10 Celebrities Who Talk About Photoshop Openly And 5 That Deny They Were Ever Photoshopped

There’s nothing like warmer weather and nicer days to make all of us realize that our bikini bodies needed to be ready like, well, yesterday. Summer is right around the corner, and it is officially time for beaches, bathing suits, and undoubtedly a little insecurity when it comes to showcasing that summer body for the first time. No one is perfect, and we know that social media doesn’t always make it feel that way, especially when it comes to celebrities with perfect skin, unreal bodies, and gorgeous ‘grams, but they’ve got a secret behind all those perfect looking pictures! Lots of stars have spoken about Photoshop and what it means to retouch not just their photos, but to edit their lives for the sake of the Internet and to blur backgrounds and imperfections in the name of the perfect picture.

Today, we’re breaking down 10 celebrities who have spoken openly about Photoshop and 5 celebrities who’ve ignored, or even denied claims that they’ve used it. From stars like Blake Lively and Keira Knightley to supermodels Gisele, Gigi Hadid and Miranda Kerr, and even internet sensation Kim Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner; we’re taking a look at stars who edit and stars who don’t, and stars who admit it and the ones who don’t, too.

15 Blake Lively Talks Openly About 99.9% Of Images Being Photoshopped


Blake Lively made headlines this week when she deleted every picture from her Instagram and stopped following husband, Ryan Reynolds; in all fairness, she stopped following everyone except for people with the name Emily. We’re hoping that it’s a promotional stunt for an upcoming movie because we love Blake’s eccentric Instagram style and fashion shots. Today, we’re focusing on Blake Lively’s recent interview with Gigi Hadid. The two sat down for Harper’s Bazaar and talked prom, Photoshop, and Instagram too. According to Harper’s Bazaar Blake said this about mainstream photo media culture, “It’s so important for young people not to compare themselves with what they see online. It’s our job as actors and/or models to be in shape. We have access to gyms and trainers and healthy food. And then on top of that, 99.9 percent of the time the images are Photoshopped. I’m guilty myself of being at a photo shoot and saying, ‘That looks terrible on me.’ And they’re like ‘We’ll fix it.’ And you’re so relieved.” The star continues, “My dream is for all images to have a little asterisk next to them with a caption that reads, this photo has been retouched. Just so there’s a gentle reminder that, hey, this isn’t real life.” We’re loving that Blake is being open and honest about her insecurities and her sense of relief knowing that someone is going to “fix” photos she doesn’t like, we’re also totally on board for that asterisk, as Blake says, the pictures we see in magazines aren’t real and they shouldn’t be made to seem like they are.

14 Meghan Markle Royally Peeved By Her Freckles Being Airbrushed Away


Meghan Markle is getting closer and closer to joining the royal family, we’re officially in May, which means the royal wedding is this month – yay! One thing that will definitely be showing up in Meghan and Harry’s wedding photos? Her freckles! Meghan has spoken on the subject of Photoshop and what it means when someone takes away her freckles. According to Style Caster, the future royal said this to Allure, “To this day, my pet peeve is when my skin tone is changed and my freckles are airbrushed out of a photo shoot. For all my freckle-faced friends out there, I will share with you something my dad told me when I was younger: ‘A face without freckles is a night without stars.’” Meghan is stunning, and her beautiful complexion only adds to that beauty, we adore this star and we’re begging photo editors to let her keep her stars! Meghan was excited to shoot with Vanity Fair last year, Huffington Post reports that Meghan said this about her photographer for the shoot, “He rarely retouches and he believes in such little makeup. I gave him a big hug and said, ‘I am so excited to work with you because I know we will finally be able to see my freckles!”

13 Kim Kardashian Denies Photoshop Is Used To Make Her More Perfect...


Kim Kardashian went on Ellen this week to talk about her feelings in the Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. Kim Kardashian is known for keeping it real, well, for the most part. Kim K’s photos on social media tend to portray her as having the perfect body, smooth and curvy. On occasion, the internet has accused her of Photoshopping images, citing blurred backgrounds, or furniture or walls that seem warped. Fans accused her of Photoshopping an Instagram photo a few days ago that had a very unusually shaped car; the star cited that the photo was only half of a mirrored picture and that’s what caused the morph. Comments have been disabled on that particular photo, so we might never know for sure. Today, we’re focusing on a different photo. We all remember the photos that surfaced of Kim on vacation in Mexico this time last year that showed her figure a bit differently than we’re used to, and rather than denying Photoshop was ever used, Kim is actually saying that tabloids used Photoshop to make her look worse! According to Daily Mail, Kim said this about the unflattering photos, “I saw these awful photos of myself when I was on a trip in Mexico and people were Photoshopping them and sharpening them. I definitely was not in my best shape. I hadn’t worked out in about 12 weeks.” We can’t say for sure whether the photos were altered or not, but we know that it’s only a matter of time until the next Kim K Photoshop accusation.

