10 Celebrity Children Who Look Totally Like Their Famous Moms And 10 Who Don't

Working in Hollywood is extremely difficult in general, so how do so many celebs manage to do it while also being parents? It’s a juggling act that requires a lot of patience and love. While we may be annoyed with any double standards that come with being a parent in Hollywood, we have to admire the many strong female celebs that balance their fame with being moms.

These days, thanks to various social media platforms, famous celebrities often appear to be in competition with each other, especially in the 'looks' department – it’s like a selfie war out there. So when it comes down to comparing a daughter to her famous mother in terms of physical appearance, most magazines salivate at the opportunity. But the thing is, not every child looks like his or her famous mother (which can be hard on children who are the daughters of supermodels) but instead may be beautiful in their very own ways. And then you have the kids who are the spitting images of their mothers.

Here are 10 celebrity moms who have doppelgangers for daughters, and 10 celebrity children who are beautiful in their own, unique ways.

20 Photographers Can't Even Tell Them Apart – Reese Witherspoon And Ava


Talk about looking so much like your own mother that even an entire group of photographers mistake you for her while walking with her down the Red Carpet! This actually happened to Ava Phillippe, the 18-year-old daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, when she walked the Red Carpet with her mom following the 2017 Emmy Awards.

The photographers, who were waiting outside the party to catch shots of celebrities, started calling out for “Reese” to turn around so they could get a shot of her – only it wasn’t Reese, it was Ava!

“I’m not her,” the model told the photographers, according to Us Magazine. She was there in support of her mother, who was nominated for her work on the HBO series Big Little Lies.

“It’s great to be the architect of your own destiny and create material for yourself,” Reese said during an interview when asked about producing. “Talking about creating roles for women, I’ve been very passionate about for the last five years, and talking to Nicole [Kidman] about that, and seeing the parts diminish for women as you get older.” We think that Ava might be taking notes from her brilliant mother, which gives us hope for the younger generation of actors.

19 Like Model Mother, Like Model Daughter – Kris Jenner And Kendall


They are part of the most famous family to date, and one of them happens to be the puppet master of the entire family operation. That’s right, we’re talking about the Kardashians-Jenners, headed by, of course, the 'momanger' herself – Kris Jenner. While she happens to look like a majority of her famous daughters, there’s one who is the spitting image of her: Kendall Jenner. A while back, daughter Kourtney Kardashian posted a throwback picture on Instagram of her mother from Kris' heyday. Back then, she was Kris Houghton, and you can see that her daughters get their stunning looks from their 'Houghton' side.

A bunch of fans who commented on the picture thought it was Kendall. While the matriarch is still as stunning as ever, you can see the almost mirror-image resemblance in Kendall.

And not only is Kris beautiful, but she’s insanely brainy as well. Just last year, the head of the family orchestrated the deal with E! Entertainment that would take Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2020 for a large amount of serious cash.

“It’s kind of a group decision,” Kris told Ellen DeGeneres on her show last year. “I’m lucky if I get paid. Everybody gets paid pretty much equally ‘cause we all film a lot. We all work hard.”

18 Of Look-Alikes And High Heels – Heidi Klum And Leni


When your mom is one of the most recognizable supermodels on the face of the planet, it’s hard to live up to the hype over her looks, especially the older you get. But you don’t have to tell Leni Samuel that, who is the daughter of model Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore. It appears that there’s really nothing to worry about, since Leni appears to be the spitting image of her mother and, heck, has even mastered the art of walking in high-heels on busy sidewalks.

The 44-year-old model and single mother of four children is a role model for all women, thanks to her work ethic and momentous love for family.

“Women are capable of juggling a lot of balls – we do things that guys just cannot do,” the model said during an interview, according to Redbook Mag. “Men typically can juggle only one ball, and even then they’re like, ‘I’m confused. Should I put it in my right or left hand?’ A lot of them have a very hard time just trying to figure out what to do with that one ball. And often they want us to hold that one too!” Even though she’s had her fair share of heartache, it’s pretty clear that Heidi puts her family ahead of her career, and even then, she’s one of the hardest working women in the industry.

17 Model Behavior Passed Down – Cindy Crawford And Kaia


Whenever you glance at a photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford and daughter Kaia Gerber, you actually have to do a double take in order to figure out which is the mom and which is the teenager! Crawford actually has two children, 16-year-old daughter, Kaia, and 18-year-old son, Presley. According to W Magazine, Crawford said in an interview: “Kids don’t always listen, but they are always watching what you do...If you’re polite to people, they learn to be polite. If you make family time a priority, they don’t even question spending time together. If I’m constantly berating myself in front of them – I look old, I have more wrinkles every year, I can’t have that dessert because I’ll get fat – then they learn to do the same thing. You lead by example.”

