10 Celebs Who 15 Minutes Of Fame Needs To End (And 10 Who's Ended Way Too Quickly)

In the world of Hollywood with all its glitz and glamour, stars come and go faster than the speed of light. Many stick around for the long haul while some fade quickly back into the obscurity they came from. Some new faces appear randomly, which we can never quite figure out why they're famous and they stick around for considerably longer than anyone thought, while other new faces appear with high hopes and considerable potential only to never quite make it to center stage and vanish before we really get to know them.

To achieve celebrity status takes talent, effort, time, a few key connections and lots of luck and even then it's a long shot of whether or not someone will succeed and how long they'll ride their fame before inevitably crashing and burning. A few make it all the way and retire in a blaze of glory. Sometimes they publish tell-all memoirs that give away their secrets, but their secret to success is usually hard work and effort, which get old after a while despite how true it is. For many other stars, they were just in the right place at the right time and can never really explain how they got where they ended up. For our enjoyment, here's a list of 10 stars who need to vacate the spotlight and 10 who should've stayed longer.

20 Stop It Now: Snooki Was Only Made For Reality TV

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Snooki started out as a skinny kid from New Jersey whom nobody really knew until her big break. She first entered the reality television world via MTV's Is She Really Going Out With Him?, which was a dating show featuring women who dated arrogant or obnoxious men. Snooki and her then-boyfriend Justin appeared on the 14th episode. She went on to appear in the reality show Jersey Shore, where the director called her the breakout member of the cast.

In 2011, she and a co-star signed a contract for a spin-off show called Snooki and Jwoww, which premiered in 2012. Her TV persona took a turn that year, though, the four seasons covered her pregnancy and early years of motherhood before concluding in 2015. Since then, she's bounced around reality shows, had a second baby and got married.

19 We Want More: Too Fancy

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Australian rapper, singer and songwriter Iggy Azalea launched into the spotlight with her hit single Fancy in 2014 after some hits and misses, and guest appearances on other star's songs such as Jennifer Lopez's Booty and Ariana Grande's Problem. Iggy showed talent and real promise as a successful female rapper, but the numerous delays in producing her debut album and new material coupled with poor behavior and bad reviews.

This made Iggy withdraw for a time from the spotlight to focus on her music and rewrite a vast amount of it. She announced new music for 2018 and has high hopes of producing a successful album this time. In the meantime, she started her own production company and guest starred as a judge on Australia's X-Factor. Her latest album is set to be release this year with a hopeful warm reception from fans.

18 Stop It Now: Easy Way Out

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Amanda Bynes started out as a moderately successful child actor in the ’90s and early 2000s, doing such hits as All That, Figure It Out, The Amanda Show, Big Fat Liar, What I Like About You, Charlotte's Web 2, Robots and She's The Man. Then she made Hairspray and finally Easy A, which was her most successful film.

After a few false starts to more films, she announced an indefinite hiatus from acting and studied fashion design during her break. That was in 2010. After that, she dropped off the map for a few years and randomly reappeared in 2017 to announce that she would return to acting at some point but only in television and not films. Since then, there's been radio silence. Suffice to say she's all done with fame.

17 We Want More: Royal Somebody

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Pippa Middleton had her brief moment of fame as maid of honor at her sister Kate's wedding to Prince William. After that, media attention faded but Pippa is still around. She is a moderately talented columnist for several publications, writing on a variety of topics from food to sports. She's also the sole director and shareholder of PXM Enterprises Limited, has worked in PR and edited her parents' web magazine for their company.

In 2012, she was contracted to write a party planning book called Celebrate which didn't do as well as the publishers had hoped. She later wrote a second book, Heartfelt, the proceeds of which go to the British Heart Foundation. She has been involved in several charities and was married in May 2017 to a former professional racing driver turned hedge fund manager.

16 Stop It Now: Farrah Keeps Popping Up And She Needs To Stop

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Farrah Abraham first appeared in the nation's eye in 2009 on 16 and Pregnant. After that, she appeared frequently in all four seasons of the spin-off show, Teen Mom, and then she moved onto creating debut album and writing a memoir called My Teenage Dream Ended. The book made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list. She also appeared on the reality show Couples Therapy in 2014 but solo as her then-boyfriend dropped out.

This didn't stop Farrah, but it didn't help her much either. Desperate to cling to stardom, she accidentally released adult tapes before appearing on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015. Since her Big Brother attempt failed miserably, she's been rather on the down-low but still pops up occasionally, apparently unaware that her time in the spotlight is up.

15 We Want More: Once Upon A Superhero

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Terrence Howard had a rough childhood before entering the acting business in 1992 in The Jacksons: An American Dream. Three years later, he made his big break in Mr. Holland's Opus and from there went on to star in several films and stage productions, including Hustle and Flow in 2005 in which he performed all the songs for his character and won the academy for Best Original Song that year.

