10 Celeb Moms Who Gave Up Partying For A Family (10 Who Kept On Raging)

Kids often give us the chance to grow up. Actually, they don't really give us much choice. After all, having children is a ton of work and comes with more responsibility than most can imagine. This ensures that mom and dad rise to the occasion and get their ducks in a row. This is why we've seen some of the most party-loving celebrities get their act together after having children.

Some of the very famous moms on this list used to be the type who would be out at the club until six in the morning. A few of them even got into quite a bit of trouble. But once they started having kids, life changed drastically. However, not every Hollywood mom gave up a life of partying once they had children. Some took a few years to settle down, even though they had a baby to take care of at home.

And a few of the moms on this list seem to still have raging on the mind, despite needing to be full-time parents. Although we don't know precisely what is going on with each of these women, it's still fun to guess. Without further ado, here are 10 celebrity moms who gave up partying for a family (and 10 who kept on raging).

20 Gave It Up: Drew Barrymore

Baby Gaga

It's hard to imagine Drew Barrymore as anything but a solid and consistent mom to her children. Actually, it's hard to think of Drew as a party-girl. But the truth is before she had kids in 2012 and 2014, she went through a long phase of partying. In fact, she was once seen as Hollywood's most notorious party-girl. We guess that all the pressure of being a child star got to her. Luckily, she's far from that mindset now.

19 Kept On Raging: Britney Spears

Baby Gaga

Thankfully, Britney Spears has given up her days a wild child. But she didn't give her status up once she had children. After having both her sons with Kevin Federline, Spears experienced some of her most well-known party years. This is when she had a very public downfall and we saw her far from her best. But, times have changed and Britney really got her act together in order to raise her children.

18 Gave It Up: Pink

Baby Gaga

Pink looks like a party-girl and gives off that vibe, but after she had her children, she became nothing but a great mother and a consistent musician. This full-on rocker had a very troubled past and got into some poor habits when she was only 12 years old. She remained decently troubled all the way up until 2008. But her children are what truly allowed her to evolve.

17 Kept On Raging: Farrah Abraham

Baby Gaga

Farrah Abraham has always seemed like someone who has strived to be in the spotlight. She's never seemed like she had a shred of maturity. Sure, she had to go through a challenging time when she had her baby at 17. But she also chose to televise her journey. Ever since then, Abraham has consistently partied and caused a commotion, despite having a little one at home to take care of.

16 Gave It Up: Angelina Jolie

Baby Gaga

It's so easy to forget that Angelina Jolie was a really troubled child. For many years, she loved to party and pull some pretty full-on Hollywood stunts. Look no further than her relationship with Billy Bob Thornton or her brother... But when she starred adopting kids, and then later having her own, she became one of the biggest icons in Hollywood. Jolie is someone who has completely transformed the public's opinion of her with her love of her kids and attempting to make the world a better place.

15 Kept On Raging: Whitney Houston

Baby Gaga

Unfortunately, Whitney Houston, as well as her baby-daddy Bobby Brown, didn't stop their partying even though they had a child at home. Both of them became well-known for the fact that they were thoughtless parents. Although Whitney Houston was easily one of the most talented singers out there, her party lifestyle got the better of her.

14 Gave It Up: Gwen Stefani

Baby Gaga

Before becoming a pop icon, Gwen Steffani was a rocker chic and she had the rocker lifestyle to go with it. That is until she gave birth to her son, Max. After having her first kid, it seemed like Gwen Steffani became conservative overnight. Sure, she still made a couple of edgy records, but her days of partying came to a definitive end.

13 Kept On Raging: Dina Lohan

Baby Gaga

Dina Lohan clearly always wanted to be young and famous. This is why she seemingly lived vicariously through her daughter, Lindsay. This is also why she continued to party after all of her children were born. Heck, she even got into bad habits with Lindsay herself. of course, she claimed to party with her daughter to keep an eye on her. But we all know the truth.

12 Gave It Up: Pamela Anderson

Baby Gaga

Pamela Anderson was one of the most famous party-people around, especially in the early- to mid-1990s. She most famously had that stint with Tommy Lee and was constantly appearing on shows just to party it up. But once she had children, her partying days were mostly done. Sure, she had one of two instances where it appeared that she slipped back into her old ways, but soon this almost entirely vanished.