Crawford also understands what it’s like to raise two children within the #MeToo and #TimesUp era, which is a difficult time for a lot of women. “I’m really lucky because I don’t have a #MeToo story,” she said in the above-mentioned interview. “As far as being a mother of two young people going into fashion, of course, I worry. But let’s be honest. My kids are blessed in that business because they aren’t coming in as unknowns. People know that I will come after them if they mess with my kids.”

16 Redheaded Mirror Images – Julianne Moore And Liv


Actress Julianne Moore has been instilling her wisdom in her children since day one, and they’ve taken notice. Even though she appears to be the sister of her teenage daughter, Liv, instead of her mother, you can’t reduce her to the column of “mother and/or ageing” when it comes to actresses in Hollywood these days.

According to Us Magazine, Moore asked an interviewer from DuJour, “Do we have to talk about parenthood?” when prompted by such questions; “I don’t mind, but I do think it’s an extremely profound experience, something that’s difficult to encapsulate in a single interview.”

She went on to say, “Men aren’t asked about age. Men aren’t asked about their children [...] Not that these things aren’t important, but I do feel like it becomes reductive when a woman’s life becomes, ‘Talk to me about your kids and how you feel about plastic surgery.’”

But while she really doesn’t like hearing the questions, she doesn’t shy away from answering them: “I just think that it’s boring! Our fear of [aging] is really a fear of dying; aging is a physical manifestation of decay, and I think that’s what’s so upsetting to most people.” Moore herself is 57-years-old and really doesn’t look a day over 32-years-old, which comes as a compliment, but she has a point – would we ever say that about a man?

15 Surprisingly Similar (Pout) – Angelina Jolie And Shiloh


When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were a couple, they seemed to be engulfed by their children half the time, and they appeared to be just fine with that – which is odd considering the fact that Jolie herself didn't really want to be a parent in her younger years. “It’s strange, I never wanted to have a baby,” Jolie said during an interview a couple years back, according to Access Online. “I never wanted to be pregnant. I never babysat. I never thought of myself as a mother.”

However, her entire life changed when she visited Cambodia back in the early 2000s. She had become completely enamored, as she played with the children at a Cambodian school – that’s when her entire world shifted. “It was suddenly very clear to me that my son was in the country somewhere.”

Jolie is now the mother of six children, one of which is the spitting image of her, the young Shiloh. Her daughter has her mother’s famous pout and sparkling eyes and she is no stranger to the spotlight since she often tags along with her parents and other siblings to red carpet events. We’re pretty positive she’s going to follow in her parents’ footsteps when it comes to their compassionate natures.

14 Identical Mini-Me – Katie Holmes And Suri


When Suri Cruise was born to actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the world seemed captivated by this large-eyed, beautiful child. And we all seemed even more captivated when Katie decided to leave Tom Cruise (and Scientology) in the dust to become a single mother. Now, Suri is about ready to enter her teen years and has become the spitting image of her beautiful mother. In the past few years, Katie has actually decided to step behind the camera and direct her own stuff.

The actress expressed in an interview with Women’s Health:  “Some people say, ‘It must be so hard to act and direct at the same time.’ [...] But it’s not as challenging as it looks, because you’re in charge of it. And when you’re a mom – we’re used to doing 25 things at once.”

In the interview, Katie cited her own mother as her muse and role model mother: “I feel really lucky, because my mom is so creative, and she’s such an artist. [...] I mean, she makes all of the curtains, she makes all the pillows. She made me a homemade sweater. She knows how to do everything. And it’s all, like, just wrapped in love. Growing up I kind of took it for granted, but as I’ve gotten older I see the poetry in that.”

13 Mother And Daughter, Or Sisters? – Christie Brinkley And Sailor


Talk about being an insanely supportive mother – model Christie Brinkley is aiding her teenage daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook, in a building up a career modeling, with the gusto of a sideline cheerleader. Back in 2016, Brinkley appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue with both of her daughters, after not appearing in the special edition of the magazine since 2004. Now that Sailor has appeared in the magazine’s swimsuit issue, Christie couldn’t be any more proud of her daughter’s accomplishment. However, when your mom is Christie Brinkley, it can’t be easy following in her model footsteps.

