10 Celebs And Their Stunt-Doubles Who Are Twins (And 10 Who Are Anything But)

Stunt doubles are the unsung heroes of the acting world. Multiple actors like to say that they “do their own stunts”, but, for the most dangerous stunts, professionals are called in. These are the people who risk dangerous moves in order to make a movie more action-packed. The risks and dangers that come with being a stunt person are numerous, often they do get hurt. Fractures, breaks, lacerations – it all happens but, because these guys don’t have to pick themselves back up to be back on camera or the red carpet immediately, they’re more expendable than the A-listers they cover for.

In order to achieve more long-term work, it helps if a stunt person isn’t just good at what they do, but if they resemble the famous actors. Looking similar to Brad Pitt might be enough to get you on another one of his films, bulking up your list of credits and padding your bank account. Other times, stunt people don’t look anything like the actors they’re doing stunts for. While the hair/makeup stylists do as much as they can, sometimes it just isn’t enough! These are 10 stunt double lookalikes, and 10 who just look nothing like the actors they're stunting for.

20 Twinning: Chandler Riggs & Emily Brobst

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In a TV show as stunt-heavy as The Walking Dead, it’s easy to see why a stunt double would be required for the actors. Hacking up zombies and running for your life may seem like easy work, but some of the more intense stunts that risk the stars’ safety are where their stunt doubles come in and, in the case of actor Chandler Riggs, it might not be who you think.

While it’s not totally unusual for a man to stand in for a woman when it comes to stunts (more examples of that later), it can be a little more unusual the other way around. In this case, Riggs, who is 18 (and only a 14 in this image), his stunt double is Emily Brobst, who is 33 (29 in this image)!

You won’t know her age or gender based on this photo, though, would you?

Despite those discrepancies, with her elfin features and slight build, Brobst is a dead ringer for one-eyed Carl. It’s also not the first time that Brobst has put her stunt skills to work as the double of a young male actor. According to MarvelCinemaUniverse.com, in Iron Man 3 she was the double for actor Ty Simpkins! When it comes to stunt work, its risky and dangerous nature makes it impossible to put another child actor in those positions, so smaller-sized adults are usually called in to do the dirty work.

19 Not So Much: Angelina Jolie & Eunice Huthart

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Angelina Jolie has long been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, so almost any stunt double of the gorgeous actress is bound to not quite match up in comparison. Unfortunately for Eunice Huthart, who doubled for the actress in the 2010 crime thriller Salt, she had to be saddled with a bad wig and an ill-fitting hat in order to double for the Oscar-winner during some fast-paced motorcycle stunts.

However, while Huthart may not look a thing like Jolie, she’s definitely her own version of a boss babe! In Digital Spy, it is revealed that addition to being a winner of the UK’s Gladiators under the name “Blaze”, Huthart filed a lawsuit against NewsCorp, alleging phone-hacking of her voicemails when she was working as a double for Jolie in another stunt-heavy flick, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. (The case was later dismissed.)

As noted on imdb.com Huthart’s experience and skill in the world of stunt work have allowed her the opportunity to double for a lot of fierce ladies, including Famke Janssen in 1995’s GoldenEye and Uma Thurman in 1998’s The Avengers. So, while she may not exactly twin with her Hollywood counterparts, she’s certainly got the skills to pay the bills and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon!

18 Twinning: Brad Pitt & Rick English

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Like his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt has topped the lists of the Most Beautiful People for decades, so it makes it a challenge for anyone trying to fill his hunky shoes. However, stuntman Rick English was lucky enough to be picked for the job. Actually, he’s filled in for Pitt on some of the more dangerous stunts in a couple of films!

A lot of looking-like-the-actor-you’re-doubling-for comes down to hair and makeup, and Rick English has really nailed it with the blonde ponytail and Brad Pitt goatee — but even the shape of English’s face helps him to better pass as the Oscar winner!

