10 Celeb Siblings Who Can't Stand Each Other (And 10 Who Are Best Friends)

Fame and family do not always mix. For as many successful family dynasties and duos that exist within Hollywood, there are just as many who have developed decades-long feuds, ceased all contact, and eviscerated one another in the media and online. Sometimes, celebrity siblings couldn’t stand each other before they got famous. There’s skeletons in every family closet, and sometimes those are too much to overcome, but those siblings have a spotlight shone on them, making their distance that much more noticeable. Others entered into the same industry and instead of a friendly rivalry, anger developed as they had to compete for roles and jobs, eventually festering into a hatred for one another.

On the flip side, we have the celebrity siblings who have remained best friends no matter how high their stars have risen. Those siblings have relied on one another to stay grounded and in touch with their roots. They act as reminders of the people they are when the cameras are off, and show us that fame doesn’t have to destroy relationships. In fact, maybe they can even help them, giving them a chance to work together and change a job set into a playground!

20 BFFS: Kate & Oliver Hudson

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Bonding can take place in strange ways, and sometimes two siblings can grow closer over shared trauma or drama. Such was the case for Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver, who haven’t kept quiet regarding the issues they have with their biological father, Bill.

Bill Hudson publicly disowned both actors in 2015, but it didn’t seem to bother either of them, since they have said repeatedly that they consider their mother Goldie Hawn’s long-time partner Kurt Russell to be more of a father to them than Bill ever was. While Kate and Oliver have disparate levels of fame, they have regularly been photographed hanging out together, going to basketball games, and taking their children skiing. Solid families stick together through thick and thin, and these two are proof!

19 HATE: Jessica & Ashlee Simpson

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Sibling rivalry is never an easy thing to deal with, no matter what you’re doing in life. It becomes especially difficult to handle when you’re both in the same industry and trying to make a name for yourself following your already successful older sister.

Being known as someone’s little sister can certainly grate on your self-esteem, and that’s exactly what Ashlee Simpson had to contend with in the mid 2000s, when she was embarking on a punk-tinged pop career after sis Jessica’s successful time in the spotlight. In response to the comparisons, Ashlee released a song called “Shadow”, which described how she felt neglected and alone when compared to her perfect, blonde, bubbly sibling. For a while, it was impossible for these two to even be in the same room together, but they now have grown up a bit and out of their earlier rivalry.

18 BFFS: Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal

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Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal have both had similar trajectories as far as careers go, starting out in indie movies before going on to bigger blockbusters, and even sharing a couple films together! In fact, the star-making role for Jake came from playing the titular Donnie Darko – with Maggie playing his on-screen sister!

Since then, the two have gotten along famously, and have even taken one another as their date to awards shows. Jake was also the one who introduced Maggie to her husband, Peter Skarsgård, whom he starred alongside in the film Jarhead. They haven’t been shy about expressing their mutual admiration for one another, either, with Jake praising his sister’s skills as a mother, saying in an interview, “When I’m with them, all I can think about is what incredible work my sister has put in and what a good mother she is.” Aww!

17 HATE: Kendall & Kylie Jenner

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Kendall Jenner may still be a regular on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but she hasn’t been shy about stating that she’s wanted to separate from her famous family in order to make it on her own as a model – which she most certainly has! There was even a time when she wanted to be professionally known as “Kendall”, without the accompaniment of her last name. That’s in stark contrast to little sister Kylie, who has thrived in her time in the spotlight and seems to actively seek out more ways to cash in on her famous moniker.

The feuds that occur regularly between these two drama queens is documented on KUWTK, with name-calling and other childish things, and aside from the show, we don’t see them hanging out together, which may be a combination of busy schedules and simply not liking one another very much!

16 BFFS: Alex & Emma Watson

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Good looks and similar appearances are what had these two starring together in a 2010 campaign for Burberry, but while Emma Watson has rocketed ahead in terms of stardom, the siblings have still managed to stay close, with Emma saying that brother Alex helps keep her grounded – a good thing when you’ve been internationally recognized since you were 11!

The eldest siblings of five children (twin sisters Lucy and Nina and younger brother Toby are half-siblings from their father’s second marriage), Emma and Alex went to live with their mother after their parents’ divorce, which would definitely make them closer. While Alex briefly spent some time in the spotlight thanks to his model looks, he’s since stepped away and walked in his sister’s shoes, heading off to school at Bristol University.

15 HATE: Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez

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Actor bros Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez have never been that close. Not only did Sheen choose to change his last name in accordance with his father Martin (his real name is Carlos Estevez) while Estevez kept his original name, but there are also reports that the brothers took sides in their father’s affair, which culminated in a physical fight between Martin and Estevez when the latter was just 14!

Estevez hasn’t just tried to distance himself from Sheen in terms of name: he also refused to talk about his famously troubled sibling until very recently, saying that “All I can do for Charlie…is try to be an example.” It wasn’t until his younger brother announced that he was HIV-positive that the two mended some things. We don’t imagine family dinners are warm and fuzzy, but maybe they can stand to be civil to one another now!

