wore her down a bit. Her fans seem to think so. For being 36 years old, we might expect Spears to look a little bit younger than she does.

It’s not a big deal though, and maybe settling down will do something good for her looks. It has been a little while since we’ve heard anything wild from this star. She’s either grown up or we’re due to see something big soon.

16 Better With Age: Gwyneth Paltrow—Crunchy Baby

At 45, Gwyneth Paltrow is still looking fabulous. She must be doing something to keep herself looking so young! Over the years, she has spoken about making healthy lifestyle choices. Perhaps her nutritious diet and regular exercise are adding to her youthful look.

Even when current pictures of Paltrow are compared to photos from 10 or 20 years ago, it might be hard to pinpoint the differences. She has admitted to doing slight alterations in the past, but she’s steering clear of it from now on. Sometimes what’s meant to help stars—and anyone else—out actually makes them look and feel worse.

Though Paltrow is an actress, she writes about food. That’s likely got something to do with her aging process. It’s amazing what a healthy diet can do for someone.

15 Wishes She Was Young Again: Kate Moss—Can She Still Model?

As our favorite celebrities age, we often see them step away from their previous interests. Their talents can begin to taper off, and they just aren’t into the same types of work that they once were. Some of this has to do with abilities or their aging bodies.

Supermodel Kate Moss’s body has seen a lot of wear and tear over the years as she’s aged. Again, this happens. Unfortunately, age has gotten the best of her and she doesn't have that glow she once had. We aren’t sure that this has completely jeopardized her career, but it might have led to her having to back off.

Regardless, she’s still got her modeling skills. Sure, she might be suffering a little bit because of her reported party-heavy lifestyle. It’s not a big deal for this 44-year-old though!

14 Better With Age: Ellen DeGeneres—Laughter Keeps Her Young

Ellen DeGeneres is widely regarded as being an attractive woman. She seems to look as young as she ever has. There are a couple of factors that could be contributing to her stunning looks. For one, she uses Olay cosmetics that promise to keep skin looking youthful. She’s the perfect person for this endorsement! Additionally, she always seems to be happy and laughing. Maybe it’s her joy that keeps her young.

Ellen is now 60 years old, but she still has a radiant glow to her that refuses to fade away. Even if her skin began to show her age, we’re sure her humor would stay fresh. There’s nothing that can take away from Ellen’s fun attitude! We hope she keeps laughing—and making us laugh—for a long time.

13 Wishes She Was Young Again: Meg Ryan—So Long, Girl Next Door

Back in her prime—about 20 years ago—Meg Ryan was admired for her gorgeous glow. She also rocked her pretty blonde curls. When she was younger, she had a lot of important roles. It seemed like she was doing pretty well and that luck would last for a while.

While she has kept up with the Hollywood scene by picking up roles and staying in the media, she isn’t as popular as she once was. This When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail star has gotten older and likely has had to slow down, too.

She’s now 56 years old. She doesn’t look terrible, and she still sports her blonde ringlets. Fans say Ryan just doesn’t look as lovely as she did back when she started acting—totally natural! Nonetheless, we love her.

12 Better With Age: Candace Cameron-Bure—As Pure As They Come

The young girl whom we all knew and loved as DJ Tanner has grown up—a lot. Candace Cameron is now 41 years old, but most of us would argue that she looks way better now than she did as the oldest Tanner girl on Full House. Time has been kind to Cameron!

These killer looks might not be all natural though. It’s believed that Cameron has had a done a few physical modifications here and there. Fortunately for her, these have been in good measure. She hasn’t gone overboard with the with these procedures. Some of us didn’t even know she’d had work done. What she has had done isn’t super noticeable, and it was just enough to keep her looking youthful! The star that began working on Full House at the age of 11 still looks good 30 years later.

11 Wishes She Was Young Again: Kirstie Alley—Ups And Downs

When we consider the fact that Kirstie Alley is 67 years old, she doesn’t look too bad. We have all definitely seen much worse. Alley doesn’t come close to the worst. She hasn’t aged phenomenally well, and she was much more in the spotlight when she was younger.

Her features have been slightly edited at the hands of celebrity doctors. As we have mentioned previously, this isn’t always the best choice for anyone. It can look pretty unnatural, and it can be better to just let the wrinkles happen. In addition, other parts of her have changed a bit over time. This is normal at her age though, just because of the body’s natural aging process.

In reality, Alley doesn’t look as good as she once did, some say. She also doesn’t look as bad as she possibly could. We’re pretty neutral on Alley’s transformation!

10 Better With Age: Christie Brinkley—Thanks To Her Anti-Aging Line

Christie Brinkley naturally has a leg-up in this list. This may mean that the results are slightly biased, but we think it’s still pretty fair. This model and actress kicked off her career in the late ’70s. Since it began with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, we can all assume that she's just overall one beautiful lady!

Since then, she’s gotten quite a bit older. She’s about to turn 64 years old, but she barely shows it. Part of this might have something to do with her skincare line. This collection even features several anti-aging products. Though she could be using any other skin care line in the world, we think that her beauty today might relate back to her impressive business endeavor. Her shallow experience with unnatural alterations likely helps, too.

9 Wishes She Was Young Again: Donatella Versace—Not What She Used To Be

Donatella Versace is another star who probably should have laid off the physical modifications while she was ahead. Back in the day—prior to all of the operations—she didn’t look so bad. She still doesn’t look terrible, especially given that she’s now 62 years old.

Over the years, Versace has reportedly undergone plenty of work. The most notable being on display in the images above. It's not hard to see where she got reconstructive work done.