The ‘70s style suit and hair for 2013’s The Counselor brought it all home, but English has also doubled for Pitt in the 2013 action film World War Z. However, that’s not the only A-lister the stuntman has stepped in for. As proclaimed by imdb.com, his resumé includes doubling for Gerard Butler (Beowulf & Grendel, London Has Fallen), Michael Fassbender (Eden Lake), Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), Hugo Weaving (Captain America: The First Avenger), Colin Firth (the Kingsman films, Bridget Jones Baby), Eddie Redmayne (Jupiter Ascending), Patrick Wilson (The Commuter), and Vincent Cassel (Jason Bourne)! Not a bad list of names when you consider his earliest credited stunt work was in 2002!

17 Not So Much: Robert Pattinson & Paul Darnell

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In the late 2000s, everything was about Twilight and vampires. The love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen made teen and preteen girls swoon over the idea of a centuries-old vampire whisking them away from their own boring lives, promising to love them forever. To a hormonally-addled brain, it sounds pretty romantic — but in reality, there were definitely some creepy elements to Bella and Edward's relationship.

But this isn’t about Twilight, this is about one of the stuntmen who worked on the film — particularly Paul Darnell, who doubled for actor Robert Pattinson. Since Pattinson was locked into the franchise, the producers couldn’t have anything bad happen to him, and so Darnell was called in for some of the more action-packed scenes of the film.

While Darnell doesn’t really look anything like Pattison, it didn't really matter. According to Telegraph, his work was good enough to earn him work as a double for the actor again in movies like Water for Elephants and Remember Me. Plus, since he was so skilled at film-fighting, he actually helped Pattinson win the MTV Movie Award for “Best Fight”! It would have been even better if Pattinson had been able to properly recall his surname – the Telegraph revealed that 'Pattinson' had been spelt wrong in a variety of press materials.

16 Twinning: Andrew Garfield & William Spencer

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It’s not unheard of for actors to have a couple stunt doubles around, especially for an action film that requires a lot of different kinds of stunts. Such was the case for Andrew Garfield, who was filming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a couple different stunt doubles – one who looked just like him, and one who definitely did not! (But more on the second guy later.)

Garfield’s lookalike stunt double pictured here is William Spencer. With his slim build and haircut – despite the fact that much of the time, Spider-Man is pictured in a mask – Spencer is a dead ringer for Garfield. Calling himself the “Real Life Spider-Man”– as told by thehundreds.com, Spencer explained in his Reddit AMA that he’d been doing parkour and skateboarding for over 18 years.

Spencer's Reddit reveals that it was this skateboarding that actually allowed him to catch the eye of Garfield, who insisted that the new incarnation of Spider-Man be a skateboarder.

Spencer clearly fit the bill, in terms of ability and looks! While we all know that Spider-Man was later rebooted, Spencer wasn’t sour about it, explaining that, while it was “a dream” to get the job, the ending of Garfield as Spider-Man allowed Spencer to take on different work.

15 Not So Much: Chris Evans & Sam Hargrave

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Action movies – particularly superhero films – are exactly what they sound like: super action-packed. That means loads of stunt work and, more often than not, the stars of these films are locked into a contract that guarantees them more work. As such, it would be a liability for stars to put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of a stunt, and so stunt people like Sam Hargrave are called in for actors like Chris Evans. As Captain America, Evans has played the role in no less than seven films, which means that the producers and studio need to ensure he’s safe to return for the next one!

Enter Hargrave.

According to CBS News, the stuntman, who doesn’t look much like Evans at all, understands what’s in the job description; he states, “I exist because I am expendable. In all honesty, it’s because if I get hurt, I can be replaced.” Not exactly the kind of statement that gives you the warm and fuzzies, but we admire his candor!

In addition to being a stuntman and stunt double, Hargrave also gets to organize the stunts that happen, as he’s worked as a stunt coordinator on some Avengers films as well, according to MarvelCinemaUniverse. Hey, when you’re in the driver’s seat, you get to control some of the madness, right?

