10 Celebs Who Admit Being Adventurous—And 10 Who Are Keeping A Low Profile

Celebrity watching should be listed as a legitimate hobby for many people. It's quite entertaining and provides hours of enjoyment as we analyze what the stars wear to the red carpet, what they're currently eating or not eating, the latest outfits they've been seen in, who they're dating and, of course, who is having a baby right now. All of this requires the thought and focus of any other kind of hobby. It just doesn't come with a cute celebrity watching journal like bird watching or book reading does. That's a good marketing idea someone should pick up on.

Anyways, one of the primary attention focuses on fans for celebrities is their relationships. It primarily consists of who is dating whom but with the changing times, we can now add in a few extra elements such as gender. It used to be which man and woman were dating each other but now we can throw in a unique twist with which woman is going out which woman, etc. Experimentation is very popular, especially in our 20s, and this crosses over into the stars' lives as well so when news breaks of an actress who experimented and liked it, then it can encourage others out there on the same science route. Some stars own this phase and nurture it while others are a bit more shy about their adventures. Here's a list of ten from both sides.

20 Out In The Open: Lady Gaga

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Ah, this list certainly wouldn't be complete if Gaga was absent from it. Apart from making waves with her outrageous costumes and outfits, Gaga also makes musical waves and relationship waves. She's admitted in previous interviews to exploring the lady pond a few times and it sounds like she enjoyed it because she discovered she actually loves men and women.

She openly likes both men and women which is great for fans everywhere of both genders. We're not sure if this side of her translates over to her wardrobe preferences but her song, Poker Face, is all about it and we all know that it was a chart-topper when released. Many skeptics, however, think she's only claiming to be bi for publicity reasons which is a bit unfair to Gaga who's just trying to be herself.

19 Keeping It On The DL: Kesha

Kesha is a musical icon that began at the age of 18 and has grown over the years, gaining attention and fans from all over. She further gained media attention with her three years legal battle with her producer Dr. Luke which finally resulted in Kesha leaving Kemosabe Records and striking out on her with huge waves of success for her singles Praying and Woman. She's redefining herself post-trauma and fans love it.

She is also an animal rights activist and supporter of gay rights. She hasn't labeled herself but has stated that she loves men and women — more specifically, she loves people and looking beyond their outer appearances to what's inside which counts the most. She isn't in a relationship currently (understandably) but that could change in time as she recovers and finds herself.

18 Out In The Open: Megan Fox

The attractive star of Transformers, Megan Fox, openly admits to being a bi and enjoying both men and women. She'd logically only know this if she's actually been with representatives of both parties. Where her future relationships will end up, only heaven knows but for now she's still married to her on-again-off-again husband Brian Austin Green, with whom she has three sons.

She's stated that while she does love men and women and comfortable with herself that way, fans have claimed that she's a bit of a hypocrite though and would never date a fellow bi who'd been with other men. Megan has admitted to having issues, like everyone else on this planet, but she's pretty down to earth and at least acknowledges she has these inconsistencies. This frees her up to go about her daily life without worrying what's wrong with herself.

17 Keeping It On The DL: Cameron Diaz

Actress Cameron Diaz has been around for awhile (decades in Hollywood years) and has starred in numerous romantic comedies so she knows her way around the block and then some. She also has a bit of an edgy reputation and has caused plenty of confusion around her personal life — particularly on the subject of who she likes to share intimate time with.

Whether she's being coy on purpose or not, Cameron has admitted that she's taken a dip in the lady pond and thinks that all women have at some point been attracted to another woman. She thinks this is great and is all for it but for her personally, she seems to be sticking with her handsome husband Benji for now. Whether that changes in the future remains to be seen.

16 Out In The Open: Angelina Jolie


One of the most easily recognizable figures in Hollywood is Angelina Jolie. She's made a name and reputation for herself via her on-screen lives and her own off-screen life where she been in and out of several relationships —including a short one with a lesbian. She's been married and divorced three times, most recently to Brad Pitt with whom she shares six children.

Their divorce came as a shock and is still processing in the courts with Angelina requesting custody of the children. Rumors are swirling that Angelina's preference of men and women (which she is very open about) is the cause of the marriage's demise but in Hollywood, who can say for sure why a marriage ends? At any rate, there's a strong chance Angelina will shoot for a woman next and take a break from men for awhile.

15 Keeping It On The DL: Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan, the break-out star of The Parent Trap all those years ago, has never quite managed to bounce back from her media-covered downward spiral into substance issues. She's trying and is doing a good job but many consider her acting career all washed up and over. She's young enough to where she could make a come-back but certainly not anytime soon.