12 Kerry Washington Takes To Instagram About A Cover That Doesn't Look Like Her


Kerry Washington, famous for her role as Olivia Pope on Scandal, recently took to Instagram to talk Photoshop and altered images. The star opened up after being on the cover of AdWeek. The star captioned an Instagram post with this, “I love ADWEEK. It’s a publication I appreciate. And learn from. I’ve long followed them on Twitter. And when they invited me to do a cover, I was excited and thrilled. And the truth is, I’m still excited. I’m proud of the article. And I like some of the inside images a great deal. But, I have to be honest…I was taken aback by the cover. Look, I’m no stranger to Photoshopping. It happens a lot. In a way, we have become a society of picture adjusters – who doesn’t love a filter?!? And I don’t always take these adjustments to task but I have had the opportunity to address the impact of my altered image in the past and I think it’s a valuable conversation. Yesterday, however, I just felt weary. It felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like.” Washington couldn’t be more on point with her statement. We live in a world where we put a filter on to look our best self, but there’s a difference between a subtle filter and literally not being able to recognize the star, which looking at the cover, you literally can’t tell that it’s her. We like that Washington was honest about the fact that she hasn’t always shied away from a little filtering before but is taking a stand about an overly altered image.

11 Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out Photoshopped Ad, Says She's Not A Perfect Model


Jennifer Lawrence is basically our spirit animal; from getting drunk with Kris Jenner to talking about cheeseburgers on the red carpet, this girl is goals, what makes her even more goals is the fact that she opened up about Photoshop and took a stand when she didn’t recognize herself in a super high-end ad campaign. According to Today, JLaw did an ad campaign for Dior and saw the photos for the first time while walking the red carpet; she told a reporter, “Oh my God I haven’t seen this. That doesn’t look like me at all. I love Photoshop more than anything in the world.” The actress was presumably being a bit sarcastic at the end of her comment, but she’s saying what other stars are saying too, the images of them that go to print are sometimes not even recognizable! According to Huffington Post, Jennifer, on a separate occasion, said this about the mainstream idea of beauty, “The world has this idea that if you don’t look like an airbrushed perfect model. You have to see past it. You look how you look, you have to be comfortable. What are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.”

10 Kris Jenner Gets Caught When Another Celeb Posts The Same Picture, Just Not Altered


Kris Jenner, mother of Kim Kardashian, is known for managing her kids’ careers and now with the next generation of Kardashian-Jenners on the rise, she has more work than ever before. Kris doesn’t take to social media quite like her kids do; she mostly reposts pictures of Kylie, Khloe, Kim, Kendall, and Kourtney expressing her pride in their work; however, today, we’re indulging in one of the photos she has posted of herself, a selfie that went viral of her and chef, Gordon Ramsay. The photo went viral because the star chef and the celebrity momager posted it, but the pictures couldn’t look more different. Gordon’s picture shows them looking like real life human beings, celebrity human beings, but human beings nonetheless, whereas a Buzzfeed writer put it best when they said the pair look like “expensive candles” in Kris’ post. They are blurred and waxy and just look overall too perfect. Cosmopolitan said this about the pair of photos, “Smoothing out the skin on both their faces, we reckon this was simply a case of Kris not knowing when enough was enough. And Gordon has ended up looking like a Madame Tussauds waxwork model of himself. Funny, though, how Kris just looks like normal Kris, despite having undergone the same Photoshop treatment as Gordon. Which makes us wonder if we’ve ever actually seen the [real] Kris Jenner face.” Kris Jenner sparked Photoshop rumors again recently with a workout picture that fans think seemed a little too good to be true.