14 BFFS: Luke & Owen Wilson

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When actor siblings like each other enough to star in a movie together, it’s a sign that their relationship is pretty solid. If, however, they star in multiple movies and always seem to have a good time in them, then it’s definitely a BFF-type relationship!

Luke and Owen Wilson are members of the new “Frat Pack” in Hollywood, and actually got their start in the industry starring in a movie the two wrote together, 1996’s Bottle Rocket. Since then, they’ve appeared together in The Royal Tenenbaums and Around the World in 80 Days. While Owen is probably the better known of the Wilson brothers, fame has hardly seemed to be a divisive factor between the brothers, who grew even closer together after their father sadly passed away in May after battling Alzheimer’s.

13 HATE: Rob & Kim Kardashian

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Opposites can attract, but that’s rarely the case when it comes to siblings, and who has butted heads more publicly and more frequently than Rob and Kim Kardashian? Kim has always been the one to take a tough-love stance on Rob and his issues, while Rob has historically been the sibling to call Kim out on her BS. However, Rob has distanced himself from Kim and the rest of the family in recent years, like when he posted an image of the bloodied protagonist from Gone Girl, saying that it was his sister, who was a “b***h”, or when he lashed out at Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan following his relationship with Blac Chyna, who was the ex of little sister Kylie’s then-boyfriend Tyga. The two seem to have buried the hatchet for now, but we don’t expect any coziness between them any time soon.

12 BFFS: Liam & Chris Hemsworth

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We don’t know what’s in the water down in Australia, but clearly it’s affecting the gene pool – just look at the Hemsworth brothers! In addition to Chris and Liam, there is also Luke, who is best known for his role in HBO’s Westworld, but let’s talk about the younger two, who, despite their regular competitions to be the hottest export from Down Under, are actually the best of friends!

Both brothers have plenty of experience working in action films, Chris with Marvel Studios as Thor, and Liam in The Hunger Games franchise. In fact, Liam was actually in contention for Chris’s superhero role, and Chris admitted that a friendly rivalry was struck up between the two, which led to him resubmitting his audition tape. The two goof around, love to surf, and playfully rib one another on Instagram, making it clear that they are BFFs as well as brothers.

11 HATE: Liam & Noel Gallagher

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The brothers that play together don’t stay together, it seems, and blood wasn’t thicker than water when it came to Noel and Liam Gallagher, who were the frontmen of the British band Oasis, and who would regularly break out into fistfights and very public feuds both on and off the stage.

As far as sibling rivalries and feuds go, these two have been having it out for decades, and still hate one another. Noel has quit the band, which Liam later sued him for, Liam ignored his brother at the 2010 Brit Awards, and later the two began lashing out at each other on Twitter with all sorts of name-calling and very British insults. Thanks to drugs, ego, and the ability to spew hate on the Internet, these two will probably go to their graves hating each other’s guts!

10 BFFS: Casey & Ben Affleck

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They might now be bonding over their shared issues of s*xual harassment, for which both brother have been taken to task, but Ben and Casey Affleck are close friends as well as related.

Ben entered Hollywood with a bang, winning an Academy Award right out of the gate for Good Will Hunting, which he wrote with his other (not related) best friend Matt Damon. Casey took his time to get recognized, and occasionally floundered in his career choices, but eventually won Oscar gold himself, with Manchester by the Sea – which was produced by none other than Damon! The brothers have consistently supported each other in both their careers and personal lives, with Ben directing Casey in Gone, Baby, Gone, and the two, while dealing with some bad PR, have still made a name for themselves as celebrity siblings who actually like each other!

9 HATE: Eric & Julia Roberts

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Drug abuse can do a lot to destroy a relationship, and celebrities are no different. That was the case with Julia Roberts and her less-famous sibling Eric. Ten years separate the brother and sister pair, but it was drug addiction that tore them apart.

In the early ‘90s, Eric was dealing with substance abuse and broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Kelly Cunningham. The two had a child at the time (none other than Emma Roberts!), and Julia helped Cunningham gain custody, betraying her brother but looking out for her niece. Her move started a rift between the siblings that lasted for a decade, but the two still aren’t very close, and Eric has admitted that they speak rarely. It has to sting seeing your younger sister – and your estranged daughter – jump from success to success while you were just in the latest instalment of The Human Centipede!

8 BFFS: James & Dave Franco

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Unlike many of the other celebrity siblings BFFs on this list, Dave and James Franco hadn’t appeared in anything together, prior to this month’s release of The Disaster Artist! In fact, it seemed that, when the younger Franco was starting out in his career, he wanted to distance himself from his famous and eccentric older brother, starting acting in 2006 whereas James had been on the scene almost a full decade earlier!