Given how attractive she was before the procedures, she could be much more beautiful today. They weren’t the worst thing to happen to her, by any means. We might assume that she would look more torn and tattered by now, due to the tragedy of losing her brother 20 years ago. She’s coped pretty well if we’re just looking at her outward appearances.

8 Better With Age: J-Lo—Still Jenny From The Block

Jennifer Lopez is looking stunning at 48 years old. Her transformation since the start of her career has been quite impressive. It’s one glow-up that we won’t be able to look past. She has seemed to keep getting more attractive as she gets older. What’s the possible cause for her still looking so good?

There’s little chance that she's remained beautiful via unnatural procedures, but it’s hard to know for sure. Usually, it would be noticeable. She has probably had a few alterations here and there at one time. Other than that, it seems like she’s keeping it natural! It’s hard to believe that she’s just two years away from turning 50. Her talents—paired with her good looks—have kept her afloat for a while now. Her experience just keeps growing. At this rate, will it ever slow down?

7 Wishes She Was Young Again: Jocelyn Wildenstein—Too Far Gone

This lady has been recognized as an icon of having many physical modifications done. She has undergone numerous procedures, which have completely changed her appearance. They began in 1978. We haven’t seen any signs of her slowing down on said procedures either. Early in 2017, Jocelyn Wildenstein shared about what she's most famous for and said, “I’ve said to myself I’ll continue for the next ten years and then I may stop.”

While it may not be the best look for the now 77-year-old woman, there’s not much to say about it at this point. What’s done is done. She seems to feel confident in her looks with all of these operations under her belt. It’s widely agreed upon by the public opinion that her transformation has been pretty extreme. Her self-esteem is more important though, so let’s focus on that!

6 Better With Age: Demi Moore—Moore Beautiful Than Ever

It’s often mentioned that Demi Moore looks better now than she did back in her 20s. This actress is 55 years old now, which might be shocking to more than a few of us. She’s definitely stunning for her age. It doesn’t seem fair that she didn’t really have an awkward or ugly phase as a star. No matter what, it seems like she got pretty fortunate here with the good looks and has been able to keep up with them.

On the bright side, Moore has managed to keep her physical modifications to a minimum. As we’ve seen so far, reconstruction in moderation sometimes works out alright! She must have realized this because she went easy on the injections and operations. That caution definitely helped her case and kept her looking youthful!

5 Wishes She Was Young Again: Melanie Griffith—No Dakota Johnson

Melanie Griffith was a big star back when she landed her first roles in the ’70s. She’s definitely managed to keep up with the times in one way, but not so much in another. Griffith has stayed active as an actress—she’s even starring in movies currently. We don’t think that she is going to take a break from acting anytime soon.

Unfortunately, the public continues to exclaim her age has caught up to her physically. She’s not a bad-looking woman—especially considering that she’s still acting to this day. Time just hasn’t been so fair to the now 60-year-old actress.

About 20 years ago, Griffith went on a little physical modifications bender and hasn’t looked the same since. She says she has regrets, but it appears to be just a little too late. She’s still super talented, though!

4 Better With Age: Elle MacPherson—Model Behavior

Some of us will recognize this girl as being nicknamed “The Body.” There’s definitely a good reason behind that, given the fact that she's still rockin' it at the age of 53.

It’s unfair to say that Elle MacPherson was ever less than beautiful. She hasn’t really looked too bad at any point in her acting career. There’s always the chance for an awkward stage back in the ’80s or ’90s, but we think that MacPherson got lucky and walked out on top.

She’s kept up with her physical fitness and can still be found sporting tiny bikinis. She’s taken good care of her body. In her bikini pictures she posts you can tell she sticks to a rigorous fitness routine. A couple of kids and over 25 years as a model have nothing on her!

3 Wishes She Was Young Again: Marie Osmond—Crypt Keeper

The now 58-year-old actress has seen better days. When she was an up and coming star, she naturally looked amazing. She had to, simply for the sake of getting roles and remaining in them. Marie Osmond had plenty of important parts throughout the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. She was widely admired back then—and for more than just her talents. She was pretty cute, too!

She’s since slowed down with her acting career, though. This could have something to do with her climbing the ladder of success and focusing on other passions. Could it also have something to do with the way she has aged through the years? Although the public seems to think the combination of physical modifications and natural aging haven’t been great to Osmond, she’s still attractive enough and should be able to get roles at this point. We’re assuming she’s just slowly stepping away from the spotlight for other reasons.

2 Better With Age: Helen Mirren—Smokin’ At 72

While Helen Mirren’s appearance may be showing some natural wear, her age hasn’t seemed to stop the rest of her. From what we can tell, she’s super healthy. This star is now 72 years old, but she proved her attractiveness a few years back. Most of us were pretty impressed with the results.

Mirren was one of the names in a hot figure poll about six years ago. People got to vote for who was the more attractive, and Mirren ended up winning. She beat other celebs like Elle MacPherson and Jennifer Lopez. This is shocking just because they are younger than her by a decent number of years. Regardless, the people have spoken and Mirren still rocks it day in and day out at 72. She knows it, too, based on her scandalous bathtub photos that have graced the pages of New York magazine.

1 Wishes She Was Young Again: Ellen Barkin—Out With The Dogs

Ellen Barkin is 63 years old right now. How do her current looks compare to her earlier days? Well, she’s since had physical modifications. As most of us are aware, these types of operations can truly make or break a pretty face. The intentions are good, but it just doesn’t always end well for the celeb—or anyone else—who has work done.

This actress has likely changed more of herself than what we can see in these images. Unfortunately, her fans think this has caused her to look older than she is and it appears to take away from the gorgeous appearance she had back in the day. It seems like she knew this ahead of time though because she has made comments about not liking how it looks on people. She still doesn’t look too bad for being 63—if we’re being honest!

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