She's also between boyfriends right now, focusing on her work and personal life. But her past is studded with unique relationships and rumors that she's currently dating DJ Samantha Ronson, which Lohan denies. She's been asked before as to what she identifies as and said maybe to being bi but doesn't like labels, only confirming that she has dated other women. She's either hedging or confused.

14 Out In The Open: Evan Rachel Wood


With such a smooth blend of a masculine and feminine name, it'd be a shock not to find Wood on this list. Despite an unsuccessful marriage to Jamie Bell which produced a son and another unsuccessful engagement to Zach Villa, Wood has firmly stated that she is a bi and even dated a lovely woman named Katherine Moennig between her two male companions.

While she's currently single (though probably not for very long; it's Hollywood after all), Wood is open to a pal from either spectrum and seems content with each phase of her life. She speaks at LGBTQ conferences occasionally and says that discovering and coming out as bi saved her life in many ways. Where she'll go from here we can only imagine but it'll be fun to watch.

13 Keeping It On The DL: Zoe Saldana


The break-out star of Avatar, Star Trek and The Guardians of The Galaxy, Zoe Saldana is popping up all over the headlines and tabloids for various reasons — mostly for positive reasons as her fame continues to grow. She is set to appear in Marvel's Infinity War which releases in May.

As to her personal life, she is happily married to husband Marco and the couple is raising their three children to be bilingual and speak both English and Spanish. She created some confusion when she stated in an interview that she could see herself raising her children with a woman but she didn't outright say she was gay or maybe something more. She added that whatever future relationships she'd find herself it would be her decision alone. All this really says is that she's open to new adventures.

12 Out In The Open: Amber Rose

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Ah, the exotic former stripper discovered by Kanye West and thrust into the Hollywood spotlight, Amber Rose. While not an A-list celebrity, Amber Rose is still an easily recognizable public figure and definitely has a strong following who support her as she tries new things and makes wild appearances.

She made waves by announcing she was considering herself as bi. She likes both men and women and wouldn't mind a relationship with either one but then she made more (less positive) waves when she drew the line at possibly dating a bi man. While she couldn't exactly put her finger on why this is so (possibly because she was on TV at the time), she was very firm about it. She recently split up with rapper 21 Savage so maybe she'll try something new now.

11 Keeping It On The DL: Naya Rivera

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Naya Rivera began her career as a child actor and added in singer along the way as she repertoire grew and her skills improved. She is currently divorced with a son she's co-raising with her ex-husband.

While she was on The View in 2015 as a guest host, the topic turned to women's health with a focus on how women who love men and women suffer more from mental disorders than lesbians do. Naya made the comment about, "Rosie, no wonder I'm crazy. This just solves it all." That comment led many fans to speculate that Naya is bi, a suspicion the actress hasn't addressed head-on and probably won't for personal unknown reasons.

The evidence is against Naya actually being bi and if she's gone dipping in the lady pond, she's keeping that adventure to herself. She's also known for attempting to make jokes and getting people confused instead.

10 Out In The Open: Drew Barrymore

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The reformed party girl turned sweetheart mom is a surprising addition to this list to many fans but to others who know her better, it's no surprise that Drew Barrymore has called herself a bi. She's even stated in an interview that she's dated both genders when she was younger and really enjoyed her experiences.

She says two women together is just as beautiful as a man and woman together. She's currently divorced for the third time with two daughters to co-parent so she's free as a bird to date again and maybe find someone who's not an annoying guy set on breaking her heart this time around. She's currently starring in the Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix as a civilized zombie. She lost 20 pounds for the role and loves it.

9 Keeping It On The DL: Demi Lovato

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The former Disney child actress Demi Lovato is still present in her fast-paced world but more on the activism side of things than the acting one. She's between boyfriends currently with no real intention of finding one that lasts as far as we can tell but she seems content with the single life and is focusing a lot more on her music career without any distractions.

In 2015, after the release of her song Cool for the Summer (which contained some very suggestive lyrics slyly concealed in pretty words), Demi did an interview in which she was questioned about the song. She stated simply that she wasn't confirming or denying her identity, just stating that she'd experimented and enjoyed the experience. This made many fans hope that she'd come out as bi eventually.

8 Out In The Open: Gillian Anderson


Gillian Anderon is a classic actress who's been around for awhile now and seems to have a faded a bit. Fear not though, she's still around and active in her industry. She has a blog, lives in England with her three children and is in a long-term relationship with screenwriter Peter Morgan. S

he's also active in several charities and groups which include women's rights, children's rights, animal rights, indigenous rights, Africa and Neurofibromatosis. She came out as bi when the woman she'd had a relationship with years ago died of brain cancer and Gillian wanted to honor her memory. She has since stated that she likes both men and women but is content with her partner of choice for the time being. Still, there's always time to change her mind.