“To be compared to my mother who has this extremely successful career under her belt when I’m just getting started?” the young model expressed to Sports Illustrated. “And to have people say I’m never going to have what she has or be what she is. I’m not trying to be her. But I’m fine. I don’t get hurt by this stuff. It was just a surreal moment for me because I’ve looked up to all the SI models and my mom – they’ve always been my inspirations.”

“It bothers me just on a general level that somehow people feel empowered to say things that are hurtful,” she said. “This was unthinkable back in the day. There’s this general sense now that it’s okay to do this.”

12 Identical Dimples All Around – Jennifer Garner And Violet


Recently, mama and actress Jennifer Garner displayed her impeccable rapping skills (yes, you read that right – her rapping skills) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she co-hosted the talk show host’s Mother’s Day special. According to E Online, the rap she performed in a music video was about the “Joys” of motherhood and was played for all the expectant mothers in the audience. Of course, she touched base on breastfeeding and exhaustion and “retaining more water than the Hoover Dam and change enough diapers to fill a moving van.”

In reality, Jennifer is an amazing mom and you can read it on her children’s faces whenever they step out in public together.

Just take a look at daughter Violet’s face – who is the mirror image of her mom. Years ago, a law was passed that prevents the paparazzi from invading the lives of the children of celebrities. According to Stylist.co.uk, “Halle Berry passed the bill and she let me be a small part of it,” the actress expressed back when the bill passed. “And then Kristen Bell went out and convinced all of the tabloid magazines to agree not to print photos of kids, and it’s changed my kids’ lives!”

“Now my kids can go out and just go for a walk or go to the mailbox – things that we just didn’t do. Sometimes I still have paparazzi, myself, and sometimes they will shoot my kids, and I keep track of it. I will definitely take them to court if I have enough to make a case.”

11 Twinning It Right – Demi Moore And Rumer


For a brief time when she was younger, a lot of people thought that Rumer Willis (Demi Moore's eldest daughter with actor Bruce Willis) really didn’t look anything like her famous mother. But the older Rumer got, the more striking the resemblance became. She even got to work with her mother when she made her film debut in Now and Then, back in 1995. Though they’ve had their share of turbulent moments, the pair of mother and daughter are extremely close, and you can tell with every Instagram throwback image that Rumer posts. Last year, Moore joined Rumer on the series Empire.

“She actually called me and she said, ‘Hey, you know, I know you’re going to be doing the show. Was it OK? Would you be alright if I did it’?” Rumer said to ET Online. “And I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Absolutely! I’d love that!’ Who gets a free chance to hang out with their mom and work? I’m really excited.”

Unfortunately, they didn’t share any scenes: “No, we kind of [...] are living in different worlds on the same show, which I think is actually really cool. [...] It’s fun sometimes because I never necessarily know, other than being at the table read, what the scenes are going to end up like.”

10 She Must Take After Her Father – Jessica Alba And Haven


Sometimes in life, you just have to accept that one person’s genes are way more dominant than the other’s. This happens to be the case with Jessica Alba and daughter Haven, who is insanely cute but doesn’t really look like her mother.

Alba, who is the mother of three, has always managed to balance both work and motherhood but was nervous going back to work after giving birth for the first time.

“I would say to always keep things in perspective, and always remember what matters to you most – don’t worry about being everything to everyone,” Alba said, according to mydomaine.com, when asked what advice she could give mothers returning to work shortly after giving birth. Alba continues, “The time that you have is more about quality over quantity. When you’re at work, try to get as much done as you can, but when you’re at home, it’s important to be fully present with your family. Making the most of the time that you do have and prioritizing what’s important will help. Remember, perfection simply doesn’t exist, so don’t be too hard on yourself.”

She also made it a point to tell mothers to “sleep whenever you can” and that she’s a firm believer in power naps, which help you get through the day if you hadn’t gotten a full night’s rest.

9 Beehive Royalty – Beyonce And Blue Ivy


She is one of the most famous faces on the entire face of the planet, and because of that, her own daughter is considered American royalty. Yes, we’re talking about Queen Beyonce and her first daughter with husband Jay Z, Blue Ivy. As the young girl ages, she manages to combine the looks of both her powerhouse parents but leans more so toward Jay Z in terms of appearance, which she wears beautifully. Recently, Beyonce and Jay Z both welcomed twins into the world, son Sir, and daughter Rumi.

According to Vogue when she was interviewed and asked about motherhood, Mama B has always stressed the importance of family: “I feel like I have something that has grounded me so much more,” Bey once said. “Family has always been important. I’ve always had my mother and my father and my husband, but it’s just… life is so much more than… it’s not defined by any of this [fame and money].”

