10 Celeb Wedding Guests Who Stole The Show (& 10 Who Were Underdressed)

It's hard to believe, but celebrities are not always the stars of the show. Sometimes, they even make attempts to avoid standing out... like when they attend a friend's or family member's wedding.

While some celebrities remain unapologetic about their larger than life personalities, some of them make every effort to blend in and let someone else take center stage. Nevertheless, the truth is that some of these A-listers wouldn't blend in even if they were wearing head to toe camouflage (Beyonce, anyone?).

On the one hand, we would love to have some of these celebrities attend our weddings (hypothetical weddings), but we know that everything has a price, and the price of having a mega-popstar as own of our bridesmaids is knowing won't be the center of attention.

Of course, you likely have to be a member of high society yourself to get a celebrity to attend your wedding (unless you're family), so many of these brides and grooms don't have to worry about making a name for themselves.  Still, some of these big names are hard to ignore. We have to give these A-listers credit for trying to avoid stealing the show. Some of them even succeed!

Check out our list to see which celebrities were impossible to miss at the weddings they attended, and which ones actually managed to stay under the radar by arriving underdressed.

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20 Anne Hathaway And Emily Blunt Would Steal The Show At Any Wedding

To be fair, even if they weren't Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt, these two would be hard to miss in their brightly colored frocks.

Both these ladies look amazing and we would be willing to bet that there were more than a few people excited to see them at this pal's wedding.

According to Marie Claire, however, the pal in question happened to be Jessica Chastain. Jessica is a pretty big star herself and we imagine her Italian wedding to husband Gian Luca Passi was quite lavish. So perhaps these two didn't call as much attention to themselves as we've imagined?

19 Jennifer Lawrence Opted For Simplicity At Amy Schumer's Wedding

Entertainment Tonight

Jennifer Lawrence opted for a simple pale pink number for her friend Amy Schumer's wedding earlier this year.

We would argue her dress is simple enough that she could easily wear it to run errands without batting an eyelash, and she's actually worn it before, too.

Of course, it doesn't take much for the young starlet to look good. Jennifer wasn't the only celebrity at this wedding; Chelsea Handler was also in attendance, and she also opted for a simple look. Overall, Amy's wedding was a laid-back event, so perhaps Jennifer and Chelsea were simply trying to match that atmosphere.

18 Beyonce Made Her Best Attempt At Subtle


They don't call her Queen B for nothing. Could you really think of any circumstance in which Beyonce could fly under the radar? We can't imagine it, which is why we think she stole the show at her sister Solange's wedding.

It's clear Beyonce made an effort to blend in; her lacy white dress is as simple as it gets.

Despite this, the fact that she has Jay Z on her arm and that they have coordinated outfits makes it almost impossible to miss her. Fortunately, we don't imagine Solange as being the sort of sister that is eager for attention, we'd bet she was just glad to have her sister there!

17 Margot Robbie Looks Like She Could Be The Bride

Marie Claire

We don't know anyone who'd argue against Margot Robbie's beauty. Looking at this picture, it appears effortless in a way we feel is simply unfair. Margot wore this beautiful Zimmerman creation to a friend's wedding where she acted as a bridesmaid, Marie Claire reports. She may not be wearing white, but she looks angelic in the loose slip dress.  Margot ultimately opted for white at her own 2016 wedding to husband Tom Ackerley, but honestly, we think this slip could have easily passed for a wedding dress. We have to admit, we'd be just a wee bit intimidated to have this starlet as part of our wedding party.

16 Rihanna's Bridesmaid Dress Did Not Compare To Her Red Carpet Looks

Life Magazine

Rihanna has attended more than her fair share of weddings. While she has been hard to miss at many of them, this year she went for a more subtle look at her friend's nuptials. Rihanna was a bridesmaid, so we presume she probably didn't have much of a choice when it came to her dress. While she looked stunning, we must say that this look paled in comparison to the pop star's typical red carpet looks. All things considered, it was probably for the best since it allowed the bride to be the center of attention. We'd never expect Rihanna to blend in in any crowd, but she successfully took a step back for this wedding.

15 Jaden Smith Opted For A Batman Suit At Kimye's Wedding


At this point, Jaden and Willow are pretty well known for making some unconventional life choices. Their fashion is no exception, so you probably won't be surprised to learn that Jaden opted for an all-white Batman suit at Kim and Kayne's wedding.

Jaden's explanation for this unusual choice was that he "felt as though he needed to protect everyone there and needed the proper gear to do so" according to the Daily Mail.