9 Gigi Hadid Says Images Are Not Real Life


Gigi Hadid made headlines this week when her and ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik were caught kissing in New York City streets, paparazzi were quick to snap some photos, but today we’re looking at some different photos. The famous model has starred in countless ad campaigns and is recognized worldwide as a beautiful, famous model, but even Hadid gets Photoshopped. Fans are generally quick to notice when her moles go missing, as a lot of brands airbrush them out. Gigi Hadid was recently interviewed by Blake Lively for Harper's Bazaar and said this about the images we see in ad campaigns, “Whoever is reading this, I want you to realize that three years from now you will look back at a picture from this time period and be like: ‘Wow, I was so hot. Why did I feel so bad about myself because of some stupid thing someone said?’” The star also said the images we see online, “are not real life.” The supermodel is working on a body positive image and says that “Your body will grow and change, and there’s always beauty in it, no matter what.” What we don’t understand is why someone who already is so picture-perfect even needs Photoshop! The star has been edited beyond reality a couple of times, Seventeen reported that W Magazine overdid it in an ad featuring Kendall Jenner and Hadid. The editor had edited out Hadid’s elbow, making her arm look like a noodle, and kneecaps are overrated, so they took those away too! Enough is enough! We’re glad Hadid is able to say these images aren’t real life, but we already knew that based on the incorrect anatomy!

8 Chrissy Teigen Talks Body Image At BeautyCon Festival


Chrissy Teigen is goals, we’re obsessed with her and her Tweets and her asking Kim over social media if they’re still on for dinner on Friday, but today, we’re looking at one of the star’s more serious moments. Teigen is always rocking a body positive image, she posts real photos on her Instagram and is more than comfortable in her own skin. Teigen attended a Beautycon festival last summer and talked about Photoshop and the images we post online. According to Insider, Teigen said this, “There have been times I’ve cried to John, where I felt like I would never have that body. Everyone has a butt now and curves and a little waist and that’s not me. I’m jealous of those bodies and I want that, but I also feel like I really want to be cool with my body because of people like you guys. That’s why I don’t post many makeup selfies because I don’t feel anyone knows what a real face looks like anymore and it kills me that we have to completely wash a face or body out for it to get likes.” We like Chrissy just the way she is and we love that she’s always trying to keep it real, whether with her Instagram snaps or her personality!

7 Miranda Kerr's Instagram Seems Too Good To Be Unedited


Miranda Kerr is a famous supermodel. She’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel, the brand ambassador for countless ad campaigns, and was married to Orlando Bloom, so yes, we’re already jealous of her, obviously. Kerr is in unbelievable shape and is undeniably gorgeous, which is why people got upset thinking she might be editing her photos. The star has posted more than one photo on social media that fans pointed out seemed warped or curved after a possible editing taboo. The Fashion Spot reports that Kerr has denied using Photoshop on her images in the past, apologizing for posting a distorted image. Kerr wrote, “Hi guys, here is the original VS image! When I re-posted the photo this week to support the girls I screen grabbed it off the internet when I was working in Japan. I had no idea it was [Photoshopped]. All good intentions – sorry for the confusion and congratulations to the girls for such a great show!” The image of her and her VS Angel pals isn’t the only one that fans have speculated the model manipulated. We’re hoping that Kerr isn’t editing her already flawless frame and that her wings haven’t distorted her body image!

6 Lady Gaga Talks Magazine Cover That's Too Perfect


Lady Gaga is another star who is not afraid to speak out; the singer is famous for speaking her mind or wearing it; we all remember the meat dress she wore to the MTV VMA's. Last year Gaga posed for Glamour and had a few choice words for how the cover turned out; according to Huffington Post the star said this about the photos, “I felt my skin looked too perfect. I felt my hair looked too soft. I do not look like this when I wake up in the morning…I don’t even look like this.” Gaga spoke up while receiving Glamour’s Women of The Year Award, an irony in and of itself, “It is fair to write about the change in your magazines. But what I want to see is the change on your covers…When the covers change, that’s when culture changes.” Gaga, although obviously a fan of theatrical makeup and costumes, is more than happy to sport a more natural look; the star showed off her bare face in her recent documentary, Five Foot Two. We're happy that Gaga spoke up when she felt as though the shots weren't a real representation of her, we just think it's a little cringe to speak out against the people who edited you while receiving an award from them.

5 Lorde Posts Side-By-Side, Doesn't Want To Be Edited


Lorde, famous singer and part of Taylor Swift’s girl squad, has also spoken out about Photoshop. Lorde has often times made headlines for speaking her mind, generally in an effort to stand up for human rights; today, we’re looking at her right to be imperfect. The star took to Twitter to compare two images, one of her performing where someone has obviously retouched her skin and a real photo, one that showed imperfections on her skin and didn’t hide any breakouts or blemishes. The star captioned the side by side, “I find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. [Remember] flaws are ok.” Vanity Fair said this about the star’s bravery in posting both images, “So, not only is Lorde a teen phenomenon with hair we’ll envy for the rest of our lives, but she’s a teen phenomenon who can actually own up to and embrace her acne…we’ll just add this to the pile of evidence proving that Lorde is who we want to be when we grow up.” We agree! Can it be a new rule that stars always have to post a side by side – the real picture and the edited one?! That would certainly make the internet more fun. Lorde is beautiful either way and we love the confidence she must have that she posted both photos without hesitation!