14 Twinning: Mark Ruffalo & Anthony Molinari

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With their matching heads of curly hair, laugh-lined eyes, and wide smiles, the similarities between actor Mark Ruffalo and his stunt double Anthony Molinari are pretty striking! This photo was taken in 2012 in New York when Ruffalo was filming Now You See Me, and while the movie doesn’t come to the top of your mind when it comes to major stunt work, there was clearly enough that Molinari had to be called in!

In addition to doubling for Ruffalo, Molinari has a long list of famous men he’s stood in for, including George Clooney, David Arquette, Dermot Mulroney, John Stamos, Ryan Phillippe, and, strangely enough, Zach Galifianakis! (We’ll bet that the curly hair definitely worked to his advantage for that one!)

For all of his work in stunts, Molinari has received numerous awards and accolades, both in an ensemble and individual basis.

Since Ruffalo has a reputation for being one of the nicest guys in show business (even if he does tend to spoil the endings of his big-budget movies), we bet that he and Molinari got along famously. Plus, since they basically look like twins separated at birth, we imagine that at least one prank was pulled during their time together!

13 Not So Much: Jennifer Lopez & Vanessa Vander Pluym

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This is the first time Jennifer Lopez appears on our list but, rest assured, it won’t be the last. And, unfortunately for the gorgeous actress-singer, neither of her stunt doubles really look anything like her! Take Vanessa Vander Pluym, who doubles for Lopez on the police drama Shades of Blue. While she matches the Latina star in terms of hairstyle and clothing, we hope that she’s only being shot from far away, because Pluym hardly resembles the A-lister.

Pluym is the younger of the two by about four years, but, thanks to Lopez’s ageless beauty, she appears far older in her Shades of Blue getup. However, owing to the stressful and dangerous lives led by stuntpeople, it could be her work that’s made her look a little rougher – but no less a boss lady! As told by PopSugar, in addition to doubling for J-Lo on her TV show, she also covered for her in the 2015 thriller The Boy Next Door.

imdb.com records that aside from doubling for Lopez, Pluym has been in the biz for over 13 years, working on other shows like Charmed, Criminal Minds, and Bones. Plus, as well as being a stuntwoman, Pluym is an actress in her own right! In fact, she’s worked on-screen in some of the various shows she’s done stunt work for, including 13 episodes of Shades of Blue!

12 Twinning: The Rock & Tanoai Reed

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If Tanoi Reed looks remarkably like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it could be because family members tend to share similar features – and that’s exactly who Reed is! Unlike a lot of other stunt people, a random person wasn’t signed on to double for the former WWE wrestler, he had the good luck to find someone in the same gene pool!

Reed is Johnson’s own cousin, but the two didn’t even officially meet each other until they were on the set together!

According to Unilad, near the beginning of Johnson’s career, Reed appeared in the set of The Scorpion King, and explained that working with “DJ” (his nickname for his cousin) was 'a dream come true.' “We only first met on the set of his first starring role movie The Scorpion King. Before that, I admit I was a huge fan of his and was actually “The Rock” for Halloween the year before I started working with him.” Talk about a small world!

Unilad notes that since that day back in 2002, Reed has stuck around to double for his cousin for the last 16 years, appearing in all his hits like Pan & Gain, San Andreas, the Fast & Furious franchise, and last year’s Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. Hey, when physical fitness that reaches “Rock” levels run un the family, why not cash in?

11 Not So Much: Zac Efron & Jordan Scott

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With a body as buff as Zac Efron’s, it’s a pretty tall order for any stunt person to try to fill in for him. While Efron’s stunt double Jordan Scott doesn’t really resemble the actor in any way, we’re only seeing one side of him. Apparently, it’s the back end that counts, because Scott has been Efron’s butt double as well as his stunt double!