We like to keep in mind that Jaden was only seventeen at the time, but we can't help wondering how out of touch he is as a Hollywood kid. We'd bet his attire captured a lot of people's attention, even at Kimye's wedding.

14 Emily Always Shows Up Dressed To The Nines

Emily Blunt clearly takes her wedding invites very seriously. If you thought the fuschia frock she wore to Jessica Chastain's wedding was impressive, just take a look at what she wore to George and Amal Clooney's 2014 Venetian wedding. Imagine wearing a dress so fabulous (and restrictive) that you need the aid of two grown men just to walk around. We're thinking the men were just being courteous by helping her out, but we'd like to imagine they came with the dress! Whether Emily meant to capture so much attention or not, this picture shows she certainly had a lot of heads turning!

13 Gayle King And Oprah Went All Out For This Friend's Wedding


We like to imagine that when Oprah arrived at this friend's wedding, she burst in through a set of double doors, raised her hands in the air, and declared in her classic sing-song voice; "I have arrived!"

Our wild imaginations aside, we're sure everyone noticed Oprah without her announcing her arrival.

She's clearly dressed to the nines as you can see in the picture above, and her best friend Gayle also looks stunning in her shiny gown. All things considered, this particular friend's wedding was in Paris, so we're sure Oprah and Gayle were just two things on a long list of stunning attractions.

12 Ashley Graham Went For A Casual Look At Her Sister's Wedding


As you've already seen, a lot of celebrities have opted for subtle looks for weddings. It seems as if there's little middle ground, with some going over the top and others going as simple as possible. Clearly, Ashley opted for the latter option. For her sister's Colorado wedding, Martha Stewart Weddings reports that Ashley opted for an ensemble consisting of black leather pants, a black bodysuit, and a furry black pullover. We assume that Ashley was simply doing her best not to call attention to herself, and in this simple outfit, we imagine it worked. The added bonus is that the contrast looks great against her sister's white dress in this photo.

11 Kourtney Kardashian's Lacy Black Number Is Unconventional But Eye-Catching


This is just a taste of some of the lavish outfits the Kardashians have chosen to wear to their friends' weddings. Both Kourtney and Kim opted for lacy black numbers as wedding guests at this particular wedding, but Kourtney's look particularly stands out, as you can probably tell, since most of her dress is see-through. We applaud Kourtney for being brave enough to sport such a daring look to a wedding, but this in addition to her Kardashian-ness probably called a great deal of attention to her. Cosmopolitan reports that Kourtney wore this particular number to restaurateur David Grutman's wedding.

10 Susan Sarandon May Have Stolen The Show At Her Daughter's Wedding

Martha Stewart Weddings

We imagine that Eva Amurri considers herself lucky to be able to call Susan Sarandon "mom," but we'd be willing to bet her mom was stolen the show from her quite a few times in life. From the looks of it, her wedding was no exception.

We can see that Susan looked glorious at the wedding, and even though she's wearing a subtle color, her dress is actually pretty similar to that of her daughter's.

We'd be willing to bet there were quite a few people fawning over Susan at the wedding. Still, it's almost impossible to miss the striking resemblance between these to (even without the coordinated dresses), so we'd probably guess they did a good time sharing the limelight!

9 James Van Der Beek Blended Right In At His Friend's Wedding

Martha Stewart Weddings

Best known for his portrayal of Dawson on the popular nineties drama Dawson's Creek, James Van Der Beek is still many people's celebrity crush. We'd imagine that everywhere he goes there are a lot of people doing double takes and wondering if he is who they think. Weddings are probably no exception, except that James went with a rather understated look for designer Erin Fetherson and musician Gabe Saporta's wedding. James attended with his wife Kimberly, who also looked lovely but went for a simple outfit. We imagine James and Kim are one of the few celebrity couples that managed to fly under the radar at a friend's wedding.

8 Underdressed Or Not, Jessica Alba Looks Stunning

Jessica Alba is one of those starlets that nails the appearance of being effortlessly stunning. We'd say her outfit to this friend's wedding is no exception.

Jessica's outfit is somewhat casual; her floor-length black skirt and the off-the-shoulder top would be fitting for a much less formal event, yet she still looks great.

The actress and businesswoman attended the wedding of friends Abdul and Christine with her husband and judging from the look of both couples in the picture, it was an all-around relatively informal affair. Although we do think Jessica is a bit underdressed, a case could definitely be made for her outfit.