While they’re definitely close off the set, the two said that working together on this film was one of the best experiences of their entire careers, with Dave gushing, “It was one of the most enjoyable experiences because of the fact that I was working with my brother, I was working with my wife, I was working with a lot of our close friends – it doesn’t get any better than that.”

7 HATE: Kyle & Kim Richards

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Thanks to reality TV, we got to see these Housewives and sisters battle it out in all the ugly nastiness that can come between siblings. Like Eric and Julia Roberts, addiction and abuse seems to be the most contentious issue between these two, with Kyle being frustrated and angered by sis Kim’s alcoholism and drug abuse. However, Kim has said that Kyle stole her house, and Kyle has also claimed that Kim’s dog bit her daughter and gave her a bone infection, so we have no idea when these issues started but one thing is for sure: it’s not looking to stop any time soon!

While Kim has gone back and forth to rehab to deal with her substance abuse issues, she has repeatedly fallen off the wagon, which has added fuel to the very volatile fire between these two.

6 BFFS: Julianne  & Derek Hough

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A little bit of healthy competition can go a long way, which is a huge part of why Derek and Julianne Hough of Dancing With the Stars have gotten along so well over the years! The closeness and love of dance is actually what fuelled their recent performance together this past April on the show, in which Derek and Julianne performed a routine that spoke of their parent’s divorce, which occurred when Julianne was 10 and Derek barely into his teens. Growing up in a Mormon family also contributed to the closeness between the siblings.

Although Julianne has since left the show, to pursue an acting career and also focus on her relationship, since she’s newly married, Derek had nothing but kind words for his beloved sister, calling her “a beast” with a great deal of admiration.

5 HATE: Aaron & Jordan Rodgers

Competition is part of many sibling relationships, as they compete to best one another. However, when your brother is a star quarterback, tensions will always be high and you might feel like you’ll never measure up – just ask Jordan Rodgers.

The younger brother of Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, Jordan’s biggest claim to fame is as the winner of The Bachelorette. Allegedly, the rivalry has been lifelong, and came to a head in 2014 during a heated argument when both said some things they shouldn’t. The Rodgers parents also got involved and since then – and as revealed on The Bachelorette – Aaron has become estranged from the rest of the family, which got more attention than he would have liked when Jordan brought home Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher (and TV cameras) to meet the folks.

4 BFFS: Taylor & Austin Swift

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When you’re related to Taylor Swift, you’d better believe that there’s an intense sense of loyalty. Little brother Austin earned major points with his big sis when, at the height of Taylor’s feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Austin filmed himself trashing his Yeezy shoes and shared it on Instagram!

Fortunately for Austin, the love goes both ways. Not only has Taylor referenced him in one of her songs, calling him “better than I am”. She’s also made time in her busy schedule to see Austin graduate from Notre Dame University and even skipped the MTV Europe Music Awards to watch him in a school play! Clearly, he’s earned a permanent place in Taylor’s squad, and no matter what you opinion on her, she’s always got her little brother in her corner.

3 HATE: Alec & Stephen Baldwin

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Stephen and Alec Baldwin’s relationship is so contentious that Stephen actually had it turned into a joke for the 2007 film Fred Claus, in which he was in a support group for the less-famous brothers of their internationally beloved siblings!

That was 10 years ago, but things haven’t simmered down between these two, who have lashed out on Twitter and in interviews. Now, it seems like politics is the biggest issue for the brothers, with Alec arguing with Stephen for voting for Donald Trump – whom Alec famously parodies on Saturday Night Live! Stephen hasn’t minced words about Alec’s impression, which he calls “not very funny” and has said that their late father would be ashamed of him. Because of this, the two – who have never been very close – haven’t even spoken since the 2016 election.

2 BFFS: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

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Growing up under the glare of the spotlight since infancy can be disastrous, but fortunately for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, they always had each other.

These two have been outspoken about how they hated their childhood, which forced them to become little moneymakers since they were babies, which is part of why they chose to turn to fashion and work behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera. While Mary-Kate and Ashley have been there for one another through everything – from eating disorders to cancelled engagements – they also have a love of the rest of their family, naming their designer line Elizabeth and James after their other siblings! They saw that the bond between twins is something remarkable, and we’d argue that no celebrity sibling duo is as close as these two!

1 HATE: Madonna & Christopher Ciccone

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When you’re famous, people want to know everything about you. To keep their privacy, most celebrities will keep a tight inner circle, and who could be tighter to you than your own brother? Well, that’s not the way it worked out for Madonna! After working as his famous sister’s assistant and artistic director, Christopher Ciccone turned around and bit the hand that fed him by releasing a tell-all book about Madge in 2008, which included all the dirty details about her marriage to director Guy Ritchie!

Ciccone clearly hated not being the one in the spotlight, and his book didn’t just dish on his sister’s love life, but on her personal hygiene and family drama as well! The two apparently made up four years later, but Ciccone admitted that while the two were back to being brother and sister, “We are not fully back. It will never be that.”

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