Appearing in three different movies where Efron was the star – Dirty Grandpa (pictured here), Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and Neighbors 2, Scott has built quite a name for himself as Efron’s stunt double. However, while Efron has been forthcoming about his own personal issues, Scott’s were a little seedier.

According to an April 2017 report from TMZ, Scott’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama filed charges against the stuntman and sought a restraining order, citing him breaking cell phones so that she couldn’t call for help and physically harming her, as well as harassing her new boyfriend. According to documents, Scott has agreed to stay away from her, submit to substance abuse evaluations, and only have supervised visits with their children, but hasn’t admitted to any actual wrongdoing.

10 Twinning: Ben Affleck & Rich Cetrone

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As we’ve already shown, when actors find a stunt person who they work well with, they tend to keep them around for as long as possible. In this instance, it’s Ben Affleck with his stuntman/lookalike Rich Cetrone, with whom he has worked for five films thus far!

This cute Instagram image comes from Affleck’s own account, and in the caption, he referred to Cetrone as a “legend” and that he was “grateful to work with such incredible people.”

The photo, which was taken when the pair was filming the upcoming movie Triple Frontier, in Hawaii this month, is just the latest of the films they’ve done together. In addition to Triple Frontierimdb.com notes that Cetrone has doubled for Affleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, The Accountant, and Justice League! (As well as Affleck, Cetrone, who has been working stunts since 1995, has doubled for Paul Bettany, Lee Pace, and David Thewlis.)

While Cetrone isn’t a total dead ringer for the A-list Oscar winner, he comes pretty close, thanks to his squinty smile, salt-and-pepper beard, and straight nose. We can totally see how one might need to do a double take if you saw him crossing the street!

9 Not So Much: Ashley Benson & Mariko Saito

We’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t a flattering photo of Ashley Benson or her stunt double, Mariko Saito. Caught candid, it shows that even the most gorgeous Hollywood actresses can get snapped in some awkward photos. What this image also shows us, though, is that the resemblance between Benson and Saito is, well, pretty much nonexistent. Even the hair is wrong!

In addition to looking much older than Benson, Saito (who also goes by the name Mari Saito) just doesn’t quite resemble Benson physically. This image comes from the set of the 2015 film Pixels, where Benson portrayed a character by the name of Lady Lisa. With a plotline based on video and arcade games coming to life, you can bet that the action involved required a great deal of Saito’s expertise. In fact, imdb.com notes that Benson actually had two stunt doubles on the set! In addition to Saito, another woman by the name of Zandara Kennedy was called upon to double for Benson. (Kennedy does look a bit more like Benson than Saito, for the record.)

As well as doubling on the Pixels set, Saito has worked in film and TV, including such high-profile projects like Grey’s Anatomy and American Horror Story. In her Instagram bio, she describes herself as an “aerialist, contortionist, acrobat, and artist.”

8 Twinning: Elizabeth Banks & Krista Bell

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Maybe it’s the makeup, maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s the costume, or maybe it’s all three, but stuntwoman Krista Bell is certainly making us see double when she’s side-by-side with actress Elizabeth Banks!

On the set of the rebooted Power Rangers movie, Banks played villainess Rita Repulsa, a name that doesn’t bring to mind Banks’ natural beauty and grace. Bell, too, is much better looking than this green getup would have you think, and so perhaps that’s why these two look so perfect playing the same bad guy!

imdb.com notes that Bell has been in the business for over 15 years and has stepped into the shoes of many famous actresses, including Kate Bosworth, Amy Adams, Naomi Watts, and, most recently, Jessica Chastain in the award-winning Molly’s Game.

However, big blockbusters seem to be Bell’s go-to, because that’s where the action is! Besides Power Rangers, Bell has shown her stunt skills in War for the Planet of the Apes, Deadpool, and Godzilla. In fact, Bell’s thirst for excitement has led her to not really relaxing on her days off, either. In an interview with the Daily Record, Bell declared, “I don’t ever really relax, I go snowboarding, motocross, downhill mountain-biking, and, recently, rock-climbing.”