7 Keeping It On The DL: Queen Latifah

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A legend in the film and music industry, Queen Latifah is an easily recognizable figure and has considerable standing in the Hollywood realm. She's worked hard to get where she's at and she's managed to stay clear of major celebrity scandals that others have easily fallen into. On the subject of who she prefers in the bedroom, rumors have swirled for years.

Queen, however, is keeping a very tight lid on whether or not she's gay or bi as she considers this (for very obvious reasons) to be personal and something the general public really doesn't need to know. Besides that, there's still enough of a taboo on these subjects for her to face possible judgment for her choices and she's just not going for that. Which is very understandable.

6 Out In The Open: Cynthia Nixon

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Actress and activist Cynthia Nixon is best known for her role as Miranda on the trendsetting classic Sex and the City. Since then she's puttered in other various shows and films but recently has been more active in the LGBTQ rights side of things with a focus on same-sex marriage rights. And she recently announced her intention to run for New York governor in the next elections which have excited fans everywhere.

While she's never fully labeled herself as a member of the LGBT community, up till 2002 she'd only ever been in relationships with men. She was then dating Danny Mozes with whom she has two children when she met Christine Marinoni. There was something about Christine that instantly attracted Cynthia and now they're happily married with a baby of their very own.

5 Keeping It On The DL: Cate Blanchett

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Australian actress and theater director Cate Blanchett has been around for awhile in Hollywood years and is a professional actress, able to take on many and varied roles with ease and bring life to her characters as only she can. She was recently cast as the very successful and evil villainess Hella in Thor Ragnarok.

While there's no questioning her talent and skills, there is plenty of speculation and rumors abounding on whether or not Cate is dipping into the lady pond and where her preferences truly lie in this day and age. An interview in 2015 left many fans confused and hopeful that she was bi  but Cate later attempted to clarify her remarks and stated that her personal persuasions shouldn't be important at all. She's primarily an actress.

4 Out In The Open: Madonna

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, has a long resume` with several albums, films and business experience to her credit. While she can be viewed as an icon for many different and varied social groups, it's confirmed that Madonna does her own thing and is very unpredictable in that regard.

As for her adventures in various ponds and pools, she's definitely been with men and women (quite obviously with several on stage during some very attention-grabbing performances) but whether or not she identifies as bi, straight or a different kind of label is very much in the air right now. At any rate, she's still busy with her musical world, ruling as queen and raising her six children of various ages. She's set the tone for a whole generation of music lovers and is set to ride that wave right into retirement.

3 Keeping It On The DL: Charlize Theron

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South African American actress Charlize Theron is all over the tabloids today for her recent blockbuster roles in Atomic Blonde and The Fate of The Furious. She's pushing middle-age though she certainly doesn't look her age at all and she's still turning out high action films.

When asked about her previous adventures in the lady pond in 2017, Charlize humorously confirmed that when she was younger she'd explored and experimented like everyone else does and had enjoyed her adventures. But she hasn't come out as being anything other than straight and serious about her work so fans are still speculating and wondering what label she'd prefer. She's active in various charities and activists groups including women's rights, pro-choice rallies, animal rights and PETA, and same-sex marriage rights.

2 Out In The Open: Mel B

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English singer and songwriter Melanie Brown — or Mel B as she professionally known as — rose to prominence in the 90s, as a member of the group Spice Girls. Since leaving the group she's appeared on Dancing With the Stars, America's Got Talent as a judge, a judge on The Voice Kids Australia and The X-Factor.

She's had several relationships with three resulting in adorable babies which she dotes on, her most recent marriage having ended in March 2017. While she doesn't necessarily identify as bi, she does admit to admiring women and had a loving four-year relationship with a woman back in 2002 and another previous four-year relationship with a woman in her teens. When she commits, she's in for several years at least. Rumors have it that she's seeing another woman again.

1 Keeping It On The DL: Raven Symone

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The former Disney star of That's So Raven is all grown up, mature and behaving like a responsible modern adult as she should be. She's keeping scandal away by applying common sense and keeping personal information close when she doesn't want it getting spread around.

But in 2014 she felt comfortable enough to mention in an interview that she was dating a woman at the time and was pleased with the supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage which would allow her the freedom of getting married to her partner if she decided to do so. But she strongly insisted on not being labeled as gay, bi or even African American. She wants to be known as an American who loves humans instead which is perfectly fine and her call to make.

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