10 2018 Hairstyle Trends That Are Already Fading (And 10 That Will Last Until 2019)

It seems that every year, there are major hair trends that take over our Instagram feed, sending us running to our salons: Unicorn hair, platinum hair, buzz cuts, glitter roots, lilac hair – this list goes on. More often than not, a lot of the most fun hair updates take place in the spring and the summer. After all, the sun is shining, your days are full of vacations and getaways (if you’re lucky), and it’s a chance to let your hair down, both literally and figuratively.

In 2018, like in seasons past, we saw plenty of looks blowing up our feeds. Some were leftover from 2017 or – gasp! – even 2016, and others were brand new, testing our limits for bleach and intricate designs. We’re only in July now, but already, some once-in styles are now fading away like a bad dye job. Others, no matter how long they’ve been rocked, have managed to hold onto some staying power, appearing everywhere from the catwalk to the red carpet to the beach. Take a look at what we see sticking around into 2019 and what will probably be left in the dust once summer is over. Is there any style we forgot, or one that you’re totally over?

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20 FADING AWAY: Silver Hair

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At the end of 2017, silver hair was having a big moment. Originally called “granny hair” when girls began dyeing their locks the light shade, silver hair is becoming less popular as we get past the halfway point of 2018. Maybe it has to do with all the processing involved or the fact that your strands lose some luster, but silver hair is definitely fading away in the summer of 2018.

Its new replacement: Charcoal hair!

An update on the silver look, Katie Williams, Senior Stylist at Code Hair says this new deeper grey shade will allow hair to look “more glossy, nourished, and healthy.”

19 GOING STRONG: Polished Braids

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A trend that looks great no matter what the weather is, braids are ideal for when the weather heats up. Low maintenance and easy to deal with in high humidity, braids with an added dose of polish are the look to emulate this year, and into 2019. Think braided buns, like you see here, embellished French braids, or accent braids on a more elaborate updo.

Unlike some other looks, undone braids are also a popular style now, as they give off a carefree vibe of someone who doesn’t try too hard but looks effortlessly glamorous and gorgeous anyway!

18 FADING AWAY: Ballerina Buns

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Look, ballerina buns are great when you’re working out and trying to keep your sweaty strand off your face.

But outside of spin class, ballerina buns are past their expiration date.

Not only does this hairstyle look super painful, but using an oversized doughnut to add some faux volume to your bun can leave you looking more cartoonish than chic.

Buns with a few wispy strands left around your face or a wraparound braid? Super stylish. Buns that could lead to a receding hairline if you wear them too frequently? That’s not a price we’re willing to pay.

17 GOING STRONG: ‘90s Accessories

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The ‘90s have come back in a big way the past couple of years, thanks to high waisted jeans and shorts, flannel accents, choker necklaces, and, now, scrunchies! But don’t worry, you won’t have to look like a member of the Babysitter’s Club or Full House if you keep this ‘90s accessory modern.

According to backstage hairstylist Adam Reed, the best way to keep this style modern is to pay attention to the size of the scrunchie you’re using, so avoid having something massive on hand. “Go for a style that’s simple…Keep the color plain – nothing patterned or metallic!” That way, you can look trendy, not time-warped.

16 FADING AWAY: Slicked Back

One of the biggest hairstyle trends of 2018 is now on its last legs, which is fortunate for those of us who weren’t fans of putting our foreheads in the spotlight and pre-greasing our tresses.

A combination of major straightening iron power plus a copious amount of gel gets this look going.

It was totally a favorite among celebs walking the red carpet (and models strutting their stuff on the runway). However, in the summer, this look reads more greaseball than glamour queen, and in the winter, you’re just asking for frizz below the hairline, thanks to all that static cling!

15 GOING STRONG: Rose Gold

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Few hues are as flattering on any complexion as rose gold, especially when it comes to hair, and, while this shade became Insta-famous in 2017, it’s still going just as strong into 2019.