4 Britney Spears Denies She's Photoshopping Pictures


Oops, she did it again! Britney Spears is living her best life, she’s in shape, in love, and in contract with another theatre in Las Vegas, where she begins a residency next year; the star has come a long way since her shaved head, umbrella smashing days, and we’re living for her transformation. The star, arguably, is in better shape now, in her mid-thirties, than she was 10 years ago, which is why she doesn’t need any editing or retouching, but even Britney is rumored to have tried her hand at Photoshopping some bikini photos. Young Hollywood reported “The singer hit headlines last week when she shared a picture of herself in a skimpy two-piece. In the snap, Toxic singer Britney was seen laying by the edge of the pool with her back arched to display her slim frame. However, eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that the tiles at the pool’s edge appeared to have been erased, leading to allegations that the bikini snap had been digitally improved.” Look no further than Britney’s Instagram to see her showing off her toned body, we’re wondering if the star truly had a Photoshop fail, or if maybe our eyes are playing tricks on us.

3 Gisele Wants Modeling To Be More Real And Raw


Gisele Bundchen is a supermodel extraordinaire, and the very lucky wife of Tom Brady. She's been the face of countless ad campaigns, earned her wings as a coveted VS Angel, and she's undoubtedly been airbrushed and retouched a few times over. Gisele recently denounced the use of Photoshop; according to Huffington Post, Gisele said this about a recent ad campaign without a hair and makeup team, "I loved his approach because I feel like women should be really real and raw and it doesn't really happen anymore. I love that feeling of, you know, we are women, we are so different, our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful. He gets that. He's not trying to retouch you or put a pretty light on you." From Snapchat and Instagram filters to easy to find photo editing apps, we know all about "pretty lighting" or glossing over some of our imperfections. Leave it to a woman who made a career out of being beautiful to denounce the world of edits, but in all seriousness, we're loving what Gisele is protesting! She's a beautiful woman and to think that it's safe to assume every ad we see, every magazine cover has been altered in at least some way is just crazy, especially considering these women are already beautiful without the aid of digital altering!

2 Keira Knightley Gets Retouched And Feels Manipulated


Keira Knightley, famous for her roles in Pride & Prejudice, Imitation Game, and Atonement, is absolutely gorgeous, there's no doubt about it. Keira has a certain old fashion beauty about her, like looking at pictures of your Grandmother from when she was a teenager, which is why she's often cast in period pieces and plays the role so well. She's got a strong jawline and sultry brown eyes. Keira, having posed for posters, magazines, and movie ads is no stranger to what editors do on the computer screen after the camera clicks. According to Time, Keira said this about the world of retouching, "I've had my body manipulated so many different times for so many different reasons, whether it's paparazzi photographers or for film posters...I think women's bodies are a battleground and photography is partly to blame. Our society is so photogenic now, it becomes more difficult to see all of those different varieties of shape." We agree with Keira; we live in a world of pictures, everyone has become a photographer thanks to their iPhones, but with all that camera work comes people who know how to work their angles and get the lighting just right, and maybe, just maybe having everyone be a model and everyone be their own photog means that nothing is real...

1 Real Housewife Star, Kim Zolciak, Is Anything But Real


Although it may be an irony that a Real Housewives star in anything but real, it is certainly not a surprise. Kim Zolciak took the internet by storm after being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, whether for her marriage to a football player, or her supposed friendship with the Kardashian sisters. Look no further than Kim's Instagram to see constant shout-outs to the most famous sisters in Hollywood. Right now, if you Google the star, you'll see headlines for her getting "earlobe filler." That pretty much sums it up. The woman has done it all, had it all when it comes to the star treatment of looking younger. The reality TV star has been accused of editing her photos, not just altering her appearance. According to Daily News, "Once again, Kim Zolciak was called out for using Photoshop on a bikini photo she posted to inspire her fans to stay fit. 'If you think it will make you "fat" it will! Moderation!! Everything in Moderation,' she captioned this bikini photo of herself, which looks like it had been edited to enhance her back curve." Kim posts beach pictures and bikini photos a lot and even commented on the accusations. Fox News reports that the star denied claims, saying "No need to photoshop!"

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