In 2008, he was the highest paid cast member on Iron Man, which was hugely successful, but when told he would have to take a severe salary cut for the sequels, Howard said no. After that, he kept on the down-low and produced his debut album of alternative urban country music, which he either wrote or co-wrote every track. Since 2015, Howard has starred in the show Empire, which is moderately successful.

14 Stop It Now: Rose Who?

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Amber Rose started stripping at the age of 15 under the stage name of Paris to help provide for her family after her parents' divorce. In 2008, she appeared as a dancer in Kanye West's music video for his song Put It On, which gained his attention. After that, she appeared in other music videos and started a career in modeling, which was moderately successful.

She then started appearing on random reality shows and dipped her toe unsuccessfully in the music world before she launched a clothing line and published a book. She launched an emoji app in 2016, which shot to the top of the app store's charts, earning more than 4 million. She started her own talk show and also appeared on Dancing With The Stars.

13 We Want More: Mr. Fantastic

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Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd started out in Welsh film productions with mixed success before gaining attention as an officer in the epic Titanic. After that he starred in Black Hawk Down, the Horatio Hornblower series (which he really enjoyed), King Arthur and starred as Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four original films alongside Jessica Alba and Chris Evans.

While he was still moderately successful after that, his career didn't take off quite like Alba’s or Evans's and Ioan went on to film Fireflies in the Garden, The Secret of Moonacre, Sanctum, the miniseries Liar and the lead in Amazing Grace. He's tried his hand unsuccessfully in the music industry and starred in Mariah Mundi and The Midas Box in 2012 which was released in 2014. Since then, he's disappeared.

12 Stop It Now: Someone's Boyfriend

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Travis Scott began his music career at the age of 16 but didn't seriously pursue it until he dropped out of college and immediately moved to New York to dive into his chosen career path of being a rapper. After years of effort and hard work, he started to see success in 2014 and began rubbing elbows with some big names in the industry, including Kanye West. But fortunately or unfortunately, Travis is best known only as Kylie Jenner's on-again off-again boyfriend and baby daddy.

This claim to fame is shaky and will inevitably crumble at some point, taking down his rap career with it. But for now, Travis is riding a wave of fame solely for being someone else's boyfriend, which is a flip on the usual gender fame game. His time in the spotlight is fading fast.

11 We Want More: Hollywood Powerhouse

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After a rough childhood, Halle Berry moved to New York city in 1989 to pursue her acting career and had to live briefly in a homeless shelter when she ran out of money. In LA, she acquired a recurring role on Knots Landing and starred in Jungle Fever, Strictly Business, Boomerang and caught the public's attention on Queen: The Story of An American Family in 1993.

She made her big break in many ways as the mutant Storm in the X-Men films with the first being released in 2000. She went on to become the first woman of color to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. In 2005, she starred as the lead in Catwoman, which stalled the upward trajectory of her career due to poor writing and ratings. She continued with the X-Men films but has shied away from other superhero roles.

10 Stop It Now: The Sheen Of The Past

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Charlie Sheen started out as a moderately successful actor in films in the late ’80s and eventually moved into television and later on reality shows in the 2000s, with Two And A Half Men being his most famous and successful show. He also starred in Anger Management, which only lasted for one hundred episodes.

At one point, Charlie was the highest-paid actor on TV, but the life of a star quickly caught up to him in the form of substance abuse, and having his contract for Two and a Half Men terminated in 2011. His downward spiral plastered him all over the tabloids and after his unsuccessful attempt to regain his position in fame via Anger Management, he appears to have gotten the hint and dropped off into obscurity.

9 We Want More: Venomous

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Topher Grace first appeared on the scene in 1998 on That ’70s Show, where he stayed for seven seasons before breaking off on his own in an attempt to further his acting career. He played a minor role in Traffic and cameoed as himself in Ocean's Eleven and Twelve.

In 2007, he played Eddie Brock/Venom in Spider-Man 3, which was supposed to be his breakout role. But due to poor directing and writing, it ended up derailing his career as a leading man. He later went on to have small roles in Valentine's Day, Take Me Home Tonight, Beauty Inside, The Calling, Interstellar, American Ultra and Delirium.

While he showed true talent and had plenty of potential, Spider-Man ruined his chances at really making a splash in Hollywood, which is a shame.

8 Stop It Now: Keep Counting

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The Duggar family appeared on TLC in 2008 in 17 Kids and Counting (later upgraded to 18 and then 19 kids as a few more babies were born). It featured the everyday life of a massive homeschooled family who focused on raising their kids modestly with good morals and a solid faith.

Access to TV and movies was limited and all dates were chaperoned by an adult. Over the seven years and 10 season run of the show, three babies were born, three kids were married and four grandbabies appeared. Right around when we were starting to get tired, the married firstborn son, Josh Duggar, erupted into a scandal that filled the tabloids and crashed the family show into the ground. While many die-hard fans are still loyal, the rest of us breathed a sigh of relief.