She’s even stated that she’s actually more fulfilled as a mother: “I felt like God was giving me a chance to assist in a miracle. There is something so relieving about life taking over you like that. You’re playing a part in a much bigger show. And that’s what life is. It’s the greatest show on Earth.”

8 Blonde Opposites – Julia Roberts And Hazel

Daily Mail

She was once (and still is) considered America’s Sweetheart, but now Julia Roberts takes another name more to heart – “Mom.” She and husband Danny Moder have three children. One of their three, Hazel, is striking in a completely different way than her famous mother, especially considering she has her own trademark blue eyes and blonde hair. “If I wasn’t here today, I’d be in the carpool lane ferrying my kids to school,” Roberts said recently about being a mom.

According to Harper's Bazaar, in some interviews, it’s clear to see that Roberts favors motherhood above all.

However, she also admits that, when balancing her work and her family, “Deep down, we all know you can’t stand on the top point of a pinnacle on your tiptoes, and not at some point lose your balance, or get tired, or say, ‘OK somebody else take over, I have to go to the bathroom'.”

“I do love it all. You’re allowed to not only to love the weekends but also Christmas and summer vacation in a new way. It’s such a great learning experience. They’re such great teachers. Their point of view is so unique. There are some [of my films] I am looking forward to showing to my daughter. I can’t wait for her to see My Best Friend’s Wedding. That’ll be sweet and I think they will be pleased with how I spent my 20s and 30s.”

7 Contrasting Beauty (And Talents) – Carrie Fisher And Billie


We know that their mother-daughter story was a tragic one, but also an insanely beautiful one. We’re talking about Carrie Fisher and her daughter, actress Billie Lourd. Back in 2016, Billie suffered through the losses of both her luminous mother and her beloved grandmother, actress Debbie Reynolds.

“If life’s not funny, then it’s just true – and that would be unacceptable,” Lourd said in an interview about her mom's and grandmother’s deaths, according to Today. “Even when [mom passed away], that was what got me through the whole thing. When Debbie [passed] the next day, I could just picture her saying, ‘Well, she’s upstaging me once again, of course – she had to.’”

Billie is an actress herself, but she never competed with her mother the way Fisher and Reynolds did. “I’ve always kind of lived in their shadows, and now is the first time in my life when I get to own my life and stand on my own. I love being my mother’s daughter, and it’s something I always will be, but now I get to be just Billie. It’s a lot of pressure, because she had such an incredible legacy, and now I have to uphold that and make it evolve in my own way.”

6 Different Yet Stunning – Kris Jenner And Khloe


Khloe looks like neither Kris nor her father, the late Robert Kardashian. So, of course, rumors had to start flying about Khloe’s paternity. One such rumor happens to be that Khloe’s real father is former disgraced NFL player, OJ Simpson. Simpson himself even spoke out about the rumors when asked by a photographer if “congratulations were in order” in reference to Khloe announcing her pregnancy. According to In Touch, Simpson replied: “Well, for Bob, God bless his soul, yeah,” implying that Robert is, in fact, Khloe’s biological father.

Recently, Khloe gave birth to a daughter named True – something that would have seemed like a dream years ago, since she always struggled with fertility issues.

“I can’t believe my baby will be a month old tomorrow,” the reality star expressed on Twitter recently. “Why does this make me happy and sad all at the same time. Thank you Jesus for my sweet peanut.”

For a while, Khloe kept her pregnancy under wraps and didn’t express it to the world (or to her sisters) until she was ready. “I’m with my sisters pretty much every single day, so it was hard not to be able to say why I was so sick or couldn’t do certain things… I believe there are certain things that need to be held private and for yourself. It was beautiful to have something that was just ours.”

5 Contrasting Looks Yet Always Adorable – Gisele Bundchen And Vivian


When one of the most famous supermodels married one of the most popular football quarterbacks, we all knew that their babies would be seriously beautiful, even if they didn’t turn out looking exactly like their parents. This is the case for model Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, who have two children of their own – daughter Vivian and son Benjamin – and Jack, Brady's son with his ex, Bridget Moynahan. Brady’s looks seem to be dominant in the gene-pool since all the kids look more like him than Gisele.

“I had to make some adjustments from what my life was like before I was a mom,” the model told People magazine. “My kids are so fun and loving, but they’re also demanding!”

“For me, making schedules are critical to make sure we attend to all the needs of the kids and our family. After adding everyone’s schedule on the calendar, I make sure that everyday I have some sacred time for myself, so I can recharge.”