7 Not So Much: Lena Dunham & Dakota Brown

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Lena Dunham is pretty free with her body and never hesitates to strip down on-screen, particularly in her most famous role as Hannah Horvath on the TV series she created, HBO’s Girls. However, while she doesn’t require a body double to go bare, Dunham (and all the people who rely on her for their paychecks) do need a little insurance against some of the more physically damaging stunts that can happen on set.

And that’s where Dakota Brown comes in.

In the caption for this image that Dunham shared on her Instagram, she explained exactly what Brown does: “Anything I need to crash a car [or] fly off a bike, this bad [explicit] appears.” While we applaud Brown for stepping in when filming gets a little dangerous, we have to say that she doesn’t really look a thing like Dunham. Actually, in some of the comments left on the Instagram post, some fans wondered if it was actually Jim Carrey in a wig!

While Girls is hardly the action-packed stuff you’ve seen on this list, it still works for Brown, who has gotten severely injured while doing stuntwork before. According to nydailynews.com, in the film Bermuda Triangle, she ended up with three herniated disks and a bobby pin wedged into her head after a car crash gone awry! We can’t blame her for trying something a little tamer.

6 Twinning: Tom Hardy & Jacob Tomuri

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If one of the highlights on your resumé is that you were Tom Hardy’s stunt double – and you look just as good as him – then you are definitely doing well in life. Such is the case for Jacob Tomuri, who doubled for Hardy in the action-packed ad Max: Fury Road. The resemblance between these two is pretty uncanny, right down to the matching stubble and model pouts. For seven and a half months, Tomuri and Hardy worked side-by-side, but that’s nothing compared to some of the other work he’s done with the actor!

The film Legend, a biopic of the Kray twins, had Hardy playing both roles – except Tomuri was helping out, too!

Due to their freakish similarities, throughout filming Tomuri would stand in for the other twin and do all of the lines! Telegraph notes Hardy even said that Tomuri was better than the actor himself! “He went from not just learning those lines to [being] better than me at it!... Some of the lines Ronnie says, when we do a bit of ad-lib, Jacob made them up. I’m really proud of him.” Hardy was so grateful for Tomuri’s above-and-beyond approach, he insisted the stuntman to join him for press tours and interviews promoting the film.

5 Not So Much: Andrew Garfield & Ilram Choi

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Fortunately for people working as stunt doubles in superhero films, a lot of the times, elaborate costumes and masks are part of the job description. It’s extra lucky that this was the case for stuntman Ilram Choi, who doubled for Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man series – because he looks nothing like the actor!

The Korean-American Choi isn’t just a professional stuntman and stunt coordinator, he also happens to be a multi-mixed martial arts expert, whose skills were put to the test when he doubled for Jet Li in The Expendables 3. While Choi’s facial features don’t resemble Garfield at all, his long, lanky frame made him perfect for doubling for the actor in his full Spidey suit. In fact, The Korea Times it’s his size that allowed him to find such success since most Asian stuntmen tend to be shorter and stockier in comparison. His physical attributes have allowed Choi to do work in the franchises of Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Star Trek, and Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as Avatar, Thor, and Iron Man 3! Considering all those huge blockbusters, it might come as a shock that the only major injury Choi has suffered is a hairline fracture to his neck – while filming an anti-smoking commercial!

4 Twinning: Chris Hemsworth & Bobby Holland

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Finding a great stunt double can be hard work, which is why, when stars find someone they can really work with, they cling to them for dear life! That’s how Bobby Holland came to be, as the go-to guy for all of the stunts Chris Hemsworth does. And, looking at Hemsworth’s IMDb profile, it’s easy to see why Holland is such a necessity!

While Holland has doubled for Hemsworth on flicks like In The Heart Of The Sea and The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Holland admits that getting into Hemsworth shape for the Thor movies is the most work.