With millennial pink being the color du jour, rose gold hair is having a long-winded moment, but that doesn’t mean you have to totally bleach your scalp to get it! In addition to more muted hues taking the beauty world by storm this year, the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 will include rose brown, a look that blends reds into the mix for something totally gorgeous!

14 FADING AWAY: Unicorn Hues

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Unicorn lattes, unicorn Frappucinos, unicorn bagels, unicorn cakes – 2017 and 2018 were the years of the unicorn, which gave us major fatigue over these mythical, magical creatures. That combination of pink, purple, and blue might have looked playful.

But once everyone has the same ‘do, it kind of loses its appeal.

The look was extremely popular on Instagram and Pinterest, and inspired copycats everywhere, who ran to their stylists with photos without quite realizing how much time, effort, and cash would be involved. While we can appreciate the beauty of this look, there’s a new jewel tone in town as we head into 2019.

13 GOING STRONG: Gem Roots

via studybreaks.com

Unlike unicorn hair, which used balayage, ombre, or full color to complete the look, the new colorful style is called gem roots – and focuses exclusively on that!

Perfect for Coachella or any other time of year, gem roots are Instagram’s new obsession to fulfill your crystal dreams. Starting with a darker color at the roots before gradually softening into lighter or even platinum strands, this is an easier one to grow out, because, once the vibrant colors at the roots fade, you’re left with the shade that colors the rest of your head.

We don’t know if you’ll be experiencing healing energy from this look, but it sure gives us positive vibes!

12 FADING AWAY: Wet Hair

Like slicked back hair, wet hair had a big moment in 2018, with celebs walking down the red carpet looking like they’d just stepped out of the shower or come in from the rain (the Kardashians were big fans). While some stars chose to rock it with stick-straight strands, others tried to inject a little texture and movement to the wet head look.

The thing is, this isn’t a style everyone can pull off and can look more greasy than stylish.

While the idea may be to focus on the makeup and add edge to a polished look, this style isn’t one we’re fans of.

11 GOING STRONG: Natural Curls

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When it comes to hair, the texture is key, which is why natural curls had a big moment in 2018 – and don’t seem to be easing up as the year wears on! Rather than rely on weaves and relaxers, we saw more and more women kill it with their natural texture. Kinky, frizzy, coiled – it’s all good!

Relying on a little bit of product and refraining from brushing to amp up the shine without risking damage is the way to go, especially when the humidity can wreak havoc on your locks. We hope to see this look for many years to come because it definitely gives us hair envy!

10 FADING AWAY: Half-Up Top Knot

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Look, we totally understand the appeal of this laid-back, lazy girl style. Don’t feel like yanking all your hair up but also want some of it off the back of your neck?

Then this half-up top knot is the way to go.

It’s even been seen on the red carpet on the likes of Hollywood starlets like Margot Robbie! However, even Robbie couldn’t totally nail this style, and it actually gives the strange appearance of a much larger head!

We’re all for looking undone, but this style crosses the line into a messy territory, and we’ll be surprised if we see it outside of the house after summer’s over.

9 GOING STRONG: Bobs With Bangs

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To bang or not to bang? This year, we say bang!

A little bit of fringe is great for framing the face, and with the addition of a bob, this look is surprisingly wearable and flattering for even round faces – just be sure to avoid a blunt cut, in order to get some more movement and less weight around the jaw.

For the bangs, according to Elle Magazine, hairstylist Jen Atkin advises: “I like to keep my own fringe on the longer side, below my eyebrows, which is a lot more versatile…Also, always go for a lighter fringe, a block fringe can feel heavy with a bob.”


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The mid-way point for women who weren’t ready to go super short, or who were growing out a pixie cut, the lob has become the wearable hairstyle of many for years.

It’s low-commitment, low-maintenance – and low in excitement!

According to Redbook, lobs are no longer the way to go this year, as bobs have taken over in terms of edginess, cuteness, and a look that can be both undone and polished.