7 We Want More: American Activist

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Alicia Silverstone made her film debut in The Crush in 1993 and picked up several smaller roles in other productions, including a few Areosmith music videos before appearing as Batgirl in Batman and Robin in 1997. The film was heavily criticized, and Alicia's portrayal of Batgirl disappointed comic fans everywhere.

She continued taking roles and appearing in different films such as Excess Baggage, Blast From The Past, Love's Labor Lost, The Graduate, Beauty Shop, Stormbreaker, Tropical Thunder, Time Stands Still, The Art of Getting By and Diary of a Wimpy Kid but hasn't managed to land a major role since Batgirl.

Alicia is a vegan activist with odd parenting ideas, which she wrote about in her parenting book. She is against animal cruelty in every form and protested against wearing wool at one point.

6 Stop It Now: I See You No More

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Mandy Moore started singing and songwriting at a young age before eventually being discovered and signed on by Epic Records when she was 13. While working on her debut album, she toured with NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys before releasing her album in 1999.

While the single Candy was a massive hit, the album itself received mixed reviews. The teen released her second album in 2000 and it too received mixed reviews along with her third album in 2001. She then changed directions and entered the film industry that same year with a voice role in Dr. Dolittle.

She released a fourth album in 2003 before starring in several other films which ultimately brought her to Disney's Tangled, where she successfully voiced Rapunzel. After that, she vanished, except for her current project of This Is Us and wanting to get back into music.

5 We Want More: Fifth Gone Solo

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Camila Cabello is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter who rose to fame as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony. She first appeared on The X Factor solo and failed to pass the boot-camp portion but was asked back with several other contestants to form the girl group Fifth Harmony, which later went on to become rather successful. Their first two albums generated the highly popular singles Worth It and Work From Home, which put them at the top of several charts.

From 2013 to 2016, Camila performed in tours with her group before breaking off to go solo. She collaborated with several established singers before releasing her first solo single in 2017 and releasing her debut album in January 2018, which propelled her to the tops of more charts.

4 Stop It Now: Frozen In Time

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Tonya Harding started figure skating at the age of four and put her all into it, eventually becoming one of the best of the best and making it onto the U.S. Olympic figure skating team for the winter games in 1992 and 1994. Tonya was good at what she did and set records that hadn't been achieved by a woman before, but sadly, she is best known for her involvement (intentional or otherwise) of an attack on her competitor, Nancy Kerrigan, by Tonya's ex-husband and two other men, which forced Nancy to withdraw from the championship competition.

Tonya was later stripped of her 1994 titles, and her skating career was over. She then attempted to achieve fame with professional wrestling, low budget acting, a band and a scandalous tape suspiciously released. She may have finally given up on reclaiming her fame.

3 We Want More:A Brief Roar

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Katy Perry started out singing in her church as a kid before she decided to pursue a music career and singing a deal with Red Hill Records to release her unsuccessful debut album Katy Hudson. She then moved to LA and branched out into the secular music genre. She adopted the stage name of Katy Perry, bounced between a couple producers until she landed on Capitol Records and launched herself into the musical world.

She gained tons of success from her hit singles Roar and Dark Horse from her fourth album, Prism. Her fifth album was also a chart-topper, but nothing stood out from it quite like Roar. She has dipped her toes into the film industry via voicing Smurfette in the Smurf films. She continues to make music and be socially active in various charities around the world.

2 Stop It Now: Social Climber

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Kris Jenner's claim to fame are her ex-husbands and brood of outrageous children. Her first husband, Robert Kardashian, was the attorney for O.J. Simpson. Liking the attention, Kris later remarried Bruce Jenner who then went down his own path and left Kris with a total of six children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Robert, Kendall and Kylie. Kris met with Ryan Seacrest in 2007 to spin the idea of a reality TV show about her blended family, which later grew into the oddly popular show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The show launched the family into the media spotlight. Now, Kris keeps her fingers in various pies such as managing Kim's career, managing her own communications company, having a children's boutique with her daughter Kourtney for six years and writing two books, including a cookbook of favorite family recipes.

1 We Want More: British Star

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Rita Ora began singing in open mic performances at local pubs and had her first musical release in 2007 when she appeared on Craig David's track Awkward. She auditioned in 2008 for Eurovision's Song Contest for 2009 but withdrew after a few episodes as she didn't feel the challenge was for her.

After that, her management team got in touch with the American label Roc Nation and signed her up. Her debut album was released in 2012 and topped charts in Europe. After releasing multiple hit singles and doing various performances, Rita sued her record label and signed on with Atlantic Records in 2016.

She is currently working on her second album and has fallen out of the spotlight considerably. Where she'll go from here remains to be seen, but the British singer has a lot of potential.

Sources: TheHollywoodGossip, NickiSwift

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