7 Selena Gomez Wore A Simple Burgundy Dress To David Henrie's Wedding


First of all, we have to say, how sweet is it that the Wizards Of Waverly Place cast is still so close-knit that they would all attend David Henrie's wedding?! How sweet! Secondly, we have to admit that we found Selena Gomez's three-quarters burgundy dress pretty underwhelming. Perhaps that's what she was going for?! Based on the picture of the cast, it looks like everyone dressed pretty casually (except the groom of course). Nevertheless, Selena's dress appears to be a little too big and sort of unflattering. Perhaps she was trying something new, but we have to say it made her look underdressed for this occasion. At least no one will accuse her of trying to steal the limelight!

6 Diane Keaton Was Hard To Miss At This Friend's Wedding

Martha Stewart Weddings

Known for her roles in cult classics like Annie Hall, The Godfather, and Finding Nemo, Diane Keaton's fashion choices are arguably as recognizable as her work. Diane seems to value comfort in much of what she wears, she picks traditionally masculine silhouettes, and remains pretty covered up.

All of these things are part of her brand in such a way that it's possible to recognize her by simply seeing her from afar.

This is the reason we suspect she would have been hard to miss when she attended friends Annie Myers-Shyer and Robby Koch's 2012 wedding. We imagine there were some pretty high profile people at the wedding (the bride's parents cowrote the movie Father of the Bride) but Diane Keaton is Diane Keaton.

5 Rosie Huntington-Whitely Is Hard To Miss In This Floor-Length Number

Speaking of people who have a hard time blending in, statuesque model and actress Rosie-Huntington-Whitley wore this stunning floor-length gown to singer Leah Wood and television producer Jack Macdonald's 2008 wedding. The star-studded affair was attended by many others including Kate Moss and Jade Jagger, so we'd imagine that Rosy wasn't the only one who was at risk of stealing the show. But like Margot Robbie at her friend's wedding, we'd argue that Rosie's gown would be fit for someone wedding married rather than just a guest. Then again, the Rolling Stones attended this wedding. Go big or go home, right?

4 Rebel Wilson Opted For Subtle In This Pale Pink Number

Teen Vogue

We've seen worse than Rebel Wilson's knee-length, blush pink dress. Still, we'd argue it didn't fit the occasion; it looks more like something one might wear to a job interview. Rebel wore the dress to her Pitch Perfect co-stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin's 2013 wedding.

People reports that the wedding was decidedly not casual; the outdoor ceremony took place on the California coast and the bride wore an extravagant Reem Acra dress.

It was attended by many of the couple's other co-stars, including Brittany Snow and Elizabeth Banks. Overall, Rebel seemed to have the most casual look, so we must deem her underdressed.

3 Ciara's Look At Lala And Carmelo's Wedding Was Not One Of Her Best


This particular look certainly shows how far Ciara's fashion sense has come, but we'd also argue it was a sign of the times, to be fair. When Ciara's good friend actress Lala Vasquez married NBA player Carmelo Anthony, Ciara chose to attend the wedding wearing this particular one-sleeved pink mini-dress. Not only does the dress look difficult to move in, but it's also covered in a questionable pattern. The YBF reported that the wedding was attended by big names like Spike Lee, Kelly Rowland, and Lebron James. Considering the company she was in, we imagine that Ciara's outfit to this wedding was a bit underwhelming.

2 Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Looked Dashing At This Friend's Wedding


It goes without saying that two celebrities in one place are likely to attract even more attention than one. Quite frankly, we'd say that just having Sofia Vergara at your wedding means that your marriage is likely not going to be the thing people are most excited about. If you add Joe Manganiello to that equation, we bet people forget all about you.

The couple attended the Malibu wedding of their friends Dan and Milena Brewster with Sofia dressed in a layered floral print sundress and Joe in a black two-piece suit.

We can't imagine anyone was able to take their eyes off the stunning couple, especially since Joe was front and center as best man, Hello! Magazine reports.

1 Tina Fey's Dress To Alec Baldwin's Wedding Was Very Understated

Hawt Celebs

We think Tina Fey definitely makes the list of stars that have come a long way in terms of fashion since some of these outfits they chose years ago. Though still relatable and endearing, Tina Fey is certainly a lot more glamorous nowadays. Back in 2012, she attended her 30 Rock costar Alec Baldwin's wedding in a knee-length ombre dress that we found to be a bit underwhelming. We'd bet that there were a lot of big names at this wedding, and this outfit makes it seem as if Tina didn't realize she was supposed to be one of them.

Sources: Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Martha Stewart Weddings, People, HuffPost

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