“Chris is already huge, he’s much bigger than me naturally so I have to train twice a day,” he explained to People. “It’s a job in itself.” That training includes eating eight meals every day, about every two-and-a-half hours, with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, steak, and spinach, and carbs only coming into play after their first training session of the day. With 18 months of back-to-back Thor and Avengers movies, it’s definitely the toughest workload Holland has ever endured, but he wouldn’t change it for anything. The two get along really well, with “the same kind of personality”!

3 Not So Much: Dakota Johnson & Robert Lee Harvey

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No, this wasn’t some weird kinky role-playing on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey, this was stuntman Robert Lee Harvey standing in for a short-haired Dakota Johnson on the set of the 2014 film Cymbeline. A Shakespearean drama that was set in the modern day as a war between a biker gang and dirty cops, Johnson’s character Imogen traded in her long hair for a cropped ‘do as she disguises herself as a man. Then, as we can see, her stunt double for her motorcycle-riding scenes was actually a man, bringing things full circle!

While Cymbeline wasn’t well received by critics or audiences (it has a paltry 3.8 IMDb rating, despite a star-studded cast list), Harvey has still done quite well for himself in the world of stunts. TV gigs like Boardwalk Empire, Gossip Girl, and The Blacklist have padded his resumé, as well as major movies like Noah, Foxcatcher, and The Finest Hours, where he’s been a stunt driver, a stunt rigger, and done assorted stunts or doubled for actors like Jason Bateman and Miles Teller.) However, we do hope that Harvey was doubling only for men because he certainly doesn’t resemble a woman – even a woman in disguise as a man!

2 Twinning: Emilia Clarke & Rosie Mac

When it comes to beautiful people, it’s usually the actors that light up the room, with the stunt doubles taking on all the dangerous dirty work. That couldn’t’ be further from the truth in the case of Rosie Mac, who has doubled for Emilia Clarke in her role of Daenerys Targaryen in the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. With her Daenerys wig, expressive eyebrows, pouty lips, and clear blue eyes, Mac is a dead ringer for the luminous Clarke!

Mac is a model, actress, singer, and stunt double, and she was actually chosen to be double for Daenerys without even auditioning! According to Elle, Mac's agent sent in a photo of the beauty dressed like the Khaleesi and she was called up right away; shortly after, she was informed that she’d nabbed the part for the entirety of season five of Game of Thrones!

Like Clarke, Mac is a natural brunette, and so wigs are called in to pull off her blonde look – something that can take up to three hours!

With such a high-profile production, Mac couldn’t provide people with much information about her time and duties on set – and she’s actually scrubbed everything before 2017 from her Instagram – but we do know that she and all the other doubles hung out on set, making for the weirdest, most wonderful family ever!

1 Not So Much: Jennifer Lopez & Daniel Arroyo

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As similar as Rosie Mac looks to Emilia Clarke, the opposite can be said for Daniel Arroyo to Jennifer Lopez. To begin with, he’s a man, whereas Lopez is all woman, and it’s not really something we can see beyond! Sure, he’s got the activewear and side cornrows to mimic J-Lo’s look, but that’s where the similarities end.

Unlike the other stunt people on this list, who have worked in movies or TVs for the project mentioned, Arroyo was called in to assist Lopez during the filming of a music video! For the 2012 single “Follow The Leader”, Arroyo was tasked with jumping over trucks, leaping into windows, swinging from bars, running across rooftops, and plummeting from buildings. Pretty action-packed for a music video, don’t you think?

While Arroyo’s stunt work is impressive (if limited, with only three credits to his name, according to IMDb), we can’t deny the fact that he looks nothing like the woman he’s standing in for. When you’re a woman as buxom and recognizable as J.Lo, it’s pretty much impossible! Fortunately, thanks to the quick cuts of music videos, you don’t even notice!

References: buzzfeed.com

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