Motherhood can be overwhelming, and Bundchen understands that, so it’s essential that she keeps herself calm when the feeling starts to come on. According to People, Gisele admits: “I notice every time I felt overwhelmed I would hold my breath. I had to learn to stop, relax and take long deep breaths and within seconds I would feel more clear and ready to deal with the situation in a more loving way.”

4 Luminous In Different Ways – Catherine Zeta-Jones And Carys


Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones happens to be one of the most beautiful women on the face of the planet. So how does her daughter compare? Well, she simply remains beautiful in her own unique way, rather than attempting to look exactly like her famous mother. Carys Douglas is the 15-year-old daughter of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, and while she’s not her mother’s doppelganger, she’s insanely stunning in an original way, which she shows off on Instagram. It appears that Zeta-Jones is extremely close to all her children.

“My priorities changed when I had children,” Catherine once said, according to Hello Magazine. “I have to be passionate and committed about something if it’s going to take me away from them.”

While they may not look alike, they both share the same exact fashion sense, which was put on display when mother and daughter stepped out to the Michael Kors Collection show last year.

It appears that the older Carys gets, the more she steps out with her famous mom. She even adores highlighting her mother in her Instagram pictures, along with some pretty gorgeous selfies. She appears to have her own exotic features that differ from her mom’s – but Carys is equally as stunning.

3 Minature Version Of Marc Anthony – Jennifer Lopez And Emme


Jennifer Lopez can seriously do it all. She’s an actress, singer, dancer, and businesswoman, but her most important job is being a mother. You can see her love for her twins, Emme and Maximilian, often highlighted on her Instagram. If you follow her, you know that both kids look a lot like father Marc Anthony, and less like Lopez.

“They just made my life so much better,” Lopez said during an emotional interview, according to Today. Lopez was almost 40 when she and her then-husband decided to start a family, stating “I’m forever grateful that… you know, I didn’t have kids until later and so I almost thought that it wasn’t going to happen for me, so I’m very aware that I was blessed with that. It could have been something different.”

Last year, Jennifer posted a tear-jerking tribute on Instagram to her twins on their 9th birthday. “Emme and Maximilian… I can’t believe it’s 9 years ago today that God entrusted me with the biggest blessings of my life… he finally sent me my beautiful twins, my babies, my love and life in two lil human beings,” she wrote under a collage of pics of the twins. “I immediately felt bonded, protective, overwhelmed with emotion and like the luckiest woman on this earth. And I’ve felt that way every day since. You make me proud every single moment of every single day!”

2 The Apatow Genes Are Strong – Leslie Mann And Maude


Both Leslie Mann and husband Judd Apatow have never really been shy when it comes to parenthood. In fact, both their daughters (Maude and Iris Apatow) have appeared in numerous films of theirs, including Knocked Up and This Is 40. But you’ll notice that both girls, especially Maude, the oldest, look more like their dad than the blonde-haired Mann.

Looks aside, both daughters are extremely close to their parents and have followed them into the film industry.

“That’s what I think about every day, is encouraging my girls,” Mann said in an interview, according to Daily Mail. “They’re interested in what me and my husband do for work and so we are encouraging them to write and get out and direct short films and go after what they want.” She even revealed that 20-year-old Maude had a small part in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but she was cut out of the film (thanks dad, sheesh).

“We all really like each other in real life. It makes sense to hang onto your children. My daughter’s like 'no!' (Maude’s) in college right now, but she’s actually here with me [during the interview]. She does like spending a lot of time with me, maybe more time than other kids, or my other daughter.”

1 Hilarious Differences – Tina Fey And Alice

Best Images

When she was younger, Tina Fey’s daughter Alice actually looked similar to her hilarious mother,  so much so that she portrayed a younger Tina Fey in Fey's hit show 30 Rock. But as Alice got older, she started veering away from her mom’s looks and came into her own. Back in 2014, Fey wrote a piece for The New Yorker called “Confessions of a Juggler”, in which she spoke about motherhood.

Fey declares, “What is the rudest question you can ask a woman? 'How old are you?' 'What do you weigh?' No, the worst question is: “How do you juggle it all?'”

“My standard answer is that I have the same struggles as any working parent but with the good fortune to be working my dream job. Or sometimes I just hand them a juicy red apple I’ve poisoned in my working-mother witch cauldron and fly away.”

Fey and her husband, composer Jeff Richmond, have two daughters, Alice and Penelope. In her book Bossypants, Fey wrote a poem called “The Mother’s Prayer For Its Daughter”. Fey wrote the poem for Alice and started with the line “First, Lord: No Tattoos. May neither Chinese symbol for truth nor Winnie-the-Pooh holding the FSU logo stain her tender haunches.” Ha!

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