11 Kept On Raging: Jessica Simpson

Baby Gaga

Jessica Simpson wasn't done raging once she had children. In fact, she struggled with a number of bad habits for years after her relationship with Nick Lachey went off the rails. Even though she had two kids at home, she wouldn't stop her lifestyle. It actually took many years, as well as a new marriage, to calm her down. Luckily for her family, she has since stopped her ways.

10 Gave It Up: Fergie

Baby Gaga

That's right, Fergie from The Black-Eyed Peas was into partying. She actually had some pretty noteworthy bad habits when she was younger. This led her down a dark road that she has since come out of. Like many troubled people, she used religion to bring her back to health. She then got married to Josh Duhamel and gave birth to her son Axl in 2013. Since then, life has only been uphill for her.

9 Kept On Raging: Kate Moss

Baby Gaga

Kate Moss and Dina Lohan have a lot in common, especially when it comes to partying with their kids despite the fact that they were supposed to be role models. But the big difference is that Kate Moss actually had a major impact on the industry that she's in. During the height of her fame, she developed some very bad habits that she continued long after having her daughter, Lila Grace.

8 Gave It Up: Kim Kardashian

Baby Gaga

Kim Kardashian let her image evolve after she had children. It's arguable that she grew up because she realized that she had a responsibility to her kids as it seems like she's always cared about her level of fame above all. Regardless, Kim has certainly proved herself to be an attentive mother. Instead of hitting the town every night, she seems to be making sure her kids are happy and healthy.

7 Kept On Raging: Lily Allen

Baby Gaga

If you don't know Lily Allen, you probably should. After all, she is an incredibly talented musician from Britain. But she's always been known to like to partake in some liquid happiness. In fact, she is often seen as a bit of a mess. Unfortunately, this didn't stop after she had her two children. It's actually one of the reasons why her marriage crumbled. We hope that Lily find a way to grow up.

6 Gave It Up: Kourtney Kardashian

Baby Gaga

Just like her sister, Kim, Kourtney Kardashian definitely gave up a life of being the "It Girl" at every Hollywood club and party in order to raise her family. Kourtney clearly calmed down after she gave birth to her first-born son, Mason, in 2009. Mason was followed by Penelope and Reign soon after.

5 Kept On Raging: Melanie Griffith

Baby Gaga

Melanie Griffith was a very accomplished and well-known actor in the 1980s and early 1990s. But with her fame came a number of issues that she struggled with long after becoming a mother. For those who don't know, Griffith is the mother of Fifty Shades Of Grey star, Dakota Johnson. She and Dakota's dad lived a try tock and roll lifestyle all the way up until Dakota was a teenager. Then things began to change.

4 Gave It Up: Madonna

Baby Gaga

It would be challenging to be as big of a star as Madonna and not to have had a challenging past. Madonna definitely liked to party. But after she has her daughter Lourdes, she definitely toned it down. Even though she kept having and adopting children, Madonna attempted to keep her image while skipping all the baggage that came with it. This is why we have seen some pretty edgy music videos and performances from her. Luckily for her children, it's only her art that's been edgy.

3 Kept On Raging: Brooke Mueller

Baby Gaga

It's hard to be Charlie Sheen's baby-mama without being a party-girl. Brooke Mueller was definitely someone that nobody heard of until she started dating Sheen. But she quickly became known as the ultimate raging party-girl. Even after she had children, she and Charlie were always feeding their bad habits. It's really unfortunate as both of their kids deserved so much better than what they got.

2 Gave It Up: Nicole Richie

Baby Gaga

While Paris Hilton still seems to be somewhat of a party-girl, her old co-star totally calmed down. There was no way that Nicole Richie was going to keep raging after she had children with Joel Madden in 2008. Many thought that the starlet simply disappeared. In reality, she completely grew up in order to raise her two children, Harlow and Sparrow.

1 Kept On Raging: Mariah Carrey

Baby Gaga

So, maybe Mariah Carrey has stopped her raging days now, but in the earliest years of her children's lives, she was still at it. Although, we have to say that the diva popstar seemingly found a balance between blacking out at the club and raising her kids with the help of her now ex-husband, Nick Cannon. We hope that Mariah has fully gotten her act together for her children.

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