Lobs are fine if you’re in the transition stage of hair growth, but opting for a lob over something that could offer more of a ‘Wow’ factor is just not on the menu for this year or the next.

7 GOING STRONG: Exposed Roots

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When Selena Gomez hit up her first red carpet after breaking up with the Weeknd this year, she showcased a new, edgy style that was topped off with a bleached ‘do that gave us a peek at her natural dark roots.

Not only is this style super wearable, allowing your natural hair color to come through after the bleaching process, but it’s kind of a middle finger to beauty industry standards that previously considered exposed roots a no-no. We think this laid-back and rough-around-the-edges look is perfect for this year, and a beautiful excuse if you’re just a few weeks behind your next hair stylist appointment!

6 FADING AWAY: Barrel Curls

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Rather than trying to emulate Old Hollywood with glamorous curls or waves, barrel curls have the unfortunate distinction of looking more beauty queen that Brigitte Bardot.

While we have zero issues with curls made with a curling iron, the issue comes about when these curls aren’t properly brushed out.

Instead, this creates separated, stiff curls that look more at home in a Toddlers and Tiaras pageant. Luscious curls look gorgeous for a dressier occasion, just be sure you do it right to avoid becoming a meme. Think effortless, beachy curls – or even the increasingly popular OTT perm that’s found traction – rather than this prom night disaster.

5 GOING STRONG: French Braid Pigtails

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Check out any photo from a music festival this summer, Instagram of women hitting up the gym, or girls just lazing around during a hot, humid day, and you’ll likely see a woman with her hair in French braid pigtails. (Newly-minted style icon Kylie Jenner has proven herself to be a fan of the look.)

French (or Dutch) braid pigtails became pretty popular back in 2016, but they haven’t stopped popping up on your feed since – and it doesn’t look like they’ll fade away for a while! A great way to keep your hair off your face and neck without sacrificing style, this look blends both fashion and function.

4 FADING AWAY: Blunt Chops

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In theory, blunt chops can be great. They look neat and polished, they make you feel like a grown-up boss lady – and that’s about it. The thing is that unless they’re perfectly styled all the time, blunt chops can instead look lifeless, giving the impression of thin hair, which is already an issue if you’re afflicted with fine hair.

When you first get your hair sculpted into something with more of an architectural vibe, it looks awesome.

But unless you’re willing to put that much time, effort, and product into it every morning, this is a style you might want to let pass you by, in favor of something more relaxed and fun.

3 GOING STRONG: Flyaway Strands

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Flyaway strand and uncombed tendrils around the temples are having a major moment this year (just check out Meghan Markle’s hair at her May wedding!). The style looks relaxed and romantic, with just a bit of whimsy to give it a “cool girl” vibe.

If your hair is already cut into layers, you can style these face-framing pieces with a little texture spray to keep them from getting oily. If you’re looking to get something a little dreamier at your next hair appointment, request some strands that are cut to accentuate the angles of your face. Super low-maintenance and beyond pretty, this trend is one we’re embracing.

2 FADING AWAY: Tiny Accessories

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Tiny accessories can be cutesy, the same way those flash tattoos were cutesy a few years ago. But 2018 and 2019 are all about going bigger and bolder when it comes to accessorizing.

How do you think the scrunchie came back to our vanities?

Headbands, barrettes, and clips are becoming embellished, bejeweled, or decked out in prints. Essentially, upping the size of your accessories makes the accessory the look, while the rest of your hair can be minimally styled. Plus, imagine the compliments you’ll receive when you step out looking put together with basically zero effort!


Versatile, elegant, polished, and low-maintenance, low ponytails are definitely having a moment this year – something that’s likely to continue into next year. Wear it sleek like Jennifer Lopez or have it casual with a side part like Freida Pinto.

While a high ponytail can look bubbly and peppy, a low pony conveys a sense of authority and sleek appeal. This is a woman who knows how to get it done and won’t have her hair overshadow the rest of her look. Keeping hair affixed at the nape of the neck and curling the pony or keeping it straight gives you tons of options for different occasions.

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