10 Celebrity Hair Extension Disasters

Hair extensions have become as crucial to the Hollywood beauty industry as make-up and good lighting. Sure, many starlets have naturally gorgeous locks, but at the end of the day, a large majority of female celebrities add a little length and volume to their tresses courtesy of hair extensions. For celebs who have good extensions, you may not even know, and just think that they have a skilled hairstylist and naturally gorgeous hair. However, when extensions go bad… trust us, you’ll know.

One of the biggest culprit of hair extension disasters is, unfortunately, a hairstylist themselves. If a celeb finds someone who isn’t quite as masterful at putting in extensions as they may have liked, they may walk out of the salon and onto the red carpet with visible tracks from their extensions as a result of sloppy work or incorrect placement. Hair extensions can also fool you by their very name – while they add to your hair, they are by no means an extension of it. You have to take extra good care of them, or they end up looking shoddy. Another big culprit when it comes to hair extension disasters is, quite simply, the selection – most of the best, natural-looking extensions are a modest yet luxurious length, and match the celebrity’s hair well. However, some celebs decide to take it to the next level and pick extensions of various colours, or select the longest length they can find. Everything in moderation, ladies.

So, next time you’re jonesing for extensions but trying to figure out if you can justify the cost, take a look at these 10 celebrity hair extension disasters. They’ll make you want to invest in a good conditioner and just grow out your own locks instead.

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10 Pamela Anderson

via: Wire Image

Lately, Pamela Anderson has been rocking a much more flattering cropped hair-do, looking a lot more chic in her less revealing outfits. However, back in the day, she was known for her flowing blonde locks, and hair extensions helped her out many a time. In one red carpet photo op, she used extensions to try to create a more voluminous look a la Brigitte Bardot. Unfortunately, the bonds from her extensions were clearly visible and protruding from the top of her head. It was definitely voluminous, but probably not quite what she was hoping for.

9 Victoria Beckham

via: glamourmagazine.co.uk

Look, Posh, we get it – all of us made fashion and beauty mistakes in the early 2000s that we’ve grown to regret. Victoria Beckham always been on the cutting edge of fashion, and unfortunately the trendsetters are often the worst offenders when you take a peek back at styles from earlier years. This isn’t limited to her over the top outfits – it also applies to those hair extensions. For the past several years, Beckham has been sporting a series of ultra chic, short haircuts. However, back in the 2000s, she was all about the hair extensions, and was spotted a few times with bonds too close to her hairline to properly blend, or extensions that didn’t quite match the colour of her hair. Trust us, Posh – you’re way, way more stylish without them.

8 Taylor Momsen

via: m.public.fr

With her skimpy outfits, jet black raccoon eyes, and platinum blonde hair, Taylor Momsen is definitely a celebrity who is in the ‘more is more’ camp when it comes to her style choices. When she was playing the sweet Jenny Humphrey on hit series Gossip Girl, she rocked a shorter blonde ‘do that was likely her natural hair. Once she became involved in the music industry as the growly singer for The Pretty Reckless, she began sporting extensions that were longer than any hair has a right to be. Sure, she seems to have taken good care of them, and they blend well with her natural platinum blonde hair. But frankly, they’re just constantly distracting and totally dwarf her otherwise petite frame, throwing her proportions all out of whack. Who cares how much she paid for them – you know every hairdresser in town wanted to take scissors to those extensions.

7 Nicole Richie

via: fashionnstyle.com

Blunt bangs, sideswept bangs, shoulder length beachy waves, a tight and chic crop, a pixie cut, blonde, purple, black… Nicole Richie has had pretty much every hair style under the sun. And, somehow, she manages to pull every single look off and send countless girls running to their stylists in search of the latest Nicole look. However, try to forget her currently super stylish self, and think back to the 2000s when she was attached to her former bestie Paris Hilton at the hip. Now think back to the hair – those were some awful extensions. There’s been speculation that she’s rocked extensions more recently when she’s opted for longer locks, but back in the day, they were super noticeable – weirdly textured, dip dyed various colors, and just overall frazzled looking. Luckily, she saw the error of her ways and her hair is on point now.

6 Katie Price

via: chatterbusy.blogspot.nl

British glamour model Katie Price – formerly known as Jordan – is definitely not a woman of subtlety. After all, she’s known for her dark bronze fake tan, voluptuous curves, tiny outfits, and overly made up beauty style. That all or nothing mentality seemed to apply to her extensions as well – she was often spotted with her extensions looking less than fabulous, simply because they weren’t well cared for. Additionally, if you ever wanted to see the horror that extensions can cause, just take a peek at some paparazzi shots of Price’s scalp – all those years of constantly wearing synthetic extensions has left her with bald spots in places. With women’s hair, small spots can often be covered up with hair, but still – eek!

5 Beyoncé

via: dailymail.co.uk

Okay, it pains us to say this, because Queen B is usually flawless, but there was one particular style misstep in 2014 that had everyone scratching their heads. No, it wasn’t the short-lived crop – that was fab. It was those braids – you know the ones I’m talking about. Now, Beyonce has rocked braids before, primarily earlier in her career, and she’s rocked longer locks as well. However, the braided extensions she selected trailed nearly to her mid-thighs, and the ends were, quite simply, scraggly looking. It was just way, way too much – she wasn’t wearing the braids, the braids were pretty much wearing her! However, this style chameleon was back to looking ultra glam in no time.

4 Paris Hilton

via: capelliwindsor.blogspot.com

It seems that the early 2000s were a bad, bad time to have hair extensions, and unfortunately Paris Hilton is another case study for that fact. Thanks to her family’s wealth, she’s always had enough money to buy whatever she wanted, but even an heiress can’t escape bad quality extensions, or badly applied extensions. Hilton was a victim of everything from visible tracks to just plain rough-looking, cheap-looking extensions, and even if it was impeccably styled, there was just something off with her locks. When she decided to toss in the extensions and rock her natural hair, it looked far, far better.

3 Christina Aguilera

via: legendarytalent.blogspot.com

Okay, this might be a controversial one. Perhaps you adored everything about Christina Aguilera’s ‘dirrty’ phase, from her raunchier music to her skimpier outfits to her edgier look. Maybe you loved the two-toned, multi-textured extensions. But we’re going to go ahead and call them a disaster. The music? Phenomenal – who doesn’t jam out when “Dirrty” comes on the radio on Throwback Thursdays. The hair? Too much. The black and platinum, almost white-blonde were a really stark contrast, it fell in clumps of different thicknesses with often a braid thrown in here or there, half pin straight, half curled… it was just a bit messy and dirty, in a bad way.

2 Lindsay Lohan

via: Associated Press

Given how Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan has treated her body over the years, who’s surprised that she hasn’t always provided her fake locks with the most TLC? However, while she’s guilty of often opting for extensions that are way, way too long, the biggest disaster came when she got a set that gave her a less than attractive two-toned look. We get it – it’s tough to keep track of your natural hair colour when you dye it frequently, particularly if you bounce between black, platinum blonde, and red. However, it has to be said – not a good look.

1 Britney Spears

via: beweardotcom.wordpress.com

Oh, Britney. Lately, Britney Spears is absolutely killing it – she’s busting out old school Britney level choreography and dance skills during her Las Vegas Piece of Me tour shows, she’s putting out smash hits with Iggy Azalea, and overall just slaying the industry. However, in the mid 2000s, those extensions… girl. Girl. They were bad. Britney basically took everything that her stylist (hopefully) told her to do to her extensions, and did the exact opposite – they looked fried, they looked frizzy, there were track marks showing, her scalp was peeking out in updos, it was just all so bad. But on the plus side – she’s looking awesome lately, and we’re all waiting for the next hit song.

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